Formalities and rules of entry into Portugal: Personal experience

Yesterday, my wife and I received Portuguese visas through the visa center in Moscow. I want to tell about all the nuances until I forgot. Perhaps someone will help.

1. It is necessary to pre-sign up for a specific date and time. Sign up online through the website of the VC I did not work, stumbled on the inability to choose the password that would like the system. Signed by phone, which is on the website of the HC, without problems.

2. Photographing in the Cabin Mc is a special song for people of small growth. Sitting on a stool whose height is not regulated, it turns out that the camera is high above his head. People go on all sorts of tricks – put a coat on a stool or try to build in an unnatural pose. However, as a result, photos are obtained. This pleasure costs 200 rubles that need to stuff in the car.

3. The documents took an absolutely adequate young man who checked the sequence of documents, cut himself and pasted the photo on the questionnaires and gave all sorts of sensible tips. Having found an error in the county days of stay – the questionnaire itself. They know how to do it right. Here service on the top five.

4. If you have documents for a one-time entrance to Schengen – it makes no sense to ask the cartoon. They themselves will be supplied to you if your documents do.

5. Extract from the account – we provided the scans of 5 bank cards and glued opposite the originals of checks about the remains of the ATM. Card cuts are not required. Employee Himself said that they are not safe to provide them. Warned that with a probability of 50% Embassy will ask for references from banks on the bank forms and with printing. We were lucky and the embassy was satisfied with the DATA remains. At the same time, the remnants on the maps were significantly higher than the required minimum.

6. As a confirmation of the armor, we provided Agoda confirmation PDF.COM armor of three hotels in Portugal (without payment and having the surname of only one of us two). Here we also warned that with a probability of 50% the embassy claims confirmation from hotels with names and numbers of passports with signature and printing. And this would be a disaster, because Portuguese hotels do not like to issue such certificates. But, fortunately, and this did not happen, and confirmation Agoda.COM satisfied the embassy.

7. Wife – Pensioner. In addition to the retirement certificate and my sponsorship letters in arbitrary form did not provide anything.

About passports: 2 closed Schengen Multivi (Germany and Spain); Closed American three-year olders and many stamps of all exotic states of Polynesia, as well as, as a lightweight renewress in front of Portuguese – Macau stamps.

Outcome: passed passports on Wednesday, got back with visas next Tuesday. Received two-month cartoons with stay in Schengen up to 30 days. I am quite satisfied. I was explained to the MC, that this is the maximum of Portuguese loyalty, if you give them documents for one journey. In general, if you want Annual Schengen – do not go to the Portuguese.

Visa center in Moscow

Portuguese visa

Portugal does not give (or does it quite rarely) multiple Schengen. Requested a multiple visa (before that there was already a Schengen visa) at least for 6 months – they gave one-time.So if you want Schengen for a long time – go to Finns or Estonians.

Additions to documents for Portuguese visa

Visa to Portugal

Excellent service in the Visa Center of Portugal

To be honest, not a supporter to write reviews, as I myself treat them skeptical, but the new visa center of Portugal just saved me, so I would like to express gratitude to the guys. All starting from those that stand at the entrance and check bags. Good-natured guys – so far one checked us and instructed us, the second promptly struck the number in the electronic queue. Suggested that you can take a picture right with them without losing time. There were little people, no queue, purely, quickly, competently. Next to us in the queue got a scandalous aunt. Brought photos of the wrong format and refused to be read under the pretext of high costs. Demanded the bosses, asked what statement should be issued to avoid excess spending. The manager came up very patiently, as she talked to the child, explained that they could not let the customs and other. We ourselves were not prepared brilliantly. Open passports forgot and help one income. All questions helped to solve without any fuss and nerves. As a result – despite the fact that the Internet was frightened by long expectations and high cost (registration from 7.5 thousand), as well as the queue as much until mid-October in the embassy – everything decided only thanks to the center and simply for a very moderate fee. As a result, I am going to take a passport, although I offered help in this – there is a courier delivery service. I hope the center will not deteriorate and will keep the level and further. Thank you very much!

We took a visa, we are also very simple. Came to 9 am (as weekday and everyone needs to have time to work). And as it turned out – they give visas from 12, but we were offered (all the same guys guards) until there is no queue waiting for a free window and try to pick up immediately. So done. And they fell to the same manager who made us documents. Call his Kirill. I found everything at once, I gave out, I asked if a SMS had a notice of the passage of documents.

Getting a visa yourself

We fly with husband and son in Portugal July 29, 2013. I tried to sign up by phone, but I didn’t work out, all the time it was occupied (I called 4 days (I live in Moscow)). I decided to sign up online, I was recorded 3 months before the trip, and the place was only July 5. I advise everyone to make applications exactly 3 months before the trip.

I made a visa to myself and son. Everyone must remember that for children you need an apostille on the birth of birth (it is issued in the archive 1 of the registry office.Clean ponds, worth the apostille 1610 USD It is done in 1 week, everything is paid in the same place in the archive) on the child, I gave the passport of parents of both (only filled in pages), a copy of the passports of Pope and Mom, a certificate from school. Yes, if parents have different surnames, then a marriage certificate is needed (copy), but the originals with you must bring.

A wonderful young man Nikita is sitting in the embassy, ​​everything is clearly without unnecessary nervous, you can also make honey.Fear, but I did myself.

Got no problem exactly on the same day as it was appointed. In general, everything was very calm and measured. Once again convinced that you can do everything yourself. Good luck to all 🙂

Portuguese visa independent

Somehow I all came across not too good reviews about the work of the Portuguese Embassy. Therefore, I will say a few words about personal experience.

Passports got today – made a visa on us with her husband and two children (4 years and year). We are going for 2 months, at this time and asked.

Documents were handed over on May 27 – on-line was recorded, filling with Antcta (now it is possible), strongly in advance, as well as in mid-March. Girlfriend at the end of April tried to sign up for the end of May, there were no places.

They came to 11 am by recording, the lady at the bottom of the reception checked everything on the spot and are folded correctly, she said to fix the place of birth with the Russion Federation on USSR, and literally after 10 minutes they were called to the second floor to actually pass documents. There, the whole procedure also took about 15 minutes: talked with an officer about nature, delicious fish and t.NS. Everything, they said to come on June 5 for passports.

Getting Half an hour: you come to 13:00, we have a queue and ahead. There were many people, but everyone was put in the designated 30 min. If there are some questions, the young man Nikita at the reception is very friendly.

Dali Multi-Schengen for 3 months, with stay 60 days.

Visa to Portugal: Passed in a live queue consulate

Submission of documents for a visa in Portugal by a live queue, but by appointment

Conditions: There are plane tickets on September 4. I fly to Lisbon through Brussels. The transplant in Belgium is about 11 hours will. In Portugal booked already housing for 14 days. Documents for a visa All collected already, except extracting from the account.

What is the problem: writing to the embassy in Portugal freely only twenty haired September. Accordingly, this option is not satisfied with the deadlines. Pre-coming: yes, missed all the time frame. Food in general for the first time abroad, so I did not expect such trouble.

Today I passed the docks for a visa through a living queue. To do this, it was necessary to record on a raid phone to any date and come with a payment about payment. 25th said to come for a visa.

My actions:
1. Signed on September 20, the girl from the call center advised to call the direct consulate number.

They said to come on the 25th.
Insurance decorated right at the consulate.
Questionnaire asked the administrator at the entrance.
I also went to make a copy of the first page of the passport to the store nearby.
For me, another man 10 was in an additional list.

Obtaining a visa to Portugal

Required documents:
1. S / passport, valid at least 6 months. + 2 free minimum pages;
2. Help with work with an indication of the salary, posts, experience, holiday dates and on the branded form;
3. Plane tickets (you can print electronic);
4. Copy of the first page s / passport (required!);
5. Confirmation of reservation from the hotel. Attention: only fax, it is extremely important for them! Only on it, in fact, and watch when filing. If you do not have a fax, but a scanned copy – it can also take it, but then it will be necessary to provide a certificate from the bank about the prepayment. So that there are no extra problems – ask for a fax!
6. The child must be a birth certificate with apostil! Without apostille, they do not take, the apostille is very easy to put the registry office in Moscow, if the child was born in Moscow. This is in the building of the Griboedovsky Palace of Marriage. Apostil is placed on the original! Do not put on a copy, do not bother. Cost: 300 rubles, make 3 working days. Work in my opinion every day, except Thursday (or Environment?) Remove the copy directly from evidence, just look at the original in the embassy, ​​and the copy will take. I don’t need a copy to handle anywhere! There is nothing complicated in the apostille, do not worry.

Now directly feed. You need to sign up by phone, the phone is paid, call only from the home phone, be prepared to dictate home address with the index and passport details! Minimum 180 rubles. The bill will come home to you, if you do not pay – I will get into the base of Shengen’s defaulters and then there will be problems in other embassies. You can pay in any Sberbank. I was recorded on the date 4 days after the call, but in the high season, the recording may be the next month. By the way, a visa can be obtained 3 months before the date of the trip! It is necessary to come to the time that I was recorded, I used to come no sense. If you filled out the questionnaire there is a chance to go through before, only if you are not at 10.15 recorded (that is, not the first), because many sit and fill the questionnaires on the spot.

If you are a family, then someone alone can submit documents, the rest are not needed. Documents add up in the manner specified in the embassy (first copies of the first pages of passports, then an invitation, then tickets, then documents on the day, then references from work and other financial documents, then insurance). If you are going a few people, put together, do not have separate files – daddy to do. If you are a company of friends – it is necessary to be all, but one will still give anyone alone. In my opinion you can safely go to someone one, others never name. Also upon receipt.

Formalities and rules entry into Portugal Personal experience

Questions do not specify only the purpose of the trip. ATTENTION Draw a fax and apostille. All very friendly and pleasant, no strain.

Visa costs 1620 rubles with kopecks, pay in place, get in a week.

I understand that if the documents were accepted – a visa is most likely given.

In general, the embassy is very cute, some kind of homemade and cozy. Places for parking near Squil.

Visa Noggorod

I came from St. Petersburg in Moscow Consulate for filing, waited from 10 am to 6 pm, in the seventh, when they were already closed me somehow (and then because I showed train tickets to Peter for the first ninth evening day). The most terrible consulate of all, in my impression and the impression of those who were there with me. Attitude towards people like mud.

In the number of curve, a list of documents for submission – I made stud. a visa, a certificate of negligence is obligatory for her, calling there now, you will tell you that it is not needed (or not obligatory, t.E. It goes as an additional possible requirement). It is not yet clear why there are such tariffs – Jose.

Visa to Portugal – independently

Today they received passports with freshly blenic portuguese shengeni and so far the emotions are still fresh, I decided to share information. I will tell you with what we encountered and what, based on the experience we received, it is worth paying attention to. Maybe someone will seem useful.

1. Record for interview.

Recorded on the delivery of documents through the call center. Delivered enough difficult, t.To. "All operators are busy, please wait on the line" It happens very long. Recorded only a month ahead, not earlier. And if you call after 16.00 can record and after a month plus one day. Write on a certain day for a certain time. Immediately ask, from where they call: from home or from a working phone, and call from cellular not allowed. In the call center, telephones are checked for unpaid accounts from past interviews for Shengen (even in other embassies). On working phones almost immediately send a call to the payment service to clarify the circumstances. Therefore, the recommendation number one: Recall whether you paid the last call to a call center on other interviews, let’s only a home phone – it will be easier. If you did not pay, immediately call the payment service so that they send you a receipt for you. And pay the receipt through Sberbank, t.To. Without this payment you will not be recorded. But (first "but") Once at times you do not have. We called several times (different people from different phones), and someone demanded the working data, someone asked only the home phone to indicate.

2. List of documents.

Downloaded from the Internet, but turned out to be inaccurate. For example, I did not require copies of all filled pages of the internal passport or property documents, the photo turned out to be 3.5×4.5, and not 3×4. Hence the recommendation number 2: Do not be lazy, go to the consulate and specify the list of documents.

On the Internet you can download a questionnaire or even questionnaires, which introduces to a stupor. In addition, all forums recommended filling out the questionnaire. The complexity is that the questionnaire is in Portuguese, although it is possible to fill it in two languages: English and Portuguese. Looking a little ahead, I will say that the profile on the Internet on Portuguese (it is the questionnaire, and not what is asked to fill the travel agencies) – this is the same questionnaire that you will be issued in the consulate. It can also be filled in the image and similarity of the questionnaire of other Schengen countries. If there are difficulties with the language, you can at least print a few copies and take with you. If you decide to fill out the questionnaire on the spot, then you still download and fill out those data that you ask agen. Thus, you will have compiled all the necessary information, and you lose less time.

4. Submission of documents.

You remember that in paragraph 1 you were recorded at a certain time? Very good. You can safely come exactly at the appointed hour, and not before. In the Portuguese consulate there is no difficult protection system where you are checked by lists at a certain time. You just come from the street and get to the secretary. The secretary notes the list that you came and gives you a questionnaire (if you ask). Give strictly two questionnaires in hand and say to write without blots. T.To. usually people are nervous, errors occur. Be careful, another copy of the questionnaire you will have to twist at the secretary for a long time. Therefore, I recommended taking a list with all the necessary data and several copies of the questionnaire. Why not come in advance? Misses strictly on the list, slowly. Even if you come in an hour with a finished questionnaire with a full and right list of documents, then keep in mind that at your time a couple more people are written; several agencies; Troika citizens of Angola; several "Socriangians", who fly away here about; There will be several couriers and insurers, and there will be a pair of scandalous aunts. We had to wait two hours before the reception. An hour was spent on filling out the questionnaire on two pages.

When you write to the interview, you warn you that you need the personal presence of each. We were five people, and everyone came there as respectful citizens. When it came to the interview, they asked everyone to go out and leave only one person who would answer on behalf of all. The first question is traditional for those who ride groups without agency: where do you know each other? The second question is the hotel paid. In our case, the following situation was: Book a hotel through the Portuguese Agency, which we sent an invitation from the hotel by email. We paid for the hotel agency, the agency in turn translated money for us to the hotel. This was explained by the receiving documents. The answer is wrong. The proof was required that payment was made, and they do not say, in what amount should be this payment (fully or prepayment and what percentage). If you behave politely, you can agree to bring xerox sent from Portugal. What was done. We were assured that the next day could come on behalf of all one person without recording and out of turn. Documents did not participate in part.

6. Repeated delivery of documents.

Came to the opening of the consulate. Remember in paragraph 5 that you can come "without recording and out of turn"? The way it is. Just need to keep in mind that such "without recording and out of turn" maybe several people, and can still be, those who urgently fly. So you are written in the list "without recording and out of turn", which comes after all who came in due time after all agencies and "Socriangians". Waited three hours until the documents were accepted. So another recommendation: If you need to convey the documents, come to the hour of the day, just all by the lists will have time to pass. This time there were no questions in the delivery of documents. Fluent viewed questionnaires and discharged a receipt for the consular fee (1251,12 rubles.). The receipt is paid in the same place – the employee accepting documents. On receipts put a stamp where the day is specified when you can pick up passports. All passports can also appear one person.

7. Documents receiving.

Exactly in a week (that is, today), I went to 15.45 to the doors of the consulate. There was already a queue of familiar persons on the day of delivery of documents. Everyone was waiting for the street, t.To. Inside, not allowed. You remember that today "sometimes" it was raining? Somewhere in 15.55 A secretary came out of the reception and said that, unfortunately, passports were not ready and issuing delayed. In the queue, one lady told that so often it happens that yesterday, for example, "Loaded" before 18.00. Today, issuance began with 17.ten. Output first documents "Seficials", then agencies, then everyone else is in the order of a living queue. Quickly quickly everything happens, for 20 minutes they dealt with everyone. And one more pleasant moment is that the passport gives a very smiling employee. Today visas got all!

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