Formalities and rules of entry into Bolivia: personal experience

After a couple of hours, they reached a small border town, where they made a wristband and exchange salts on Boliviana.Ten minutes later the border.

First you need to go to the dumb room (the cop did not give me to fall out) and buy a visa. Costs for Russians 50 bucks. I ahead prepared dollars, but the chitrust Indian requested 360 Boliviano. that translated into rubles (multiply by 5) is 1800. I had to go to the change of local. There is even more cunning grandfather, which heated on the course for another 10 bucks! So advice, change the currency on the wristure, there is a normal course. Looking at the greedy bruises went to photo and eat the flights of the beggar of Bolivia.

Visa to Bolivia, obtained in Lima (Peru)

The Bolivian Embassy is located at: Las Castenas, 235, at the intersection with Javier Prada. Reception of documents from 9-00 to 13-00 from Monday to Friday. List of necessary documents:

– Filled questionnaire in Spanish or English. It is issued by an employee of the embassy;
– The original passport, with a validity period of at least six months;
– Copy of the passport, one page with a photo;
– Printed timetable of your trip to Bolivia. Just on a white sheet of paper;
– Hotel Reservation. You can print backup from email – copy of a credit card. One side is quite enough;
– Copy of vaccination against yellow fever. Need if the Jungle Bolivia will appear in your schedule;
– Color photo 4×4. Any color photo is suitable;

It is desirable to have all copies and printouts to have in two copies, since we had a copy of one credit card and one leaf with a schedule, and an embassy employee was consulted with the consul, whether these strange Russian documents can be admitted.

You can find an Internet cafe like this:

Coming out of the Bolivian embassy, ​​turn right, and on the first turn again right. Complete three blocks and roll left. On the left side of this street right on the corner there will be an Internet cafe, where you also remove copies. We are 4 sheets of photocopying, half an hour on the Internet and 2 printed sheets cost half a salt. Visa for citizens of the Russian Federation is free, t.E. issued for nothing.

Visa to Bolivia in La Kiake for free for half a day

As far as I understand, there are 2 options for making a visa to Bolivia for Russians – on the border for money (

$ 50) and in any embassy of Bolivia for free (info from here http: // Archive.Travel.RU / BOLIVIA / FORMALITIES / VISAS /).

I found myself in a la carte night from Saturday to Sunday, found a cheap hostel Residencial "Merced" (30 Pesos) and the next day realized that on Sunday nothing works, including the Bolivian Embassy. The border to another part of the city of Bishason (Villazon) is right within walking distance near the center of La Mii, but I haven’t going to go there yet, I wanted to try the free option. On the other hand, staying in Argentina in 2 steps from Bolivia did not very much – Bolivia is very cheaper.

On Monday, I was waiting for the quest – get a visa for free for the shortest possible time. There were 3 options in terms of success:

Formalities and rules for entering Bolivia Personal experience

* I get a visa for free in the embassy and I get to Bolivia in the shortest possible time;

The embassy opened at 9 am – the little old woman was dropped by a yellow-green-red flag on the flagpole, and I found out to my fortune with my fortune with the aunt that for a free visa I need 3 components:

* photo card;
* Passport photocopy;
* Damn International Certificate of Grafting against Yellow Fever.

Although my French friends said that this certificate is not required if you simply cross the border on foot. And that vaccinations are evil that is better to go around the party.

The first 2 points I have already known approximately where it can be done – through one block at the corner there is a photo studio with a copy machine.

The vaccination, it turns out, can also be done in La Kaik and completely free in the hospital in 6-7 blocks from the embassy. I went there and at first I began to explain that it was possible only in a week, and then, when I explained that I urgently told me to come up after 2 hours. After 2 hours, the nurse began to explain that at least 5 people need for this vaccination, otherwise it costs too expensive or something in this spirit – my Spanish is very weak :). But in the end, I realized that I do not understand anything, she made me vaccinated and gave me a piece of paper for the embassy. At this moment it is better to go and make a photocopy of this certificate, otherwise it will have to be left in the embassy, ​​and he may need a lot where.

I returned to the embassy, ​​filled out the questionnaire and after 15 minutes I received a stampik – a Bolivian visa. On the border you need to independently do 2 things – put a stamp about the departure from Argentina and a stamp on the entrance to Bolivia. If this is not done, and no one makes it, then there may be strong problems. For example, 2 Frenchwomen were sent from stupidity back to the border to put this stamp. But, if you do not fall into the hands of the police, it’s pretty easy, but I managed to do on the first evening :-), it is quite easy to travel for Bolivia illegally.

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