Formalities and rules of entry in Cambodia: Personal experience

Cambodia, Phnom Penh – Chaos)))) All prices in dollars, in cafes, restaurants, taxis, markets, and t.D. Huge amount of dirt, beggars and very poor people. Childrens are delighted with ice cream bought them. Very depressing impression – luxury and terrible poverty.

Prices for fruits, seafood on the market are proceedable, if the price is worth the price and it for everyone, then in Cambodia they are called the incomplete price and when you leave, do not even try to stop you and bargain, in the hope that the other Farag will come and buy.

There are supermarkets with normal prices for fruit and so on, he is called Pensil – I recommend everything there to buy.

At the entrance filled a bunch of papers – a declaration, an immigration card, a health status info. Important – when designing online visas, print in 2 copies. approval, as they will demand it on the way back, and may not require.

Visa to Cambodia in the consulate

Submitted on a visa on October 13, with him already filled out the questionnaire (found on the Internet) – it was accepted, also took 2 photos 3x4cm and passport. Received October 16, but the date of issue costs 20.eleven.2014)) for a period of up to 19.02.2014. The duration of stay is not specified, but apparently, yet not more than 30 days. In both days at 9:30 am, the secretary was on the spot.

To the previous message, visa in the consulate on the day of submission of documents cost 1,300 rubles.

Receiving a visa at the Embassy of Cambodia in Bangkok

Today he received a visa to Cambodia in Bangkok.

Requested a one-time for a month, gave a one-time for three months. Make in one day.

Passport, questionnaire (filled directly in the embassy), one photo, copy of the passport (main turn and turn with the entrance stamp of Thailand). They took $ 35, although the visa costs $ 30.

Address of the Embassy of Cambodia in Bangkok and the map of the fare is not difficult to find on the Internet. Monday Friday, 09.00-12.00 and 14.00-17.00

Accurate rates for visa on the border of Cambodia

About visas on the border of Thailand and Cambodia

I reached the border, ignore the friendly Cambodian, who will give your Cambodian driver or accompanying, he gives only the wrong advice on currency exchange, in general all it "advice" – exclusively for divorce and commission from banks, restaurant, wherever it will lead TP. They, by the way, seem very pleasant and rubbing in trust, do not be fooled on it!

Formalities and rules of entry in Cambodia Personal experience

Tell him that you already have an electronic visa (and Ideally, you can really make it up to the trip) and straight go to the border. Your group will lose so much time on filling and waiting that you will have time to do everything calmly on the border and will still wait for them after it. Do not be afraid to be late for your bus.

On the border do not pay any attention, do not react to helpers and do everything yourself (it is better to have one photo passport) and make yourself a visa for 25-30 dollars. Believe me, this is not the case when you pay for the service. You still have to do everything in the same way as we pay extra money, in this case – a pure divorce and no additional service.

Visa-free agreement in the presence of a visa neighboring country

I have a personal experience of passing the border of the CAMBO from the territory of Taya in the paragraph. Although on the site and it is said that from 21.eleven.2012 entered into force an agreement on visa-free entrance to Cambo if there is a visa of a neighboring country, in fact nothing.

I had a two-time visa in Tai Consulate of Tai, I, at 90, I make a Rameter through Cambo in logic to me the agreement T.To. I have a visa tai and used it only half t.To. I have the 2nd 90 days. I leave there and enter Kambo for 90 days, without incops. I can argue that my visa ended as soon as I left Thai, then answer which visa does not end in this case and what is the agreement then.

All my acquaintances with the same visas two days open by 2 * 90 days after 90 days tried to immediately go through the Border of Cambo without a visa, they were sent for her design and paid $ 20. About trying to take more conversation separate. Usually at the window where the questionnaire is served at the point Points are two cooler. And change. First, one will go away, meanwhile another lays out of the hand written a piece of paper where it is written that the visa costs $ 20 and 100bat or 800 butt if Batami. Takes your passport checks the questionnaire and shows on a piece of paper demanding 100 butt. I show him a finger on a sign above the window where the visa tour is written.20 dollars, working.- 25 dollars. He is again on a piece of paper, I’m on a plate. Then he returns me a passport and says that there is already a lot of passports.

Yes, on the table outside the window, boys are sitting, decorated visas and is a stack of passports 40 from travel agencies. My wife in front of me passed the documents to another cool that was without a paper and did not require anything, just took the documents and handed over to the window. Literally a minute later, the cooling window returned to the window that took the paper from his wife and just took me and filed a window, and this who refused me hid a piece of paper and went away.

Passports with a visa and my wife and I got at the same time. But the travel agency still remained apparently not agreed to rollback. This is already my second trip, the first was last year and both times I was avoided. We got out that the people on visas were not much there we were there at 9-30 am. Probably if there were a lot of people, they could put our passports all the time and we would always wait in line. I will say right away that in singing the relative order. Do not be pinch. To deal with visa-free entrance everything would be ok!

Formalities and rules of entry in Cambodia Personal experience

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