Formalities and rules of entry into Argentina: Personal experience

Visa on arrival Buenos Aires: do not forget to take pens

Passport control in Buenos Aires

Passport control (arrival) in Buenos Aires – the best that I saw. I do not know how much, but a lot of windows + something like an electronic queue, that is, everyone stands in one, then disagree on those booths, which are displayed on the electronic scoreboard as free. Very comfortable and fast.

And the employees themselves are very smiling, and not with evil animal ries, at some airports.

Visa to Argentina – independently

So, you decided to independently make yourself an Argentine visa? To start exhale and relax. Argentine Consulate lives his living life, and you, with your visa, live this life. They work little and slowly (for 1 hour the documents take 2 people), so come in advance so that you probably be the first in line (we never had time trite once!). The second – the Argentine Consulate does not have a website, do not look for. So all clarifying questions – only by phone (and, again, patience, patience).

Consulate coordinates (valid at the beginning of December 2007):
tel. Secretary (here to call with clarifying issues): 502-10-20
tel. Consul (I do not know why you need to call here, but I never know): 502-10-24
Fax: 502-10-21
Email: [email&# 160; Protected]
Address: 115184, Moscow, Ordin. ul., 72

The process of obtaining a visa looks like. First, you seek the hotel (hotels), where you plan to stop during the trip, sent confirmation of armor or a fax or consulate email. It is important that the hotel must do this from his phone-email (confirmation received from the booking system or even from the hotel, but not to your personal box, the consulate is not satisfied). In Argentina, not everyone understands English, so it is better to write immediately in Spanish, here is an example of our letter (and I had to write 5 hotels))):

Estimados S&# 241; Ores:
Not Reservado Tres Camas EN SU Hotel DE 13 A 14 De Enero De 2008 (Dos Noches) (V&# 233; Ase Abajo La Confirmaci&# 243; N de Su Web-Servicio).
EL N&# 250; Mero de La Reserva ES 15555-8687930
Para Obtener El Visado De Agentina NeceSitamos Que UsedDes Env&# 237; en La Confirmaci&# 243; N Al Consulado de Agentina en MOSC&# 250;.
Les Ruego Que ENV&# 237; en mi confirmaci&# 243; n al se&# 241; Or C&# 243; Nsul de Agentina en MOSC&# 250; A [email&# 160; Protected] (Y DE SER POSIBLE, ENVIARME UNA COPIA TAMBI&# 233; n a m&# 237;) O Al Fax +7 (495) 502-10-21.
&# 161; Les Agradezco de Antemano Su Ayuda!

And the same in English:

Formalities and rules entry in Argentina Personal experience

Dear Sirs,
I Have Booked 3 Beds At Your Hostel From 13 Jan 2007 to 14 January 2008 (2 nights) (Bellow IS A Copy of the Email I’Ve Got from the Booking Service WebSite).
The Booking Number IS: 15555-8687930.
To Get Agentinian Visa We Need The Hotel To Send Confirmation Of Booking Directly To the Embassy of Argentina in Russia. Could You Please Do It?
Please, Email The Confirmation of My Booking to Consul AT [Email&# 160; Protected] (Please, Put Me In Copy) Or Send IT by Fax AT +7 (495) 502-10-21
I’d Really AppReciate IF You Do It Asap!
Thank You A Lot in Advance,

Before going to the consulate, come call them (from 15.00 to 18.00) and specify whether they received confirmation of your armor. After that, you can go submit documents. The questionnaire in the consulate is saved as military secrets (still there is such a question – "Is Prostitution Your main source of income?"), it is difficult to miss it in advance (we did not work out), so how you come to submit documents, immediately ask for a questionnaire and fill it immediately, on the knees. After you receive documents, you will be given a receipt for payment of the consular fee – for this you need to go to the bank (min 10-15 from the consulate), then with the receipt of payment will have to return to the consulate and put it in the daddy with your documents.

  • Passport, valid more than 6 months later. At the end of the trip (+ copy of the page with information about you)
  • Copy of Russian Passport – Page with Information + Page with Permanent Refrigerant
  • Tickets back and back (+ copy)
  • Medical Insurance (+ Copy)
  • Help from work (with wages, the start date of work, indicating that for the period of the trip, I am paid for vacation)
  • Extract from the bank account (or certificate about the balance of funds on the account) – we had more than 50 USD per person per day
  • Copies of hotels armor (!Make sure the consulate has received confirmation from the hotel – see. above)
  • 2 photos (take glue! They will have to stick on the questionnaire)
  • File (yes, Consulate There are no free files to store your pieces, so if you are interested in your documents not to lose, bring the usual transparent file to which and put your documents)

If you have a complex route and you need some other visas for the trip, try to make them to Argentine, and if your return plane is not from Argentina, then have a visa of the country where you are from Argentina, be sure to (in our case it was Brazil).

Regarding movements within the country: we planned to ride on buses (in T.C. and moving from Argentina to Brazil), so, naturally, they did not buy any tickets in advance – our answer about buses consulate satisfied. Flights We had Moscow – Buenos Aires – Rio de Janeiro – Moscow.

I’ll clarify: the exact list of claims from the consulate did not succeed (there is no information board even on the doors), so it’s not sure that this is a universal set for everyone, but we have worked. If you do not take into account the number of nerves spent on standing in the queues (short buteeeeled), attempted to achieve information about what we need documents for waiting "urgent" Visas for one and a half hours after the appointed time – while the consul pumped ink into the handle while he was congratulated on Christmas, until he solved the urgent question on the phone and t.NS., if you throw out all this, then the visa got enough.

Formalities and rules entry in Argentina Personal experience

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