Formalities and rules of entry to Norway: personal experience

Maybe someone come in handy. In general, last year they began to massively refuse to enter seasonal work. I have been regularly driving regularly and there is a clap – refusal. Reading carefully the essence of the question realized that they changed the form of the contract without warning employers. First desperately, but quickly gathered with thoughts and told his employer what and how.

It turned out that the new form of contract was posted on the site of the murge. Having received a new contract to his mail printed it and printed a letter to appeal. Take all this to consulate and voila. During the week received permission to travel.

For a visa you need to prepare a description of the route

Need to prepare a description of the route.

No photocopy of Zagran. Passports do not need – everyone returned. Only the xerox first reversal Ross took. Passports with photos.

We were going to live in Oslo for a few days, so in the route list I only pointed out how arrive where we live and how to go back. Asked to indicate what exactly we are going to do in Oslo where to walk and what to watch. Since I was not ready for this, I was a little confused. Consider everything to write to English. or Norwegian, titles correctly. Having coped with this somehow, suffered a route list, asked to check the writing of the English. words, but this host does not do (impossible! to help). Then he had already noticed that people seek advice to police officers (or police officers?) who stand at the entrance. They actively help, advise and suggest, thank you very much.

As a result – the visa was obtained, very happy.

Visa to Norway – only pleasant impressions!

Independent receipt of a Norwegian visa in Moscow

Just got a second one-time tourist visa. The first was not herself (in a set with a tour), but on the second already independently filed documents to the Consulate of Norway. Doing all the most fastened, easier and more pleasant.

The consulate in Moscow is open only two hours (from 10 to 12), except weekends and Thursday, but those who want a little. Although the door for the door is already built by two queues – for feeding and receiving. Come with documents I advise early, up to 10. But for the passport, it is better not to the beginning of the working day – at 11, for example, there was no one in the queue. Come at the invitation of the guard, he opens the door and says how many people can enter from every turn. 3 windows worked, the room is very small. At the same time, everything happens pretty quickly, but I did not meet a single person who came for a tourist visa, so there is a chance to wait a long time if someone has someone "Complex case".

– Two questionnaires printed from the Consulate Website and Filled in English, with two glued photos (with a light blue background)

– Plan of trip in English by day: Nothing remarkable – pointed out all movements around the country and name and hotel addresses

– Copies of all tickets – both to Norway and within the country (I have three flights and one bus moving)

Formalities and rules for entering Norway Personal experience

– Booking two hotels (payment is not required)

– Help from work

– Reference from the Bank’s status

– Travel insurance

Consular fee (1250 rubles) is paid in the same window, after all documents have accepted.

The girl, taking my documents, reminded which of them you need to take with you and what can ask on the border (booking of hotels, insurance). In such a number of papers, I, of course, could not forget anything. The next day found the house a bank reference. Sent a copy to the consulate e-mail. It is worth saying that they are responsible for all questions on E-mail extremely promptly, and in general, the consulate staff is very friendly – everyone "Customer" Respond in detail to all questions, offer solutions to complex situations and meet every way. I handed over documents for 2 people (for this you need to make a copy of the certificate of kinship or notarized power of attorney), we had a bank certificate for two – no problems.

Visa was given in 5 business days (I passed the documents on Friday, I got the following), and with the services of the passport travel agency in my hands I did not have a month, and in the queue I spent 2 hours.

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