Formalities and rules of entry in Croatia: personal experience

So, given: two children who need a visa to Croatia for 10 days (parents are long shengen).

List of documents standard for Shengen + need a certificate from school.

However, the website of the visa center does not specify the need for payment of accommodation, and by telephone, the center of the Center reports that at least 30% is required to pay or need non-venture, guaranteed by credit card.

Also it is written that if there are no paid tickets and accommodation, then money should be at least 100 euros per day per person. And if tickets and accommodation are paid, then 50 euros per day per person.

As a result, it was:

– unknown booking from Buking (the money owners of the apartments did not remove),
– Money on account due to 50 euros per day on four,
– Paid tickets,

Documents were filed in a visa center 19.05.2015, received back 28.05.2015.

Children set visas for half a year before December 14, 2015.

Visa at the invitation yourself – in the consulate

Information on the Internet is not enough, so I decided to share my experience. In general, I had a visa on the warranty letter, it is also an invitation, I strongly advise you to send a certified letter with the courier service, for initially we sent a letter by mail, as a result we waited for it for almost a month and decided not to risk it, I sent the second with the courier service, it came For 4 days, but the first letter came only in a month and 11 days.

Next, there was a small dispute about which documents should provide an inviting party. As a result, I have prepared a mountain of documents, and not everyone took them, it was useful only: a notary invitation letter and a copy of an inviting person ID. In the Croatian embassy, ​​we still told us that they need a certificate of income of an inviting person, but no, if you pay all the trip yourself, then there are no references from the inviting part.

Next, I got the choice where to go to pass documents, I decided to save and went to the consular department of the Embassy. They work on the reception of documents from 9.30 to 13.30, entrance from the courtyard. I arrived on Wednesday to 8.40, and was the second. Recorded his surname on the leaves and began to wait. Insecting agents have already dressed, so if anyone needs, you can insure right on the spot. Only 5 people came to the discovery.

Two windows worked, so I immediately passed my documents, poured a female bunch of questions for which I was patient and with a smile answered. I had a small mistake in the questionnaire, but I did not send home, accepted with corrections. On some sites now they write that you need a certificate from work and how the application to it can be deposited from a bank account. I currently do not work and go to my savings, so I brought only a certificate from the bank, it turned out enough. Otherwise, everything is as usual. Next, I was given an account for payment of the consular fee and I went to the bank, it is just a 15-minute walk from the consulate. In the bank, too, there was no queue, in front of me only 2 people. The receipts of the fee works window No. 1 (mode of operation from Monday to Friday from 9.30 to 17.00, tech. Break from 12.00 to 12.25) if there is no one there, you can pay in the window number 2.

Bank workers and consulates said that in April was a crazy house, the queues are wild, almost before the fight came out, so if someone next year will gather in April, keep in mind. In general, I all paid, returned, passed the receipt, and a visa was made to me next Wednesday, that is, on the fifth working day from the moment of filing, including the day of filing.

I have experienced wonderful impressions, especially comparing with submission of documents in the consulates of other countries. The consulate is generally for me this is wild, swearing and workers who are written on the face "Leave me already alone", In the Croatian consulate, the opposite, all quickly, simple and workers are very friendly!

NC Croatia. I share positive

I got a visa yesterday to Croatia – I share a positive. The center is completely new, spacious, walking from the subway Paveletskaya about two stops. People while little, a lot of staff, everyone is ready to help.

When filing and receiving, I did not wait for a minute, immediately calling the window. Served on a disposable tourist for 15 days, collected a standard package of documents. I filed armor with Buking for several hotels, we will ride around the country, everyone accepted (fi in the direction of Slovenia, where the site of the embassy hangs on the rejection of documents from Buking, their hotels in the end remained without a client).

Processed a week (passed on Thursday, received on Wednesday), gave a cartoon for a month (it makes sense when driving from Dubrovnik to Split and back, for example). Everyone reported SMS, very convenient.

Perhaps, at the embassy, ​​it is also easy now and quickly, but I chose a visa center, as it was with a broken hand in the gypsum, I did not want a queue.

Formalities and rules of entry in Croatia Personal experience

Getting a Croatian visa in Moscow: I share personal experience

Since there is no particular information, and someone is still interesting to share the experience of obtaining Croatian visas in Moscow.

So, the address of the consular department of Croatia is currently ul.Ostozhenka D.23 (entrance from the yard). Live queue, open in 9.30, to the discovery of the people is already decent. Insurers are on duty at the entrance, but do not always come directly from the opening. Work on the reception of documents 4 windows, but spend quite a long time for each hand. For a family of 4 people, all common documents (reservation and prepayment of the hotel, sponsored letter and t.D.) in 4x. copies.

The main interest-confirmation of finances during stay in the country. Inslace Rule 100 Euro per person per person .If a certificate of sn with a decent amount (more than 100 thousand.rubles), then the discharge from the bank does not require. Help on credit cards also suit them.

Next, claims to remove the apartments, in the sense that require permission to pass these most apartments. In principle, to request this paper from the owners, probably not a big problem. Booking from Buking without prepayment does not roll. May ask to pay the hotel completely. I am very happy with the letter from the hotel, that such people actually live at the armor number (I had to request a hotel).

Tickets + Honey Insurance are not discussed – Mast Heavy, as they say.

Another chip, which often met: people downloaded from the Ineta questionnaire to fill and often it turned out "Not so" I had to rewrite.

In general, it is possible to spend about 1.5 seconds for submission of documents. Further more fun. After submission of documents, a convict is issued to pay, which can be paid only in one branch of the Unicredit Bank, which is located on M.Polyanka. In this compartment, only 2 windows, from which only 1 works. On average, about 7-10 minutes is spent on each person, so I spent 2 hours in the bank..actually it is even difficult to call the bank..Looks at the exchange of currencies 🙂 Think they paid and all? And here is not.

Covertial reception need to be taken back to the consulate, best on the same day or, as a last resort, the next day, otherwise they will not begin to consider your case.

I passed the documents 04.04, documents issued 16.04 – They take 5 business days, but work on the reception of documents only with Mon For Thu. It was said that issuing in the same hours as the feed, just in a separate window, but at the arrival today to the consulate found that the issuance is currently from 14 to 16.. In general, the rules change very often, so the site of the embassy needs to monitor regularly, some information hangs just in the news department.

Formalities and rules of entry in Croatia Personal experience

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