Formalities and rules of entry into Georgia: personal experience

fourteen.06.2017 crossed the border on the car (PPC Upper Lars) at about 11:30 hours. On our gearbox took 10-15 minutes, there was no queue in front of us, but in July-August there will be no such freebie. Surface inspection of the machine, checking documents (rights and certificate of registration), stamp in foreign and screwing further. By the way, not being the owner of the car drove without any notarial power of attorney (but it is still better to do). On the Georgian checkpoint, everything went faster, although we were 3 cars. Georgians work faster. After passport control, the trunk looked superficially and let go.

Back drove on June 24, 1 car in front of us in line, Georgians also quickly released all of us, literally 5-7 minutes. Very cool Georgian Duty Free, unlike our, but check the passport for the presence of exit stamps, so you can’t be able to buy if you only enter Georgia, you can only with the departure. On our gearbox, everything was a little longer, carefully inspectible, the border guard asked the girl strange questions, and the customs officers checked the bags (not all of course) selectively. But in general, he was pleased with the employees of the CAT.

The term of the passport for entry into Georgia

Good day to all! Coupled to Georgia through the Upper Lars on May 2, 2013.

Before the trip, I realized that the passport ends on July 19, 2013 (less than three months). Began to dig info in the internet, it is extremely contradictory as always. On Trevel Ru Infa outdated, it refers to the time when there were visas.

Taksa called B "Consulate" Georgia in Moscow (Department of Interests of Georgia at the Embassy of Switzerland in the Russian Federation), they said that now there are no restrictions on the term of the passport, except for itself, that at the time of the departure, the passport should be more valid (that is, I could leave until July 18 2013). No documents and regulatory acts about the term of the passport in the internet could not be found.

May 2, they calmly drove into Georgia through the PPC of the Upper Lars, no questions from the entrances did not arise. May 10 left. Beautiful mountain rivers Pzava Aragvi and Kura in the framework of the Water Tourism School kW MSU)

In this way, it can be argued that on the basis of practical experience, limitations for the term of the passport of passport for entry into Georgia now.

Entrance to Tbilisi Airport

Intersection of Georgia by car

Entry to Georgia for Russians is currently visa-free, according to a passport of not less than three months on the day of departure from Georgia. To fly by plane from Moscow to Tbilisi costs about 7,000 rubles one way, less than 3 hours in time. We went to Georgia by car, because it was necessary on the way to deliver our own child and a cat to the grandmother to a historic homeland. You can enter Georgia from Russia through the CAT "Upper Lars" Located south of Vladikavkaz, approximately 15 minutes by car.

Hiking border crossing on this checkpoint is not provided, and in order to drive to Georgia, a passport and a certificate of car registration are needed. No inspection and insurance coupons are required. On Russian customs we stood in line about 2.5 hours, opened, closed the trunk, stood in line in the passport control window. Then drove the road to the Georgian PPC. On it we spent about 10-15 minutes.

Entrance to Georgia through Abkhazia: arrest and court

I am a citizen of Ukraine, born in Georgia. Advocked one Abkhaz to go to Georgia through Abkhazia. And since through Ossetia now, we gathered and went. Train to Adler, then to customs PSOU. Minutes 100 rubles – drive 5 minutes.

From customs in Sukhumi on a minibus 150 rubles – 1.5 hours. Then from Sukhumi to Gali, too, on a minibus 150 rubles – also drive 1.5 hours.

But from Gali to Zugdidi or to go through the Inguri Bridge (it seems so called), or on the lower way. Through the Inguri Bridge, only local abkhazians are allowed with some coupons that they get in Sukhumi. They are no longer allowed, or allegedly not allowed.

For a long time we walked there and eventually left. Purchased from the local, and early in the morning sat on the minibus and drove differently, the so-called lower way to Zugdidi (Georgia), 500 rubles per person – to go about 2 hours. The road is extreme, 2 times moved the river.

On the road stopped to verify documents at the police point. Everyone checked everything, recorded. We were told that in Zugdidi, I will meet a police officer, he will talk and go further.

And further was so! In Zugdidi, this police officer talked to us, and then dismissed into the management of the internal affairs, where our things unloaded! There we were charged that we violated the law on the occupation area, which states that a citizen of another state, who came to Georgia through occupation territation, is subject to arrest and fine. And if there is nothing to pay a fine, then put. Then 10 o’clock interrogation, 2 days of the madom and court. The court demanded a deposit of $ 2,000 so that we can get your documents and wait again by the court, which may come up again.

Where to take such money?! Mockery! The law is new and even the locals do not know anything, but only law enforcement officers know!

Entrance to Georgia is realized by plane or ferry, that is, officially. Any other ways are punishable! Risk to be in prison or with huge debts!

Formalities and rules entry into Georgia Personal experience

Visa Registration in Georgia

There was a need to go to Georgia by car and get a visa, respectively. According to their stupidity, the filing of documents took two days. Came on Tuesday at 7.30 and was listed 58. I decided that I would not wait and come early tomorrow. Came on Wednesday at 6.40 and signed up in the 55th.

Listened to people around, learned that the first ten at 4 am had already noted in the list. To ten started reception. Launched 10 people. After 10 more 5 more. In general, for half an hour about 25 people have already managed to go. I talked to the Med Square, who guards the embassy. He said that an average of 100-120 people manage to accept. In 5 or 10 minutes of the twelfth through the intercom, which invited people with groups, sounded that several people with Russian passports on visa issues could pass separately from the rest of the queue.

It turned out that 80% of the list turned into a section of the interests of Georgia about citizenship issues, repatriation and t. D. So be careful and listen to what the voice says in the intercom. I advise everyone to fill out the questionnaire in advance, since the room there is small and very uncomfortable for this case – only time will spend.

Filled in Russian. I don’t glit a photo yourself, just give away to girls, they will figure it out. Copy of passport You no longer need, information is outdated.

If you are sent by the family, the documents can file one of its members if it can document the fact of kinship (certificate of marriage and birth.) I did it, I gave the documents for parents who did not have to stand in the queues. I did not look at the testimony, by the way, and just referred to the name and patronymic.

By the way, the cost of collecting raised. 60 dollars for a conventional visa and 110 for urgent. Work in the section fast enough. May ask a couple of questions at the destination and the purpose of the visit. I also have, like Ossetian, checked the presence of marks of South Ossetia in the passport. With them a visa to Georgia not get.

Visa must be obtained in advance at the Embassy of Switzerland in Moscow

Visa in the Georgian Section at the Embassy of Switzerland (Moscow)

I passed documents for a Georgian visa in the Georgian visa section at the Embassy of Switzerland (Ostozhenka, 26). At 7:35 am I was in the list of the 25th, at 9:45 pm at the login on the list formed a live queue, at 10:00 "office" opened, let the man 10-12. I entered almost 11, however, several people were immediately launched with me on visa issues and from those who were among the 30s – 40s on the list (the stage on the street is common on all issues, inside is distributed through the windows depending on the topic ). It is interesting, maybe, on the contrary, it makes sense to approach the clock to 12 and the queue will not?

For the ordinary (one entry) visa invitation is not required. Need: 1 photo, passport, photocopy of the main page of the passport, the questionnaire filled in Russian (you can take the window or print from the Internet and fill in advance) and -! – $ 50, and it is better to bring with you dollars, t.To. When calculating rubles, they have an overestimated course (32 rubles for $ 1!) what they warn about. Visa give for 3 months, make 7 working days. For urgency, the design is offered to pay extra $ 50. Multiviza make only invitations, I did not recognize its value.

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