Formalities and rules of entry into New Zealand: Personal Experience

Visa did 23.05.2018 Guest in the online registered on New Zealand website. Filled out the questionnaire in English – the passage is all in the translator. Nothing translated into English besides a certificate from Sberbank-gave 100 rubles.and certificates from work in Russian and in English . Jolts on the last page all + diplomas, certificate of real estate, tickets Documents made scans for 10 rubles. In the book. Photo scan for 300 rubles.-Immediately the first place. When everything was loaded pressed to continue, I had a year ago, I saved her and printed it . Paid the collection on their website 1590 rubles .And sent online. The next day I have poured send a passport.I sent him and made copies of the pages of all + payment 1590 rubles.copy.+Page Thank you! Courier for 580 rubles by Russia Express. The letter came the next day to pick up a passport.A few days later, a letter from the officer came from the officer to confirm the years 1990 – 1994 of these years of study.By e-mail, I wrote where I worked the whole experience and breaks that I did everything exactly for labor writing in the breaks was engaged in repair and lived on my savings. Podkolt work experience and diplomas on the last page.+ In the electronic, all the jolts are a copy of the workshop scan and all 2 diplomas.Sent by e-mail on Thursday. And on Monday, a letter came that I was given a visa from the beginning of June to October inclusive for 6 months.Great!

Visa online, easy and simple!

Going to visit New Zealand, the visa is better to think strongly in advance! In high season, the processing of documents lasts almost 3 weeks.

At the moment, the process of obtaining a visa has so much simplified, no need to print questionnaires and all this is filled with handle with printed letters. Fu Fu Fu. Come on HTTPS: // WWW.Immigration.Govt.NZ / NEW-Zealand-Visas

Everything is written in detail in detail, create a personal account and fill out an online questionnaire! It is not necessary to do this so for one sitting, you can with breaks at least for several months; Or with a break go to the gym, or drink coffee with friends and TP. Application form is simple, ordinary questions, no difficulty they do not represent. Naturally, everything needs to be filled in English only.

Next, after the questionnaire has been filled, you need to upload the photo of the 3,5×4.5 format (as on Schengen) and the accompanying documents, all files are only in PDF format, the size of no more than 10 MB each.

In principle, this is all. All documents translate into English is not required, in many banks, the extract is immediately issued in English.

When everything is filled on the site and all files are loaded, place your application and wait for letters from cone.

Do not forget to print the page – Thank You – after clicking Place your application for a visa.

After receiving the letter that they say everything is ok and we are ready to give you a visa, take your OZP, page – Thank You, a civil passport and a visit to the visa center of New Zealand at the address: Moscow, Sostevsky Val, 31/1. Pay 1425 rubles for processing documents and literally every day Get your passport back with a visa!

All great travel!

On receiving a visa to New Zealand

Scheduled visit New Zealand on a cruise ship leaving Sydney. Among other ports, we will dwell in Auckland, Taurance and Wellington.

To obtain a New Zealand visa, the following set of documents were provided:
– international passport;
– a copy of the first page of the passport with the applicant’s personal data;
– 2 color photographs 35 x 45 mm, which were attached by the stapler to the visa questionnaire;
– Visa questionnaire filled from hand with capital printing letters in English (no compute options on the computer). The questionnaire must be signed with an affiliation of the fill date;
– Book of our cruise with the ports. At the same time in the voucher, I allocated information that we will go to 3 different ports for one cruise. In the visa questionnaire there is a graph where you need to specify which visa is requested to indicate the reasons. We needed a multiple;

The total package of documents was provided with a receipt for payment of the service collection (1320 rubles). There is no visa collection for citizens of the Russian Federation. Service fee was paid for by the bank card, while the corresponding item in the visa questionnaire was filled with the details of the map. The application application indicated that the reverse delivery of documents will be carried out through the courier by mail.

Documents sent by courier mail. Please note that the visa center of New Zealand’s visa center in St. Petersburg has moved to Moscow from September 1, 2014. Very long time to look for his coordinates in Moscow, since the visa center has repeatedly moved.

Address of the Visa Center of New Zealand in Moscow: Ltd "TTSERSERSES", Sadovnicheskaya Street, 25, Moscow, 115035. Phone: +7 (495) 697-0356. Employees speak Russian very poorly (according to the accent I decided that these are Hindus), when trying to ask the information to be nervous.

Visa made out exactly 2 weeks. Issued a multiple visa, as requested.

Visa to New Zealand through a visa center

Will a visit to New Zealand as a tourist. infections by visas little. did the following:

Formalities and rules for entering New Zealand Personal Experience

1. Book your hotel through Buking.
2. Help from the bank on credit card in English.
3. Help with work in English. Without certified by anyone.
4. Just reservation of air tickets.
5. Questionnaire in English. On the site there is a translation into Russian.
6. passport without any copies.
7. Photocopy of old passport.

Documents submitted to the visa center 21 Sep 2011, visa fee for visiting visa for Russians 0 rubles, services of the visa center 954 rubles, paid for a credit card.

In the morning 23 Sep 2011, a message was made that the visa was issued, the passport can be collected 26 Sep 2011 after lunch.

As a result, the visa is dated 22 Sep 2011, valid until November 26, 2011, that is, entering and hotel from October 26, 2011 for 30 calendar days.

Requested a single visa.

Visa to New Zealand for citizens of Ukraine

Citizens of Ukraine for a trip to New Zealand need a visa, which is issued for 2-3 weeks at the Embassy of New Zealand in Moscow.

To obtain a visa, it is necessary to submit to the consular department of the passport (necessarily a real one more three months after the end of the trip, with the signature of the owner in the passport and at least one completely clean page), filled out the questionnaire in English with the glued photo, as well as evidence of solvency (discharge of accounts , copies of credit cards and t.D. At the rate of 1000 New Zealand dollars for each month of stay, and in the absence of such – the warranty of the inviting person, the so-called "Sponsorship") and reservation. Embassy has the right to demand other documents.

Documents can be submitted through an authorized person, but it will be necessary to go through the telephone interview. The minimum period of visa is 14-15 days. If the trip is planned during the New Year holidays, submit documents in advance, since their processing can take a month longer than at normal time.

When traveling with a child under the age of 18, without one of the parents, it is necessary to provide notarized permission of the second parent.

Formalities and rules for entering New Zealand Personal Experience

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