Formalities and rules of entry in Switzerland: personal experience

Error of the Swiss Visa Center. Or consulate. And ours is clear stump

No, we, of course, are to blame. We registered fairly lately with reusable Schengen visas. And it is won what happened!

But, in order. Our multivibuses in the countries of the Schengen Agreement ended across the incoming invitation to Switzerland (and I had a few years in a row, just annual Swiss "business"). In order to meet in a short time, submitted documents to the usual tourist visa through the visa center, which in Moscow. It must be said right away that the work of this center is well, just at all super!. We write on-line, drive up, the time of filing documents with payment for everything about everything takes 20-30 minutes. Then you can also track the movement of documents via the Internet. And, if you pay more rubles, I do not remember exactly, something 400 in my opinion, or 600, then the courier will be a passport and deliver to you. Agree, for Moscow with everyday terrible traffic, it is extremely convenient. We had a trip of a trip from the seventh to the fourteenth, the hotel reservation for these days is represented by e-ticket with dates of the seventh and fourteenth dates – the same. We requested they stay, just in case – 2 weeks. His wife brought a passport with a visa after 3 days, I – five with the same duration of stay – from the 7th on 29th. However, I have written again "business", only a one-off.

This prehistory. But history has occurred on departure. Wife says the border guard: "You have exceeded one day stay". It looks – and a passport is really worth the number of days in the 7 (a I – 8 – under identical, of course, airfare and hotel reservation). Attempts to explain something to the passport control, clear the stump, nor to no avail. I called the cops, and he dragged us here in the okolotok. A police officer must say, very nice and unusual look. indeed your Santa Claus, well, a beard, maybe a little shorter than that of costumed characters. Ironically, of course (it’s now a reservation, it’s funny, then it was not funny at all), when "Kind Santa Claus" hung, well, just like tree, police vsevozmozhnvmi "tchotchke" – from imposing gun sizes up cuffs, two-way radios, some pagers and even all sorts of bells and whistles of unknown origin.

In short, what saved? So this is what we have with him was a copy of the electronic ticket with the dates of our actual entry and exit, and that turned out for the police is extremely important because it is the date of payment ticket (up to nashngo entry). Plus – your hotel on the hands (that booking with the same date, received zablogovremenno and not paid the expense, of course). Well, plus the guy more and proved to be very friendly. Went and listened to our arguments and looked at the paper, he leaves us Dauprat and five minutes later returned with a stamp in the passport for travel. -What, I ask, and now there will be problems with obtaining visas? Grinning into his beard and said: "No, there is no question. If problems have occurred, then they would start now!. With a fine of 350 francs. Well, then I would not get a visa". And plus we got more free advice (though more on a whim than by knowledge, this advice in general I follow already here nearly 20 years). Here are his recommendations: – Always keep with you, says the copies of all the documents that were prepared for a visa up to leave the country. Pasortny control, says it is equally important that the entrance of that on the road. And pay attention not only to the period of the visa, but the number of days of stay. Excess and that, and the other is a gross violation of the visa regime, regardless of the reason. In short, we have allowed you to stay with us 7 days, you have abused this permission. Like this. Smiled in his beard and left, police jingling "tsakami".

And on my own more add – do not relax, even if a hundred trips to the country, each time carefully through all the documents, a matter of days, especially in countries such ka Switzerland. And yet – keep 2-3 months paid receipt from the hotel. I had a case when a month I wrote that I left without paying the bill. receipts help.

Deported from Zurich airport one day visa

I had the rest of the day the visa was not a return ticket, I was deported to Russia from Zurich airport without letting the country.

I had a business visa annual. half a year from the date of obtaining a visa has expired. I was urgently summoned to work in Switzerland (I received at that time a work visa, but my hands it was not yet)

I called the man to the embassy of the country where it was obtained a business visa. the person who did it to me and clarified – half a year, considered from the date of receipt or entry: people said – from the receipt of. and quietly went, maybe, thought that the beginning of another six months, and therefore the other 90 days.

in the end it turned out already in Moscow, it was not a day, and three of them that I could stay and buy your ticket, etc. and etc. but when you’re sitting in the police station, to think rationally after the phrase: the visa is considered open from the date of entry (as from the date of entry passed 4 months) and "It used 89 days" – does not work.

deported without penalties and sanctions. simply crossed out the stamp of entry to Switzerland perpendicular to the stripes on the sides of the rectangle 4 visa. given the form in which it is written that the deportation in connection with the expiration of the visa. no problems at the entrance to the work visa was not. just ask – why two simultaneous visa (one operating business and acting work) and on the same stamp is crossed. well, everything.

Formalities and rules for entering Switzerland Personal experience

but "monkey house" It was) 7:00 in police. and I was led to the ladder 2 uncles at arms length and are – in bronekurtochkah)

Of course, I’m the one to blame, ignorance is not an excuse – and it was my first Schengen visa, and bring uncle from the embassy unreal – he said – it was necessary to travel to Switzerland again in the country where the visa done – no one there would not say a word.

I searched the Swiss border guards

In Switzerland to visit for 90 days – there is nothing more attractive!

This summer opened a visitor visa to Switzerland and not for football. It is best not to save money on vacation, and if you want somewhere for a long time (but not forever!), The lack of time should not be felt. My invitation was drafted in French. Friend, who has lived his adult life between Vevey and Zurich, wrote to me in an accessible French, and with this invitation, I went to the embassy.

At first glance, 90-day guest stay may seem a long visit, but besides the time spent for active national tourism and deeply personal motives, for there must be time for "Lurestania", and slight dizziness, and mild fever, and for walks in the neighborhood, which is home to the Swiss your friend or your old friend. It is possible to count that one active day of exploring Switzerland may account for the passive one day discover its culinary specialties, delicious national cheeses and intoxicating nocturnal walks in the city center of Zurich (or any other populous city). That is, I advise to come to rest in Switzerland for a period of no less than 60-90 days! I described my motifs in detail, and my comrade recorded me competently in the invitation letter.

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