Formalities and rules for entering Ukraine

Important! Starting from March 1, 2015. Citizens of the Russian Federation (including minors of all ages) can enter or follow the transit through Ukraine only if there are valid passports. Entry into the territory of Ukraine on the civilian passports of the Russian Federation and the birth certificates is prohibited.

Financial requirements for entry into Ukraine

In accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 884 "On approval of the procedure for confirmation of sufficient financing for the provision of foreigners and individuals without citizenship to enter Ukraine, staying in Ukraine, transit passage through the territory of Ukraine and leaving it and determining the size of such a provision" Foreigners are required to have a sufficient amount of financial resources for traveling, which should, at least 20 times to exist the size of the subsistence minimum in Ukraine.

The number of financial resources is determined by the following formula:

FO = ((20 x PMIN): 30) X (CD + 5), where FD is sufficient financial security, PMIn – the cost of living on one person at the rate of the month (as of 01.12.2013 it is 1176 UAH), CD – planned number of days of stay in Ukraine.

  • cash (hryvnia or freely convertible foreign currency);
  • Travel checks, bank certificates or other documents, on the basis of which you can get money in banks of Ukraine (a specific amount should be indicated);
  • Bank cards Visa, MasterCard, American Express (need an extract from the card account confirming the presence of the required amount on it);
  • reservation of your hotel or lease agreement confirming the availability or payment of housing, payment for food in Ukraine;
  • travel voucher or contract confirming the payment of tourism services;
  • Formalities and rules for entering Ukraine
  • a notarized guarantee letter of the host (including relatives), in which the inviting undertakes to take over all the costs associated with the foreigner in Ukraine and departure from Ukraine;
  • Reverse ticket or ticket to the third country.

Verification of funds is carried out in all in border control points. At the same time, border guards do not have the right to force foreign citizens who prevent bank cards as evidence of funds, to take money from the account "For presentation and recalculation". This requirement does not apply to persons under the age of 18.

Important!In practice, as a confirmation of the goal of the trip, in most cases, financial resources and the invitation / reservation of the hotel and return. In the absence of one of these documents, citizens of the Russian Federation often refuse to enter.

Entering Ukraine from Transnistria

Men at the age of 18-60, having citizenship of the Russian Federation, entry into the territory of Ukraine from Transnistria is practically impossible (even passengers of trains following the territory of Ukraine transit). According to statistics, 95% of entering.

Therefore, if within one trip it is planned to visit and PMR, and Ukraine, the route should be built as follows: Ukraine-PMM Moldova. If nevertheless, it was necessary to go to Ukraine, then first follows from the PMR to go to the territory of Moldova, and enter Ukraine from there.

Entrance to Crimea

Based on the laws of Ukraine, Crimea is considered "temporarily occupied territory" and entry into it through the checkpoints not controlled by Ukraine is considered illegal. In practice, it does not entail any sanctions against tourists (Ukrainian authorities can not know whether you visited the Crimea), but problems may arise if you are planning to visit Ukraine and Crimea in one trip. If you drove into the Crimea through Russia, and you are planning to go to Ukraine directly, for example, by the train Sevastopol – Kiev, then you can be detained by the Ukrainian authorities on charges of "illegal entry into the country".

Thus, if those who plan to visit Ukraine in the future (or combine a visit to the Crimea and Ukraine in one trip), it is better to initially proceed to the Crimea through the territory of Ukraine and in the same way to leave it.

Failure to enter

Failure to enter Ukraine guaranteed:
– Persons in camouflage or clothing, like a military uniform (or if they find a tourist luggage);
– persons who cannot clearly answer the question about the purpose of the visit and present confirmation documents.

According to statistics, the least problems with the entrance arises in the case of arrival at the airports of Kiev (Zhulians and Boryspil), or to enter Ukraine by train 001 Moscow-Kiev.
The most often problems arise from those who follow in the Lugansk and Donetsk region.

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