Formalities and rules of entry in Spain: personal experience

Situation is not quite standard, but perhaps someone is useful.

As you know, it is possible to apply for a visa only in the country where you are constantly recruiting or are in the status of resident. Therefore, when it became necessary to extend the visa to Spain, while in Spain, I was pollymen refused to extend to the extension, sending back to Moscow with words "live there, here and serve".

I got to Moscow to go, because for a number of reasons for half a year I went to the US. And from the USA has already received a visa to Spain for 3 months. Detailed experience is described here: http: // RU.Askannahow.Com / europe / Visa-V-EVROPU-IZ-SSHA /

About love for the Spanish Visa Center

Visa for two days

Passed documents at the visa center on Kaluga 10 March, and on March 12 he already received.

When checking on the website of the MC of your passport 10.03 in the morning – documents taken, 10.03 in the evening – arrived in the consulate, 11.03 in the evening – you can get in the VS.

No options "urgently" I did not order. The only difference from the read experience described here is the business owner (LLC) and the Director General. To confirm my status, instead of reference from the work, a package of copies of documents certified by my signature and printing of the organization was prepared: OGRN, INN / CAT, Charter, Order No. 1 and decision №1, electronic extract from the register.

However, when receiving documents, I returned everything but the first two. So do not apply all this pack. In the questionnaire Position – General Manager, Place of work – Business Owner and Postal address of the organization.

In the current passport there were 3 Schengen visas (all – Spain), the last ended for 2 years. The same, for 2 years I received.

Spanish visa (Murmansk)

Found only one feedback on a Spanish visa with Murmansk (with nothing very good, t.To. The girl additionally requested all sorts of documents), so I decided to share my experience, somewhat more successful, perhaps someone useful.

Filed documents for a Spanish visa in Murmansk. All the dock and were in order, from the bank took a certificate only about the rest in the account (I did not make an extract for 3 months, no one asked her). + Naturally purchased tickets for the plane and reservation.

She asked for a semi-annual Schengen (there were already semi-annual and annual shengenes of other European countries in the passport), and in Europe I even lived for several months (everything is visible in stamps). But nevertheless, the Spaniards gave a visa, though a cartoon, but only for 1.5 months. What I got upset a little, of course. I counted for more. According to reviews on this site, almost everyone is given to St. Petersburgers for half a year, even in a clean passport. Murmanchan, apparently, do not particularly complain. Although, an employee in Murm. I immediately warned my visa center that if this is the first Spanish Schengen, then the Spaniards will only give the dates of the trip. In general, it came out. Let’s see what they will give the next time. Prepared a visa just a week since the submission of documents.

Visa to Spain for 2 days!

Slissed Spanish Visa in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, getting tourist visas getting worse! On average in 2013. Given 180/45. In the first half of 2014. Given 45/30 the first September visa 30/18. ))) Despite the fact that in 2014. I already have a fifth Spanish visa 0_O Apparently you need to tie with Spain, some kind of some kind of tendency turns out.

Issued a visa for 2 days! Professionals work

Family – I am with my husband and child 2 years. The trip formed spontaneously, tickets were bought on 26.08!! Collected everything on the list and 19.08 Submitted documents to the Central Committee on Kaluga and already 21.08 Passports with visas for 90 days. Very worried that the visa will be given later than our departure. The flow was spent 7 minutes, to receive 30 minutes (there was a lot of people). Thank you very much for the efficiency and quality of your work!!

Nice to deal with professionals

Served with a girlfriend documents for a visa July 29 (Tuesday). On Friday (August 1), traveled the passports on the site and saw that we can pick them up – the call to the WC only confirmed this (by the way, the operators are very polite and benevolent). At both multivisas for half a year (despite the fact that the last 3 years I did not have Shengen, and the new passport was clean; the friend had 3 Schengen (not Spanish) for the last 3 years).
We decided to be reinsured and carefully prepared:
collected a standard package of documents
+ Sponsorship letters (we are both female students)
+ Help from the work of the sponsor and extract from the bank
+ Nota Simple (sent the owner of the apartments with airbnb)
+ Real estate lease agreement (sent the owner, more precisely, the tenant)
+ A photocopy of the first page of the passport passport of the tenant (as can be seen, we were lucky with the owner. But, judging by other reviews, you can not try so, but simply provide unpaid booking reservation)

Super fastization in the visa center of Moscow

We arrived with a girlfriend to a visa center on Kaluga Square early in the morning July 24. Expected a huge queue, so they decided to come early, at the beginning of the eighth in the morning. Find a visa center It turned out to be simply: Going the road from the subway, you go past the monument and along the library to the nearest road. Turn to the right and go to the next turn. VTS is located in the corner building, there is a small shopping center and a store "Alphabet of Light".

At 7:30 in the queue was only 5. The VG on the schedule opens at 9 am, but exactly 8 unexpected doors opened! Inside from 8 o’clock, two windows worked, so the documents were handed over and made delivery we in a matter of minutes. So I advise you to come early, the people at this time are very few.

Immediately in the process of commissioning documents, DHL was delivered, so that the second time did not have to go. In general, the impressions of the MC are the most pleasant: they work organized, good enough, quickly.

I forgot to add the main thing: passed documents on Thursday morning, and visas were already on Tuesday night! In essence, after 4 business days. Semi-annual Schengen! I wish you all the same successful and quick receipt of a visa 🙂

Spanish visa for freelancer

Especially for people like me – nervous and inclined to doubt everything – travelers. I recently asked a question, how to be if the Spaniards in the list of mandatory documents on a visa indicate a certificate from work, and it is not. No official work, no, respectively, certificates. So, checked on your own example: no way be

In the sense of relaxing, not to look for any lime working references "from familiar kadrovikov", Honestly write in the Freelancer questionnaire, make a certificate / statement from a bank card and calmly pass documents.

Served docks in the Moscow Visa Center in the past seconder, yesterday took a passport with a half-day cartoon. (The third half-year Spanish cartoon in my visa story – everyone says that after the first they give for a year, but, apparently, something is in the expression of my face. hehe)). By the way, I do not post a visa photo: I do not post a visa, because it’s no bigger than on this visa anywhere else. 😉 In general, okay, it’s all the details – the main thing, spread with the next groundless fear, which I wish everyone. Enhorabuena!

Give only half a year!

Served on Friday, it was ready on Wednesday, I took it on Thursday – I once set for half a year. It is appropriate to say that this is the eighth Schengen and the third Spanish. For those who still want for a couple of years, it is better not to contact – the feeling that it’s just mechanically everyone puts the same.

To anyone else – they do pretty quickly, there are no queues, everything is culturally (except for a slightly rude guards, but this is a common trouble of all visa centers). Half a year put really all. Two weeks or two years – it is rather an exception. I hope someone will come in handy.

Visa to Spain for IP and gene. Ltd. Ltd. is easy and fast

Hello everyone! I want to share personal experience in obtaining a visa to Spain. On August 11, my wife and I got together in a wedding trip to this wonderful country. I will say right away that I had a pure, my wife had an Avsry visa more than three years ago. And thanks to all the participants of the Forum for feedback, they greatly helped us in the preparation of documents.

And so, we filed documents in Moscow, to the visa center on October. I am an IP and my wife’s wife. director of OOO. What documents we prepared:

1) filled the questionnaires completely in English. Language (forms downloaded from the website of the visa center). In the column of activity, I specified Self-Employed EntrePreneur / Activity in English. Language. In graf "Workman" pointed out his name address and phone. Wife in his questionnate pointed out these LLC. In column 31, all hotels were registered where we will stop with addresses, phones and e-mail hotels. Immediately pasted in profiles Photos. Another photo was left for visa. Do not forget to sign in the questionnaire!

2) Printed unpaid hotel armor (Prints with Booking.COM)

3) Printed armor air tickets and back.

4) As a reference from the place of the robot, I used copies of the Inn and the certificate of registration of IP. For wife, t.To. she is gen. director, we were told you need to have a copy of the company’s charter and constituent documents.We used them.

5) as financial guarantees, I used a minivapisk from an ATM from a regular debit card (in this case, the photocopy of the card itself was needed, I didn’t have it, I did a copy of the girl who took the documents in the visa center, for which she thank you))) For my wife, we used an extract from her calculated account with the stamp of the bank.

6) issued honey. Traveling Insurance.

7) made photocopies of all pages of passports and 2 ripped bars on each side of the sheet.

8) filled out the application for the provision of their data (also downloaded from the visa station site)

9) Since we are a husband and wife, and the documents filed one, made photocopies of marriage certificates and took the original with you (in the visa center the original was asked to show)

With these documents, I went to the visa center. I arrived there on July 3 at 11-30 approximately. There were not many people, I have not seen any queues. I was asked to turn off the phone to take a twin and expect your turn. Taking a twin, I did not even have time to sit on the sofa, as I was called! The staff is very friendly and friendly. My documents took very quickly. As a result, I spent less than 15 minutes in the visa center. I also designed the courier delivery of passports and SMS readiness notice. Today we brought our passports with a visa for 90 days) everything is very safe and fast. But the SMS did not come for some reason) Documents in the visa center I filed a week ago.

Carefully learn the list of documents, do not forget anything and everything will be fine!)) Thank you again all over your stories)

Spaniards – by no means handsome

Small retreat. In March 2013, he passed by the Spanish visa center in Dubininskaya. The crowd hit the entrance to its numerous. I thought even then: "God forbid to be in such a mess!" And here, in June 2014, I, Ironically, was to make a visa of Spain … Many thanks to those who write their feedback here, very useful information, it helped me about evaluating how much time you have to defend in queues to receive and issuing documents. I hope my experience will help other wishing to get a visa of Spain.

So, facts. June 9 at 13:20 went to the visa center on Kaluga Square. There were a lot of people, so much that it was impossible to go freely, had to be squeezed. Very reminded the metro at peak hours. Air conditioning did not cope, after all, a 300 person in a closed room is not a joke. Regarding the queue – on average, by observations, 100 people take place per hour. There is another trouble. After putting the documents, you need to stand in the queue for fees and. It’s 20-40 minutes. Total, my stay in a stuffy inhumidovochive room took 2 hours.

June 11 came SMS that my visa is ready and the passport can be picked up in the HC.

June 16 at 1:15 PM came to the HS for a passport. The issue for issuance is about 120 people per hour. This time I stayed at a century of about 40 minutes, there were few people, it was possible to even find a place on guest sofas. On the hall it was possible to walk freely, without sinking between tight people.

P.S. A visa requested for a year, and gave half a year. Before that there were several Schengen visas, in t.C. And annual.

P.P.S. Several times received Schengen visas in the MC of another European state. So here – it is much easier and more pleasant, just the sky and the earth! First, you do not need to cook a crazy bunch of documents. Secondly, they need to be recorded in advance at a specific date and time of submission of documents. And it works! The entire procedure for submitting documents, including the procedure for payment of fees, from the moment of entering the MC until the moment of exit, takes 15-20 minutes.

Spanish visa for a child for departure with one parent

June 5, 2014 filed documents for a visa to the Spanish visa center on M.Oktyabrskaya. Served only on the child (1 year and 9 months), since I have an open Schengen. I go with the child alone, so the documents required a little more. So, I came to the visa center in the morning, after 11. At the entrance, you need to turn off mobile phones (but noticed that many include and talk to the secret, which is annoying, because still the rules are rules). After the protection of the guard immediately cost terminals, where you need to take a ticket to the queue for the delivery of documents. There are several types (I took a submission for 1-2 persons). The number of the K365 tumbler was obtained at 11.17. At this point, the number 243 was on receipt with the index to the table, that is, there were almost 120 people in the queue. AT 12.36 It was my turn (all this time spent there, reading a book). The documents were accepted quickly, checked, gave a receipt for payment at the cashier, where they also cause (the number is highlighted on numerous monitors around and called). Children under 6 years are exempt from the consular and visa collection; At the checkout simply put a seal on the receipt, which I gave in the window to the girl who accepted documents.

By the number on the receipt, you can track the readiness of the passport on the site – the girl explained in detail in detail.

As for documents. Order – as indicated on the website of the visa center, feed with a stack without files and folders.

These documents were enough, nothing additionally demanded. If suddenly it will be necessary to make a copy (up to 5 pages), then the girl in the window will do herself. If more, then you need to contact a special rack "Additional paid services".

Documents were filed on Thursday June 5, 2014. During the day on Monday, June 9, the passport was ready. Getting comes from 12 o’clock in the afternoon, but the queue is also long, I also had to wait about 1.5 hours.

P.S. Little children usually do not give multivibuses. I requested a one-time visa for the trip, and Dali Mali, but also for a trip.

Visa to Spain. Easy and fast

I want to tell about my own experience of independent visa to Spain.

I will start with the fact that Niraza was not, not counting the couple of trips to the Crimea, when he was still as part of Ukraine. Therefore, worried about a possible refusal, having listened to Baj "Pure passport".

Formalities and rules for entering Spain Personal experience

The process of collecting documents is actually quite realistic to fit within one day (with certain scenaries), I, having a sufficient amount of time, stretched it for a week of impudent walks.

Having thoroughly studied several forums, comparing stories of people with the requirements specified on the site http: // www.SPAINVAC-RU.COM / RUSSIAN /, I started collecting documents. Everything is very much simple and understandable for which some thanks to people leaving such useful reviews.

Documents went to file with comrades with whom the trip is planned. 3 PERSONS. Let’s go to the visa center on Kaluga Square, the people were sooo much. Take a coupon "Submission of documents of individual applicants 3-5 people" (Well, or something like that). Were in line with the index "AND" approximately seventy. Honestly, the queue went long, but only with the index "AND", the rest moved much faster. As a result, there were about three hours of about three hours, the staff is friendly and benevolently configured, everyone checked, everyone accepted. Was very pleased with this, since the whole process of collecting documents for all "Rulil" I, despite "Non-formation" in international travel.

The process of commissioning documents and payment of fees took about 6 minutes.

It was on Thursday, on Monday, the passport has already returned to the Mc with semi-annual shengen. Very happy and satisfied, Spaniards – Handsome. For the receipt of arrived, there were forty-eighties in line, got in 22 minutes, worked 5 windows for issuing.

From the documents passed:

Also still saw a lot "Applications for the consent of personal data processing", But we did not write, apparently, they were not useful.

Summarizing the above, I can conclude:

absolutely nothing complicated in the independent receipt of a visa to Spain is not, overpaying the agencies of 5 tons.R. I do not see the point, fear of failure is not worth it, in my opinion, the main thing is carefully and carefully approaching it, as they say, do it normally – it will be normal!

Visa to Spain long

Carefully study the list of documents!

Today, my husband and I became the happy owners of a semi-annual shengen (multi).

Documents passed 21.05.14, 26.05.fourteen. checked on the site, you could take.

The husband came to 10-00, the queue was big, but passed fast enough. Submitted documents for us two. Carefully learn the list of documents, fold them in the sequence visa center described on the website.

We were a question about the departure. We fly from Barzolone to Nice on JasyJet. Tickets are paid, but at the time of submission of documents themselves the tickets themselves have not yet been sent. We printed payment confirmation. I had to clarify a little, we asked for tickets. (tickets Moscow – Barcelona, ​​Nice – Moscow were attached). Otherwise, everything went smoothly. Obtaining passport.

The husband came to 14-00, in front of him there was about 150 people. Spent there one and a half hours.

My recommendation – Carefully treat documents, collect a complete set immediately.

Someone came without tickets, without a hotel, without a copy of the passport.

Extract is needed

Personal experience in obtaining a Spanish visa – easy and simple!

Thanks to all those who wrote here about their experience in obtaining a Spanish visa. I will add a few words about our (Moscow, visa center on m. Oktyabrskaya): My wife and I decided to go to Barcelona without travel agencies, paying flights and booking a hotel and a car over the Internet. There was no problem with all these problems – it was only necessary to get a Spanish visa, which was decided to make us on our own.

Carefully reading all the reviews here, compared with the realities on the website of the visa center – almost everything converges, then went on the list. For the preparation of all documents left half a day, or rather just a couple of hours.

At dinner, I went to Alfa-Bank and took a certificate from the bank to the girl-operator from the bank about the cash balance on the debit card and the credit card (for any), the movements accepted for three months did not write – they simply showed the balance on both accounts and immediately duplicated these Amounts in terms of euro. On my debit was about 120 tr, on a credit card a little more. My wife is two times less than mine. Well done girl – immediately offered to arrange insurance from alpha insurance for 30,000 euros / people, happily agreed, very conveniently all in one place, and even in the favorite department of the bank – in a couple of minutes everything was ready. Total expenses for the bank and insurance amounted to 240 rubles. and 1 923 rubles. Accordingly, per person. At the exit, just in case, they took statements on the remnants of funds on maps in an ATM, these checks decided to take with them "to Kuchi". Total certificates from the bank and insurance in the hands, spent time – 20 minutes.

Upon returning to the office made ordinary wage certificates (not 2 ndfl!), indicated the name of the organization, name, position, income and put stamp. Total costs – zero, time – 10 minutes. No one in the end checked anything and did not call the office.

Next, made copies of all pages of all passports, Russian and foreign, 2 reversal on each side of the sheet (so require the Spaniards on their website). It was the most vigorous;)) total costs for this item – zero, time – 30 minutes. It remains to take photos, hotel hotel and flights.

Well, with the hotel, everything is simple – go to Bucking (Booking.COM), choose a hotel and book pay in place. I then made changes to the reservation – to my name-last name in the same column adds the name-surname of the wife, so that she also had a hotel reservation with her name. Costs – zero, time – 15 minutes. Print on the printer, ready!

Now airline tickets – book on Aeroflot.Ru. Fill everything according to passports and when we reach the payment – we indicate "Pay in the morning in the communication salon" (I booked at night). The site is preparing a form for the presentation on the place of payment with armor for 2 days – this leaflet we need. You do not need to pay – we need only a piece of armor airline ticket! Costs – zero, time – 20 minutes. Print the reservation for everyone and put to other documents, now everything is ready, except for photos and questionnaires – they will take them tomorrow on site. As a result, everyone laid out in order corresponding to the list of documents on the website of the visa center (see. The link above), the stapler and clips did not fasten anything – just put in files.

In the morning they took passports and the entire package of documents and 8-45 were on Kaluga Square (m. Oktyabrskaya-ring), then immediately go through the underground transition to the other side of the Leninsky Avenue and we enhance this large building, we pass by offering "Proceed for insurance" And at the entrance to the store ABC taste we see the tail queue in the visa center. We get up, we are waiting for 20 minutes and we are on the spot – on the 2nd floor, we get a coupon with the number and immediately (!) come to our window. Here I very much regretted that we didn’t make a photo yesterday in advance, because there was a lot of time. As a result, we go out from the window go to the machine guns (koi here in excess) and the robot makes our photos. Immediately on the racks are scissors and glue – cut the photo and glue them into the square. Sorry "Kill" For this extra 20 minutes and again we receive a twin, we are waiting for 10 minutes and approach the window – a great girl, while she disassembled our documents, helped for free to fill out the questionnaire (we planned to fill it at the rack of paid services in the center of the hall), for which she thanks huge – Everything turned out to be very simple. By the way, the checks from the ATM were useful – the girl took them, and also removed copies from all plastic cards (well they were with us). Next, we paid the necessary payments at the box office – tariffs for a visa and processing of documents (1,778 rubles. and 1 016 USD Accordingly) and with the contract and checks came from the center. Now it can only wait.

On the third day of waiting, we started watching the readiness on the corresponding page – I could not haveleated. The next day, in the evening, the site found a pleasant and mysterious inscription – arrived documents, take. At the same time there is a visa or not – not specified.

In the morning, again to 8-45 profits at a well-known address, with itself a contract with checks and Russian passports. After 20 minutes, the windows were again at the window and got sealed envelopes. Opened – 30-day visas for half a year were pricked in both passports, which we also wanted, beauty! Yes, we have the Austrian, Greek and Finnish visas in passports.

As a result, I changed Aeroflot Flights (their reservation Already by this time, of course burned) to a cheaper and very decent option, there is a very convenient comparison of all prices plus-minus three days, you can choose tickets at great prices), the result – Flying airbus -320 at a more convenient time direct flight without transfers. Under these dates, the hotel booked near Barça (excellent modern four, payment by arrival in place) and on OrangeSmile.COM booked the desired car with a machine gun (I paid at once, indicated that you will take the car at the airport by arrival, pointed the flight number). In a week we fly, what I wish!

Spaniards a huge respect for the excellent work of the visa center – good tourists!

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