Formalities and rules of entry into Belgium: personal experience

At the entrance to Belgium, Customs Ostend seized cuts of sausages and cheese, noodles of the valley (as they did not understand what it). Seizure issued, fine did not take. Product weight amounted to 350gg. When will the penalty?

Docted a package of documents through the Belgian visa center

fourteen.09.2015 on the first day of biometrics in Schengen, passed the package of documents through the Visa Center of Belgium, I fly to Brussels to the exhibition, Trip Business. Help from the bank, a little more than 2 million. rubles. Good sn, before that two annual shengen, without disorders. Citizen of the Russian Federation, I live in Moscow. Married.

Outcome. Dali Visu is not Schengen, but valid only for Belgium. Tin and just misunderstanding, we could not explain anything in the visa center. Good ticket to Brussels and from it straight.

Important about children’s visas!

Earlier was: "If the child travels, accompanied by one of the parents, and parents are married, it is enough to provide a copy of the personal data page and a copy of the page about the family position of the parent’s internal passport, which accompanies the child".

This rule no longer works. If a child goes accompanied by one of the parents, you need a stamp about marriage, about the birth of a child and necessarily notarious consent to the departure of the parent, who does not go on a trip. Or you need to write that we are going all together and provide copies of the first pages and copies of the current Schengen visas of both parents. Employees of the visa center on the twentieth ul. Long visa got in 2 days. There are no queues, everything went 10 minutes.

Visa in the Embassy of Belgium: Why pay more?

Submitted documents to Belgian Schengen through the consular department of the Embassy of Belgium. The peculiarity of this method and possibly the only inconvenience – you need to make an appointment on the reception by phone of the Visa Center of Belgium (free call). The operator will ask you to name the name and number of the passport. On this passport you on the appointed day and miss the Embassy territory. Reception of documents is only one hour per day (from 11:00 to 12:00), so the number of records is limited. If the day you need is already scheduled, you will be offered another date. On one person they give 10 minutes about, but on the fact the people take more (Embassy and Foreign Ministry employees are held without a queue). The following documents are needed: – Questionnaire that can be downloaded on the website of the visa center (we filled out in English);

The consular department is better to come to the time. We did not notice a live queue there. We had an entry at 11:00 and 11:10, we were without a queue, we took some Middes, and then our names called our surnames. Documents take a business and quickly, more time takes photos and removing the prints of all fingers 🙂 They are still interested in information about the previous Schengen, the girl asked if we shot a copy with them, but we didn’t do it. It turned out nothing terrible. Documents filed on October 25, instead they received a memo on which it was written that "The answer will be received 31.10 from 14:00 to 14:30"). "Answer" – This means the passport must be taken on this day. Below on the memo there are phones for which you can "Answer" call and find out the state of affairs. We did not call the day before and came immediately. Visa was given a one-time, period of validity – 20 days, the number of stays of stay strictly corresponds to the application announced in the questionnaire. In short, nothing complicated, everyone did themselves and on the service collection of the visa center saved 🙂

Belgian Schengen: for a visa require a blank sheet

Belgians require a blank sheet. Not turn, namely pure leaf on both sides. How I was explained in the embassy – in order to avoid codes reading errors.

In some cases (if there is a working invitation from the Belgian side), they can put a single visa if there is only one free page in the passport. Checked for yourself.

All truth – visa without problems!

Formalities and rules for entering Belgium Personal experience

Visa through the courier delivery service

I want to share the experience of obtaining a visa through the Belgian visa center. First, a small loading of the center was very pleased. Thanks to this there is no problem to reach and get the information of interest in polite uniform (!). Visa was needed for the winter holidays, there was an invitation, so, having learned that you could get it in advance, I decided not to delay. On the site all information on documents in full. Collected and decided to use the service of courier delivery PonyExpress. As described on the site, everything paid in VTB24 and went to "pony".

When in the courier delivery service she said that I send documents to a Belgian visa, they were very surprised and said that they work only with the United States and Canada. Do not be afraid (I did it)! You do not need those services they provide directly by visas, and only delivery is needed. After many trials and several calls, I still sent documents, but did not know what principle they will send back, so I put a warranty letter that I undertake to pay for the reverse delivery. I sent documents on Thursday, and next week I saw information on Wednesday after dinner, the documents were delivered (terribly worried about and several times called the delivery service, make sure how my documents there). On the website of the visa center of information on my passport number there was no (again panic) and on Friday on the third day I called. And, about a miracle! I was told that you can pick up everything is ready! Only here with the return shipment, the misunderstood turned out. I said that I would like to get documents by mail, but it turned out, you need to pay another 718 rubles through the bank (this amount on the site there is no). After thinking, asked a girlfriend to pick up my documents for which I simply sent a power of attorney in free form.

Experience in visa to Belgium

good day! I wanted to share personal experience about how I got a Belgian visa.

On their own experience collided with how hard it was to receive a German visa. My future (at that time) spouse works for a German company about 6 years. Has a residence permit. And to get a German visa, I had to spend your time, nerves. Come up for any reason and sometimes happen incorrectly. Already being his wife – I was not allowed to my husband, offering to expect 3 months until we see a visa.

Without thinking, I turned to the Visa Center of Belgium in St. Petersburg, as the husband received a contract in Belgium. Girls who took the documents were very cute, explained. In the queue I did not have to sit – the merdoms there is little and everything is organized. When they asked to convey one document – I strained, but in 5 days I was told that I could take a passport. What was of course glad! Good luck!

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