Formalities and rules of entry to Turkey: personal experience

Hello everyone. I have a big problem. If you can tell me how to solve it.

In 2016 I was 2 months in Antalya. Was visiting a friend. Arrived on April 5 and returned July 5 back to Krasnodar. Flew with a change in Istanbul. Arriving in Istanbul I recognize that my plane Istanbul -krasnodar was canceled. Flew by Pegasus Airlines airplane. I was offered to fly for the next evening – t.E. July 6. I was identified at the hotel from the company. I agreed. Arriving in the evening at the airport on passport control delay me and remove to border guards. It turns out I broke the tenure of staying in Turkey for a day. I was offered to pay the state duty in the amount of 75 lire. But unfortunately I did not have enough amount.I began to ask not to finish me . The employee of the border service broke the receipt, put me a stamp into a passport and let go. Of course I was delighted. I didn’t give any documents anymore. Naturally, I did not want to go to such a situation, I did not know that they should have issued an act or something else about the decision. That is, as I later learned (I do not know the Turkish language badly), they said that I would be banned from entering Turkey for 6 months. They explained to me the guys who flew to Krasnodar and were also detained on passport control and saw, and heard everything that happened. I learned all this after I tried to fly again in Antalya in October 2016.e 3 months. Naturally, I was deported. In addition to all for 6 months, how voiced in the customs service, and for 5 years. I was shocked. Why ? Is I guilty that the plane was canceled?

1. PEGASUS AIRLINES was supposed to give me a visa for 1 day.

2. The customs service should issue an act that I have a ban on entering Turkey for 6 months. And in general why for 5 years the ban. I have everything preserved and tickets and receipts. T.e all evidence is . I can send a photo. Even there are contacts with those guys who all saw what was happening at the Customs Service.

I still a Thahu hope that I only have a ban on 6 months, and not for 5 years. I called a lot. No one for sure I cannot give an answer – I have a ban or not. I can not fly again only to find out this when passport control pass. please tell me what I have a way out ? Where to contact me ? In the consulate, I tell me to take a visa and fly. This is today one way out.

Simply and easily

Registration of a temporary residence permit in Turkey instead of a long-term visa

On April 17, the thunder rushed – introduced a visa-free regime, and the two-month rest was at risk. It was necessary to make a visa, because without a visa to be in the country could only be 30 days. The consulate has made us a visa, because it takes up to two months, and it was necessary to fly out at the end of May. With a visa, we almost certainly did not have time.

  • 4 photos of each family member (usual 3×4)
  • Translated and certified in the consulate Certificate of Birth of Children
  • A notarized resolution of the father for the manufacture of a temporary residence permit in Turkey (was done and assured in a conventional notarization office, then transferred to Turkish and assured in the Turkish translation agency, then they assured in the consulate)

In mid-June, we realized that it was time to file a residence permit. The manager from Hoham -Servis has recommended us a very sensible and mandatory Turkish guy working on themselves (transfers, transfer, real estate rental and other). Ali promptly agreed with us about the trip. It turned out that the residence permit is not made in the Kusadas and not even in Izmir, but in Aydin. A trip to Aydin cost 200 lire for everything – gasoline, car, translation and other. I am very pleased with the fact that I took the translator because it costs this money – everything was done quickly and intelligently. Ali does not make anything bypassing the official procedure – everything is done without overlooking and as usual. But it helps to fill out documents, phenomenally focuses everywhere where you need and inspires the confidence of the police.

The translator dissuade me to change the lira of a thousand dollars, which it was necessary to present to confirm the availability of funds, as written everywhere in consular documents. We changed 200 dollars and agreed that if it would be necessary – he will take me to change again (as it turned out, he was right – $ 200 is quite enough). There were no queues in the police, we passed inside after inspection and immediately went to the office. The policeman very carefully read the following documents: the passport of me and children, the birth certificates of children, and especially carefully – permission from the father of children to make a residence permit. Without this permission, as they with Ali, I was explained, a residence permit for children to do at all unreal. Carefully read the printout of the electronic ticket – made sure that we are going to fly normally. Then she asked me to prove that I have something to live – those 200 dollars that I changed to the lira. Officer asked to show this money. I forgot that I shifted them to another place, and began to search in a panic. In general, when I tried a pack of dollars for the third time in the wallet, the officer laughed and said that you could not look for. I understand that he wanted to see money – he saw money, and decided that we were fine with existence.

After the officer saw everything he wanted to see – documents and money – he became more friendly. As Ali said, he believed we. He even convinced me to take a residence permit not before the departure date, but for a month more – suddenly we want to relax here longer. The translator promised to help us find housing for another month, insurance was framed for a year, and the date of reverse departure could be changed with a small surcharge. In general, they convinced me, and I decided to take a residence permit until the end of August (the officer suggested even longer, but I did not need longer). We were given to fill up paper forms, and we went to Tax Office. I do not know what I would do there without Ali – everything was complicated. Windows, queue, cash desk, some payments, receipts. Then Ali filled the forms, cut pictures, we returned to the police, gave the receipts from Tax Office, supplemented 149 liir for the Blank of the residence permit, gave up filled, officer checked in these forms every letter and let us release us.

For a ready-made residence permit, we traveled in a week. Arrived, entered, taken. Everything was easy and just. Purely theoretically, any bold man can try to do it yourself, but there is some kind of snag. The officer who took us the documents flew in English, but at the same time I did not understand a word from what was said. I have to say that I have not bad with English, I remembered the british-neighbors, I understood absolutely everything that Ali said, and at the same time I didn’t understand the officer in general – his English was too Turkish. So this one for all summer the case when I took the translator, myself fully justified.

Formalities and rules for entering Turkey Personal experience

As for the value of the whole event, it turned out to be quite expensive on three. Only in Tax OffCe, we paid 750 LIR, another 149 lire was paid for a book for the book – the Blank of the residence permit, plus twice a 200 LIR translator (the usual taxi would be insignificantly cheaper), plus payment of translations and assurances in Moscow. If you are going to go to Turkey to rest longer than 60 days, and there is an opportunity and extra two months to receive a visa – it is better to make a visa. It is significantly cheaper.

A few days later, the term of visa-free stay in Turkey for Russian citizens increased to 60 days, but we did not upset, because they already planned to stay there and in August, and 60 days would not be arranged.

Verifying visa-free regime: Ataturk, Istanbul

Almost a week after the cancellation of visas visited Istanbul. It was the idea that the Turks would try to dilute on the brand, despite the abolition of this procedure, but everything went around. Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, the border guard simply brightened the passport and put the entrance stamp to an empty place in the passport. Also there were no problems and when leaving.

Ataturk is a fairly lively place, but somewhere in a less popular border crossing, especially in the ground, may not know or do not want to know about new rules of entry for citizens of the Russian Federation. And considering the mentality, the money from the tourist will probably try (as in Egypt with the Sinai stamp).

Visa arriving at Ataturk Airport in Istanbul

The visa size is less than in the full-time, it is reusable, acts within two months and costs $ 20. Employees in the window usually try to stick to the brand so that it takes on your passport as little space as possible – for example, to a page where the loose visa is already worth. This is Turkey, here are attentive to people.

In addition to your passport of border guards, as a rule, nothing interests. Insurance is not obligatory. Questions about the program of visit, hotel and cash reserve can set young lonely girls. A stamp can put crookedly or misfold past the brand – here they do not pay attention to such trifles, including on the way back.

Formalities and rules for entering Turkey Personal experience

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