Formalities and rules of entry to Estonia: personal experience

I want to tell you about a personal experience of filing for a visa to the Estonian Exhibition Center in Moscow Shabalovskoy. This VTS also take for a visa to Norway, Sweden, Slovenia and Estonia.

Documents filed 21.03. living place. Drove up to 9:30 people did not have much. Filing documents with the prints together took about 30 minutes.

Of documents: application form, TRAVEL. passport, a copy (face registration +) nat. passports, bus tickets reservation (the route is from St. Petersburg), booking one night at the hotel (printout with AMOMA + requested confirmation from the hotel itself), insurance, photo, according to requirements, a certificate from the bank on the balance on the date, certificate of employment.

Last Schengen ended in 2014. Having been Chinese visa and UK. asked cartoon.

Today a courier brought a passport. Dali cartoon 6 months. thanks!

Visa to Estonia

Estonian Schengen

Given: I Czech Schengen to 19.02.2016 should be the child of age 1 year and 8 months, and civilian wife.

recorded 25.08.2015 on the site, the time of filing after completing the questionnaire 27.08.2015.

Documents concerning the child, foreign passport, a photocopy of his back, Saint of the birth of St. of paternity, photo, fresh, hotel reservations with the booking (he it is inscribed), insurance, my certificate of employment, sponsorship letter in a free form a written statement on the joint field visit (well that was on the pitch at the consular department, so be launched), a copy of my internal passport, you only need the basic and registration, children do not need a passport, a copy of my travel abroad the main page and my Schengen to 19.02.2016.

Profile of a child can be labeled as one or both parents (sharing departure).

The wife of the usual standard set of documents. Also docks at the car (Sv-in for registration, my Ross leads the ID Card, international slave wife), GREEN is not necessary. But passed the photos, taken, after some time, called and told to bring 28.08.2015 another new photo. Made.

Result: cartoon child in my term, that is,.E. to 19.02.2016 (although the first of his visa was issued on the year and the Lithuanians), the wife of a cartoon for six months (until then it was 6 per annum Italians).

3-year visa. Order through Pony

It has been repeatedly v’ezzhal in Estonia. It was before two multivisa, 70 days and 1 year. At this time, going to friends, my wife and I had planned to ask for a year, but then decided to just three. Documents standard. At this time, Pony demanded a certificate of availability of funds in the account with the press, rather than just listing off the internet as it was the last time. I worried that the amount that was there will be insufficient (in print with an online banking shows the flow of funds and, therefore, the sum is greater). But everything went smoothly. Kurev delivered envelopes, and then requested a three-year visa! Once again, as in the last time: very pleased to cooperate with the Estonians!

Peter – Tallinn

Serve the whole family through the Visa Application Center in St. Petersburg: two adults + baby.

DOCUMENTS: the whole package listed on their official. Online gene. Consulate of Estonia, etc.To. We are planning to friends, the inviting party sent us a scan ID card on both sides + an invitation to issue a multiple visa for 1 year. After filing, they began to check on the website of the MC, but it did not change until the day. And today it came to SMS that visas are ready. One, in advance with the prescribed power of attorney from his wife to receive her passport. Outcome: asked for a multi visa for 1 year, gave a multi visa on. 2 years! Thanks to the employees of the Consulate General of Estonia and the Lord!

Visa to Estonia for Ukrainians

Registration of a visa to the Estonian Republic

A few moments for those who want to submit documents for a visa on their own in Moscow (I admit that much depends on the specific visa employee).

1. Payment of a visa or bank card or euro. It is cash euros, rubles do not accept. Such information on the site is, but many read it not very carefully, as it turned out.

2. Even if a person has a job, you may still need a certificate from his work or a sponsorship letter on it (at the same time on the site of the embassy it is indicated that the sponsorship is required for persons who do not have a permanent job).

3. Despite the strict requirements for recording through an electronic queue, and without recording can be found in the consular department. With me, a few people went through, waiting for the following things in the lists. So who has an urgent need for a visa, try to get out of turn.

4. For registration of an urgent visa required to write an explanation indicating the reasons. The availability of tickets and a reserved hotel to close date, for some reason, not very convincing appeared as a basis for urgency.

Pena trip to Estonia

Estonian border guards check the presence of a medstrash

Shumilkino (Luhamyai): Register the return departure

Kunya Mountain is more expensive, so just register the return check-out here in Shumilkino (Luhamyai) www.Eestipiir.EE / YPHIS / INDEX.Action

Pay and calmly pull out, I do not recommend a living queue – you can eat a couple of days at the border in the absence of cars. To the extreme case, book a departure at the entrance to Estonia.There at the entrance to the left is the zone of waiting and you can book the return departure. An hour is booked (for example from 20-21), we were late for 15 minutes and drove calmly, so do not worry because of a small late for the border.

Border Russia-Estonia: Shumilkino

As for Ivangorod, then there is no sense to go through this gearbox by car due to queues.

In the hypelkino excellent transition. On cunic mountain – electronic queue and also a good transition, but the road is paid – 200 rubles in my opinion. Back too everywhere electronic queue, but probably you know it.

And yes – never stood on the noumkino (I go several times a year for the last 10 years), and on Culk just stood always. In general, not one minute. Russian cars are all passing without turn. There is such a rule. Only on Shumilkino.

I wanted a multivitiz to Estonia, and Dali only for 6 days!

Estonian Schengen for 3 years

Annual visa on a private invitation

3-year-old Estonian Schengen – easy and simple

Estonian multivisa instead of Finnish quarantine

Since the evil Finns put me at Quarantine because of the lack of Finland in the body, I went to do Estonian.

2 Shengen Fucked – Half a year Finnish and Singleracker Czech
2 entrance to Estonia (once a pawny in Narva for a couple of hours and the second – 5 days, flew through Riga to Amsterdam)
Finnin Quarantine for a year

The documents:
Questionnaire from the site of the consulate (requested half a year)
Photo "as a Finnish visa"
Copy of insurance for all time visa
Reservation of the Tallink Hotel for 1 night (first entrance) 1100 rubles (not printing with bucking.whom, and I requested the scan of armor at the hotel itself)
The description of the route (on foot to Narva, Diesel to Tallinn and back, stupidly wrote on a piece without specifying the time of departure \ arrival)
2ndfl from work for 2013

I passed the documents to the visa center on Fontanka, 52 (5 minutes of time, 2500r all fees) 05.03.2013. Received documents 13.03.2013 (5 minutes of time).

Outcome: half-day cartoon for 90 days stay.

Estonian visa

When visiting the consulate was requested by the summary in English, as a result, wrote, sent them, and they unsubscribed me: "The consul decided that you could be issued a visa, we will print it to you in the passport and you will get it through the express", 2 days after this letter received his passport with a visa for three years.

Prior to this, 2 Estonian one-time, 4 Finnish annual, 2 Swedish one-time, 1 single Czech German French and semi-annual English cartoon.

Book hotels in Estonia

Visa without fuss, but one-time and for three days

Did not have enough visa to leave

I live near Yekaterinburg, but thanks to one airline travels have become affordable, and I requested a visa through Pony Express for a trip to Tallinn from January 15, 2011 by the Eurolines bus, departure from St. Petersburg (Baltic Station) at 11.15 and arrival in Tallinn at 18.10, booked hostel for 4 nights.

I went home from the Tallinn bus station at 21.30 by bus Ecolines Tallinn-Loks-Vozu-Saint Petersburg, and I ended with me on January 19, 2011, I thought that we would come up to the border to Narva before the onset of January 20, 2011, since the Ecolines website does not say how much approach to the border, and we arrived in 01.00 and 30 minutes expected on the border. I did not esit anything (as requested on what I go there and back, so I went), just a visa was not enough to leave, on a visa border control service set a mark -1. I do not know if I will give me a visa there?

Although I asked the initially annual visa, and I gave for the number of days of my stay, and even the check-out did not have enough Schengen visas. Before that received 2 multivibuses in Spain for six months.

Consular Department of Estonia in Moscow

Coupon on the Estonian border

Small experience about the trip to Tallinn. At 9 am, November 4 was in Ivangorod, a queue for border control about 2-3 km. I stood 9 hours – and under the six o’clock in the evening. At 21-00 were in Tallinn. About the city impressions are the most positive, many tourists from Russia, residents are benevolent, many speak Russian well. The last time in Estonia was in 1985, I was 13 years old, then I remember, in the store called the invader and did not speak in principle in Russian. I think these times went – and Estonians are more profitable to be friends and trading with the Northern neighbor.

Ride back turned out to be nervous. On the official website of the consular there is a link on the recommendation of the order of the coupon for 30 crowns on the return departure to reduce the line on the border. You can order on the Internet, by phone or personal visiting in Narva. On November 6, I decided to book on the Internet in the morning, but it came to the answer that there are no more coupons; You could only buy on November 8 at 9 am. I went to the border in the order of a living queue; defended 2 hours – and it turned out that it was impossible to drive without a coupon. But after all it is written everywhere that the coupon is recommended, and here it turns out that the coupon is mandatory documents for crossing the border!

Went back to the Narva to the point of issuing coupons – there are such poor things, as I, accumulated pretty. Who thinks on the ferry, who – through the Pskov region to drive, women are indignant, children cry. In this bustle, one guy advised to invest 1000 rubles in documents and give it in the window. A couple of minutes got a happy coupon for the right to go home. I defended for about an hour again, I gave the coupon, the Estonians missed quickly, but native border guards kept about 2 hours. I do not understand, why on our side Triple Cordon. The first booth is watching the validity of the passport, the second post – customs and mark in the passport, the third booth – again reconcile passports with our marker about the departure.

Recommendations leaving to Estonia: Book this magic pass as soon as possible. It is clear that under the good intention to reduce the line of someone earns money. No matter how no room is in the coupon, everyone stands in the same queue. And it would be honestly to write on the site that the ticket is required to cross the border back, because the word "Recommended" confuse.

Estonian Multishengen in St. Petersburg: easy and simple

From time to time I loved to make short travels to Estonia (I live in St. Petersburg) and mad from any travel agency, because when opening a visa required reservation in the hotel. And, according to travel agencies, Estonians were not given then (a couple of years ago) tourists multiple visas, and it was not decided to apply to the consulate himself. And then the last two years in a row used Finnish Multishengen for traveling in Finland and shopping there. In Estonia, it was only 2 times over the Finnish Multishengen, often ride in Estonia did not allow the rules – I should more often ride exactly the country that issued me a multivitz that I did.

I traveled so often in Finland, which, together with the last visa, ended and the passport was over the term in which the first three used disposable visas remained in Estonia and the last two Finnish annual multivibuses. I made a new biometric passport for 10 years and, since to be in Estonia I love the largest than in Finland, I went to the Estonian consulate itself personally, bypassing the Toufirm:

2. bought the necessary insurance (opposite the consulate)

3. Applied an e-mail printout of armor in a hotel for three days

Formalities and rules of entry in Estonia personal experience

4. Mepsopia tickets SPB-Tartu (bus) and reverse Tallinn-Moscow (train)

5. Help on the purchase of currency – bought 200 euros (in the exchanger Dali, when the currency was bought)

6. old ending term passport

7. New pure passport

Consular worker, taking documents, looked at them while running and superficially, said that if there are no violations, then the visa will be, and what I see when receiving. Visa did 10 days. And as soon as I came to receive on the appointed day, I was just greatly surprised: in a new passport there was an annual Schengen multi-day 90 days for one half year. So the Estonian Multishengen is not such a distant and transcendental. Sometimes I even regret why I did not appeal myself for one-time visas to the consulate.

Receiving a visa for New Year’s holidays

I want to tell about the independent receipt of a visa to Estonia, t.To. I myself constantly use reviews on this site, I hope my post will help someone. So, our company (7 people) decided to spend the New Year holidays in Tallinn.

Tickets to Tallinn for January 1 bought at once – Sch for 6,300 rubles, tolerant, but with reverse tickets the problem, and a big. In the framework of Russian Railways they say – wait, tour operators on the Baltic States are saying – you can not wait, all the same our tickets, buy a tour. We answer – thanks, do not! Thank God, there are connections in Russian Railways, in official cash desks, but even now, for a month, there are no return tickets. We can’t wait, we must be supplied to the visa. Called to Estonia’s embassy, ​​explained the situation, a nice girl said that there were no problems, write a letter to the consul, describing the problem, and most likely a visa will give. We can not risk and do not want, looking for acquaintances in travel agencies, make air ticket booking, well, so that there was at least some kind of paper that guarantees return home.

It remained only to collect the remaining documents and sign up for the phone on the reception that we actually did. We were recorded at 9 am. Profit to Embassy to 8.50, there was already a queue, more precisely three queues, one common, other by writing, the third to receive visas. All each other are shoved, swear, trying to figure out who for whom, shorter – Bardak. At first, who by writing, then a common queue, to receive visas to pass 1-2 people with each occasion. The guard is quite friendly, shows how to collect documents, he has glue and scissors for a photo.

So, what really needs to be taken:

1. One photo 4 * 5, light background, color

2. Profile filled on the site, stick a photo at once at home and do not forget to sign on the last page

3. Sunchka – a copy, especially for embassies, they do not need the original, not less than 30,000 euros

4. Tickets – back and back

6. Help from work or account extract – and then, and then you do not need to carry

7. 35 euros, and only in euros!

No copies of passports do not need at all, in one exception – if you are on a notarial power of attorney, imagine any of the traveling. Fit all the documents neatly, put into the passport (remove the cover) and boldly apply. Good luck to all.

Shengen in Estonian

so. Desire to go in September 2009 in Tallinn for cars. Collection of documents without problems. Signed by phone on August 4. Time chose himself was free. Came on time, turn – man 35-40. It’s good that I wrote down – it is very convenient, it turns out to be missed in priority. The guard checks the docks and sends 1-3 in windows. Took the following:

1. Passport valid
2. Hotel reservation for 6 days through Booking.COM, printing with e-mail
3. Questionnaire with a photo 4 by 5 cm
4. Insurance
5. Help from work
6. Statement from the bank
7. Docks on the car
eight. Internal passport looked, returned, no copies
nine. Xerox cloud not needed!
ten. The annulled band is not needed, so they said
eleven. Collect 35 Euro

Dali Mositone on August 12. On August 11, after lunch, he received a passport with a visa for 6 days, as the hotel’s hotel, one-time entrance.

Multivisa in Estonia after multiple visits

About getting an Estonian Schengen visa

Last week I received a visa to Estonia. I must say that after joining the Schengen zone, the visa rules for Estonians have not changed. Still there is an opportunity to make a visa without an invitation for up to 5 days – so I entered, requested for 4 days.

From the documents in the embassy they took (everything was prepared in advance):

– A profile questionnaire (a photo guard at the entrance asked to incur, scissors and glue they have there);

– photocopy of an internal passport;

– insurance (made opposite the embassy, ​​for 4 days for 240 rubles, there was also photographed, by the way);

– Confirmation of accommodation – Printing E-mail armor hostel in Tallinn;

– Confirmation of the availability of funds – I had a check of Sberbank about buying an euro;

– Photocopies of tickets for the train Moscow-Tallinn and back. I bought on the Belarusian train station, the visa was not asked (and then heard the conversations that at some stations allegedly require a visa, and they do not sell tickets without it).

Still secretary asked to write a statement: "Consul ER in the Russian Federation from such. Please open a tour.Visa to Estonia with such something on such a thing for so many days. Apply the following documents. Sincerely, . date, signature". Visa made a week. There are almost no queues now, I both came to two hours, there was a maximum of 15.

Formalities and rules of entry in Estonia personal experience

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