Formalities and rules of entry in the UK: Personal Experience

Hello everyone. I decided to share my experience in obtaining a visa in UK in Moscow. Visa I and my child received the second time for 6 months. The first time the process of filing the documents took 2 hours. 30 minutes stood with a 6-year-old child on the street on his knee in the snow in the queue, then waited for the queue inside, then 30 minutes standing. submitted documents from the window, the girl, the receiving documents was to put it mildly rude, the documents that only did not move in my face, with words I do not give advice what documents are needed, and which are not, then there is no turn on prints, where rudeness is again.

The second time: Given the past experience and reading the summer reviews, set up) I went to 12.00 came out at 12.30))) went – received a coupon – immediately called us to the window – while putting documents. and calmly at the table along with an employee disassemble the documents – the staff of Mila and smile, they give advice, I had a lot of extra, the girl at the reception all calmly sorted with a smile, and at my request again with a smile. looked through all the documents – 10 minutes of prints (again everything politely and with a smile) – passed on November 5 on Wednesday, November 11, on Tuesday, a letter came to the post office that the documents returned and will be transferred to the courier, today received passports with a visa and all. Documents that served.

Apparently I was lucky with the queue, since we stood on the street for a long time, since there were no place inside there and they launched 15 people, there was a trouble with parking there, I was painted with great difficulty, I spoke with a lot of 20 minutes, it was just those days 2 years ago, when Moscow literally drank snowy everyone stood – downstairs the mountain of snow and puddles. from above the film, many children, schoolchildren.

My new visa is released in Moscow, the girl at the reception said that they no longer send and therefore the documents are needed in one instance.

Something that the child can pull along from the pack, select, put again, in the new center it seemed to me that even there is a zone for kids, it was just that everything was so fast that could me

Visa Center in Kursk

About receiving a visa in Moscow

Documents in the visa center handed over July 8, 2014. When recording on reception at 8:30, came to the visa center at 7:45 and turned out to be the third for the submission of documents. To receive the queue was already impressive, about 40 people. No additional payments for acceleration or VIP maintenance, except for 10 pounds for the delivery of a ready-made passport by express mail to the office.

July 22 received a passport. After reading the insurgent reviews and the walls was focused on 40 days. Two weeks – quite a normal result.

British visa center Moscow. Situation today

After reading the terrible reviews and prepared for the worst arrived today in the British visa center a few hours before the appointed time and quite in vain. There is no queue on the entry in fact, they are allowed 15 minutes before your time, people sit in the waiting room, but not much much, they are called by last names that are displayed on the screens. Works about 20 windows. Employees browing documents at the entrance and immediately speak if something is missing. At the reception of the girls are very competent. Our documents for two people on a complex working visa spent 35 minutes from entering the visa center, before exiting it. On the tourist people spent less.

For the issuance of documents, the queue was 15-20.

Talked there with the staff, they said that it was first hard until the whole system was debugged, but now at all there are no 5-6 hours of hours as they wrote a month ago.

At the moment, you can make an appointment at the beginning of August. Although we filled out the profiles on weekends and on the site was clearly some kind of glitch and any dates and any time were available))

In English

I have a business trip to London. Following the list of documents received from the organizers, I filled out the questionnaire on the site, paid, recorded on the reception and collected a package of documents. Pulling at the entrance, was launched in a new visa center of Great Britain in the 2nd rawed alley near the Kurskaya metro station.

For starters, the guards are interested in inviting from the visa center. The site has written on the site that after filling out the questionnaire on the UK migration service website, it is also necessary to register with them – otherwise they will not be allowed inside. I, of course, registered, but none "invitation" I did not come to mind. But asked the guards, apparently, for the pro forma, because they let me in print on reception from the site of the migration service.

On the second floor I was waiting for a new surprise – everywhere we hung up a piece of paper with a threatening inscription that all documents should be accompanied by a photocopy. Including, they needed copies of all (. ) Pages of passports and all pages of older (. ) Passports. And the threat immediately – without copy documents do not accept. But the services of visitors are two copiers. And do not think that I was alone, do not know the rules: the devices were lined up.

Cost of one copy – twenty rubles. It seems inexpensive, and think – how much money will come out and time, if you, like me, three old passports, for example? For information, I will say that one passport with a package of documents is 600-700 rubles and half an hour of copying, while your name and window number are already burning on the scoreboard and your turn passes. And go outside Searching a copier scary – whether three cordon guards will be allowed you back? Do you have to, missing turns, all day stood in the visa center? And if you do not be allowed, you will miss the reception of documents, you will not have time to make a visa for a month – and the ride?

But the most interesting thing is not in this. I am deeply convinced that this second package of documents does not go anywhere and do not need anyone. It’s just a way to make a visa center to earn dough. People in a panic, pouring down then, copy the empty pages of four passports, and the device, know yourself, swallows hundredth bills – only them and the little thing he accepts. So until I can do that this is a divorce on grandmothers, and will not tell in detail what happens with the second package of documents, I stay with my opinion, and I advise all unfortunate visitors to the UK visa center to make copies in advance and cheaper.

More than 2 months have passed!

What dates, they are not

Obtaining a visa to the UK

I’ll tell you about your receipt of a visa to the UK. A trip to the UK was planned for a long time ago, as in many European, as well as Asian countries were already. Therefore, a trip to the foggy Albion looked quite attractive for us. True, always stopped possible difficulties with obtaining a visa, since my wife and I work unofficially. Immediately make a reservation that we prepared the documents not yourself, but turned to the company. Ourselves did not take risks because we know English badly.

Documents collected on the list and samples issued in the agency. As it turned out, our unrest on work was in vain, since the reference is required in free form and the workbook for a visa to the UK is not required. In addition to help from the work, there was also a certificate about the balance of funds from the bank (the movement of money in the account did not show), the documents for ownership, the certificate of registration of marriage and the birth of children. Old overseas passports with different visas were also introduced to the general case.

Since the documents we prepared not yourself, there were no problems with questionnaires and translations. We only all carefully checked (translations and questionnaires) upon receipt of documents. But the feed itself was tedious. As we learned, the British recently changed the visa center. At the moment in the new visa center (on the foundry 26) things are very bad. We defended 2.5 hours in line, to later watch, how a young girl interns half an hour will be with our documents, not understanding what order to lay them out.

Ready passports with visas were taken to work after 2.5 weeks from our visit to the visa center. Visas issued for 6 months, multiple. The start date of the visa was put on the questionnaire, minus 5 days. As visas gave an already half a year, then we simply cannot do not use the case not to go to the UK several times. Everyone who doubts the feasibility of appealing the visa, I can safely say that the documents can be applied, as visas are now issued, even despite political events!

Visa to the UK in the new visa center

I’ll tell you about your receipt of a visa to the UK. A trip to the UK was planned for a long time ago, as in many European, as well as Asian countries were already. Therefore, a trip to the foggy Albion looked quite attractive for us. True, always stopped possible difficulties with obtaining a visa, since my wife and I work unofficially. Immediately make a reservation that we prepared the documents not yourself, but turned to the company (Gofortravel). Ourselves did not take risks because we know English badly.

Documents collected on the list and samples issued in the agency. As it turned out, our unrest on work was in vain, since the reference is required in free form and the workbook for a visa to the UK is not required. In addition to help from the work, there was also a certificate about the balance of funds from the bank (the movement of money in the account did not show), the documents for ownership, the certificate of registration of marriage and the birth of children. Old overseas passports with different visas were also introduced to the general case.

Since the documents we prepared not yourself, there were no problems with questionnaires and translations. We only all carefully checked (translations and questionnaires) upon receipt of documents. But the feed itself was tedious. As we learned, the British recently changed the visa center. At the moment in the new visa center (on the foundry 26) things are very bad. We defended 2.5 hours in line, to later watch, how a young girl interns half an hour will be with our documents, not understanding what order to lay them out.

Ready passports with visas were taken to work after 2.5 weeks from our visit to the visa center. Visas issued for 6 months, multiple. The start date of the visa was set on the questionnaire, minus 5 days. As visas gave an already half a year, then we simply cannot do not use the case not to go to the UK several times. Everyone who doubts the feasibility of appealing the visa, I can safely say that the documents can be applied, as visas are now issued, even despite political events!

Met under the standard period of consideration of documents

Met under the standard term of consideration of documents 15 slave. days without delay

Dear readers, I wanted to write about your experience of the education of a school visa. Documents filed in the midst of difficulties in the work of the new visa center on April 17. Journey only in July, but the passport is needed in early June! Managed to find an adequate supervisor, suggested, helped, left contact. E-mail address. To accelerate the feeding process, he was allowed through the VIP Hall, wrote a receipt that I undertake to pay. Paid! Less than 15 slave. days I contacted the super supervisor. address elf. mail. I kindly answered that I made a request to the embassy with the GWF number, will find out! As a result, the passport was obtained in the WC in a week. Just after 15-16 slave. days excluding holidays in Europe and we! Grateful to employees of the visa center who really go to the meeting and despite the whole difficult situation do not give hands! I wish you good luck and the speedy solution in the organization of normal operation!

Visa Center England

Visa Center Great Britain

Yesterday defended in line for a passport in the Visa Center of Great Britain (on Kursk) on draft 3 hours! With 9.30 to 12.thirty.

Pulled out everything that is going on, on camera. The guard approached me and hardly demanded to remove all the pictures. To explain to my request, on what basis, I showed a piece of paper hanging on the wall in the lobby: please do not use mobile phones.

To explain my request, what is the use of a mobile phone when photographing, led the boss, who threatened not to issue a passport if I do not delete pictures. On my request to justify the requirement, said that this is the order of bosses. At the request to show the order received a re-threat of a passport about the unsuccessful passport. Under this pressure, I deleted the pictures and gave a piece of paper with the questionnaire number in the window. After long searches, she returned with anything. When I persistently explained to her that my documents came exactly (I received a letter about it), she once again rummaged in the envelopes fell into a bunch and found my passport.

In this visa center, a very low level of staff qualifications, so they do not understand polite requests and explanations! Be persistent.

Reviewless 24-hour transit in the UK

On the UK Border Agency’s website changes are not registered, but they have written in the rules that

"The Concesion Is Operated At The Border Where You Arrive In The UK And Is At The Discretion Of Border Force Officers. You May Not Be Permitted to Benefit from this concession and may be refused entry to the uk. If You are Unsure Whether You Benefit from the concession, You Should Apply for a Transit Visa Prior to Travel".

That is, they can deny, without explanation. You may have to call the Consulate of UK and clarify. My dad came to me a couple of times, from Moscow flew to London, it went out, walked, and then flew to Ireland.

What moment is about 24 hours, it is not written there, but it is written that you transit Landside if you Arrive On a Flight, Pass Through Immigration Control and Then Leave The UK WITHIN 48 Hours (Or 24 Hours If You Are Traveling Under the ‘Travel Worth VISA ‘CONSESSION – SEE BELOW).

You must fly within 24 hours, t.E. Do not pass passport control, and the departure must be within 24 hours.

Getting a business visa in the UK (with the previous refusal)

Same to a business visa in Moscow for a trip to the exhibition in London. I myself am constantly living in the Czech Republic (I have Long-Term Residence). A year and a half ago submitted documents from Prague to a regular tourist visa – received a refusal (not enough documents, which caused doubts of the consulate officer) despite the fact that I already had one visa. Appeals did not serve.

Now, submitting documents in Moscow – brought everything that could be. And certificates of salary and printing from several accounts (just from Internet banking) + certificate from the account in the savings. Brought confirmation of residence in Prague, copies of visas, passports, contracts confirming that the firm in the Czech Republic is not fictitious, flights. Posted in detail about the previous refusal of a visa – about possible reasons (+ attached a letter with the motivation of failure). Almost to all documents made a translation (notarily notarily assign).

When the questionnaire has already seen that the phone number in the contact details is filled in incorrectly – but immediately when submitting problems did not arise – they simply stressed and entered a new number.

In general, brought a bunch of documents confirming that I really need to do there.

There were no queues. Documents accepted quickly. Considered in 5 working days. First received a message to e-mail: Your Visa Is Ready. And the next day he took a passport with a visa.

Visa to the UK for 3 days – the price has changed

Visa to the UK: did three weeks

I am almost 27 years old, not married. Recently decided to go to the UK, before that I never did in England. The passport is new, and there is no visas in it, in the old passport 2 visas in Germany. I tried to make a visa to England through the agency.

Documents that I have provided: Probran, 2 photos, questionnaire, certificate from the account current – the amount on the recommendation of the agency, which helped me to make a visa, about 100,000 rubles. I did not make an extract for 3 months, because on my bank card more than 45-50 thousand. never happened, and if I submitted an extract for 3 months, in which at the last moment suddenly turned out 100,000 in the account, it could cause suspicions (well, as I thought). Also provided a certificate from work. Mention of vacation was not. Salary wrote a gray 40,000 rubles per month. Tickets did not attach. Real estate and machines.

There was no answer from the embassy for almost 3 weeks. In the third week sent SMS: "Your documents are reviewed and sent to the Embassy". The same status was on the site verification of the state of the application, only in English. I was almost sure that I was refused. However, it turned out that I was given a visa for six months.

Refusal visa to the UK

Getting a visa to the UK in St. Petersburg

Visa to the UK for 5 working days

Once again, gathered in the UK with friends for 3-4 days. The following documents were filed (on Wednesday) to the visa center: 1. Profile 2. Help from the place of work 3. Medstrashovka (just from the employer, so attached) 4. Extract from the bank account with the movement for the last 3 months 5. Photo

On Tuesday, next week, the visa was ready, I came to take a passport. At the same time, my colleague who served a week before, expected a visa for 2 weeks. They have strange terms of consideration – at someone for three weeks, someone has 5 days. Well, thanks for so fast, I do not complain.

First visa to the UK

Today I received a visa, did exactly three weeks. When submitting documents to the visa center in Moscow, they said what was being done within three weeks.

Prior to this, in the passport one Schengen two-year-old and stamps of visa-free Maldives, Turkey and Israel, the previous passport is lost. I am unmarried, no children. Declared a tourist visa, attached a certificate of ownership of the apartment. Having read the forums, subsequently worried that did not add to the apartment with-on on the car and commercial real estate, which I rent, for, as I understand it, it is necessary to prove to the maximum that everything is fine in your homeland, as well as a certificate from work with zp 90000, statement from account without movement for 200,000.

After about two weeks, they called to work, asked if I really work, the type of activity of the organization, the headbuch was warned and confirmed. Another time, the calling representative of the visa center began to clarify about the info in the Internet, which they accumulated about my organization, this is the issue of certificates from the lime offices and seals.

British visa independently, St. Petersburg

Transit without a visa failed

I read a lot about visa-free transit and decided to try myself. For a long time I tried to find the appropriate route to really look like a transit. Bought tickets from Barcelona to London (Heathrow) – British Airways, from London (Gatvik) to Amsterdam – KLM, and from Amsterdam to Madrid. I still needed to get into these cities at this time, so I decided to combine with London.

In Barcelona, ​​a pretty girl did not put me on the plane. My beliefs and discharge from Timatik did not react. Replied that "we would let you go on the plane if the airport arrive and departure was the same". On my question "Why then about this rule on it is indicated in this printout from the official site?" replied that "Well, I know it myself, I’m sorry".

As a result, my flights disappeared. I had to forget about Amsterdam and go by train directly to Madrid (I must say, the train cost 124 euros!).

Moral Basni is: Apparently, I’m just not lucky.

Visa-free transit 24 hours – no problem

Flying SAS airline from Stockholm on the route Stockholm London-Istanbul. On every fireman in advance electronically registered.

When landing a plane, an airline employee began to ask about a visa. Said the following: that I transit showed a ticket. For 5 minutes they broke through the ticket, they made sure that he was valid and planted for a plane. Still asked – why this is so strange way I’m flying to Istanbul through London. Said it is the most budget option, as buying a ticket from Peter to Mayskie holidays unreal. OK.

Fly in Heathrow. At customs filled the Declaration. The customs officer fell black. Asked about the return ticket, what time is I fly away and from which airport (I flew from Stansted Airport after 14 hours). About insurance, bucking of the hotel, and about what – why am I flying here such a way and what I will do in London – I did not ask anything. (I had all the documents and was discussed). Next put the stamp and everything is OK.

So: the grounds for obtaining 24 transit:

Visa for a lonely girl

A few weeks of experiences ended with success.

The process of preparing the documents seemed to me difficult at first – never earlier did the registration of visas on my own. Re-read a lot of forums (this site especially helped me). So, the documents were such:
– The profile filled with online, with payment of collecting there
– 2 photos
– Old and new closed with copies of filled pages
– Copy of Russian passport
– Help with work indicating position, average earnings (30 thousand), period of work and phrase about the provision of vacation for travel time
– 2 NDFL
– Extract from the bank account (savings book) for 80 thousand
– Extract from the billboard on the plastic card with the flow of money for the year (in general it is necessary for 3 months, but in the samping issued a year – a long port, printed on the matrix printer)

Tickets purchased for two people, but I handed over to a visa. Second person I entered the questionnaire in a section on who rides with me.

Absolutely all documents with the translation (the port not transmitted completely – only the header, from the plate – only the names of the columns and attack – all values ​​and numbers – according to the original). Transferred alone.

March 4 filed personally at the visa center in Moscow. On March 19, I came to me in the post office that the visa was ready, March 20 received a passport by Courier (ordered delivery when serving). Visa is open from March 19 for half a year.

It’s not so difficult, as it seemed, but still, I was very worried that there could be a refusal))

British visa for 1 day

Submitted documents for a short-term visa and an 11-year-old child in a visa center in Moscow, the questionnaires filled itself, put the minimum set of documents – a certificate of work, from the bank (with the detail of the account), a ticket and a hotel reservation, as well as an official letter from school, where the child will learn in June of the month, about what he is credited to the course. Copies and translations of the birth and notarization certificate for departure, certificate from the Moscow school, invitation from the English and warranty obligation from themselves in free form (everything in English), ticket + insurance on both. Visas paid on the site on the map.

When submitting documents, a girl in the window, seeing previous visas, deviated an accelerated design for 7560 each passport. Because in the vigilant times we did 1.5 months, I decided to try. Passed in 17-00. 20-00 came SMS that documents at the embassy.The next day in the morning e-mail, about the fact that the documents are considered, in the 15-30 of the same day – SMS that you can come to pick up!! Total 23200 rubles and visa for 1 day. Decide yourself are ready to part with such a sum or not, but the fact remains a fact – the British consulate is even bent for big money 🙂

P.S. If a group is surrendered, then you can pay one passport to accelerate, it is not necessary to pay everything or "give up" separately.

Business visa in February for 11 days

As always, the need to go on a business trip arose at the last moment. The English side dragged the question with invitations to the last and visa I was filed on February 19, given the fact that the departure was appointed on March 10th.

From the documents filed: the invitation from the host (money and accommodation was not provided), a certificate from work with an indication of the experience and a SIR (also did not write that they give something), passport, airfares there and back, hotel reservation through, photo filled questionnaire, payment confirmation, passport. Help from the bank I forgot. Recorded was almost at least (14:30). In the visa center spent more than 2 hours. At first, it was waiting for an hour when my number on the submission of documents will light up (a lot of people), then another hour on biometry.

Documents accepted without any questions, just asked the second photo and were looking for a long time in a passport for a long time (I have a full piggy bank in the form of a business visa and tourist in Germany, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic and other Egypt, Turkey, Cyprus, Croatia and others from them). Biometry ranked 5 minutes after time waiting.

After 11 days, a letter Your Visa Is Ready came.

Lack of pages in a passport for a British visa – Positive results

A couple of weeks ago, asked about the lack of pages in a passport under a British visa. Report: Documents with the last net turn took on the discretion of the consul last Monday, yesterday (t.E. A week later, a letter came about the readiness of the visa, today I took a passport with a visa in Moscow Mc. The visa was put on the page on which on the reverse side of the stamps of Russian entries (t.E. All British Prints are told).

So I have no apartments, cars, official husbands and children, and I myself – I admired the maximum of financial documents: a certificate from work, 2-NDFL, an extract from the bank, a certificate of money movement for the last 3 months.

Greater visa for 2 days

Have a long time planned with a young man, try to get UK visa to travel to London. And now, the complete determination and strength, after the New Year holidays, filled out online questionnaires and collected documents for receiving visas. When collecting documents, they were limited to the minimum set of documents: from the documents filed:
1) printed profile + plus one recent photo remaining from receiving Shengen in front of NG (respectively and on a young man is the same)
2) your passport and copy of the first page
3) Help from work with an indication of the position and s / n.
4) Purchase translation of reference from work
5) certificate from the bank, it is a certificate, not an extract, about the rest. At the same time, a certificate from the bank for a young man did not have time 🙂 So his documents were submitted at all without documents confirming his fin. condition.

I hope someone uses this information 🙂 The main thing is not to be afraid, everything turned out to be much easier and faster.

Guest Visa to the UK

Application for a visa filed 30.eleven.12 (Friday) in St. Petersburg. 4.12.12 (Tuesday) delivered to the Embassy. fourteen.12.12 (Friday) on Mail came a letter "You Visa Is Ready". 17.12.12 (Monday) status has changed to "Visit the British visa center to get your visa". In general, 14 days. If you do not count the time that the statement spent before the embassy and back, then 6 days went to the processing of my visa application at the embassy. If you also do not count the weekend, then 4 days =) I received a visa. In the center it was possible to make photos for 200 rubles, and print profile. Issued and issued very quickly. Take up. Recording literally in 1-2 days. There are no queues and there are few people. From the documents filed: 1) your passport and a copy of the first page
2) a copy of the first page of the passport of the inviting
3) Help with studies + Powerful warden translation

I hope this will help someone! Good luck.

Passport control in Heathrow

Visa-free transit in London: everything is real

About visa-free transit in London I started thinking back in 2008. Since 2010, I tried to find suitable tickets, but they were too expensive, it became just scary. The crucial moment has come in 2012, a month ago. In connection with the upcoming Olympiad, the suspicion began to be in the soul that a visa-free transit for Russians could be permanently canceled I found suitable tickets and went to the road.

So, after reading the stories about how whom they were not put on the plane, did not let across the border and how who managed to sit down and go into the city I started cooking. Two tickets were purchased from British: Marseille London Gatwick (I drove to Marseille by train from Nice, to Nice flew from Helsinki through Stockholm) and London Heathrow Helsinki. Docking – 18 hours (arrival at 00.40, flying at 18.40). I bought insurance for London (one person was not released in London due to lack of insurance) and booked Holiday London Inn Gatwick for 1 night.

On the day from summer to London, I came to Marseille Airport 5 hours before departure and immediately headed to the British office. Considering the tickets to clarify from the manager, whether I can really exercise a visa-free transit. Having received the affirmative answer went to the street to burn out in expectation of registration (there were about 25 degrees in Marseil, in March).

A small zaminka came out at the registration – the employee was laughed to plant me without a visa, but in five minutes and 1 call to the office question was settled and I registered. After two hours of summer, we sat down in Gatwick. Immediately I will say that since the flight was Laterim in the plane there was a man 20, of which there are three non-citizens – I and a couple from Asia. Very lucky with the border – the documents took young Anglosex.

I give our dialogue.

I stretch your passport, migration card and tickets:

The whole conversation and the process of coming out of two minutes, and all this time my migration card was filled at the exit and the border guard did loakage to the strains of visa-free transit ("Leve to Enter. "). So dare, and you will succeed – Russian citizenship is not a sentence, there is a chance to see London and he is Reaen.

P.S. In London, I arrived at Gatwick Express at 7 am, left things in the storage chamber and went for a walk. 8 o’clock enough. I visited everything that, in addition to the Tower, which threw a quick view from afar – it was necessary to hurry to see the Sherlock Holmes Museum and wander through Westminster.

British visa: easier than thought

Upon receipt of its first British visas, they managed not to comply with several requirements at once, which in all sources we studied are considered indispensable and mandatory. Result: Two standard semi-annual visas without any additional "Calculations of relationships". We do not know whether we are just lucky, whether to active travelers (over the past five years per nearly a dozen Schengen visas, as well as Irish and Canadian) in the consular department are more loyal, or played the role of a banal pre-New Year fuss. In any case, we think that it is worth sharing: it turns out that it is not so terrible, as his little.

1. Quote with Travel.RU: "Direct evidence also do not include documents for movable and immovable property, but the availability of copies of these documents significantly increases the chances of obtaining a visa."

2. Quote with Travel.RU: "As confirming the availability of sufficient funds for travel and stay in the country, such documents are considered as a certificate from the place of operation in the form of 2-NDFL or receipt for the receipt of salary." As it turned out in fact: instead of 2 NDFLs, standard references were quite aimed at bookmarks: position, work experience, secondary salary, phrase about the next vacation.

3. Quote with Travel.RU: "All accompanying documents (power of attorney, help from work and study, banking certificates, sponsorship letters, documents for property and.) should be translated into English." As it turned out in fact: the documents of without any transfers were handed over, no questions about this occurrence at the time of the reception of documents or subsequently.

4. Quote with Travel.RU: "In case the finger tips are cuts or other damage or temporary marks (for example, paint, henna), the fingerprint scanning procedure is impossible. You should see a visa after damage to heal, and the mark disappeared." As it turned out in fact: we paid special attention to this requirement and I tried to take care of. And it was necessary to happen such that three days before the appointed date visits to the visa center me, waking up, sank for the finger of the cat. On the pillow of the finger left the cut – short and shallow, but he obviously not able to heal in three days. Having consisted, we decided to visit the visa center yet not to postpone. To the great surprise, the chopped finger of questions did not cause, biometric data passed perfectly calmly.

Yes, and more about the timing of registration. In the visa center were December 13, visas came out on January 4. As far as can be judged, this is within the normal range: it is usually recommended to submit documents just in a minimum for three weeks. As a last resort, you could wait and longer: the departure from Moscow was planned at Just on January 26, we simply decided to progress and submit documents for visas hard.

Tourist visa to the UK in two days

Having a two-year-old visa in the USA, a single visa to Canada and Annual Finnish Schengen, issued in Washington, received a visa for 2 days.

Documents were filed in St. Petersburg 6.09.2011, transferred to the Embassy in Moscow 10.ten.2011 and at 13:00 12.ten.2011 received email with the words: Your Visa Is Ready. Therefore, as they say in visa centers, that the issuance of a visa takes approximately 15 business days from the date of receipt of documents to the Embassy – incorrect information.

Here is a list of perverse documents:
1. Passport new + passport used
2. Photo 3.5×4.5
3. Questionnaire filled with Border Agency
4. Help from work
5. Help from the place of study
6. Help from the bank about the availability of cash (the amount was about $ 4,000)
7. Characteristics from university in English (2 pcs.)

All documents were personally translated into English. Travel history is large, moreover, the old zp changed due to the fact that the pages ended. I hope that the visa was given a bright, since I am going to use it in order to enter Ireland from the United Kingdom.

Visa to the UK for 5 days

Revision of documents for a visa to the UK after refusal

Received refusal. I read the accompanying letter and could not believe my eyes: "You Have Provided No Evidence of Any Employment, Income, Savings, Or Other Assets in Russia".

I am 19 years old, I graduated from college, next year I am going to enter the university at the correspondence department and at the moment I am looking for a job, so my trip is paid by my parents (sponsored letter, a copy of the birth certificate, documents confirming that my parents work and get Stable income, documents confirming cash with a bank account – in the document package).

Plus to everything – a copy of the document confirming the availability of ownership (I own 1/2 share of the apartment in which I live). But the horror is that this reason served as a refusal, since "You Haven’t Previously Travelled Outside of Russia and Are Therafore Unable to Demonstrate a History of Complying with Immigration Regulations". WHAT? And four visas (two of which – UK) and twelve stamps of travel and entrance – this is what? Officer opened my passport or how?

Formalities and rules for entering the UK Personal experience

Everything is in order – a couple of days after my letter, I was called back from the embassy, ​​they said that my documents were revised and asked to bring a passport. The next day took a passport with a visa.

Refusal of a business visa in the UK

The prenegenial situation has happened to me. On July 13, I filed documents for a visa to the British visa center in St. Petersburg. The following documents were provided for business visa to the UK:

1) valid passport + copies of all pages;
2) Correctly completed online profile + photo;
3) the first canceled passport (two visas – Malta and Turkey) + copies of the filled pages;
4) copies of filled pages of the second annulled passport (visa in the USA), there was no one in the hands of this passport, he was taken to the UFMS. In this passport there was still a Greek visa, but there were no copies with her;
5) certificate from the place of work, indicating the position, period of work and salaries (not per month, and for actually spent time, less than a month). On the official form, with the seal and signature deputy. gene. Director and I.O. GL. Accountant. Copy. Translation. Correct.

Since in my insurance society today I work only from 11.05.2011, I decided to submit the following documents for accuracy and reliability:

1) a diploma with honors about the transfer tower (the university finished in 2010);
2) From August 18, 2010 to May 6, 2011 worked in another company. Provided a certificate from the last work. Help Ndfl-2 with past work. All with translations;
3) Also, I decided to attach an official document confirmation of J-1 visa to America. And certificate from language courses on. Malta.

In general, it was prepared thoroughly, since in a new passport only the refusal to Schengen in Spain (tourist visa) in August last year. Therefore, all documents were carefully prepared and translated. In total yesterday (04.08) I received a package of documents. and refusal!

In the application – a letter from the officer. Justification surprised me:
"Monthly earnings how to say leaves much to be desired. And you will not be able to keep yourself on this money on a trip for 4 days".

It is clear that the trip would have paid society, but in the help of work there was not a word about it, since the certificate is issued a established sample and this is not the first time in society, when documents for visas in different countries (in T. C. In the UK) and no confirmation that society carries the costs associated with a business trip, there was no (as it is Business Trip in the interests of society – this is so clear). In addition, one of the rows in the online questionnaire sounds like this: "Who and in what size pays your trip" – "I brought the name of my society and 100% payment of all expenses".

About appelas, probably and speeches can not be. Too long and probably without a positive answer. Maybe it is better to submit documents again. On the official website is written that you can do it. The main thing is that the reasons for those who have preserved you get a visa for the first time have changed. Help will be with a greater salary (small difference). In addition, society can write a letter that all financial costs it takes on. Now I am tormented by the question – and whether it is worth doing?! Or with the first refusal in Schengen, I do not shine anything at all?! There are no other marks in the passport, new fresh, and already with two refuses. Feeling that I am illegal, criminal.

Visa to England for three days

In the embassy were not very friendly, they give a leaf and answer all questions "these are your problems and your responsibility". The questionnaire filled on the site, put all the documents, including copies of the old passport and property certificates. Transferring to English, learned a lot of new words from a foreign office.

Delivered in turn, there were problems with dollars, it is a pity that they do not accept credit cards – I had to look for a bank at 9 am. I was very afraid that somewhere squeezed. As a result – after a day, a letter from the embassy with a request to pick up a passport. A visa set from the current day at once half a year and multi.

Guest visa to England: how lucky

For the first time I applied to the guest visa and England is not very successful. First, I have no visa story. Secondly, the salary indicated in the certificate from the place of work left much to be desired. But I still decided to file. Consideration time – exactly 10 days. Outcome – refusal. But I did not despair.

After a couple of months, changing the place of work, providing more information about yourself (up before the birth certificate and diploma on the end of the university) and the person to whom. Attached Skype Skype and E-Mail Prints in the amount of 102 printed sheets! Outcome – visa received. Consideration time of documents – 2 working days. Serve yourself really very simple. The main thing is to advise in advance to those who have already served. In the online questionnaire a lot of horseshoes. Monitor the status of the application online very convenient. The work of the visa center organized on excellent!

Transit visa for 24 hours

Flew British Airways from Moscow to the USA, the ticket bought on the Internet a few days before departure, chose Ba because nothing more was cheaper for the new year cheaper. When arriving in London LHR it turned out that the transit zone of the terminal 5 closes at 23.00 for the night Since all workers need to sleep and opens at 5 am. Therefore, you need to go into the city, if there is a visa or fly back, if there are no visas.

On passport control, an impregnable black officer demanded me a transit visa to England. What was followed by my answer that no one warned me on the Internet when selling such a ticket that you need a visa. Further I was asked to show the hotel reservation, where I will spend the night, for which I replied that I bought a ticket just yesterday and did not have time. Then I was asked to show money to make sure I could live in the country. Thank God, there were cash dollars that I was asked to present, and the officer hardly persuaded to put a visa for 24 hours.

Visa for freelancer

Visa to England without problems

Submit documents for a visa in UK in advance

Guest visa to England – everything is very simple

I want to tell about my experience gaining a visa to the UK. I went there a year ago I left the best friend with my husband and a child. Everything invited us to themselves, boast how it got up, to see, and the country to show. And finally, my husband and the child and the child gathered for 4 years. Immediately decided to abandon all intermediaries. As they say, it is still unknown that they will disappear for us in the questionnaire, whether all the documents will gather, and the money will be negotiable. With English everything is in order, the visa story is extensive (almost all visas, including Schengen, received themselves), so we took legs in your hands and began to prepare.

Profiles on the site filled very quickly, knowledge of English is required there the most minimal, questions are completely standard – the name, place of work, income, are terrorists. The filing was chosen Wednesday, 9 am in husband, 9.15 I (I went all the same together). Child in the youngster could not be personally.

Two more evenings quietly collected additional documents: Removed and translated (freely, without the transfer of seals and marked) Certificates of marriage, birth, docks on the apartment, car. Friends sent a gigantic pack of scanned documents – who they are where they live, even the bills for water for some reason, plus an inviting letter in free form. Printed joint pictures. Statements from the bank about the status of the account (10 minutes in the lunch break), help from work.

Foted on the profile of the house, formatted in photoshop and printed in the nearest photo type. By the way, they did not understand on their site – is it possible a white background or only beige and gray; Printed different, took white! I also bought a child to the child for the time of the trip (we have from work). It seems to be everything.

On the appointed day arrived at 8.40, were the first, went to bask in the car, at 8.55 Gathered already a crowd, but in 9 all quickly launched, then the turn on the reception – 2 minutes, received a coupon of the e-queue, waited for 10 minutes, 10 minutes passed the docks in a cute guy’s window (no wonder – the bundle came out an impressive, truth from the original documents They took only old and new passports), then 1 minute at the checkout, 5 minutes handed over biometry. Total – a little more than half an hour for the entire procedure, I even managed to work.

Then 2 days watched the status of the application, by the evening of the environment (day of filing) docks went to the embassy, ​​E-mail came on Friday at noon – your visas are ready! In general, everything turned out even easier than we thought. I advise everyone to not be nervous and submitting documents yourself, everything is very simple. The main principle – if you do not deceive and, besides, you are not the first time gathered abroad, you are unlikely to refuse. And the work of the visa center is organized for excellent.

Passport control in Heathrow and at the Northern Station of Paris

In early December 2008, I first entered the UK through the Heathrow Airport. Defended a little. I am quite poorly talking in English, but the questions asked clearly and, if necessary, repeated slowly. Asked where and why go, while the employee looked not at me, but on the computer screen, which is not visible from the tourist. When applying for a visa, I pointed out one time, and the return ticket was a week later, I was asked to specify the date of departure from the country. And they asked who I work in Russia. After which they put a stamp and missed the country.

When traveling by train Eurostar from North Station, Paris right at the station you pass two passport controls. First, the French produce you, and after 10 meters there is an inbound control UK. It was my second entry into the country for a week, asked only for what number of a ticket to Russia and which airline is going to fly. The ticket itself did not have to. Everything took a couple of minutes.

"Interrogation" on passport control

Visa was not given due to salary

Applying a visa in April 2008. They were nicknamed to work, they specified exactly from the director, my actual and official salary, when he said that he could not call the official salary (t.To. we have it different), threatened to make a request to the tax. And on this conversation ended. There began to call there I, said how much this is my salary (8000 rubles.), then they said that there would be no tax. How much I did not try to explain to them that we are usually different in Russia, we didn’t see, although they should already think that. In short, they just scared with their calls to the tax and outbid every desire to receive a visa to the UK ever ever.

The result: the visa was not given, explaining the fact that the official salary does not correspond to my trip and that I am unmarried, young, in general ties with Russia. And in English – they are sitting there Russians, really can not translate such documents, many people can translate their official papers?

Council – Do not give the form of NDFL-2, it can precisely because of it they hobbed to the salary, t.To. This form is given only to the tax, t.E. is an official document confirming the salary. And serve only accurate data, t.To. nicknamed and communicate not just with the secretary to the question, it works such or not working, and send directors to them. Visas to Europe I didn’t have in the past 5 years, there was only a Czech Republic and then before joining the EU, there were all sorts of Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Thailand. I am not married, no children, 26 years old, no real estate.

Visa to England for one day

Error refusal and receipt of visas – Per Aspera Ad Astra

We decided to go to the UK with my husband to the New Year "Dicks". Bought flights, booked a hotel, gathered the necessary certificates of statements and went to file documents to the visa center in Yekaterinburg 2 months before the expected date of departure. After 4 days, packages with passports and abandonment of 3 sheets. This refusal shook to the depths of the soul. If we wrote a standard failure, well, they would be offended, and only. But the refusal that shows that our documents did not look at all – it was shock. In my refusal wrote "Since this is your first visa appeal to the Great Britain, it seems to us that you have immigration intentions. But the main reason for the failure is to refuse to your spouse". At the same time, I provided a copy of the old passport, in which two English visas of two and three years ago. Husband wrote in refusal "You concealed the fact that we have already denied you . year. Also you did not provide a passport number. in which our refusal stood. So we refuse you again". The husband of the passport with the edited number did not have and had not previously appealed for a visa.

I complained about the problem on the forum and immediately received an offer to help from the legal office specializing in visas. They offered to submit documents again and attach a letter written by their lawyer in which the arguments against refusal. But here I began to put the toad – what the hell? We are sufficient enough, but the money was never scattered. Why, paying a visa fee of 126 pounds, we must once again pay these 126 pounds for the same documents, and another 300 pounds by a lawyer for a letter that I can write on my own, the benefit of education and knowledge of the language?

In general, we did not want to endure arbitrariness and wrote a complaint to the site of the embassy, ​​with a clear indication – who, when submitted, feed numbers and failures, reasons for refusal and our arguments against. 10 days later, a letter from the Entry Clearance Manager came to the mail, where it was said that the check of documents showed that a mistake really occurred, we are asked to send passports to the embassy and apologize in every possible way for causing inconvenience. I brought passports and this letter to the visa center, where the girls were quiet and said: "Of course, we will send your passports to the embassy, ​​but we have never had this. Usually refusal writers write questionnaires and pay a fee". A day later, another letter came from Entry Clearance Officer (apparently the one who refused to us for the first time), where it is written that she is strongly apologizing, our documents are revised and visas issued.

Outcome: visas are obtained exactly a month after the feed, with a bunch of nervous and unpleasant sensations. Even after the written apologies of visa officers, there was a precipitate and doubt in his own desire to go to the holidays in the country, which so turns from tourists.

Visa without problems in Yekaterinburg

English visa received three times. I will write about the third time separately, the situation turned out very extraordinary. The first time I went to an internship through the British Council, so they simply passed the passports in the BS, and after 3 days they received them with visas. Several months have passed in intensive studies, there are practically no time on the excursion.

A year later, I decided to go like a tourist – I wanted so much to see. Gathered documents and went to the gene.Consulate of Great Britain in Yekaterinburg. There at this time there was some big rank from the embassy with verification. When I passed the documents, he came up, looked over his visa officer’s shoulder in my passport, saw an old visa and asked in English – and you are ready to pass an interview right now without a translator? With him right at this rack, thirty talk about my studies in the business school of Manchester, traveling around the country, I got a bunch of tips, what to see in London and broke up satisfied with each other. There was no question about immigration intentions or financial components. On the same day after lunch came for the finished visa.

Visor visitor alone

We conceived to go to London in October 2008, but since they were not confident that we could get a visa, filed an application in advance – to have time to play another country without a rush in case of refusal. If someone is also important, then the application can be submitted 3 months before the expected trip.

Refusal We assumed probable for the following reasons:

1. At the current place of work, I did not work at the time of submission and the month.

2. My civilian wife has a less recommended salary.E. It was necessary to prove the sharing of the trip and my sponsorship.

3. We have both modest experience of previous trips – the only departure abroad was a trip to the Czech Republic last year (and even before the Czech Republic entered Schengen).

We collected documents on our own and filed them on July 23 at the same time (despite the lack of official marriage, they were accepted together in one package) in the following set:

1. Documents on work and income:

We both attached a certificate from work in free form, indicating the post and monthly income (not 2ndfl, just a letter on the enterprise form). The wife’s certificate was signed by the chief accountant and some other boss, mine was signed only by the head of the personnel department.

Additionally applied certified copies of labor books (I am in order to show that it was employed and up to the short time at the moment of current work, and the wife just in case).

2. Savings Documents:

We put an extract from my bank card (I have a copy of my wife) and copies of the card itself (both). The extract was made a week before the filing, and the main part of these four with a small thousand pounds on the card was translated on the same day that the extract was made. To explain this sudden translation, I put an extract to my documents from that electronic account, from where I translated this money on the card (I did not immediately apply an extract from him, t.To. I read that extracts from electronic accounts are not accepted, only with cards).

We were also backed by a copy of a short letter with my signature, where I said that I take on the expenses of my wife for a trip.

3. As a place about the place of residence, we put a printout of an automatic letter sent after booking on the hotel website. Only one person was specified in the booking form on the booking form, so we took advantage of the Comments field and recorded there, and the wife also stops – so that in the letter were both our names, and not just mine.

4. Put a printout of e-tickets from Moscow to London and back. This is not mandatory, but we bought tickets in advance that you could pass in case of failure with a visa, so they were able to attach them. The tickets also made a printout of confirmation of booking, showing that tickets were ordered to be both at the same time.

5. Since we are spelled out at different addresses, and not in Moscow – but the address in the questionnaire was indicated by Moscow, we put a copy of the telephone account, where the address and city telephone number was specified (this address and phone we pointed out in the questionnaires).

All documents I translated myself but tickets and letters from the hotels that were immediately in English.

In general, all these documents were commissioned on July 23 on Wednesday and in a week. On July 30, I took a passport with visas (seeing a readiness record on the site on the site on July 29 in the evening).

The only problem is the name of the wife in a visa not as in the passport (in another transcription variant). I did not check it right away, but wrote a question for [email&# 160; Protected] and received an answer within an hour that this is normal. In general, the conclusion is such – it is possible to quite easily do without the services of intermediaries and agencies, not even in a particularly advantageous source situation.

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