Formalities and rules of entry into India: personal experience

Features of electronic visas in 2017 – two visas, three entries

This year, the will of the Fate had to fly often. It is verified that visas can get two, and entrance – three! The design of the E-visa turned out to be simple, the visa is sent quickly – both times within 24-30 hours of visa was ready. The first time the visa is given for 30 days, when you are submitted, then you get a second visa with a 2-fold entrance every 60 days.This is by the way nowhere in the stamp is not spelled out. Hindu on the wrong rack with great surprise looked at this stamp, ran after the boss. It turns out that he still did not see this – the rule was introduced only recently, few people managed to fly the third time for this year.

How to stay without money and documents, but return home

I’ll just write what you need to do if you stayed in Delhi without a passport. As it is not difficult to understand, the loss of money is a side effect. Money goes forever. At the first moment we thought: "Well, passports, they throw out!", However, remembering "Shantaram" I realized that passports for thieves – home mining.

So, what we need and what is not necessary when you have stolen passport:

If the aircraft in the evening of this day can relax and try to pass or review a ticket – you will not fly away on this day in any case. If before departure (as it was with us) at least 1.5 days, you need to act quickly.

Look for the Internet. Do not waste time going to the police, with this question you will be sent to the site http: // / register.HTML for registration of the online Document Lost in Delhi. LOST REPORT still needs to be printed and take with you

Little nuance for Lost Report:

When you fill it on the website of the Delian police, at some point the system requests your phone number. To dial only numbers, no advantages and other characters!

In the embassy, ​​we were told to us later that very persistent our citizens insisted in the police station that they were robbed and sought the opening of a criminal case. This is a very big mistake, t.To. You may not be released from the country until the end of hopeless consequences. And in India, no one is in a hurry. So, "Lost report" You made up. We must urgently move to the embassy to get "Certificate for Return". This is a document in a photo that will replace your passport. Good if you are in Delhi.

Take a taxi and go: Embassy of the Russian Federation, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, 110021, India

In the consular department of the embassy, ​​you will need: two pictures of 3×4 cm, the inner passport (if any, we did not have), very good, if there is a photocopy of a lost passport (always take a few and use in different places of baggage), very good, if there are witnesses. We were four people: two victims and two witnesses. Our ambassadors in Delhi – great guys. Soothed. Everything is clearly explained. Designed. True for registration "Certificate" We left 4 hours! At 10-00 we started at 14-30 received documents. Hooray! We will now let in Russia. But you need to leave India. And for this you need to get a stamp to the certificate received. In the embassy we were sorrified that it was usually 3 days in the Indian FMS. But if we are very prompted and like a policeman, they can try to make faster.

So, a new level: Indian FMS. Officially, it is called The Fro Office and is located East Block -Viii, Level -2, Sector -1, R.K. PURAM, NEW DELHI, DELHI 110066. It’s not very far from the Embassy Quarter. You can get there by "Tuk Tuka" for 15-25 minutes, depending on traffic jams.

FRRO has two levels: purgatory and hell. Purgatory is an indoor green-plastic courtyard in which the chairs are placed to wait. Next to the entrance cost 2-3 computers on which helpers work. Do not ignore them! Very sensible guys who for a penny (150 rupees) are issued correctly (!) all statements and make the necessary copies. 3×4 pictures will be needed again. If you have they ended, there is your photographer. Having received all the documents, you go to the other end of the courtyard to the officer who checks everything. Without properly executed documents in the building of the FMS are not allowed.

Culmination moment: you need to charm Officer FMS. Tell him about difficult childhood, sick mom, evil chief, but do not think about something to demand, put on the psyche or (God forbid!) Offer money. Attempt to give a bribe – this is a guaranteed Indian prison. Do not even think. Our friends managed to persuade them. On all 3 hours left for the stamp. In this case, it was not a restless wait, as in our embassy. It was a job to melting their documents on the chain of officials. As soon as the pressure weakened, the documents stopped. We all have time. Even Kutb Minar was examined before departure.

Indian visa at the Moscow Visa Center

Since November 2014, in most Indian airports, you can get a visa on arrival (though, for this you need to pre-fill out the questionnaire on their website). Strange what they wrote that it is disinformation (even such a respected site as Travel.RU), but it works exactly, I have several acquaintances quite successfully used this. Unfortunately, there, where I need, there is no such thing, so I went to the visa center in the old way. I am going alone for 3 weeks to the Ayurvedic Center in Kerala, and I had a confirmation of posting by e-mail from the main doctor of the center. In the visa center I was advised not to write that I am going to Ayurveda, and it is better to book any hotel for 1 day, bring this reservation, and then cancel. Otherwise they may need to receive not tourist, but a medical visa. I did so. On Monday morning passed documents, and already on Thursday came SMS that the passport can be taken. On Thursday, I took it.

Visa to India through a visa center in Moscow

For the first time, they rejected the questionnaire, it is necessary to indicate the number of the Russian passport, for tourists the visa is only twice and for 6 months. From the second attempt imposed to take pictures, the result, 4 photos for 150 rubles, it seems like for scanning and attaching an electronic questionnaire (do not forget to attach such photos when filling out the questionnaire on the site), on the fact on the visa, the photo I attached :)) ).

Documents: questionnaire (can be printed both on two sheets and on one on both sides), passport, photo on a white background, a copy of the main page of the passport, a copy of the Russian passport, a hotel’s 3-day reservation in Calcutta through Buking.Com, reservation of air ticket Aeroflot (stuhl 24 hours after booking), travel plan in English with a justification of two-time entry and departure. Insurance does not require. Payment by 08.05.2014 1880 rubles. fourteen.05.2014 came SMS on the return of the passport, I received it on this day.

Formalities and rules for entering India Personal experience

Permission to stay on Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Visa-free transit at Delhi Airport

The issue of visa-free transit through the airport Delhi has repeatedly climbed tourist forums. The fact is that in order to take a plane in the transit zone, we need a boarding pass. Send the boarding passages when registering, which passes beyond this zone. There is also a luggage. You can get out in the registration zone only in the presence of a visa, which in the case of transit. Get the landing in advance can not, t.To. They are given only if you are flying one airline or if the ticket was purchased by one block. Here the Aeroflot ticket was bought separately from the Indigo ticket.

But the advisers from the Internet did not deceive. Airport employees really come to the rescue in such a situation. A man at the TRANSFER Desk stand said to stay and wait until 19 o’clock, then a representative of Aeroflot was to appear and give the landing. The same man promised to take care of the baggage. Transfer zone itself is a small waiting room with a meal-drinking kiosk.

Subtleties with independent decoration of a visa to India

We came to the visa center somewhere in 15.30 And I was waiting for your turns hour and a half, there was a 50 person in the room, but these were those who waited for their passport, and couriers a travel agencies with a lot of issued passports.

Important! In the passports of the old sample in the room there is a sign number. In the online questionnaire, it is not affixed, but, nevertheless, for a visa he is obligatory. Hindus insist that instead it was written by the capital Latin "N". Otherwise, they consider the questionnaire erroneous and send home, fill out a new questionnaire.

I work on the website. And although I did not point that I had journalistic work, and in every way I tried to explain to the girl in the window that I was not a journalist, the journalistic activity does not lead and the more I’m not going to lead it in India, she gave me a clean piece and offered to write in English application to the consulate that I am not a journalist. Interesting of their opinion that everyone who write to the site is journalists. Bloggers are interesting, too?

Hotel reservation is needed only for one hotel! We in India will be more than 20 days – we will live in 8 hotels + 10-day meditation course. But the reservation is needed only from one of any hotel – and all. Very strange.

A piece of paper that we are waiting for Vipassana courses, the girl in the window categorically refused. Says this is another type of visa need – student. Although what is the student?!

In general, the first time did not pass. The girl in the window said that the least people – from 10 to 12 am. Check tomorrow!

Formalities and rules for entering India Personal experience

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