Formalities and rules of entry into the Czech Republic: Personal experience

Served on December 22 for the tourist in the visa center; From documents: passports, photos (2pcs), tickets (Aeroflot), accommodation (bucking), 2 NDFL, and money movement for 6 months (Sber); before that 2 single (Finnish and Czech); received January 12; Dali for a year, as requested

Independent receipt through the embassy

Today I took a passport

Submitted documents to the consular department of the Embassy in Moscow on July 14. All documents on the list on their website. Armor were with airbnb, everything was not in the questionnaire, so I put the route leaf. Just in case, I also brought copies of old visas and certificate of real estate – it was all returned to me.

Inside a live queue, I was waiting for about one and a half hours (I arrived exactly for your time, by 10:06), the window spent 5 minutes (but I did not spend time on the fingerprints). Visas over the past three years: Spanish semi-annual, single Romanian and Hungarian Schengen.

Today I took a passport. Arrived to 14.30 – There was no one before, so I spent there for a couple of minutes. Gave a visa for a year, as I asked (do not forget to make the necessary marks in the questionnaire if you ask for a year).

P.S. Slissed into the embassy without problems and from the first attempt, but called exactly 9.00. Rang on June 30, recorded on July 14.

Quickly and simple

Attentive preparation – a guarantee of the rapid and successful visa.

June 24 filed at the Visa Center:
In the queue for filing 15 people in front of me
10 minutes of waiting and feeding
10 minutes on the surrender of fingerprints
June 28 passport with an annual multi visa took

The documents:
– TRAVEL.passport otezzhennymi by the rules of the Schengen area 3 (one – multi)
– application form (multi – 90 days, the travel date is July 1-8)
– Photo
– printout of the electronic annual insurance for 90 days stay
– itinerary receipt of paid tickets on 1 and 8 July
– not paid your booking July 1-8
– statement for the 3 months of salary card (remainder 200t.R.)
– a copy of a Russian passport (the page with photo and registration)
– copy TRAVEL.passport (page with photo)

P.S. The visa application center has a machine to print documents and fotoavtomat.

Visa in Rostov-on-Don

We plan to visit the Czech Republic in March 2016. Passed: profile, photos, insurance, tickets (bought), hotel, 2NDFL and Sberbank statement (s) (3 months). Forced to write a letter to the sponsor of a minor. 8 days received odnokoatnye. Until this was 1 multiple Finnish. Like six months.

Multivisa without problems

All the good days. Yesterday my husband and I got two Czech multivisa year. Documents filed at the consulate on the record, prepared all the documents that have stood in the queue 2:00 because those who are not acquainted with the list of required documents, themselves passed all in 3 minutes without problems. When submitting documents to the Consulate, keep in mind that recorded better at exactly 9 am, especially in the season. When writing to inform passport data, call center specialist tells time, keep in mind that this is only the time of entry, not the time when you apply those can come in the morning and stand in a living place. The consulate asked to turn off the phone, so bring your reading. The next feature that you need to pay only in cash euros! Many did not know about it, although information about it on the website of the Consulate there. List of documents: Questionnaire, passport + copy of the 1st page (the guard swores that 80% of people do not bring a copy of the passport), a copy of a civil passport – on one sheet of turning the first page with a photo and registration (we made copies of all baked pages, but we were given ), insurance, hotel reservation, tickets, 1 photo, financial certificates, we did another sponsorship letter from me, to this letter you need to make a certificate about Finns of the sponsor + copy of passports. If you ask the multivitz, then in.24 Put a tick for "multiple departure", in P.25 Put the 90, in P.29 put the start date of the trip, in P. 30 – date from p.29 + year – one day (our example: 07.01.2016-06.01.2017), be sure to put on the top of the signature. Insurance should be issued only for the first entrance. 4 working days and passports on hand! Good luck to all!

Czechs are non-shitting!

The main displeasure is related to the following: we have two trips for 20 days, and we are forced to submit two visas (Czechs (if the case is not exceptional) give only one-time and long-term trip), while other Schengen countries (me, for example, , even for the first time) give multivitz with a decent term, in fact, in order not to go once again to run. I consider this respect for our interests, and the attitude of the Czech Republic (for me it is the attitude of the state and even the whole nation) – naughty. I urge everyone, unless this is not fundamentally, not to submit to a visa to the Czech Republic: this will be your benefit – you can go without waste of extra time and money on multi-member to a greater number of countries!

I will supplement that we filed documents for a visa, and asked to make a visa – albeit a single thing – but on the date of the trip, not further (without a grace period, what they wrote in the statement), t.To. 5 days after the trip to the Czech Republic we fly to Italy. We made a visa, but with a grace period: so we can now not submit a visa to a fully prepaid trip to Italy. I had to give a passport for reworking again. I hope that there will be no problems, although I have no confidence on this topic can not be. Yes, and the nerves and time we spent about it, t.To. far from immediately learned that we still agree to remake him.

Flawlessly for timing

On 01-04.05.2015 Scheduled trip to Prague. Documents for a visa were submitted to the visa center in Moscow 23.04.2015. Despite the pre-holiday period, the passport with a visa was received by me in the middle of the day 28.04.2015. "Promised" 4 Slave. day (incl. Day of filing and day issue) Czechs are observed even in such a period. When submitting willingly offer 1 (2)-yearny multivibuses.

From the documents, everything is quite standard:

– Questionnaire (in the questionnaire, pay attention to the codes of countries and that if the date of entry / departure is leading "0", Like me, it is not possible to enter it (instead of 01052015 writes 1052015), so these cells were filled from hand);

– Hotel reservation (I had apartments from Buking – no passports of the owner were asked);

– Help with work + certificate from the bank about the rest (I was registered in the URFO, and I live and work in Moscow and in order to file documents in Moscow (and not in the ECB) in Chekhov, it is necessary to provide a confirmation document – a certificate of work or temporary registration. In general, when applying at the place of registration, Oldna is provided by their specified certificates to choose. On the certificates themselves, too, everything is standard: about work – with what time I work, what a monthly s / n; about the remainder from the bank – the amount of a couple of hundred thousand. USD);

– insurance policy (Internet);

– photo (I did in vgs for 200 rubles. The apparatus for the photo is not very convenient – I had to squat "to the air", To take a picture. The number of runs – no more than 3).

When submitted, I was waiting for about 7-10 minutes, on receipt – without a queue. When receiving with him as a check, check. Passports need to have a copy (sheet with photos).

Czech Visa Center. He is so alone!

Now I will tell you about how I have 4 (four) times went to the visa center in Moscow to file documents for a visa, wife and child.

I want to draw your attention to the fact that before this visa I already had 5 (five) Schengen visas, so filled the questionnaires and first entered the Czech visa center confidently. And as it turned out – in vain.

Immediately everyone will give advice – read everything that is written on the websites of the visa center and the consulate, and not just what applies to your type of visa. The necessary information is scattered in all sections (and that is not all – see. below).

Visit number 1

It turned out that it is not enough to put a tick in the right place and specify the period of stay "90 days". It is also necessary to indicate the time of stay in the range of one year. For example, "April 29, 2015. – April 28, 2016." In previous visas, I pointed out the time of stay real, according to the nearest trip, and it did not bother to give me a multivitu, but in the Czech visa center its rules. To obtain multivisions it is necessary to present copies of old visas, it does not matter for which year.

Visit №2

It turned out that (grenades I do not have the system) photos glued to the questionnaire, they do not like. Indeed, after crossing photos from old questionnaires number 1 to new – they "Gone wave". And at least aesthetics was broken – persons (in my opinion) were well distinguishable. An employee of the visa center recommended the next time the photo is not glued, but to give separately.

Visit number 3

Brought on each person 3 (three) different photos to be sure. But fuck there! Some are too dark, the second – too grainy, and on the third head too small! Please note that these photos are already 2 (two) times fed into the visa centers of other countries and no one has any questions. In addition, it turned out that the child (2 years) does not have the right to receive multi-power, t.To. It has only one (multi) visa. I think it’s because he has not fully proven his fragility. What if he will violate the visa regime! Or, more worse, there will remain there! Will move to live in Germany, make a dishwasher or in a servant. Yes, little Lie. And it does not matter that parents have proven their reliability with tourists from Russia in Europe now tight. Czech visa center!

Visit number 4 (extreme)

P.S. A week later I got a visa. Adults – Annual, Child – Clearly in Time Trips.

Easily received Czech Schengen

How I got a visa to the Czech Republic alone in Samara

Making a visa herself through the Czech visa center in Samara. Documents filed according to the list on the Consulate website. In the questionnaire, there were doubts about filling – wrote a pencil there, on the spot in the center of the operator, everything corrected me as it should. It is desirable not to fasten the stapler and the photo not to glue to the questionnaire – they themselves will make it. Confirmation of the hotel – Printed an email from Bucking, the electronic ticket bought over the Internet – also printed the reservation. Agreement on the processing of personal data – must, well, and copies of passports (RF and Zagran).

Very pleased with the work of the center (in Samara, on ul. Garden, 263) – very fast, without queues, conveniently, polite operators, everyone explains. Paid in place 1540 USD for a visa, 1000 rubles. Service Collection and Dop. 85 rubles. for SMS visa’s readiness alert. In general, I now advise everyone to independently make a visa – cheaper times in 2 at least and faster than through someone or travel agency, and the troubles for collecting documents as much.

Multivise through the Czech Republic

At the end of 2012, this pleasant information appeared on the website of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moscow "The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Moscow hereby reports that from January 1, 2013 changes its current practice in the field of issuing Schengen visas for the purpose of tourism or treatment. The above categories of visas will be issued not only one-time, but also multiple.The validity period of such a visa will be 1 year and next 2 years."

I checked for myself personally, I filed documents through the Czech visa center in Moscow (on myself, my wife and child 8 years old) – the result – three annual multisas, for what many thanks to them.

Getting a visa to the Czech Republic yourself in Samara

Served visa in the United Visa Center in Samara. It was planned (officially) 21.12-29.12 be in Prague, then 4 days (29.12-2.01) in Czech Krumlov, and back to Prague for one night. When we have already received a visa, they removed the reservation of several days in Krumlov and returned to Prague on NG.

So, in detail on all documents (the list is on the site of the Embassy and in the visa center itself hangs on the wall, it is better to study both, since in the second there is something that is not listed on the site):

1. Acting passport + photocopy of the first page with a photo.
2. 1 Color photo 3.5 x 4.5 cm (on the site of the embassy there are requirements http: // / russia / Moscow / tourism_photospecs.HTML).
3. Profile. Filled easily independently (on a computer or from hand with capital letters). On the Internet there are examples of filling. The profile itself is there on the site embassy.

4. Medical insurance standard. Find a major insurance company near the visa center and tell me that you need medical insurance for the Schengen countries, costs 400-500 rubles. We did in the reso guarantee (11 euro per person).

5. Copy of the page with a photo and pages with registration of the general passport.

6. Document confirming the purpose of the trip – in our case, these were letters from two hostels. Passport details, names of the name, date booking, card number (or other payment method) and when the entire amount is paid (there must be a type phrase "The remaining amount will be paid upon arrival" in English. or Czech). We booked hostels strictly for all days, one letter we received fax and email simultaneously, second letter only by email. When passing the documents, the girl said "Let’s put a photocopy and a printout of the letter" (I had them with you, the difference in the fax only a line from above with a fax number from which it was sent), but as far as I understand, now the Czechs do not require fax, it is important to the content of the letter and what you really booked a hostel and if they call then you will be recorded in the database of the hostel. Prepayment in this case amounted to RUR 500 for both the hostel (booking a hostel was directly through the official website, the second through hostelworld website).

7. The document on the financial security of your stay in the Czech Republic and other countries of the Schengen area.
We had:
– Help with work indicating the positions, how long we work, wages, addresses and phone numbers, stamped and signed by the head of the organization,
– bank statement of account status, with the sum of about 1300 CZK per day of stay, ie it is more than the recommended amount Embassy.
Statements about the flows in recent months, we have not done. The rules of written or even no, we did just in case, and a certificate of employment and an excerpt from the account, but without statements of cash flow, as one account was opened just before serving for a visa.

eight. Ticket booking confirmation. In our case it was a printed e-ticket aircraft Samara – Prague – Samara. The tickets were paid for (with the possibility of returning to the Commission). The e-tickets should be standard name surname, passport, date of departure – arrival must comply with the dates of stay in the Czech Republic listed in the questionnaire.

nine. Visa fee, in this case (Samara), issued a receipt (EUR 35 visa fee + 1000 rubles Visa Center service fee), payable locally, then with this certificate to get a passport.

ten. For residents of the regions also need paper "Consent to the processing of personal data", There are on the Embassy website (http: // www.czechvac-ru.COM / RUSSIA / MOSCOW / Tourism_Docreq.HTML).

We filed documents exactly in two weeks (10 working days) to departure, in the visa center they said that they usually consider 3-5 business days, but in connection with the holidays there will be about 8-10 business days. Two sets of documents took a bundle, issued one general receipt, so the documents are considered together, this is the question of whether the situation can change when one person is issued, and the second is denied. Tracked passports on the site embassy. Passports with visas received after 6 business days. We wish good luck and saturated travel!

Czech visa independently through the consulate

Made a visa on their own. Came to the consulate on Monday at 9:10, was the first (and, in my opinion, the only one). From the documents there was insurance, passport abroad, with a copy of the page with personal data, a copy of the pages of a Russian passport with personal data and registration, a fully completed questionnaire with a bleached photo, a new banknote of 50 euros, an account of an account of the bank, confirmation of the hotel.

Visa requested on 21 days, despite the fact that the hotel was booked for 18 days. When admission of documents, asked why such a difference, explained that the eating bus through other countries Schengen. More questions not asked. Having read here the terrible requirements about fax and t.D., Most were afraid that they would refuse to issue a visa, t.To. Confirmation of the hotel was simply printed, and not even from the site, and the necessary information about the armor was copied to Word and from there printed%)

I gave out without any questions, I gave the convicts, they said to come in a week. Came to receive at the beginning of the third, again there was no one before me. What surprised, the date of issuing a visa – 06.09.2011, T.E. Made in one day. Everything is simple, calmly, without queue and extra costs.

The Visa Center of the Czech Republic – everything is easy and simple!

About the Czech Visa Center below a lot of useful written. I just want to add a few useful information from myself:

1. You can submit documents for close relatives (if there are original documents confirming the relationship). At the same time, the native brothers and sisters are no longer considered. They need a notarial power of attorney.

2. Detailed statement from bank account they do not take. They say that they need a brief extract from which it can be seen that there is money on the account.

3. The visa center helps to fill and print questionnaires, there is a photo automatic, representatives of insurance companies. There is a photocopy service for 10 rubles per sheet. That is, part of the missing documents can be done right on the spot.

Czech visa center: people a little

Served last week on Czech Schengen in the visa center. The list of documents from the site printed on 8 sheets, already scary. Apparently, in part therefore, in the center of the people, three people work 5 at least the queues were not observed.

At the entrance, the employee of the Center checks the questionnaires and documents. The main problem arose as usual, with the hotel’s armor. Booking.COM does not ask the number of passports of all guests when booking, the center workers said that the rooms can be made in the comments to the armor. True, for this I had to review numbers. It was surprised that in the center there are two computers with access to the network, you can fix the reservation and send a confirmation to the address of the center for printing. Prints, photocopies, if necessary, all make employees without additional. fees. Apparently, the abundance of incomprehensible requirements decided to compensate for the additional service in the center. Otherwise, every second, if not the first, the visitor would definitely go ravoisi.

For minors required the original birth certificate. I had a certified copy, she was accepted, but with the reservation. And warned that to issue a passport back without the original will not be able to. I had to do a power of attorney for my sister, she was given.

Visa to the Czech Republic alone

Traveling, always made a visa in travel agency, while paying from 80 to 160 euros for one visa. Going to the Czech Republic, I decided to try to get visas yourself. Recommend. The only real problem on your way to a cherished Czech visa can be a fax with confirmation of accommodation from the hotel. But everything is in order and briefly:

1. To begin with on the site www.Anywayanyday.COM found flights. On the Czech airline website ordered and paid for the card. (You can order on, and pay for Euroset). Electronic tickets received by mail and printed.

2. On the same site found a hotel that liked. (What I like the search system for this service is the fact that hotels are ranked away from the historic center, for me – the most fundamental criterion). On the hotel’s website, with a credit card, booked the room. Confirmation came to E-mail. When making a visa in the Czech service visa center, this was not enough. It was not enough for a fax sent from the hotel in free form. Therefore, pay attention to the registration of confirmation of residence:

It is worth saying that with fax we had problems, we sent it time 6. Twice home and 4 in the visa center. Then one did not indicate, then the other, then the date did not correctly set. And all because of the language barrier, in Russian we did not speak in the hotel, and in English is not very. As a result, using Yota, right from the visa center, the text in English, which we needed was sent, and confirmation was received on the Fax Center. But before that it is not worth bringing and better puzzled by this issue in advance.

3. Next, on the website of the service visa center http: // www.CzechVac-Ru.COM / RUSSIA / VISAFORM.ASPX Download the questionnaire, see the queue of filling (sample on the site), print (right on four sheets in a row), fill in a blue handle. If you don’t know something, do not fill. In the center there are consultants who will help you. Can, by the way, in general, take the form of them and there, in place, fill. Note that there should be no one letter on Cyrillic in the questionnaire, for example, if you are in pass. The passport is written issued: "ATC so" in Russian, then write in the questionnaire this is not necessary. Posts can be written both in English CEOs and transcription, for example: GeneralNiy Director.

4. About the list of documents there is written all in detail http: // www.CzechVac-Ru.COM / RUSSIA / REQUISITE.ASPX, so I will write only about some things. The sponsorship can be in free form, I usually write: f.AND.O., Passport details "I guarantee payment of stay on the territory … in the period .." F.AND.O. Person who sponsor, number, signature. Also, pay attention to the photo, you will be photographed, tell me what exactly on the Czech visa (they have special distances and t.NS.).

5. You can pass documents through the Embassy or through the visa center http: // www.CzechVac-Ru.Com. I do not know how in the embassy, ​​there is no place in the center of queue, the staff is friendly, it costs 1,000 rubles in addition to the cost of a visa. But you can arrange insurance there (pay attention, the policy must be filled on the computer), and ask how to fill out, and the fax to send and make copies. My opinion is worth passing there.

6. As a result, we got a visa in two days (on Tuesday evening passed, everything was ready on Friday). By the way, the visa readiness, if desired, is notified SMS. The cost of 85 rubles, only consider that it will be sent not one thing, but the pieces 4. True, I do not know the cost for one or per package.

7. When the documents are ready, you can learn on the phone or did not give a visa impossible, t. To. The package comes to the center sealed. Get even faster than to pass.

Hopefully helped if I remember – I will write.

Refusal of Czech visa

Gathered with a friend living in Germany, in a small trip over the cities of the Czech Republic, but absolutely unexpectedly nothing happened. The story is. Already on the hands of redefined tickets Moscow-Berlin-Moscow, paid tickets from Berlin to Prague and the armor of all hotels in Shengen.

With a set of these documents, as well as discharge from the account, certificate from work and the plan Trip came to the visa center. Submitted documents for an urgent visa. When submitting an application, no questions arose, said all documents in order. On my question, is not afraid that I arrive in Germany, and the Czech visa, they said that all okay should not be problems.

After three days alert came that you can pick up documents. Related – Refusal to Motiv "incomplete set of documents or knowingly false information". As you later managed to find out, most likely the reason was that out of the 10 stated days in Schengen were confirmed by fax from hotels were 9, in one hotel fax broke and everything that they could provide is an e-mail confirmation. This turned out to be more than enough to refuse.

Visa story before that was good – many different Schengen, 3 English visas and T.D. As it turned out, this does not affect anything. According to certificates, everything is also more than not bad. With Czechs, I will not communicate more.

Through a visa center – no problem

I would like to share the experience of obtaining a visa yourself in a visa center. The documents are submitted as follows:

– Patched and photocopies

Formalities and rules for entering the Czech Republic Personal experience

– Copies of civil passport pages

– Questionnaire with a photography

– Confirmation of the hotel’s booking obtained by fax

– Printed booking confirmation of airline tickets – Help with a place of work indicating the size of the salary and position

An urgent visa was made in 3 days, there are no queues in the agency, I did not ask questions when filing. Did not embarrass the Chekhov even my status of a young and unmarried riding one in Prague. The only thing is to take into account the following points:

1. For express visa, documents are accepted only to 12 hours.

2. The scanned copy of the armor is not accepted (at least in the neighboring window, the girl sent for fax confirmation).

From Kaliningrad to Prague for 1500 rubles

Book hotel visa – independently

On October 23, 2007, he independently handed over the documents on the turvista to the Czech Republic. Food for hotel. Previously, they signed up for the reception. The cost of the call in the end amounted to 365 rubles. The following documents were presented to the embassy:

– A copy of the plane ticket (the original was not asked), books for the flight Belavia with a transfer in Minsk, T.To. The tariff is quite cheap

– A copy of the insurance policy (the original was not asked)

– Help from the place of work

– Help from the bank

– Photocopy of filled passport sheets of the Russian Federation

– photocopy of the first sheet of passport

– photocopy of an old passport (not looking back)

At the reception of documents, the girl flew through all the documents by turning attention only to fax from the hotel, the photos of the line did not die, the country’s country code was corrected in the questionnaire (on the recommendation of the paid service, I pointed out the numbers 643, it corrected on the RUS), no question is set did not have! The date of receipt of the passport was appointed on October 31. Today successfully received a passport with a visa and a row. For hotel reservation: Several times to the hotel sent a letter by fax asking you to write off the money from the map and send a confirmation by fax. The first time was sent a PDF file on the hotel’s blank. Then I asked for a request to send a fax with the seal of the hotel and the signature of the manager. Eventually sent. But there was no money from the card and did not write down. There were no questions about this in the embassy. So January 2.

Error in consulate, bompply in travel agency

I had a tour of the Czech Republic, I acquired it from Moscow "AMIGO TURS". Until the day of departure from Irkutsk did not know, I received a visa or not. In the evening, before flying to Moscow, I am not talking to me that I am not going anywhere, I have a mistake in a visa, and that it is not so, no one speaks to me, everything is absolutely drum, such as I, they have a lot.

I had to call the Czech Embassy itself, find out. It’s good that I got Pan Restoret, just an incredibly pleasant person who promised me – just in tears and hysterics – to deal with 30 minutes. It turns out that instead of Yakovlev, in the embassy they wrote Kovlev, corrected the mistake, and in time. Just "AMIGO TURS" so did not bother to pick up my passport in time, and he lay the poor in the embassy as much as 2 days, until I could neither, nor drink or sleep.. So it happens.

Flight to Pardubice with Krasair

We went to relax in Prague through the tour operator "Rest". Immediately make a reservation: the tourist is reliable, there are no complaints. Everything was organized well. Nic "lining" did not have. Really liked the excursion "Czech Switzerland" (those who love nature and hiking – I recommend).

Separately, I want to tell about the airport Domodedovo and the airline Krasair: Registration on the flight was supposed to start at 12.00, we had to fly out of the airport at 14.00. However, several times in a row register for the flight was postponed without explaining no reason. As a result, after a very long negotiations with the leadership of the airport, we were provided with a plane. Our flight was detained for 12 hours. Special thanks for this airport staff (Ksatati, despite the fact that the aircraft employees are trying to speak Russian and in English, the elementary rules of etiquette and politeness did not yet taught them: when we asked for an explanation from the employee for the delay of the flight, She closed her workplace before 130 passengers and, having heated, just left). Involuntarily think: when in Russia there will be order in everything and when airlines (and not only) will be responsible for their actions?

Independent receipt of a visa to the Czech Republic

At the end of August, a business trip to Prague, Czech Republic. Initially, I wanted to make a tourist visa, buying a tour to the dates we need, but, frightened by endless stories about refusals, decided to act independently.

I gathered everything that was requested on the site of the Embassy + invitations to the conference and photocopy of ownership of real estate.

1. Writing to consulate.

Unlike the German or Italian record, it was made only a couple of days ahead, and not in a month. The main minus from communication with the girls in the call-center: they are noncompret. Here is my dialogue: I: "I want to make an appointment of documents for a visa" She: "For what purpose are you going and what documents do you have?" I AM: "I’m going to the conference, there is an invitation, account payment account, tickets and paid hotel" She (joyful): "So you have a tourist visa!"

2. A visit to the consulate.

The overall feeling – something Rolling. On the one hand, there is a bigger order, and on the other – if it were not "lung" attitude, visa to get it difficult.

One of the first to go inside. It turned out that everything is wrong. Tickets are not interesting, insurance by 40.000 dollars does not fit (before that he received Schengen visas with her). But you can go out, make insurance and return. Passing by the bulletin board read that the consular fee "35 Euro at the current course". The course was 1: 1. T.E. accepted only in euros. Another surprise! and again you can go out and search the exchanger.

As a result, a visit to the consulate took about 1.5 hours.

Upset the lack of free visas for scientists. "Maybe from January 1" – thoughtfully told me a woman in the window, "In the meantime, only by agreement with the Academy of Sciences. "

Visa Dali. There were no questions to the photo. Extract from the account also not interested. At the same time, a visa received a visa, traveling for the company. Accordingly, no "Scientific invitation", Only hotel and tickets. Visa gave both.

Czech Republic and visas. 10 steps in HOWTO

1. Come to the embassy at any time from 9-00 to 16-00 (break from 12-00 to 13-00) on weekdays, get questionnaires. Is free. At the guard.

2. Make a photo of the required size with the necessary ratios. Not in the machine in the subway. In some kind of coded center, for example, they know what a photo for a Czech visa.

3. Make a photocopy of the first page of the passport.

4. Original reservation hotel. (I was sent by mail from Prague).

5. 51 US dollar in US Currency. 😉

7. Personal presence is required (or certificate from the notary)

eight. I gave a certificate from work, although it is not required officially. Took with pleasure.

Reception of documents from 9-00 to 12-00. Monday came to 10-30, did not have time to enter. On Friday came to 10-30 – the queues were not at all, they included, passed documents in 5 minutes.

According to rumors, the border requires a medstratchik. I did it anyway, near the embassy there is a back office.

nine. In the design of the questionnaire there are difficulties, but I got "By Blatu" 😉 Scarce recombination, take here:

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