Formalities and rules of entry into Greece: personal experience

Received visas for 3 years for the whole family. Before that there were 3-year-old visas, which Consulate of Greece issued in 2016. Besides them in passports each had 1 semi-annual Greek visa and annual Italian. Applied copies of all previously issued Schengen visas. Feature: This time they asked to attach copies of all filled pages of existing passports with all stamps (in T.C. and Russian), not just pages with old visas. Otherwise – the usual set of documents. The questionnaire asked for a visa for 3 years. Prints have already been handed over. On Monday, passed, on Friday passports with visas were already ready. Many thanks to the Grekam for long multi.

Visa for year

Scheduled a trip to Greece. In the passport 5 Shegen visas (the last two multi, for the year issued by the Netherlands). Decided to request the sixth (in relation to Greek – the first) for 3 years. Issued a cartoon for a year.

Cheers thanks

Rent docks 10.06 Received 16.06 for three years

For three years, visas do not give

asked multivisions for three years as the consul and boiled. did not give for three, only for a year. and we have already had three Greek similar visas for the year each.Unpleasant! Is it beautiful?

Receiving a visa under the new rules

Recosed to receive a visa to the consulate in mid-August on September 12. In early September, we called asked when we plan to go, and reported that our visit to them was postponed on September 22 due to preparation for work with prints. I want to note that it is impossible to sign up for a specific time, all those who recorded come in advance, in the hope that "Live" queue. Skip starting after reconciling with a list of 10-30, and then on the same list the guards are caused to the windows. 22. 09 We "surrendered, passports with visas received 24.09. Visas were given a year, we asked for two. Yes! Before the visit read that for some reason women hardly manage to get fingerprints, someone commented on that most likely the fact that the hands of the cream. No! And me, and spouse, after failure with prints "dry" smeared fingers with cream and after that everything was possible.

Well, why so? Greeks gave a visa for a month

Getting a visa to Greece

Served in Novosibirsk in VS: I (for the last two years, German Schengen, British visa for half a year, Greek under the dates of the trip and Greek cartoon for a year; Son 13 years old – German Schengen, Greek under the dates of the trip; Mom 65 years old – German Schengen under the dates Trips. Delivered without problems, but on the road to Novosibirsk had to be spent. Result – everyone was given a one-time entrance strictly under the date of the trip :(. Thank you and on this. I love Greece with all the soul, but next time Hello Yuva or Cyprus.

Visa to Greece

Expected Result

Experience of visa-free visiting Greek islands

Resting in June in Czech, on the last day of stay came the idea to go to the neighboring island of Chios, which, according to news, is visa-free for Russians with short-term stay.Early in the morning, when they fled to the cashier of a local Greek ferry company to purchase tickets.Tickets were carried out by local Turks, official representatives of the Greek ferry company.

Immediately caused alertness the fact of viewing my passport (I had a valid Schengen, while Schengen came out).when it came to her passport, I said that for Russian citizens visa to the island is not required.This employee returned the passport with the words that she will not sell tickets without Shengen.Despite the persuasion and reference to official information, the Turks was adamant.However, in minutes ten disputes, he agreed to call somewhere and ask about the special imposition for Russian.The conversation on the phone lasted for another ten minutes (apparently called Greece, because I was talking in English), after which I returned with an unexpected question – do we have photos. It caught us surprise, since nowhere has seen the requirements to have photos with you.As a result, we were sent with the words No photo – no ticket, to which the arguments were no longer found because the ferry went after 10 minutes and the pictures had already been unreal.

Conclusion: The rule of visa-free visits to the Greek Islands, apparently, exists, but it is broken down by the omissance of local employees (we will remember to buy tickets directly in the company).Also, if nevertheless, the Turks were right, and the photos are really necessary, then please indicate this information to correspond to this information, since it is the lack of this information in the end left us without Greece this time.

Greeks Greeks Run

For the first time, when making a visa through the travel agency, they gave a single visa exactly clearly on the days of the trip, while I had 2 Shengen in my passport, and one French educational long-term visa. Was upset. The Italians went later – they gave a year Multiviz.

But! This year, Mom sama submitted documents to a Greek visa through a visa center, while in her passport only one unused one-time (. ) Finnish visa was. She was given for a year! The main thing in the questionnaire to write what is needed for a year and multivitz and t.D.

Greeks – Zhada

Single entry visa

Ourselves made the first Schengen in a pure passport

Received new passports for family, two adults and a year old child. Gathered to travel by car on the route Russia (Moscow) – Ukraine (Kiev) 2 days – Romania Transit – Bulgaria (friends house on the shore, 21 days) – Greece (hotel, 10 days). Everywhere began to say that Schengen into a clean passport is a problem, they will not give a lot, and with a small child in general for two weeks of type. Started calling firms and read forums. Decided to save and arrange themselves. We demanded the route to make up and book hotels throughout the way, and still pay them.

We decided to schitrit. Boiled air tickets that are not very needed in the visa center, on the Aeroflot website, without payment for 1 day. Book a hotel in Greece on Booking.COM on the 31 day, and asked the soap hotel to send confirmation (voucher). They were attached to the docks. And in the visa center they said that more than 30 will not give. But they gave a one-time visa on the 31 day of the arrival with a corridor 45 days. It helped us to change the time of arrival, t. To. We wanted to first be in Greece, and later in Bulgaria. But T. To. The visa is one-time, then you must first be on Schengen in Bulgaria, so as not to make a Bulgarian visa separately, then in Greece, and on the way back the Bulgarians we are transit for 48 hours.

The turn is very fast, literally 10 minutes. Money took only two adults, about 5000 rubles. One nuance: we have a not registered marriage with my husband, so they docks took my docks, and I must take it myself or by proxy – it’s not very convenient, I had to go separately for my passport. Do in 3 working days. Do not be afraid to do yourself – I recommend!

Visa to Greece: Upset, but acquired invaluable experience

Asked Multivizu to Greece for a long time for himself, his family and family relatives. Before that, everyone had trips to Europe (including Greece) on multi and without, plus a challenged reputation. Result: 45 days for 3 months.

Vaguely guessed that there would be something wrong. The girl who took the documents, after a short conversation with me, without looking into the questionnaire, wrote 45/90 on the questionnaire, talking on the bird language and not explaining that these records mean. For me, this meant: 45/90 plus 45/90 and t. D., T. E. Stay for 90 days. In half a year in the annual Schengen, as it happened in other embassies, where they did not come across such troubles. By no means. In a telephone conversation with a representative of the consulate, confirmed that the case of blatant, but.

What experience? Follow the playful handles of the representatives of embassies / consulates and try them until the truth will not say. I can’t impose all the blame on the young girl, myself is also good. 50 to 50. Upset, but I do not lose, rest should take place. It is a pity that soon we will have to go through the entire procedure again.

Semi-annual Schengen in Greece

Gathered on vacation quite spontaneously, not having a clear plan of the trip and 7 days before departure filed documents to the VIC.

The visa center has a pair of pleasant little things:
– 4 computers with access to the isnetoneal for booking hotels
– 2 consultants who will help with filling out documents
– A pair of MFPs for precludingly free photocopying (formally, payment of 10 rubles per page)

In terms – worked very quickly (2 working days, as promised by phone). According to the results of the work – only a semi-annual Shengen in the presence of two are the same for the previous 2 years. Disappointed due to the fact that the new year will have to spend in Maldives or Seychelles. In Greece, tourists and so much.

I can not believe in the Greeks

What are there annual visas. Submitred in May 2013 on adults and two children – a year before this trip to France, Spain, Italy. In 2011, everyone has a Greek visa used for appointment. Salary, balances on the account – much more norm.

The result, adult and one child for six months, and for some reason, somehow strictly under the trip. As if mock – now, if that, almost the entire list of documents to collect. Send all the European phs in. . We will ride the Maldives.

I expected more

Annual Schengen in Greece

I think this information will be useful to everyone who doubters and not very attentive.

Greece gathered for the first time, quite suddenly, before that there are two multi-seen other countries in the passport, one of them ended on the day of filing docks. Decided to feed in advance, as May on the nose, you never know how everything can delay. The husband, who also rides, Schengen is French outdoor, so she served one.

Since at the moment I do not officially work, provided an extract from the account (moreover – not an extract, but information about deposits on my name) and a sponsorship letter from my husband (and he forgot to make a certificate from work, and I did not assure an extract from the bank for three months stamp).

In addition, tickets were bought for the entire route (with a trip to Cyprus), hotel reservation with the names of those living with Buking printed (this is important if someone does not know, otherwise I always pointed out the name of one who pays). You understand yourself, with such a package of documents it remained to wait only a miracle (for some reason at 8 am did not occur to postpone the visit). I arrived at the Nikitsky Boulevard in half the eleventh, received a twin, photographed in the same place (100 rubles, pictures are terrible, but what can you do), immediately caused. The girl looked through everything and carefully, but the documents did not wrap. Two days later, the documents returned, tracks on the site – and voila! Annual Schengen.

I fed on a multi, motivated by the fact that with an open multishengen I will be allowed to be empty without provisos. At the same time staying in Greece now – 6 days total.

Conclusion: the Greeks are just a dush, very glad.

Work surprisingly fast

Obtaining a visa to HC Greece in Moscow

Good day to all! I want to tell about my experience getting a visa in the visa center of Greece in Moscow. Purpose of the trip – Tourism. April 1 came to the visa center at 8 am (now opening in 8.30) was the second. For half an hour, another man stretched. at 8.30 We were launched, the windows work very much!

Documents that I passed:
1) profile (if, if that – there and fill it)
2) Photos 3.5 to 4.5 (if that, there you can take a picture)
3) Help from work
4) Document on agreement on the processing of personal data (download from the site of the MC)
5) Extract from a bank account
6) Invitation from the hotel, without prepayment
7) Flights
8) Copies of passports (filled pages)
9) Medical insurance, made online, brought a printout

I surrendered for myself for my mother (presented his birth certificate, as proof of kinship).

I did not accept an extract from the bank account, since one Madame in the bank forgot me to slap on her, but I did not get out, but the girl from the HC is kindly offered to write a consul "at the insistence", as a request to consider, they say, did not bother in the bank, but t.To. there was a certificate from work, said that there would be no problems.

I put the booking from Buking, as well as an invitation from the hotel (I called and asked to write), where they pointed out the dates of travel, guests, passports and what we will pay at the place of accommodation

Checking all documents took no more than half an hour. everything is very quick, clear, clearly.

Today (April 4), the husband took our documents with his mother (presented our marriage certificate (by the way Cuban – we painted in Cuba, we have a notarized translation of the certificate and the Cuban original, there were no problems. ) And my birth certificate.

Thanks to the visa center, I first made a visa myself and very satisfied with the result.

Visa to Greece – no problems

Yesterday I returned from a trip to Greece, I am writing to hot trails. Visa did through a travel agency. Bought a tour tour for a week. Assembled a standard set of documents:

– Passport (biometric, 10-year-old in it already stood a Hungarian visa dated last year);
– Old passport with visas of France, Finland and Egyptian "brand";
– Russian-speaking questionnaire, questions as in the questionnaire on Schengen;
– 2 color photos 3×4;
– Help from work + sponsorship guarantees (s / n small, did not risk);
– Extract from the bank account, in US dollars (it was $ 3,000);
– Photocopy of the Russian passport (pages with photos and registration).

Visa took the day for three. Nothing difficult. It was my fourth Schengen. Then I think to do the Countries of Friend.

Greece Visa Center gets a solid five!

The second time I use the services of the Greece Visa Center in Moscow and each time I am satisfied with the service. The last time came at 12:00, even at the beginning of the first (reception of documents for a visa until 13:00) – I thought I would not have time. Only took the coupon – and less than after 10 minutes my turn came!

While I was waiting for me a very polite and attentive girl (unfortunately, I did not remember her name, I would like to thank you), with the speed of light went over the documents, folded them in the right order, I myself made a copy (free of charge) the zealpasport, which I forgot to do , gave the form of the agreement, checked the questionnaire, pointed to the shortcomings, the mistake of the proofreader itself (I pointed out the country of entry is not Greece, because I thought it was necessary to specify the country crossing the Schengen zone), answered questions about Multiviza, and as soon as we finished, my queue.

The girl did everything very carefully, quickly, with the participation and smile! So nice! At the window I spent no more than two minutes! Two days later I had a visa! No pity for the services of the service center – obtaining a visa with their help turned into the most simple procedure, no nervousness – how to go beyond bread. PS. And even the guards are friendly, friendly and smiling! Solid 5!

Delivery visa

Greek visa center in Moscow

Visa at the invitation of a private person

I had an invitation from a citizen of Greece, which I was, essentially, nobody. Invitation, a certificate from the tax on the payment of taxes and the absence of debts, a certificate of the police and a copy of the Greek passport inviting. Everything was with seals, official and certified by all the local authorities. I was very embarrassed by a small amount of the annual income of my inviting (about 10,000 euros) and the lack of any connection or kinship between us. In theory, such exposure also needs to be provided to the consulate when submitting documents. And another fact that I am young (24), beautiful, not married and eating one, and even to a man, was not in my favor.

So, came to the consulate on the first subway (about 6.10 was on the spot), turned out to be the second in line, recorded in the list and went for a walk. Returned to 8. At that time, there were 16 people on the list, to 9 translated over 30. By the time the consulate was discovered in the list 58 people. Everything in line behaved decently, did not swear, did not pushed, lined up according to the list and waited for the opening of the consulate.

In the window, I looked at all my kip documents: copies of all pages of all my paspars (3 bars + internal), invitation and help + their copies, questionnaire, 2 photos, help from work, certificate of registration of the company, a copy of the plane ticket, insurance actions for a year and a period of 90 days and a business card (!). Confirmation of my solvency I did not provide, t.To. This was not listed on the website of the Consulate. List from the site I printed just in case. Inspector has long considered my invitation with all attributes. Asked who I had an invitant, I replied that he was my distant relative. Inspector has become unkind expressions. He said "clear", And I became very scary! Still asked about previous trips, about the planned followers, when and why, very carefully studied my questionnaire. I still checked again, brought up a huge stapler, and sent me to the cashier.

A day after the filing came to receive their passport. Visa for 3 months, 90 days stay, 2 entry. This means that next time you will definitely give a full-fledged multivitz for half a year! Everything turned out not so scary as it seemed at the beginning. At the same time, I have an assumption that the Greeks made a mistake in something, t.To. The validity of the visa under the law can not coincide with the maximum stay in the country. I can assume that they meant or six months and 90 days, or 3 months and 45 days. In general, it is no longer important! I’m still glad! Long live a vacation!

A little more detail: I have 2 Schengen visas before this (Greece and Finland) and 1 Greek visa 10 years ago. The questionnaire filled itself, without sample. All Latin letters. I had difficulty with some items, answered them like this:
Payment form – at the expense of inviting
quantity entry – multiple
quantity days stay – 90 (t.To. I wanted a visa for half a year).

Another point: Special cars are constantly hanging around, in which good Greek units sell insurance, tickets, etc. Stand there with hours from 5. They also have a photocopier, they also help to fill out the questionnaires, answer all the questions and allow the car to warm up. Comrades are normal and information give adequate. I have bought insurance last year. And they also have such a service as an entry in the queue. You can call in advance, ask them to record you on the list, and then come to the opening and buy something. Next time I will definitely use!

Formalities and rules for entering Greece Personal experience

Visa to Greece – vacation broke

We gathered with my husband in October to go to Greece, relax and spend my cousins. Sister was like different Greek offices, designed me an invitation for all the rules. We have collected all the pieces of paper for our part – certificates, statements. Tickets bought in advance at a bargain price, naturally, non-returnable. Let’s go to the Greek consulate to execute a visa. I, of course, heard about him before, I heard the reviews – they say, how there "wonderful" All organized. But it was necessary to see with my own eyes.

Document delivery occurs in the order of a living queue, the people are organized in the lists, but someone still seals, making the face with brick. Representatives of travel agencies pass as they want and when they want, and the duty officer is not indignant, in contrast, by the way, on cases when ordinary mortals are trying to lean. Arriving on the first day at 8.30 (reception begins in 9.30), we were recorded at the numbers 60 and 61. Reference: On average, a man takes place 20 a day. After the closure of consular wicket and roll call, we found ourselves 18 and 19 in the next day. On this next day, we found ourselves 24 and 25, since at night the power has changed, new enterprising people came, who made their list, and our turned out to be only its continuation.

Found "Visa Center", which seemed to be decent, impossible did not promise, pleased with a good service (in contrast with the Greek consulate it is especially nice). In addition, they promised to return part of the money in the event of a visa refusal. Small since we have our own invitation but "trifle, but nice". In general, we surrendered to the mercy of this visa center. For 2800 rubles from each of each, this wonderful company pledged not only to provide us with a downtime, but also to double them, if something is missing – to make or fix.

On the eve of the campaign to the consulate, we had to call a woman who would provide us with a place in the queue and says how much to come to us, so as not to stand long. The woman really called and asked to drive up to 9.15. I rolled my lips, I think, well, it means that there will be such a good place in line, probably at night occupies cool-cool. Yeah, gentball. We arrived, it turned out that we are 17 and 18. Began to check the package of documents, it turned out that they rewrote the questionnaires, allowing several mistakes there, corrected.

Defended to 12 hours about 12 hours, went, stood still in line to the window, got to it and. That’s where the most interesting thing happened. The girl in the window refused to take documents from us, since (it turns out) Citizens of Russia cannot make invitations to Greece, even if they have a residence permit. That is, three sides of the humiliating standing at the wicket were in vain.

They called the visa center with a question, and what, in fact, you did not warn us that we have a wrong invitation? What we were told: "Oh, it’s some kind of innovation, we didn’t know about it". Well, then in the text that they fulfilled their obligations, and we are not obliged to return money, since we have no failure in a visa. Well, really, everything is like that, you do not have.

Total, loss of snot, summarize:

1. Vacation covered with copper pelvis, tickets burn, anger and toad are swirling, but it’s all the lyrics.

2. Visa Center – Blacklist. Not for the fact that money is not returned, but for not knowing the requirements of the consulate, with which they work (or do the view).

3. We will not go to Greece, most likely never. You can, of course, urgently ask to make an invitation from someone from familiar Greeks, or make an invitation from the company, or book a hotel and submit for a tourist visa. You can, but I do not want. There are many beautiful and interesting countries in the world where you can get without this madhouse on Spiridonovka, house 14. And who still wants – I recommend buying ready tours.

At one time in this community there was a record of the positive experience of independent receipt of Greek Schengen. I really helped me. Now I also have experience, but already negative. Maybe it will be useful to someone.

Independent submission of documents for a tourist visa to Greece

Submitted documents on September 6. Consulate of Spiridonovka, 14. Went to 6:30 am, was the first. Already at this time there are representatives of insurance companies. They lead a list, sell insurance and help fill out a questionnaire (who needs). Consulate opened at 9:45. Launched 5 people. Worked 2 people and took very quickly. Literally in 15 minutes "First five" was served. By the time of the opening of the consulate gathered 20-25 people. No problems were observed.

I had something with my own:

1. Profile filled in English. Blank downloaded from the site.

2. 2 Colored photos 3×4.

3. Russian passport and copy of all filled pages.

4. Passport and copy of the first page and all visas.

5. Old passport and copy of the first page and all visas.

7. Flights and Copy.

eight. Help from work.

nine. Bank reference.

ten. Copy of insurance.

I took everything except the original of air tickets, fax from the hotel and the Russian passport. Degree period – 3 working days.

A visit to the Greek Consulate in Moscow

I will tell about the rake when serving independently on the turvista:

Embassy where answering machine 739 22 04 says, and not where it is indicated on the website of the Embassy. That is, the correct address is Spiridonovka 14.

The season begins, and I do not know what will happen next, but until every morning the queue is formed by the list. On the opening of 9-30 in it 40-50 surnames. The first time yesterday I arrived to 9-00. Was 32nd. We never got inside – the policeman did not inform the people, and the queue could not self-organize and peelled without a list. So the wife did not call me from work, and just spit on it. Today, we told us a neighbor in turn, that she even went to the territory of the embassy, ​​but at 13-30 they announced "Caput’s work" and not allowed to the window.

Today came to 7-00, and was the 22nd. But not allowed, the policeman was sensible and we were already at the window. When at 13-00 came out to the street – the embassy was not there, that is, everyone would have fallen. So – how lucky with millionicers and fellows in misfortune.

Tickets (made photocopy) Faxes from hotels (made one photocopy) Founded domestic passports (photocopies reversal with photography) on 1 photo questionnaire from the embassy site (printed from the 1st side, i.e. 4 leaves each) Salary references ( Wife has an extract from the account) insurance

Attention: we were asked

1) two photos 2) photocopies from the hub: a page with photos and all Schengen visas (we had one, Finnish) 3) second photocopies with fax for booking

Require 3) is related to the fact that

a) the originals of faxes did not care (whether it was afraid to leave us without faxes, whether they violated uniformity in pieces) b) documents from the family are not going together, and separately, and each kit should be complete. However, I didn’t ask the second copy from the tickets, you can not interest tickets at all.

Paid visa in rubles. 35 Euro = 1260 rubles.

Make a visa 2 days. That is, we have passed on Friday – getting (or refusal) on Tuesday (after lunch).

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