Formalities and rules of entry into Denmark: Personal experience

Danish border guards happened to this ill-fated day, unplanned by the official calendar of the holiday. The same, who had a day off from the sovereign service, for sure, still biting elbows. Because all dutyful alcohol bought by Russian and Swedish passengers of a direct flight Moscow-Stockholm was detained, in accordance with European security standards, for transportation, all kinds, liquids. And liquids, in multicolored and cheeky bottled, scored a whole mountain.

The border guards politely and seemed to sincerely regretted, as regretting the hard and sustainable diseases of the beloved mother-in-law, but . could not help. Law is law. And if you make a transplant in an intermediate airport, all persuasions do not take away your sealed with a check and a valuable content package is completely meaningless. At least in Copenhagen.

All your fluids will certainly be detained and confiscated, for the purposes of your safety. What happened.

I tried a multivitiz myself and a child – gave one-time

Visa to Denmark Alone for Family with Children

Often traveling. All visas issuing independently (Austria, Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Bulgaria, China, USA and. ) Having read about the Embassy of Denmark having suffered. But it did not make sense to retreat because tickets were bought from the beginning (I could not even think that there could be some difficulties).

Gentlemen, this is the most loyal embassy from all Schengen embassies. Time to write by bodies to the consulate, and not a visa center note, (recording for free) and dialing: no matter how they answer immediately. Record practically on the day. Time for filing documents -5 min (I was alone at 10:30).

The main condition: Over the past 3 years, it was necessary to visit Schengen. We drove with children who also had Schengen visas in the passport. For each I collected an instance of the dock in, which the girl merged into one folder, returning me many copies of children back. Immediately gave the convicts by which after 5! days i can get passports. Arriving on the specified day by 11 am (arbitrary time) I was again alone. Scheduled and took passports with a visa for 25 days (requested from January 3 to January) . Well, Cesso word no embassy can boast such a speed of reception of documents and their readiness to NG. And in the queue to stand: so always, please.

I have taken myself a rule using experience at work (I am engaged in organizing events for state authorities and we are often exporting big delegations abroad) to ask for confirmation of armor directly from the hotel (books themselves through platforms most often cheaper than directly in the hotel) with specifying passport data, all living and pay. I take a copy of the simple maximum possible documents, such as marriage certificate, certificate of ownership and TD. If it really pulls into the scandinavia boldly go to the Denmark Embassy!

Preparation of a visa to Denmark

Having read on the forums of various horrific stories about "unreal" By its complexity, getting a Danish visa, I consider it my duty to tell about personal experience.

My girlfriends and I decided to visit Copenhagen from the 1st to November 1 to the 5th. Bought tickets, booked rooms at the hotel at Booking.COM with the further ability to cancel the reservation, t.To. Removed apartment.

Dock you were collected strictly on the list specified on the official. WWW Visa Center / russian / individual_docreq.HTML.

There is nothing complicated there. I just want to pay attention to the fact that the presence of Schengenviza over the past 3 years is required for independent appeal to the visa center.

Formalities and rules entry to Denmark Personal Experience

My friend did not accept documents just because of the lack of a visa and said that one option was to contact travel agencies accredited in the Embassy: Agencies: / russian / tourist.HTML.

20/09 (Thursday), that is, for 1.5 months. before departure filed dock in a visa center. Already in Poned. (24/09) Send a message from the Visa Center for Electric. Mail: Passports with visas can be obtained at the Moscow Visa Center on October 1.

Voila. Visas are delivered, passports received! Good luck to all!

Visa to Denmark in the Consulate

Visa to Denmark yourself

In the previous review, wrote: "They say that there are people who have seen people with their own eyes who did a Danish visa on their own." So, this is not us, of course, were, but a visa was received independently. The most important thing is to collect all the documents according to the list on the Consulate website and honestly answer all questions. We went on vacation on the exchange in Copenhagen. Honestly provided all the references, honestly wrote directly in the embassy a letter to the consul with an explanation who people comes to whom we are going and how we met. And received visas. Now, I see, a visa center appeared, which in itself should be somewhat simplified the procedure for submitting documents.

We donated documents to the consular department at Kropotkin. Arrived by 8 am (the reception begins with 10.00) and no longer be the first. Before us was man 10. The people are a bit, of course, but everyone was kept within 30-40 minutes, so the reception 6 people stretched for an hour and a half (there are 2 windows, respectively, 2 feeders can be in the building). Given that the reception of documents was then somewhere until 14.00, we jumped almost at the end. To receive passports with visas turn moving quickly.

Yes, if you drove to Denmark on a private visa, then after the first trip to Denmark you will be asked to personally or send an email / fax to the Consular Department of the Denmark Embassy in Moscow Plane’s landing coupons in confirmation that you have returned. As we were told, with a re-entry, I do not need anything on arrival and confirm.

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