Formalities and rules of entry into Australia: Personal experience

The process of obtaining an electronic visa to Australia on the one hand is simple, since it is not necessary to go to the visa center or a consulate, but on the other hand, it is difficult how much information is required. It is necessary to make notarial translations of the main documents – Sv-in marriage, certificate of ownership of real estate. Help from Sberbank can be downloaded from the site, then independently translate. You also need to scan all filled pages of existing and old passports. In the electronic form there is a problem – not all existing passports can be made. I have three of them, due to the fact that there is a citizenship of another country, plus two Russian. I had to make only two. But in the scanned form sent all three. In our case, a certificate from work was issued immediately in English and the invitation from the Australian side was also in English. We painted a detailed route, where and how much will we stay, the dates of arrival arrival. All sent, paid by the card and the next day a message came to the post office that the documents were taken for consideration. After 3 days a message came to fill out the form 80. In the personal account on the Australian consulate website there was a link, so to look for how and where to fill this form, no need. There were actually the same questions as for a visa, only in more detail about the adoption of second citizenship and place of birth.

After filling and sending the form, another 7 days passed and the message was finally the message that the visa was framed. Multi and annual. It was unexpected, as this is the first trip to Australia. Prior to that there were about 10 Schengen and 3 US visas. Although the process of obtaining tired, but the result was worth.

Visa to Australia online

This is my second appeal to the tourist Australian visa. I received the first visa in 2011 in the usual way through the Embassy in Moscow. Then the whole process took exactly 2 weeks.

This time I was waiting for 9 (!) Weeks and received a visa a day before the planned departure. During all this time, the status on IMMIAccount was not updated, the letters responded once in the form of a standard distribution, in which they called on patiently wait. For all my many years of travel experience, this case is the most outstanding.

1. Do not redeem tickets and do not pay anything at all before receiving approval on a visa;

2. In the questionnaire, specify the date of departure earlier than you plan. Perhaps this will speed up the consideration process;

3. Prepare a plan B, which is easily and quickly implementing, in case of refusal to Australian visa;

4. Get ready for painful long unknown.

Good luck to you and patience!

Disgusting work of the visa center

In July it was necessary to place a visa for 3 people in Australia. Found "International visa center" (G. Ekaterinburg, ul. People’s Will, 65, Office 301), who offered registration of visas in 42 directions with a broad list of services in the field of tourism: visas, insurance, flights and t.D.

The site it was stated that we work officially with the contract, in case of refusal to return the money (WWW.Visa-IVC.RU). In social networks and instagram, this organization actively advertises possessing visas, to confirm its activities. To the question: do they have the experience of receiving an Australian visa, the lady by phone (manager of the Gaivoronian Lydia) replied that of course there is that you have enough time, visas will be obtained. As I understood later, the entire international visa center consisted of 2 people: Vlasova and Gaivoronskaya. To 25.07 Collected all documents, we took money for tourist services for 3 people in the amount of 33,600 rubles. There was no contract with me, only the receipt of IP Vlasov Anastasia Viktorovna (TIN 661219615837), registered in Kamensk-Uralsk. This seemed strange, but since the employee of the Gaivoronsky Lydia (Phone +7 932 128 37 83) presented himself with an expert in this issue, it remained only to wait.

Our Documents Gaivoronskaya sent to the Embassy only on August 1, to the question why they were larger in "Visa Center" Gaivoronskaya replied that you have enough time to decorate and all tourists get a visa to Australia before departure directly. Gaivoronsky knew perfectly well that the tickets were purchased, the hotel was booked that the departure was planned on September 10.September 4th B "Center" I was informed that the Gaivoronskaya went on vacation, but promised that she would do our documents remotely. However, the Gaivoronskaya for communication almost did not come out. In addition, the Gaivoronskaya from my name and without my knowledge created email and personal account on the site embassy with passwords that were known only to her. By September, they have already begun to say that nothing depends on them, and they cannot be responsible for the result.

"Want to call London or go to the Embassy in Moscow" – They spoke to a couple. We were daily called the Visa Center of the Australian Embassy in London.

Twice (September 7 and September 11) went to the Australian Embassy in Moscow. As a result, only one of the three visas was received on September 07 (before departure) and after our stormy requests on the phone in London, the second visa was received on September 13, after the flights were missing, the departure was on September 10, on the third person – a refusal was received in a visa. Employees of the center of Gaivoronska Lydia and Vlasov Anastasia, to answer calls to answer.

Do I need an Australian visa at all?

We decided to visit the green continent a second time here, so to speak with a transit, a couple of days in Sydney for further travel to Papua New Guinea and New Caledonia. Australia looked little of us since the first trip. The journey turned out to be very mediocre and little noticeable. We tuned to get a visa to the maximum within a week later, as it was in the first trip. This time we were served a month before the expected date of departure. 30 days before the trip should have been enough to make a decision on a visa. Bought all the tickets, paid all the hotels, took references from working with very good white salaries, put account statements with a good movement of funds and a good residue, acquired insurance, the route. We play according to their rules, how they love. After a week we get the first visa issued for some reason. Mission in Serbia. Probably, we decided that one statement got to them, since the Australian Embassy in Moscow is too "overloaded" work of very hardworking employees.

Began to wait for the second visa, took another week, at the third week of waiting began to call the information center in London. Very well, they settled, organizing a line in London, apparently not to disturb all the same hardworking employees of the Moscow Embassy. On the line they said that the application is considered, on the question of what it means, the young man stated that with him "Work". Who works where it works and how they work, he did not specify. The next day decided to write both in the embassy in Moscow and by electronic form. I came all the same answer that with a statement "Work" And they said that there may be delays if there is little information in the questionnaire or provided little documents. We asked that if something is unrelated or lacking, then let them bind. And so for a week, every day, the answer is one with a statement "Work", No status update, we do not request any documents, no one binds, absolutely nothing, silence. We do the conclusion that with the statement "Work" Hardworking employees of the Moscow Embassy We decided to write a claim in the section Concerns of the Office of the Emigration Service for Mantlelessness and Propankability Contact Center and Communication Forms. Because already as 3 weeks the status does not change, and no information can be obtained. At that time, more than 3 weeks have passed and only 3 days remained before the departure. Maybe, of course, the coincidence, but the next morning, the Moscow Embassy still answered a short message to the mail after 3 not responded requests for the status of a visa earlier. – We are working on taking a decision in time, and after 2 hours the visa came. Stirred. I do not know what was the impetus to the beginning of the work of the Moscow Embassy, ​​but the result is, the visa is obtained. Their colleagues in Serbia clearly worked. So, better so that your statements are not considered in the dip. Missions in Moscow, employees there are clearly lazy and non-historical. Visiting about 100 countries, the first time we encountered such a bad organization, non-professionalism and inaction dip. Missions.

Visa to Australia. Refusal

Obtaining an Australian visa has always been for me without problematic. But since the summer of 2015, on information from travel forums, cases of failures in Australia visa significantly increased. I got under the refusal. Three Visas of Australia, visas "Right" From the perspective of the Australians of countries (USA, Britain, New Zealand), the monthly salary of more than 200 thousand rubles, air tickets to domestic flights and partly paid hotels did not convince the employee of the consular service in that the purpose of visiting Australia is tourism. I think that when filing I made a mistake and did not attach all air tickets and did not paint the route in detail. Although tickets are not a mandatory requirement. Painted in detail the route, put all the tickets, filed again. If the second time refused to decide to write to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

Obtaining a visa to Australia

We plan to New Year’s cruise from Sydney, so we turned to the Visa and Immigration Department of the Australian Union Embassy in the Russian Federation. Stated on the guest (tourist) visa subclass 600.

Package of documents, as stated, sent by mail: 109028, g. Moscow, Poppole., 10a / 2:
– Visa profile in form 1419 in English;
– Color photo 35 x 45 mm;
– copy of the passport;
– a copy of the old passport, since it had Schengen visas (in the hope that they would help);
– Confirmation of the cruise armor (in English) printed from the Internet;
– Extract from a bank account, a copy of the certificate of registration of rights to the apartment;
– Original help from the place of work;
– copies of tickets;
– medical insurance;
– filled out the credit card authorization form. On the day of reception of documents from the card, 131.4 Australian dollars shot.

Documents were filed on September 16, and on September 30, confirmation of the issuance of multivibuses came to e-mail, a period of 12 months. The validity period has begun since the issuance of a visa. The term of stay in Australia is allowed for 3 months.

The following restrictions were affixed in the visa: it is impossible to work, learning is possible for a period of 3 months, a further stay in the country is prohibited after the expiration of the visa.

Obtaining a visa to Australia

Since there were problems with notarial assurance of documents (in Russia it is impossible to assure documents not in Russian), they called the embassy and found out all the questions you are interested in. And T.To. relatives, friends or acquaintances in Australia we have no, and, more importantly, none of them wait for us and invitations does not send, the usual photocouples of documents is quite suitable, without translation into English, without notaries.

They took a certificate from work confirming vacation preservation.

Took statements from a bank account. And indicated that with us will also be Cash.

Filled 48r: Count relatives, not traveling with you, was empty – after all, women and husbands we took with you, in the column there was such a plan:
2012-NOV-04 Melbourne;
2012-NOV-06 Brisbane;
2012-NOV-11 Sydney;

they were going to take a car and see a lot, and the key points – here.

There was a desire to pay visa collection (115 AUD / for people.) Cash in the embassy, ​​but about such a strange desire to inform them in advance.. I had to fill extra fields in the form of 48r and agree to the removal of funds from the card.

Completed filling out the form by gluing photos and went to the embassy with the printout of all the necessary personal documents and electronic air tickets. It happened 4 weeks before the trip, as was strongly recommended to do in the embassy due to the high season.

Money written off on the same day. The application was considered as one – therefore the answer on it came only to one specified email in a week. Email was unpopulating, so we learned about the Australian visa for 3 months in another week.

Tourist visa

About visas in Australia

Month Stress

Finally, sitting on the Australian Sun, decided to write and his report on obtaining a visa. Flew by invitation from mom, civilian citizens Australia and her husband.

Served through the agency, the package of documents is:
Help from work
Children from school
Statement from the bank
Documents about ownership
Invitation itself

Served in the 20th of January, tickets for March 1 – time with a stock. February 12 decided to call the embassy. Everything was very polite, but: our docks there is no. Called to the agency. Oh oh oh, this can not be, and your manager has not come yet. At lunch sent a piece of paper about filing documents only by this day. February 14 Documents received for consideration.

Waiting for another 10 days, I call again. In response, call March 14. Wrote a letter. Wrote mom-nothing call 2 days before departure and crying. Some kind of compassion aunt delves in my position, calls me an hour after an hour to send documents for the departure of children, her husband’s passport. Agency forgot.

An hour later I received a visa.

My conclusion: to file it is necessary and not afraid that you do something wrong. The ability to send something they give, there too live people work.

Visa to Australia

For the new year, a trip to Australia was scheduled. 4 people, two – premium Aeroflot tickets, two – tickets Air China.

Formalities and rules for entering Australia Personal experience

Documents for a visa filed November 6, 25 came the answer. In addition to the filled questionnaire, the purchased tickets were attached, booked hotels (all – canceled), help from work, letter explanation that we are going together, we plan to visit the following cities that part of the expenses paid one person for all.

    If you are not lucky to be a physicist / biologist / programmer, then in addition to the usual questionnaire, there is still a form of 1221, a large and tedious, about which nothing is known while the receiving documents will not inform. In the form of a lot of questions (a list of publications, which conferences visited for their lives, whether to study something in Australia), something reminds of Clearance in the American embassy, ​​only more. The scanned filled version is sent by mail to the attachment (no more than 5 MB).

Visa to Australia is obtained almost without problems

I want to share my experience. After reading many different travel forums, believed in our hand and decided to submit documents for a visa to Australia on their own. Before this visa I had 6 Schengen visas and 1 British. Express Mail sent a standard set of documents (profiles, photo, a copy of the passports of the current and old, help from work, reservation of your hotel with Buking.kom and T.D.) at: 109028, g. Moscow, Poppole., 10a / 2, visas and immigration department.

The day after the delivery of documents from the cards, the amount of 115 AUD was written off. Documents were tested relatively long (a period of up to 20 working days was stipulated). The woman called the 16th working day, asked a number of questions, in T. C. why not an account is applied from the account? I quietly forgot this statement to send with the rest of the documents! T.To. At the moment, it was no longer relevant, I was asked to order a fresh and send by email to [Email&# 160; Protected]

Obtaining an Australian visa

Australian visa is issued not under the trip, but under man. No need for tickets and hotels, and you need data that you are going to do and how to move around the country (daily plan) and data on the source of funds and work / study in your country that you are not interested in losing. The statement is accepted only at your consulate in the place of residence, but you can also send documents to mail, the passport is not needed at the same time, and the visa sticker into a passport with a positive response can be obtained in any Australian consulate.

In Australia, it is impossible to import any food products, and you need to declare all tourist equipment that contacts the Earth. I checked the tent and rubber slippers with spikes for the forest, but did not confiscate anything, you don’t need to be afraid to declare. A first-aid kit with iodine and platga, although medications are also declared, not.

The process of obtaining an Australian visa

Visa to Australia on very remote dates

From the fact that the visa was allowed! URAAAA!

And now details:
With my husband in a month we are leaving around the world for 2 years. Australia according to plan here only 1.5 years after the start of the trip.
Therefore, before filing docking, we wrote a letter with a question where it is better to give the dock in Russia for 1.5 years (and is it possible at all) or in the country near Australia.

We were answered that this is not a problem at all, many are served per year on cruises and t.D. In general, apply the dock now in Moscow. What we actually did. Here is a list of docks that we served:

1.Filled in English questionnaires 48 R
2.One color photo is 3.5 x 4.5 cm for each (you need to stick to the questionnaire in the specified location)
3.Originals of passports with fresh Spanish multichengen (can be served and copies of passports)

Submitted documents 30.03.2012 personally at the Australian Embassy in Moscow. For yourself and for her husband.
When I returned home joyful (which finally filed documents), I watched the questionnaires and discovered (about horror!) For some reason, when printing, the questionnaire did not put a check mark in 27 question (whether you had tuberculosis?). I, all on the nerves, called the embassy, ​​reassured me, they said that most likely everything would be fine. Since it was Friday and the time was about 17.00 Visa Department no longer worked.
I was told to call on Monday and all clarify the visa department.
Barely waited for Monday to find out everything. As it turned out, no crime. You just need to send this page with a correction by email. So I did.

17.04.2012 husband called from the Australian Embassy and joyfully reported that they give us a visa. But it quickly turned out that not on those dates! We applied for 2013, and gave it to this 2012!

Husband said that we really need visas for 2013 and the clarification began.
The tube took a lady with a more serious tone and strict issues.
Her husband immediately said that we are going on a big trip and that there will be difficulties in obtaining a visa later, since we will not be in Russia. Also said that they had already discussed it with one of the employees and she said that it would be possible to receive a visa long. What we answered like this: in general, we do not give visas for such dates. You can advise you to go now on our journey with such a visa, the next year send documents through Pony Express, they already have a request to fully electronic format and the originals of passports are not needed. If the result is positive, just send a visa-sticker. Then they added that they would consult with the consul – maybe something like possible to do in this situation. And if they do not call back, then it is impossible.

Call back in 5 minutes! And the first question was – tell me, but you have a certificate from the place of work for only 1 month and money in the account is not very much, you do not really go through the criteria for 2013. And questions fell out.

How to work with work, they said that good relationships with the authorities that they will give an unpaid holiday for all time traveling (for 2 years). There was also a question – why so little money in the account – only enough for a trip in Australia? We answered that they did not want to mislead the larger amount, there would be more questions. What is the main amount of the trip on our other account and in cash. There were still quite a lot of questions on the financial topic. Asked about real estate, additional financial guarantees and t.D.

More – what countries want to visit why you are generally going to such a long journey and do not feel sorry for you money for it? Will you be able tomorrow to provide new references from work and bank? The husband replied that he was not sure that it would turn out so quickly – too little time to receive these references. Banks are not a day – on the day they give them, and it is not clear at work, will it work out the day to prepare and sign a certificate. But in general there are no problems if you give 2-3 days. There was still a bunch of others "uncomfortable" questions. Has generally spoken a lot on the topic that the Russians in the Russians, though rare, but in the future there will be more, this topic is already interested in friends and t.D.

After a 30 minute conversation, the embassy employee said that "You convinced me, tomorrow come for passports with visas for new dates".

eighteen.04.12 took the passport with visas for a period of 2 months from the date of entry into Australia to 30.eleven.2013.

How we wanted! Thanks to the embassy, ​​at least at the start of the travel, our plans were not spoiled. Apparently, at the moment it is indeed an unusual case for them, which demanded special consideration. Good luck to all! And pleasant travel to Australia!

Formalities and rules for entering Australia Personal experience

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