Formalities and rules of entry into Sweden: personal experience

I have long wanted to visit Scandinavia, so they decided to appeal to the Swedish tourist visa. The questionnaire indicated that we want a multi visa for a year and put a letter in free form with sufficiently significant reasons for an annual visa request.

As a result, the familiar received a visa for a year, but I was given only for 3 days of the trip. (Despite the fact that I have for the last 5 years Schengen Visas Annual, Great Britain and Open Visa USA). Surprised by such a selective attitude to people. The amount for a visa paid the same, and now I will have to come again on a visa after the trip.

Enter: If you need a normal visa, please contact the Embassy of countries that are less.

Swedish Schengen

Sweden Visa Center in Moscow

Embassy of Sweden – only positive emotions

This is one of the few Schengen embassies that did not leave any negative. The queue on the entrance at 9 am – about 30 people, invented everyone, outside the nobody considered anyone and the number did not distribute. Next – Waiting for tours already inside. I first had a number A22, the second time – A19. Both times despised to open. The room is small, documents are served in separate glass rooms. Some pass quickly, and some are suspended for 15-30 minutes, from which it depends – incomprehensible.

All documents were served according to the list, tourist visa for 4 days in both trips. Payment for the hotel did not require, it was enough to confirm with Booking.COM about hotel armor to specified dates. Tickets were asked (electronic printout from the site), so print it. To come for a passport was said exactly in a week from 16 to 17, the receipt took about 20 minutes, the people are not enough, everything is fast. The result is a visa to get easy in the presence of all documents and the correctly filled questionnaire.

Formalities and rules for entering Sweden Personal experience

Obtaining a visa yourself (Moscow)

About documents on this site written enough in detail, I will not repeat, I want to tell about the experience of visiting the consulate. There is a tricky point: the consular section is open from 9 to 12 at the reception of visa applications. But this does not mean that you need to come to the 9. And even to 8.00 it is not necessary to come. Honestly. I came to the embassy to 8.50. On the street crowd. record. I got the number 76, as I remember. Inside the embassy starting to run at 9, and launch about 30 people, and then slowly the remaining gather additionally.

That it was nice, spacious enough consulate hall and seats. Booths with an electronic scoreboard, 8 pieces, with nearly all electronic and same place. Second, yes. Here, receiving a ticket, you get into one of the 5 (or 6?) categories of. If you are a tourist, then you are the low-priority people in the consulate. Before you go – VIP, diplomats, travel agencies, people who receive a residence permit, conference attendees, business visitors. And according to all these categories are in front of you. That is, once in the room there is a person from the group B, C, D, or, God forbid, E or F – everything they stand in front of you avtomatichesskie. And it gets on your nerves.

Next – Oil Painting. AT 12.00 door to the consulate entrance closed. And it turns out wonderful: that all lie inside are not going to chase, and very happy to be served (but strictly to 13.00, in an additional hour). Last camper when I received a ticket for A-93. As soon as the doors closed any vneocheredniki stopped coming! And lo and behold, all the individual applications began to move significantly faster. In general, I came out of the embassy in 12.45. The result was there for 4:00. And in 10 days to get a passport with a visa already back. It was quick and painless, for an hour, if I remember correctly.

Moral: if I went to apply for a visa to Sweden for the second time, I would have come to 10.30, no sooner thoroughly slept. Much in advance is not necessary to come: you get up to the top of the queue, it does not guarantee delivery of documents up to 12. Most of the time – the first three hours of the embassy – killed travel agencies and other "VIPs", so there is nothing special to do. Unless to take a laptop and work. I hope that information is not useless.

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