Formalities and rules of entry into Moldova: Personal experience

On the Transnistrian side there is no control at all, which is greatly surprised. How are we now without a leaflet of 3×4 with the name and the date of entry, it is not different as a criterion in the puchin of everyday adversity.

Laughter laugh, we have arrived in Tiraspol, but no control. If it were not for my friend Boris, who met us at the station and prompted that we should contact the border control window at the station and get a piece of paper with the registration of arrival – we would never have learned about it.

Entrance to the PMR: Formalities

Outlou drove into the PMR. One interesting point is that informatization here has reached such heights, which did not even dream of not only the CIS countries, but even the countries of the European Union. In computers of border guards, a passport base of all (!) residents of the republic and they really check the addresses that you specify in the migration card. I pointed out the address in Tiraspol of the man, to which I was driving to spend the night, but it turned out that even though he lives there, but not registered. I have border guards ask – "To whom we are eating?". I call the last name. And they me: "And at this address other people live". Like this! In the end, I was allowed, but the fact remains a fact – at the entrance, even in a very developed country of Western Europe, border guards have no database for all residents, and check the authenticity of the invitation sent to the visa, they cannot. And in Transnistria quite. Hetec Country, however!

Joyful lead about the crossing of the border with the PMR is the main thing than I want to share. So, I will say at the beginning of what was the complexity of visiting this country. Until the recently – until 2008 it was necessary:

1. If you are going to transit through the PMR from Odessa to Chisinau, say – to pay the transit collection of about a grain, for the fact of transit. Only citizens of Ukraine were released from collection.

2. If you are not transit, but to take a walk there – it was necessary to register in the police in a daily period. Moreover, unlike other post-Soviet countries, even if staying at the hotel, then the hotel itself did not register, and it was necessary to go to the police itself. The registration fee was small, but was, and in addition, registration itself is a hemorrhoids. Especially if you do not want to sleep at the hotel.

What has improved now? And consider that everything! In 2008, canceled the fee for transit – now pass through the PMR can be completely calm and free. Also in 2008 finally introduced registration at the border – that is, in fact, it was canceled at all. At the entrance, you specify the address of the hotel, where, they say, you are going to stop, or the address of the person who want to live, and everything. Registration implemented! Do not go to any militia. Freed from registration friendly countries (CIS), and bourgeois still have to go to the police. Well, nothing let’s run!

The only picking remained that this registration on the border was paid, although not expensive (2 dollars). And now, remember this date – November 24, 2010. This is a red calendar date! It was on this day that the PMR has canceled the registration fee, thus the entrance became in the republic actually without registration and free, both for a full-fledged visit and for transit! Hurray, comrades! This is a holiday!

To walk, by the way, with registration on the border you can 45 days in the Border – more than enough.

CAUTION: problems in Moldova due to visits to the PMR

Today I flew out of Chisinau to Romanian Timisoara and unexpectedly raped a lot of problems with Moldovan border guards in Chisinau airport. On passport control, they did not find the seal about the entrance to Moldova and asked if I went through Transnistria? I answer that yes, yesterday arrived on the train Odessa-Chisinau, which goes through the PMR and Moldovans for political reasons do not conduct border control. After that, I was stated that I was obliged for 72 hours to register at the place of stay in the Republic of Moldova, and since I did not do it, then proceeding from the laws of Moldova, allegedly illegally penetrated into this republic. It is responsible for this that first the registration at the place of stay in Moldova for tourists canceled, secondly, today Sunday and passports do not work, and in the third I have heard about extortion of money from tourists in Moldova and they will not get anything from me.

Next, the girl border guard is hysterically begins to say that she did not extort money for me and I insult her my words. Called a senior change in the rank of Major, a black-free man with running eyes. He told me that entry into Moldova through the PMR is a violation of the law on the state border of Moldova. I answer him that this lie and there is no such law, especially since it is through the PMR that trains and buses go to Chisinau.

Formalities and rules for entering Moldova Personal experience

Then he begins about registration, they say, all who arrived in Moldova through the PMR – are obliged to go to the migration service and put a press of entry into Moldova. I answer him that today Sunday and the migration service does not work. He says to me, and yesterday I did not go? I answer that yesterday was Saturday and the migration service also does not work. He says to me, and how you prove that you drove just yesterday, and not last year? I answer him that I am not going to prove anything to him, because there is a notion of the presumption of innocence and the burden of proofing my guilt lies on it, and not for me. Major crookedly grins and says "So smart yes? Lawyer what Lie?". I answer me not "poke", And I will not answer my questions without registration of the protocol, call to the Russian Embassy and the call of two witnesses. He dramatically loses interest in the dialogue and allows me to go landing.

I was not allowed to enter Transnistria

Documents for entry into Moldova required by motorists

Extortion border guards of the Transnistrian Moldavian Republic

I drove into Moldova from Ukraine (Odessa), the driver traveled the post of the Transnistrian Moldovan Republic (PMR) and we immediately ended up with Moldavian – I have no comments here, everything was done by law and if someone had problems (violations) paid penalty at the checkout and all. But when leaving Moldova, I have learned problems!

And I had to go to another bus and other direction, t.E. In the direction of the Kryzhopol (the ultimate stop of the Vapnirka bus). On the territory of Moldova I was from dinner 09.06.09 For lunch 11.06.09. When leaving the driver knew that Pasazhir had a Moldovan stamp about the entrance, but he ignored it and drove past Moldavian customs. At the Customs of the PMR, at the entrance, I did not have any problems and I did not break anything, but when you leaving the Border of the PMR, I demanded money for the violation of Moldovan laws! The booth at the border guards were present bids for my passport! Do not give money departiruem in Chisinau and there to prove that you do not. They asked to give everything that I have, and in my answer, that I only have 1000 rubles of the Russian Federation, straightened and told in Chisinau ingestion 1000.E. Find! And only when they learned that I was to go in the same Vapnyarka and where my relatives fell swoop agreed for 1000 RUR!

Until recently, I was told about the paper, explanatory, fine, but when I got the money, it turned out that it does not need anything, just put the money in the passport, which he holds in his hands, and the driver will return the passport! So it turns out that Customs of the PMR with drivers of buses extort money from ordinary tourists from the Russian Federation, and maybe not only. And we help them with money and t.D. If not far, what would be robbed, then you need to travel and leave one bus and learn on the border all the subtleties of finding in Moldova!

Formalities and rules for entering Moldova Personal experience

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