Formalities and rules of entry into Finland: Personal Experience

Before that, in the old passport there were two Finnish from 2014 and 2015. The first did not use never. On the second went only one day. And now I turned to the visa center in Omsk. The girl asked: "As far as I will request?" I’m talking: "the longer the better". And in the end – two-year-old multivis. Thanks to Finnam!

One-time visa in Rostov-on-Don

The first passport passport is clean. Family of three. We arrived at the Mc (Rostov-on-Don) in early June (ride 21-23.07.15). Made insurance in place (issued from the date of submission of the application).Docked documents: passports, insurance, printout with buking, photos; Paid. After 12 days, documents were taken: Visas for almost three months with corridors of the client 3 days.

Multi visa in Finland

Second visa, multi for half a year without problems

Decorated in the visa center in Moscow, I myself came from Yaroslavl personally.

There was a problem with insurance, it turns out, it is necessary that it is valid from the date of submission of an application for a visa (some kind of nonsense, the train is scheduled for August). Mentions on this on the forums did not find before, last year rolled under the dates of the trip. Thanks to the girl consultant, suggested what to do and I bought a second insurance for 1 day from the date of filing and until the day of the trip, 250 rubles turned out relatively inexpensively. All other documents standard for turvisses – armor, profile, 1 photo, scans 2 passport pages. I ordered courier delivery to Yaroslavl, paid 500r. Submitted SMS, everything came exactly in the term specified by the girl in the visa center.

I asked multi for a year (arrogance – second happiness), before was only one-time one for a month, the Finns gave multi for half a year with a corridor literally from mid-May and until mid-October, visa is valid from the day of its simplicity (again, nonsense, I’m not going to go before the deadline, well, why?)

Nevertheless, everything went fast and successfully. The queue was in an hour of the day, but small, documents filed quickly.

Consider insurance and keep in mind – computers that are in the visa center, though connected to the Internet, nothing except the post office and the site of the Finnish Embassy are not shipped, prohibited. So God forbid that, from there, go to the website of the insurance company there is no possibility.

Finnish visa in the visa center in Omsk

Finnish visa in violation of visa regime

In August, I was in Finland and instead of 30 days, held 32, which I wrote about earlier with a request for the Council what to do.

I am reported: in October risked and again submitted documents for a visa to the Finnish Embassy. The documents put an explanatory note on what happened and honestly repeated and promised to continue this not to do. Dali for the year. What I am extremely glad!

In the explanatory I wrote like this: on such that period I had a multivisa. So many times on it I went abroad. Never had a visa regime violated. When leaving this the number of Finnish border guards said that in total I have 2 extra days. Indeed, in the amount and turned. I sincerely regret it. The very attentively considered. Henceforth, I promise that this will not happen again.

Obtaining a visa to Finland in the visa application center

Submitted documents for 4 people, asked multivisa for 5 days, gave exactly the requested dates, a little confused, I did at least a month’s corridor. The documents were only insurance (bought online), a detailed travel plan and a certificate for a cruise (St. Petersburg-Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn-St Petersburg), no longer ask anything.

Documents filed at the visa center in Moscow, filed on Monday, on Friday checked the site, the documents were ready, SMS does not come! Writing to file the visa application center was at 10:15 am, arrived at 9:30 am and after 5 minutes I had already submitted documents, the queue was not! Two of us Schengen visas second, before that, too, was Finnish, the other two received first! So do not worry, kind Finns, all visa will)

The road from Moscow to Finland

State of the Moscow-Peter. may be useful for those who will go soon.
– MO region normal. nose almost no, and if come across, then very small.
– Tver region – Normal road with good and clear marking. Except for trowge. there is an excellent new road replacing not yet made with pits.
In traffic jams in Tver and send a wolf they did not stand, because they drove in the morning and back and back.
– Novgorod region – excellent clear markup, but the road is often in the pits. Especially "Pleased" Huge yams on bridges through the rivers of Msta and Volkhov on the bypass road around Novgorod. I remembered about them since the winter, and the people fell at full speed. After the holes stood a few passenger cars and changed wheels.
– Leningrad region – Normal road, but disgusting markup. There are simply no places. Back drifted early in the morning and was a thick fog. Sometimes it was visible forward to meters for 20 total. When there was a separation barrier – it is still possible to go, but when there are no barriers, often, when cornering the road, the cars popped up to the oncoming lane, because it was not a fig (((I was driving, focusing on the side of the road – more and less!.

On the border we hit. Rather, I got because of my apartment.

Run through the bruscane. Found both borders for 40 minutes. But when he returned from the Finnish referees, noticed that one of them was digging in the hint at my car. Something she interested him) I was looking for someone’s smuggling)) And maybe their dog with whom they go, reacted to our dog in the cabin. In short, he did not find anything and got into the salon. Searched a glove box, boxing between the seats – from which the antiradar solemnly pulled out, about which I successfully forgotten (in Finland is prohibited).

As a result, a loss of 2 hours and a fine of 340 euros (paid the next day in the bank).

The result – relax. How many drove to Finland – never checked and I stopped checking the car before going. Antiradar did not use the year with something and forgot about him. lying and lying.

Received a visa to Finland without registration in St. Petersburg

From Peter to Helsinki on cars

About 11-00 in the morning we were on the highway in the side of Vyborg. Beautiful road, besides, was well cleaned. It was necessary to arrange Greencart on the car, t.E. Insurance in the territory of the European Union. On the highway in Vyborg there is a bunch of stationary and mobile items. Slowed down from one of them. Insurance by 15 days cost 1500 rubles.

40 km to the border poured a full tank. The canister did not start, because they were afraid that all things would smell with gasoline due to their tight packaging next to Kanishystro.

On the way, closer to the border, we have a couple of times checked passports directly on the track in stationary items. From the car it was not necessary. The border guard looked at the passports and our faces and missed.

Without problems, we reached the border guard peationovka.

Prepared to stand in line. For in the morning they read on the Internet, that the queue is about 20 cars. What was our surprise when, on the border on our side, no one was in front of us.

We drove up to the first gearbox in Russia. I showed the rights and certificate of registration of the vehicle. All showed passports. The customs officer lazily looked into the trunk and asked about our route. I talked. Everyone slapped a mark about the road and let go with God.

We drove the dividing territory and were already at the Finnish customs.

There you need to get out of the car and go to a special building nearby.

Finn slowly looked the passport, looked at the hotel reservation and the letter from the hostess of the cottage.

Everything was OK, we put a mark about the entrance and missed on. The trunk and the car did not inspect at all.

And here we are already on the territory of Finland.

Finland for 1 day: unhappy with the services of a transport company

October 1, I ordered a trip to Finland in a transport company. Chose her due to the fact that they will take from the entrance of my house. Of course, I myself am guilty that I did not specify the important points that came up from the morning. At the agreed time -5 morning drove a minibus, but not to the parade, as I thought and on the street. The driver said that my courtyard was made by cars!That’s what my problems?! The dispatcher did not warn that the minibus could not enter the courtyard.

In principle, before the border got quickly, I even slept.The benefit was collected by the passengers in one district of the city. But the minibus passed the border in the general queue, I was promised to stand that we will not stand. An hour of time passed on the passage of the border. I did not prevent me too. I was driving the first time, but I heard that tourist buses go on a separate lane. The driver’s excuses that the border passing for 1 hour is, they say, very quickly and a separate band is intended for tourist buses and takes more than 2-3 hours I did not satisfy me.

What did not like in Finland? In Lapland (cheap store – Warehouse on the border) – Large queue. The driver asked in advance – enough 40 min? Everyone answered yes. But only at the checkout I spent half an hour and naturally did not have time at the agreed time. And this despite the fact that the driver took all turn at the cash register. Half of the passengers were in Finland for the first time, eyes are dazzled, yet realized that somewhere lies on the cashier did not have time. I think this is a minus in the company.

The same is true in the fish store.Despite all the efforts of the driver again, I could not return at the agreed time in a minibus.Next we went to the very Lappeenranta. All were given 3:00 us about all.As I understand it, it is usually 1.5:00 spend prism yard market and 1.5 hours for the city center.Manager did not tell me how much time will be in Lappeenranta. Of course I could not keep within the allotted time, late for 10 minutes. I thought that would leave without me.The driver must pay tribute to, waited for me, but he did chide, you’d think I did not pay for the trip and he.And finally, that spoil the mood so the news that the duty-free closed in June.Me about it, too, did not deign to inform.The houses were in 19 hours. Bottom line, about all the details and nuances need to ask in advance.

Getting Finnish multivizy in St. Petersburg for the citizens with a residence permit in another city

To obtain multi-entry to Finland, you must:

1) certificate of employment – always, with all your contacts, so. want – call.
2) for the first time will give odnokratku for ten days. or a cartoon, but still ten days. roll back ride.
3) come a second time with the same set of documents – happily leave smoothly with the same visa. roll back ride.
4) come the third time – and this is only the third time may be, give cartoon max six months (annual deserves only used after the semi-annual). and may just give back to 10 days. and then see. point 3)

it is the practice in the Finnish consulate’ve St. Petersburg right now for those who have registered in another city and work there.

as practice shows, one job for a six-month low cartoon. they want all-weave local registration, though certainly not the lime. linden they check once or twice.

but T.To. work proves that you weave inhabit here, give visa. It is still easier than in Moscow time, for it does not need a suitcase of idiotic papers with bank accounts and hotels (such as Germans).

From Vyborg to Finland Border with Bicycle

Ferry Way in Helsinki.

So, you sail in Helsinki on Tallink ferry from Tallinn or St. Peter Line from St. Petersburg. In both cases, you will fall on the Western Terminal L&# 228; NSITERMINAALI

On the long sleeve you will get into the terminal, where passport control will pass (naturally, if you sailed from Tallinn, there will be no control).

Coming out of the terminal, turn right, and you are at the bus stop number 15, which in a few minutes will deliver you directly to the railway station. Advertised by the same penetration shuttle, as you can see, absolutely not needed.

In Turku on a comfortable train from St. Petersburg

A few words about the road. Train "Moscow-Helsinki" – This is definitely a more expensive option than a bus from Peter (on which, moreover, it was possible to get to Turku himself), but Nesterov still made a family tour, and the convenience of young children was much more expensive than those 4914 rubles or 117 euros that Russian Railways takes. In addition, Dad has already traveled by this train, and knew that it was convenient – and border guards, and customs, and currency exchange and refund "Taks-Fry" You will provide you with delivery to the door, without any queues and getting off the bus. The night passed calmly (only in the morning in St. Petersburg in the coupe, the missing travelers), Agnia and Varvara Dryhley Drychley. And the border began in the morning.

And here for the first time it manifested itself global, one can say, interior difference between Russia and Finland. There is no dispute – the train was very comfortable, new and modern wagons, warning and caring conductors, there were no problems with the opening of toilets for trepidative "write-write!" child, nor with tea, nor with filling declarations, all this conductors took over. But in the morning, on the eve of the border, when Mom was sitting in his first coupe "on races", To them in Vyborg, sat down some Taiwanese student studying in Helsinki. And immediately it turned out that both guides are not able to understand – what he wants. I had to work to work by a translator for the extension "Yes, you are good with English, and I have a worker french". That’s why we always have "Moscow-Helsinki" Conductors with French, and in the Paris train, for sure – those who have been in school in school? And, contrast – Finnish border guard. With my mother, he communicated in good Russian, and, taking a Taiwanese passport, immediately greeted in Chinese. And let most of the conversation with Taiwan still walked in English, but the expressions seem to "neither halo" (Hello), "Du bout" (sorry) or "Tzai Dieen" (Goodbye) bounced off from his teeth.

One way or another, the border was passed without the slightest complications, and the reunited family was allegedly observed in the window of Finnish landscapes under the Russian sausage with train seagull. Landscapes did not differ much from the newly seen Karelian, except that they looked tier. And human settlements were grinding at times. And no longer need no explanation that people local people love this land, and it is always planned to live on it, for centuries ahead. Snow, however, was not in Karelia, nor in Suomi, that somewhat knocked down the New Year’s mood. Meanwhile, so, under the teem and the soothing of Agnes with Barbaroi (Mom saw on one station Julupukka, and his children quit it), Nesterov and got to Helsinki.

Here we had a transplant to the train to Turku. And the country of Finland once again very pleased mom. She was traditionally worried, posing, as we will rummage at the station with bags and children, trying to figure out where our train is located. If you are ridiculous – you have never been to the Chinese train station, we almost crushed out without children. But on the other side "Finno-Chinese border" From the joke, everything happened differently. At the end of the perron of arriving passengers of the train met tourifers from Helsinki Help, ready to provide expensive guests any post help. Nesterov immediately sealed a cute Russian-speaking girl Katya (on the lapel of each tournifer – badges with the flags of those countries whose languages ​​he says). She studied our tickets, walked up to the scoreboard, found out on what path our train costs, brought almost to the place, handed the card and guide to Helsinki in Russian and warmly said goodbye.

So, without leaving the station, we were already ready for departure to Turku. Only dad jumped out to the street – to smoke in the remaining 15 minutes. He looked at the station outside.

And at the station it is impossible to smoke. Yes, and on the perrons too.

Minibus "Helsinki-Peter": minus such a trip

From St. Petersburg to Helsinki on Allegro: landing, customs and tax fries

None in Helsinki, nor in St. Petersburg there is no inspection, like when traveling to Sapsans, so you can not get along the train. All border and custom formalities pass right in the train, which is very convenient. You just sit in your chair, drink champagne, and your passport is at this time stamps.

In the third car, there is a bistro at the time of the passage of the State Government (between Vyborg and Vainicaal), which takes about half an hour, the bistro closes. T.To. In the border and customs control zone, the train is all the following following, it is necessary to move on it with a passport and a ticket.

In the bistro offer drinks and snacks. But if you are traveling first class, you can not worry about this. Drinks will offer both in your car, and also feed. But little and tasteless. On the way there was a dry ham, on the way back – Salted salmon. In general, the usual unpretentious airborne feeding.

Money on checks Tax Fries will also be returned in the train. Do not go anywhere and stand in the queue. Employee of the exchange office will come to you.

I, of course, do not know whether it is a common practice, but we have Russian customs officers checked the baggage of everyone who had more than one suitcase. True, they did not make fire. When asked how much we spent, we answered that I do not remember exactly, but received on Taks-Free 283 euros (actually much more, but the amount for customs came up with and stated in advance). Showing shopping said that the jacket cost 299 euros, shoes – 398 for both pairs, the rest – a trifle: panties and T-shirts. (Zegna’s costume I hid on the bottom, fortunately, did not get). They are more embarrassed by the wires from iPhones-ipads, but their "Used" was on the face and interest did not cause.

How I was recorded in the Consulate of Finland in St. Petersburg

We decided here with my wife aiming visa to open at all (3 people.) not to wait for the preseason agen. Immediately were upset by the introduction of new rules for filing documents: you can only get to the consulate only by appointment, and if not in the consulate, then in the visa center, which takes 21 euros from a visa. Simple arithmetic has aroused the toad and made it try to sign up for a consulate.

Recording is made via the Internet, on the website of the visa center. Since the number of places is very limited, and the opening time is unknown in advance, then the first day (just Monday) passed in no circumvironment to wait for the moment when this entry opens. Not wait. Justice to say that I honestly tried to sign up and on the phone too. I was a pleasant voice with a pleasant voice that it was possible to sign up by phone only after this entry opens.

The next day, armed with patience, tried to catch "window" Starting from 9:00. Hit at 19:15. While entered the data, the entry closed. On Wednesday and Thursday, the record did not work (something there I broke on the site, the recording was open more than 2 hours, but it was impossible to sign up). I have already become susceptible to comrades in consideration. And then I was sent a link to the site that monitors this very record and shows the story (WWW.Visastat.RU). In general, on Friday I wrote down. For mid-May.

Finnish border: what is the violation?

Proper use of Finnish Multivibuses for residents of St. Petersburg

A little later, a representative of the Finnish consulate called me a little on the day of transfer of the letter and invited to an interview. November 19, t. E. On a festive day, the consulate worked, and I was terribly lucky, t.To. queues there were not observed.

Formalities and rules for entering Finland personal experience

Asked to fill out a questionnaire, sharpening the attention of only two questions: the goals of the trip and was there anyway somewhere in the Schengen countries. After that they called to the negotiation. I interviewed me a young man and asked in detail by the dates, where and when I was, checking with my data in the computer. Checks from shops helped. I took a check from the boutique, who confirmed not only my last trip (date), but also solvency, t.To. was named, the address of the store was listed on it and the purchase amount. They were not interested in credit cards. At the end thanked for not deceiving and said that it is very important to tell the truth.

Other very important things that I learned on the interview: It is important not how much time you spent in Finland compared to other Schengen countries.

IMPORTANT: Number of entrances. The visa should be opened in Finland and is preferably closed in Finland. Between these trips I was in Germany for 8 days, and in Finland only twice one day. This is permitted and no one will plant for this quarantine, just need to visit Finland more often than other countries, and not longer there (in Finland) live. Learning, for example, in Portugal through the Finnish airport, you just need to honestly say the purpose of the trip on the border. If the visa before that was opened in Finland, then no one on the border will delay and will not send you back, regardless of the number of days of the planned trip to Portugal. Well, and it is advisable to heal in Finnish stores during the Finnish trips, supporting the Finnish economy, however, everything goes there.

It is impossible: to open a visa only to go through Finland or directly to another Schengen country. If in the first case may not catch, then in the second can be fully attached to quarantine when trying to get a visa.

Recommendation: Use the visa center, do not waste money on travel agency. It is better to deal with the finns directly.

Outcome: I received an annual visa.

Visa to Finland in Moscow – not terrible!

Received Schengen for the first time. Having heard the stories, doubted that they would give. I thought that it would be forced to drag a whole kip paper and flaw three hours in the queue in the cold. Everything turned out to be much simpler: the site filled the questionnaire and signed up. Signed, which is noteworthy, December 31. Arrived earlier for an hour, but the guard gave a coupon and said to wait when they call. I sat down, I began to sort out the good and, literally in 30, after 30, the same guard called me and pointed to one of the windows.

From the documents they took, as written on the site:
1. Photo (the main thing is that the background is not too light, I was barely gray, but the dark hair was saved).
2. Questionnaire printed from the site.
3. Insurance for the entire request of the visa.
4. Passport (completely new, got the day before, old did not take, t.To. There was no Shengen).

And all. No references from work (in the questionnaire it is indicated, but no one checks usually), discharge from the account, tickets and t.NS.

Appointed issuance of documents on January 12. But already the 5th in the morning I came to SMS "Your passport is received from the Consulate of Blamen. ". I went and, again, did not have time to go, how to call in one of the windows. We looked at the contract and receipt of payment and gave a sealed envelope for a passport. Opening the passport saw inside a visa. Finna good))

Ferry line of St. Petersburg-Helsinki; ferry "Princess Maria"

Used the services of this ferry there and back, in August of this year.

1. Alcohol’s burning for many. At the entrance you will ask, do you have alcohol? If you answer: "No", – Your luggage feel and skip. If you answer: "Yes", or alcohol is detected during the palpation of your baggage – it (alcohol) is asked to extract, packaged in the package with the tag and leave immediately, at the entrance. When leaving, return.

2. Duthuk works almost immediately after the ferry waste (t. E. With 19 s). Assortment of alcohol there was not pleased there (I, True, not an amateur of it), there was a couple of decent champagne names, liqueur "Old Tallin". Decent cognacs (t. E. Armenian big excerpts) was not.

3. Easy. There is a restaurant "Buffet", worth 30 euros from the nose. In my opinion, it is better to save and eat in the cafe below. On "Swedish table" No unusual, no wine is a table (white and red, nothing special), poured uncontrollably from the counterans, in which the staff of 20 liter bottles are fed. In this restaurant, tourists are allowed by portions, reducing each serving on food to time. In general, there are a lot of people around, both for dinner and for breakfast. There is a restaurant A-La Carte, he is expensive, one dish can easily cost 30 euros, I did not go there. There is a cafe below, there you can take a soyanka for 4 euros, some hot dish like pancakes, a piece of pizza, porridge, you can take coffee, tea, piece of cake. In general, by 15 euros, there can be a member of the nearest. For dinner and breakfast would recommend that this cafe. Separately there is a bar. Everywhere (in a cafe and duty), bank cards MasterCard, Visa, Amex are accepted (on American Express there are even some kind of discounts) and DCI.

4. There is no intellectual game casino. There is black jack, there is poker (similar black jack), roulette, automatic and t. NS. I did not play there.

5. Cabins. In 4 local cabins without windows, very close bathroom. Personally, I (I am quite an average set and growth) take the shower because of its size it was difficult. The rest of the cabin reminds the train coupe with the only difference that there is a bathroom and a small entrance hall (space in front of him).

6. Downstairs there are saunas and pool, but I did not go there. Also did not go to the movies and other places: it was the summer, a lot of time spent on the deck, armed with binoculars.

Getting a Finnish visa in Moscow

All is well, fast and few documents

According to plan in July 2009, they wanted to go to Helsinki. In May 2009, came somewhere in 8-20. Queue Man 25. You go inside, coupon and wait.

From documents: Passport, hotel reservation with, insurance, watched the Russian passport and took the annulled. Gave the paper, went paid in the bank. And a week later received visas strictly by armor for 4 days and 1-fold entry.

But I was given a visa to the wrong start date of the action, he explained, took his passport, and after 10 minutes the normal visa canceled and misery in the new passport. Workers were inattentive, check the visas without departing from the box office.

Refusal of visa = quarantine?

Somehow it has always been believed that the refusal of a visa is just a refusal. You can collect a new package of documents and carry to the consulate.

In February 2007, a friend had a refusal. She hoped on the multivitz, asked a familiar invitation, submitted documents and received a refusal to explain "The purpose of the trip is unclear".

In June, they suffered with a girlfriend together documents on Khki + Stockholm + Aland Islands. The young man in the window saw an unlocked stamp on receiving documents, climbed into the database. Then he asked why there was a refusal. And said that after the failure – quarantine six months. And half a year have not passed. In general, we gave pressure on the fact that there was no violation – there was just a refusal. And on the fact that we have already paid one of four hotels. And bought tickets for ferries – Copies Tickets We put. In general, despite quarantine – the documents took. But they said that under our responsibility: immediately said that repeated refusal due to not the concentrated period is quite likely.

A week later, the vigorous expectation – the visas still gave us any. Despite the end of the quarantine. But once again I repeat: the documents for the trip were collected in a thoroughly, and half of the route was paid and irrevocated.

Technical refusal to quarantine for six months

March 26 she filed documents with her friend to receive Finnish annual Shengen to the Finnish Consulate of St. Petersburg. Issuance was appointed on April 7 + 8 days at a pre-known delay.

March 27, quite by chance and unplanned to us with a friend got a burning tour to Egypt, where we were not going, but in the end they gathered quickly, and the tour bought – with the departure of April 1.

On March 28, I came to the consulate with a request to issue our passports during the trip.

I have already been such a precessant in 2005 – for a trip to the Czech Republic, the Finnish consulate issued without problems and without loss of the queue. But this time, an employee of the Visa Department said me that we can take passports now only with a technical refusal to passport, and after a trip to Egypt, you will need to submit documents for a visa. I had to agree, because the tour in Egypt was already bought. I was given passports with a marker C3.

The administrator in the consulate the forecast of the travel agent confirmed – in addition to the technical refusal of a visa, we were put on quarantine for half a year. On the question "why and for what?" The administrator replied: "We are not obliged to run for your passports, since you take them ahead of time – it means and you don’t need a visa".

How to get to the Aland Islands

The Aland Islands is the easiest to get to the ferries Silja Line and Viking Line, which run between Helsinki and Stockholm and between Turku and Stockholm. If the path to Alanta begins from Stockholm, you can also select Eckero Linjen steam.

During the day, ferries stop in the capital – Mariehmin, at night – in Longnas (half an hour from the capital). In addition to Eckero Linjen, which arrive in the place of ECERO.

Formalities and rules for entering Finland personal experience

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