Formalities and rules of entry in Brunei: Personal experience

Transit visa in Brunei – only with ROYAL BRUNEI tickets

And so, two citizens of Russia, a ticket for May 2, 2013. Carrier Cebu Pasific Air Manila-Brunei: first registered, but after their clarifications they were annulled by landing and returned the luggage, saying that we need a visa. I explained to them that we have transit. It turned out to be young girls watched Brunei not as a transit, but as the main direction. The brains did about 2 hours until the answer came from Bruna, which can be registered, but we will spend the night in the waiting room.

Arrived in Brunei around 2 o’clock at night May 3, 2013. Immediately went to passport control over the transit visa. Received a categorical refusal, because of the absence of a sponsor in the form of Royal Brunei. That is, there would be their ticket to Kuala Lumpur, then there were no problems. Allowed to pick up baggage and sent to spend the night in the departure zone.

We have AIR Asia ticket from Brunha in Kuala Lumpur on May 3, 2013. Slept on the shops.

In the morning I decided to try through the tour operator to see the city. But she also received a refusal in immigration, since the carrier is not Royal Brunei. Said wait for my departure and all.

The registration time on Kuala Lumpur, luggage with us, no visa. A very responsive supervisor came across the Royal Brunei transfer rack, which: Everyone found out on the phone, spoke with immigration and customs, so that we went to the reception, did not let our passports from the hands, we registered us without a queue, accompanied through passport control, and released us waiting area easily sigh. So we boarded the plane, a little looked in the Brunese earth without and seals.

So, a ticket at least in one direction should be Royal Brunei.

Visa in Brunei

In Brunei through London

Visa in Brunei at the airport – easy and fast!

During the current voyage in Asia, I decided to visit Brunei. Bothered one thing – visa. Read all the information that visa in Brunei is one of the most difficult. I called the consulate, asked if it was possible to get a transit visa upon arrival, they answered almost categorically – yes, you can!

The procedure is exactly the same as in Singapore – watch the return ticket and put a visa, but not at 96 o’clock, and by 72 – it took literally a minute! I paid 5 Brunese dollars (you can Singapores, they have the same walking). Nothing else required – neither the vacuer of the hotel, nor confirmation of funds. At the same time, the transit is not a visa if returned to the same item from where the profits – only to the third country! In principle, to fulfill this condition is not so difficult.

Formalities and rules of entry in Brunei Personal experience

Yes forgive me those who make a visa through the consulate for a month, but more than 3 days there is nothing to do. I walked around Bandar Series-Begavan for the day along and across, and if we talk about a beach vacation, you can relax in neighboring Malaysia, in which the visa is not necessary at all.

Visa in Brunei – very long

Required documents: Processport, 2 profiles with photos, hotel reservation, air tickets, invitation (Hotel made Hotel – I sent passport details on E-mail, in response, invitation came).

Making time: passed documents on March 18, received a visa on June 4. At the same time, on June 2, he went to the embassy, ​​where I was told that the immigration service of the visa approved, but the Security Department was still good did not give. As a result, the second sentences of the second secret embassy called their homeland, and on June 4, the visa was obtained.

Validity period – 3 months, stay – 26 days. One-time visa. Can be submitted to multiple, but its production period can reach 4 months. Consular fee – 13 US dollars (20 Singapore dollars at the current course).

During correspondence with the travel agency Brunei, which is officially accredited at the Ministry of Foreign Agency (I took information about it from there), I was sent the conditions for the entry of citizens of Russia, where, among other things, it was said that you can make a 14-day visa electronic way if in Brune There is an inviting company. For a reasonable fee of $ 40 travel company was ready to become. The visa will be affixed at the airport, and confirming letter sent to the applicant. The deadline for registration is declared from 2 weeks to 1 month. But I decided not to use this way to avoid problems with airlines.

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