Formalities and rules for entering Ukraine: personal experience

September 10 went to Ukraine from Hungary CPP Zakhon Chop. surprised the absence of a traditional interview, stamp to a passport without a single question. October 17 at the Romanian-Ukrainian border of the PPC Syret-Gubne a similar situation, the border guard only asked a ticket from Ukraine and was surprised that "Airplanes are still flying". Also without any problems are missing at the entrance from the side of Moldova (KPP Tudora-Old Russian, drove on October 9, transportation should be transported to Transnistria)..

Let go to Ukraine without problems

Not let in Ukraine

May 2 tried to enter the wife of Ukraine. Flew by flight Aeroflot. Immediately before passport control, all Russian passports collected and everyone took away to the side. Called his wife, asked about the purpose of the visit. We drove to the Christian conference. We had a copy of the invitation, certificates about the availability of money on the account (15,000 rubles per each) + 3000 hryvnia, return ticket. Insecrated refused on the basis of the insufficiency of data on the place of arrival. We phoned the organizers and they took us the original invitation – but border guards for just an hour put on the plane in despite the fact that the administrator was 20 minutes from the airport. Aeroflot purely in friendly sent us home at the same time our return ticket, which was canceled on May 10, and instead we were rewritten on May 2. T.E. We flew to passport control at your own expense 🙂

Routed Russians to Ukraine

In October, drove with his wife from St. Petersburg to Kiev by train Lybid. In the border office of Art.Gostovka entered Ukrainian border guards and conductors immediately reported to them, where Russians are sitting. Everyone immediately took the passport and then one began to call the conductor in the coupe. The first question was whether you have the necessary cash, to go to Ukraine and easy to show! Then Ukrainian border guards selected all the money shown! Women filmed gold jewelry, earrings! Otherwise promised to plant from the train and put on camera for 72 hours! The senior border guard was in the form of Captain t with him there was a border guard woman in the form of an order! Here you and Ukraine tse europe.

How now let go to Ukraine

In general, today the situation is next. If we fly from MSK to Kiev (or we are going on a direct branded train on the route) with a sufficient amount of money, without camouflage or any clothes, which resembles, enter the passport, in most cases allow. By the way, they are allowed in Lviv. Interrogations when passport control are most likely, but if you behave calmly, run out for 10-15 minutes.

According to the certificates of citizens who followed the East of Ukraine – in 70% are not allowed and sitting on the trains. Or require an invitation from a citizen of Ukraine (in one testimony, certified by notarized, on others – without certification).

Veterinary Control Border Points

In Russia, Ukraine and Belarus at border points there is a vehicle service. It is where you need to go with the documents for the dog. The order at each border point is your own – somewhere it is necessary to visit the voluntary control to the passport and customs control, somewhere during, somewhere after. The same applies to choosing a green or red corridor (sometimes the dog needs to declare). There are no uniform rules, everything solves the human factor. Therefore, upon arrival at the checkpoint, all these questions are better to solve immediately from the customs officers, so as not to spend in vain time, going to inappropriate.

On the Ukrainian PPC, be prepared for the fact that your documents are not in order. You may not have enough some mythical photocopy or something like that. Such problems are solved by a small amount (maximum on our experience – 300 rubles). If you do not at all, you can ask you to ask "give thanks" Branch. Still, by the way, is proud of his answer to this request -"thanks!"))

There is no border vehicle service in Europe. The only thing – may ask to bring a dog from the car. Neither chip nor other documents have been checked for us whether the vessel was enough to show from afar.

Train 027 Moscow – Kislovodsk – Sochi

The border crossed in Kharkov almost without questions, asked customs officers about the laptop, said that no. Dutched. But somewhere in the middle between the borders two appeared: one in a police form, the other – in a citizen. Did not appear and documents did not prevent.

The one in a citizen asked to show things as he saw not the ceremonial shake in bags. Moreover, it could easily throw something in a bag. This, perhaps, was the main reason that he did not indignant – herself is more expensive.

Dressed up to the laptop, began to look, yes it was seen the time was looking for a little, Pornukha was looking for, or something else. Mood of vigorous, complete insecurity. Probably, this BEPENIS There is officially the favor of the authorities of Ukraine, otherwise these rats would not be pinned these rats.

Do not take laptops, carriers, all sorts of contracts, tablets without recipes! At the customs under the Taganrog, the Customer Purse turned inside out, could not believe that the cash was not enough, about the credit card, I could not see.

Generally need to run on Russian Railways, that’s who should be cooked with the Ukrainians

Arbitration of customs in the train Kislovodsk-Moscow

My relative was driving in the train number 28 Kislovodsk-Moscow.

Customs officer took 650 p., just. Cause – "no certificate for food she ate in the train". Relative of a citizen of Ukraine

Huge queues in the Ukrainian-Belarusian customs in Chernigov

Although the holiday season comes to an end, I will still write about our experience in passing the Ukrainian-Belarusian customs (Chernigov) in August 2013, t.To. promised to do it myself. So, we went on your car from Russia to Crimea. When the route was chosen, then focused on a friend with a friend who drove there in June and was pleased: the border crossed quickly, rejoiced to good roads in Belarus and T. NS.

As we were able to check on our experience, in August there the picture is completely different (due to the growing flow of tourists or I do not know why). In general, both times we drove to the border late in the evening / at night, when the idea of ​​cars turns should be smaller, but – nothing like that. And back we stood in long, slowly moving queues, watched as enterprising citizens traded a place in line ($ 150), agree with Ukrainian customs officers. In the buffer zone, the queue did not move 2 hours at all, then there were movements for several meters at a time. I do not know what happened there, but we stood in complete darkness, even in the toilet, sorry, do not know how and where to go, right as in purgatory. Horror. The whole procedure took from us 8 and 6 hours (there, back), and most importantly, it is absolutely incomprehensible, which created such queues, t. To. There are several corridors. Friends traveled on the highway Don and held Russian-Ukrainian customs in 2-3 hours.

Formalities and rules for entering Ukraine Personal experience

Kozac Lopan. Menta lawlessness

Hide laptops otherwise you have to pay

To Ukraine through Belarus by car: better than expected

Preparing for a trip to Ukraine on his car, I reread in the network a lot of stories about the horrors of the crossing of the border – huge queues, charges, searches, the absence of an organization, and here, in fact, I share my own experience: drove through Belarus for border crossing "New Guta – New Yarilovichi" At the Belarusian Terminal drove around 4:00 in Moscow.

The goodwill of the Belarusian border guards and the service, they do everything themselves – fit to the car, inspect, take the documents and return and return them back and give them back. On the road from the terminal, a cheerful guy border guard warned that from Ukraine it is worth a turn of hours on 10 – "Resorts are returned", and advised the next couple of days to return through another PPC.

On the Ukrainian terminal, the fighters were trying – the car next for us was completely searched with the turning out of the passengers’ pockets, but in general, everyone was also benevolent and worked clearly and quickly. After leaving the terminal, the time was selected – the border passage took only 40 minutes!

On the way back, we went through the same gearbox – came to the Ukrainian terminal around 15:30 in Moscow. The terminal was a queue about 20 passenger cars. I was already tuned to wait long, but in a couple of minutes the line went and went very cheerfully – drove to the terminal. The passage of the border in the opposite direction this time took 1 hour 40 minutes.

Customs passage at the stations of Cossack Lopan and Kharkov

In Kiev by car – snow on the border

In Ukraine by train

Employment at customs

We crossed the border in Gopit. It all started with the fact that we were sent to a red corridor. On our bewilderment, we were answered that we were far away from living (300 km). We tried to clarify that we often go and the first time. The answer was: "But not the last". In short, the nerves were waking up, time was spent, drove there and here on customs, and when I was, as they say, warm, brought into a room without witnesses and asked "how much is not sorry for Magarych", But at the same time they did not let go until I did not feel sorry for 200 rubles.

And on the way back, they were allowed on the green corridor, but at the same time in the presence of elders, and loudly right on the street in the presence of elders, and then the same thing – until they put, the trunk did not give. In the work of Russian customs, for 5 years of our movements, there, honestly, there was no charges, but in Ukraine, with such arrogance, I was collided for the first time this year.

Formalities and rules for entering Ukraine Personal experience

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