Formalities and rules of entry in Hungary: personal experience

-The cost of a visa (all charges) – 35 euros (although the visa center was told 55 euros; filed in Moscow, ul. Mosfilmovskaya, 62). Payment of visa in rubles at Sberbank for the day of filing, or pay in 35 euros currency

-necessarily! Sign up on the site or by phone

-Signed at the last moment through the site, there remained a pair of slots for a month. when they came, even the queue was not. strange. In general, if that, attempt to sign up by phone, if there are no places on the site

-If you go to file documents together with someone, then in the application, write the name of all that feed on the visa (or simply attribute to your name + n, where N is the number of people)

-Make a visa week

Visa to Hungary

Served with a girlfriend documents for visa (planned to spend a week in Hungary). Sign up to the embassy managed not immediately (although it was not in season), but there is a Lifehak: it is better to monitor the electronic calendar about 9-10 in the morning. At this time, apparently, the system is updated, and released / canceled slots.

Package of documents Standard (oriented not on the list on the site of the embassy (it is vague), but on the general requirements of Schengen countries).

In general, very nice impressions: polite workers, adequate protection. Photo required one. It can be glued to the questionnaire itself (in any case, there are glue and scissors in the embassy). Simple extract from the account, most likely, will take, but it is better to provide a certificate of money on the map.

Girlfriend gave another old passport, and I have a certificate of real estate.

Visa made without delays exactly in a week. I was given a one-time trip (before that in a new passport there was a semi-annual Spanish and one-time Romanian), a friend of the semi-annual cartoon. Conclusion: Do not be lazy to bring the old passport if there are at least a pair of Schengen visas 🙂

Visa to Hungary

Recently received a visa to Hungary. There were no problems. Came to the embassy by 9:30, the queue moved quickly. Documents also quickly accepted and after 7 days issued a visa. Workers are very polite and attentive.

Submission of documents for visa of Hungary

On the website of the visa center in the list of documents is full of errors. Here is some of them:
1. Be sure to have 2 photos, and not one, as everywhere it is written on the site.
2. When confirming the material condition, it is written that you need to have one of the following documents:
– Help from work
– account statement
– Confirmed reservation or payment of travel documents
– and T.D.
In fact, it is necessary to have several
T.E. One of the availability of cash in accounts is not enough: I demanded a plane ticket booking and without them refused to accept documents.

In general, the site is completely "raw" take all documents to the maximum.

Not allowed to Hungary on Polish visa

Hello, friends! Here the other day such a case happened. We drove the hitchhiker in Hungary with the goal of printing a Hungarian visa of a friend, and then planned through Romania to return home to Ukraine. I have a printed Polish visa. And here at the transition of forks (Ukraine) -tisabch (Hungary) me, with my Polish visa, unfold. Official interpretation – no documents for staying in the country. Under the document meant tour. voucher. True, I did not understand for what strange. The officer explained that I was going to a transit in Montenegro.What is for staying and in Serbia and in Montenegro, I do not need any vouchers. And for the Hungarian transit, I have Shen. visa. But the verdict of Magyarov was final and not subject to appeal. Either voucher (x.Z. what) either back home. Also the seal of the refusal to enter the passport was set. Everyone else, who had Hungarian visas were missed for 2 minutes and unnecessary, and indeed no questions asked. Here is such a good case there was a place to be.

Z.NS. Before 20 km. From the village of Vilk, the Romanian border was already, the transition of Dyakovo (Ukraine) -Helmeu (Romania) through which we safely and entered Romania. Romanian people wise and hospitals and the country of Romania is much more interesting than Hungary.

Experience receiving tour. Visas at the Consulate of Hungary in Moscow

America I will not open you, but in the process of obtaining a visa had to face some moments, which is better to know about in advance to simplify life and save 🙂

So, on points:

1. Sign up for the submission of documents strongly in advance! Apply documents only by writing. In the season (and maybe in the no-season too), the recording is clogged by 1.5 months. They say, it is possible in order of urgency for dual payment to sign "for tomorrow", But it’s better not to bring.

2. Payment of visa collection is made only in Euro. Those who are spoiled by visa centers and some loyal consulates may not know about it or forget, and for some reason it does not say about it. Inside the consulate there is an ATM, which will give you the euro if necessary. And also take a commission with you.

3. You must have a copy of the first page of the passport, which you are submitting, as well as copies of pages with Schengen visas. On the site in agreed lists of documents. But in the list inside the consulate, according to which these copies are asked to fold these copies. Probably it is not by chance, after all, a micravel is parked next to the consulate, where a friendly young man will make you the necessary copies in just 50 rubles./page.

4. Hungarians will be happy to offer you a multivituization for 6 months. An important role in making a decision on which visa to give you to play your visa story will play, so do not forget the old passport or copies of his visas pages.

5. No one cares if you will enter from another country to the territory of Hungary, where you do not need a visa. Accordingly, as you will get to that country, too, your personal business.

6. Come better a little ahead of the recording time, since they are not allowed not immediately, but 2-3 people, and is going to turn.

In general, the atmosphere is friendly. Passport can be taken exactly in a week.

In Hungary on cars

Visa to Hungary independently. Fresh information

Today, March 18, passed documents for receiving a Schengen visa for a trip to Hungary in mid-April. I will make a reservation immediately, no comments on the documents, because I started collecting them and prepare in advance, I reread a lot of different information about the documents, called many sites. So, what can I add to the information that is already posted on the website www.Travel.RU:
1) the procedure for the formation of documents is absolutely correct.
2) Photos should be two pieces, alone we stick to the questionnaire, just apply to the document set;
3) a copy of the passport remove from all pages that have visas
4) Be sure to sign up via the Internet for submission of documents, since if you are not in the lists, you will not even miss the Embassy territory.
5) It is advisable when paying for a consular fee to have minor money, as there are difficulties with the surrender

I came to the embassy of the previously stated time, I thought I would pass faster, but it was not there. Turn man in 10-12 before the gate of the embassy, ​​pass into the territory dosed by checking before it, are you recorded. I stood for 20-30 minutes before let it, the order of frozen. At the entrance in the room there is an apparatus issuing a ticket with a queue number. Promoted about one hour, and maybe more than my turn approached. There are a lot of people going without a queue (came earlier, returned or forgotten something), people with complex, controversial situations that can stand near the window of 30-40 minutes – which slowed down the queue passage.

I stood at the window less than 7-10 minutes, got a cherished convict to receive a passport smoothly in a week, and with a sense of accomplished debt went home.

First visa

Visa to Hungary

Signed on 9.ten.For the passing of documents. Arrived on time launched in the order of a living queue, but the name was twisted with the list. Documents accepted about 10.00 when the queue came out at the input was no longer. It means to sign up better at a later time that would not stand in the cold.

Here is the list of documents that I passed:
1. Stamp passport The validity period is +3 months after the end of the validity of the visa required by the applicant.
2. Old ZP
3. Copy of first passport page.
4. Photo 3.5 to 4.5 cm.
5. Filled questionnaire (manual or computer)
6. Hotel reservation, I brought usual confirmation with Booking.COM, without proposal, with the ability to cancel, I did not ask questions to me (fax from the hotel, the confirmation of payment T TD., NOT REQUIRED . note. )

Note the list of the same as most countries of Shengen, like Spain or France for example. No references from the bank in English, faxes from the hotel, do not torment themselves with exotic documents. I write this in the footsteps of reviews for which I tried to clarify the list of documents for obtaining a visa, and it is impossible to understand them. The list can also be viewed on the website of the Hungary Embassy!

Visa to Hungary

good evening. Today I handed over the visa documents to the Hungarian Embassy. Everything turned out to be easier than I thought.As I handed yourself the first time. I read a lot of forums to fill the questionnaire and package of documents. I will tell more detail. For the month, he was recorded on the site embassy at 9.15. Came to the embassy for half an hour before the opening. People already had a man 15-20. I could get, only after the main stream. AT 9.00 in the morning 15-20 people start, after a person comes out, launch one by one. I stood for about 30 minutes, waiting for your queue. The people are not on the record, live queue. At first I did not understand why so long, go out of the embassy, ​​but when I got inside, everything became clear. People come not prepared, missing armor, overdue certificates and T.D. And the most basic thing is that a person is trying to prove to workers that those are wrong. Of course it takes a lot of time.

Documents took with you:

Payment for a visa is made in the euro in the embassy.

Document delivery took me no more than 10-15 minutes. Through I do not share a passport with a visa you can take. Good luck to all visa.

Visa to Hungary in the Embassy: Easier

Get in a visa to Hungary is not difficult. Everything is clearly given documents. There were little people, it is necessary to record on the embassy website. Be sure to tell the guard how much passports do you have. Who has more than one at the embassy another turn.

When donated documents, I was asked about the purpose of the trip to Hungary.

When receiving a passport with a visa exists "Live" queue.

Inside the embassy for putting documents there are extra questionnaires, glue and scissors.

Getting a visa for a trip to Hungary on Heviz.

Read review Anna and Svetlana (December 2012.) I was very surprised that she writes about the Hamsky relations of employees. Passed the documents for a visa in August 2012. The staff is very polite. There were little inaccuracies, everything corrected right there. Assigned a day of receipt (there were four of us). Helped to arrange power of attorney. Received all passports alone. On the day of receipt, a little late – three minutes. Thought they would not give. Gave and joked that he heard as I fled.

Very grateful to employees, I was nice to communicate with them. And even respected comrades, it is probably necessary to watch not only on the behavior of employees but also to their?

Hungarian visa or try to pass documents for the departure of the child

I would like to share the history of submission of documents for a Hungarian visa on their own.

So, the visa was needed on my minor brother, who rides with me in Hungary. Having experience in obtaining a visas (on work it is constantly required by Open Schengen) gathered a package for the departure of a child, with all reservations paid to the tickets, there was a fax from the hotel with signatures and seals that they expect us + of course notarial resolution of parents, birth certificate and letter Sponsor with official documents on the confirmation of financial condition. I was not needed by the Hungarian visa.To. Already there was an open annual Schengen from France. When taking docks, the girl with a mentality of the saleswoman of a roadside stall announced that since I had a French Schengen, could refuse that the complete nonsense was apparently to find fault more than anything else, even tried not to accept documents. Plus showed her discontent, they say how you are tired of you with your disposable visas, it is not a metaphor, but direct text. Moral, if you want to file yourself, without intermediaries who know themselves as connected with this process, make not only the perfect package of docks, but also take patience. that they are generously accepted after convincing entrance speech.

Mildly speaking surprised by such an attitude, if there is time, I’ll take it more densely with the necessary earnings about the high level of work of the staff of this embassy. In general, good luck travelers)

Horrible Hungarian Embassy

Docked the visa themselves in the Hungarian Embassy. Standard set of documents as everywhere. Signed on the Internet – for each person his own entry (we were 3 people.) took euro for the payment of a visa and visited it "Wonderful" Embassy!

I myself received a visa many times, but in such a small and sulk room I was for the first time! the turn is huge, despite the record! We sat in line about 2 hours! Come on to everything! As if we are not going to Hungary, but at least in the US! To each letter! Hamki terrible! Well, with grief in half passed docks. A week later they said to come, pick up. I arrived and what I see in my passport – annual multivitis Schengen . BUT (!) The term of entry into the countries of Schengen in the amount of 12 days! cool? I’m stupid! What should I do with this annual visa. All my questions are responsible that the consul so considered it necessary and put such a number of days! Maybe you had no Schengen before?- They ask. But Schengen in my old passport pieces 6 and in the new already 3rd. Now we will go on my steep visa to Budapest and Vienna and I will spend from permitted 12-10 days! And in April, I fly to Belgium for a week, naturally days for Brussels on this fucking visa does not remain! We will have to voluntarily cancel the Hungarian Schengen and re-receive Belgian! These visas are issued in the Hungarian Embassy! Low Bow for another hemorrhoids in my and so not easy life!

Hungarian Schengen through a travel agency

A couple of days ago, returned from the trip to Hungary, did the Hungarian Schengen through a travel agency. Collected the following documents:

– The profile of the Embassy of Hungary (filled in Russian, Latin letters in blue ink), – Russian-speaking questionnaire for travel agencies, – Old germination with visas of France and Finland and Egyptian "brand", – Help with work and account extract (in euros) – color photo of the desired sample.

With the size of the salaries, the problem was published, I had to organize sponsorship. Attached a reference from the work of the sponsor, an extract from his account (in USD) and the sponsorship itself.

A visa was given, the only remark – I had to wait for too long until the last moment was not known about the results – they gave me it or refused. Everything turned out literally a few hours before departure to Moscow. All Council – Prepare Documents in advance. Although the Hungarian visa is considered simple, still the Hungarians have its own characteristics.

Visa to Hungary independently in St. Petersburg

In February received a Hungarian visa. Documents submitted by itself, without any agencies and overpayments. Everything turned out quite simple and easy. Read on all sorts of sites, what documents need to pass, gathered them and went to the consulate. What I had:

1. Passport, naturally (plus old)

2. honey. Insurance for travel time + photocopy

3. Booking tickets + photocopy

4. Hotel reservation + photocopy

5. Help from work where place of work was indicated, the position, with what I work, the average monthly income, the phrase that the time-paid vacation is provided with the preservation of the workplace

6. Photocopy of the Russian passport (home page with photos and pages with registration)

Home For me, the complexity was in obtaining a fax from the hotel confirmation. In some hotels, such a service is not provided in principle, in others you need 50% of the prepayment of the number (which I was not satisfied). With great difficulty I got this fax. The problem was still that the fax just did not pass. So I have done! But everything is fine, that it ends well, and I received the fax.

The next day, a call to mobile, the consul itself called. Is talking: "In front of me, they say, are your visa documents. Everything is fine, but you only have tickets and hotels. Certificates from work not enough, could you bring any proof of sufficient funds?" And the transfer went to what I can bring as a proof of a minute for 3. I said I can bring already redefined tickets and discharge from an ATM on the presence of money on banknotes. The consul said that this is enough and that I brought everything when I come to get a visa.

I bought tickets, made a photocopy of credit cards and attached to them extracts from an ATM. Came at the appointed time to receive a visa, I gave what I brought, and after 10 minutes I received such a desired and long-awaited visa. My trip was from February 14 to 21, a visa was given a one-time for 10 days, t.E. from 14 to 23 February.

That’s all. Nothing terrible and terrible was not enough, and most importantly, with a positive result! So do not be afraid, dare and everything will turn out! Good luck.

Schengen visa for Hungary on a private invitation

Formalities and rules of entry in Hungary Personal experience

Comrade from Hungary, with whom they met at the celebration of the New Year in 2007 in Slovakia, invited me to visit with officially decorated in his local immigration department of an invitation for 90 days. What good is the ability to write online on the website of the Embassy in Moscow! Not only a week ahead is open a turn, like, for example, in the Dutch embassy, ​​but for two months ahead. For this, a separate thanks to all Hungarian consuls and consular employees. And during the day, and at night is open for many weeks ahead.

Personally, I filed my application for a guest Schengen visa for Hungary. Polite guards at first entrance to the embassy checked on their list Availability of my name in the printed application forms of applicants under specific hours of coming to the embassy. Already inside the building of the embassy there are two windows and to them – a live queue.

Three days later, the time specified in the quantia to receive a passport, I again overstep the threshold of the Visa Department of the Hungary Embassy in Moscow, and in my passport, a visa was pasted for a period of 40 days (although I declared that it was enough for me only 30).

The Hungarian Embassy is very democratic, disciplined, kept and competent in the opening of Schengen visas. I will prefer the Hungarian Schengen Visa French, I will choose Budapest instead of Paris!

Schengen visa for Hungary on a private invitation

Comrade from Hungary, with whom they met at the celebration of the New Year in 2007 in Slovakia, invited me to visit with officially decorated in his local immigration department of an invitation for 90 days. What good is the ability to write online on the site of the Embassy in Moscow! Not only a week ahead is open a turn, like, for example, in the Dutch embassy, ​​but for two months ahead. For this, a separate thanks to all Hungarian consuls and consular employees. And during the day, and at night is open for many weeks ahead.

Personally, I filed my application for a guest Schengen visa for Hungary. Polite guards at first entrance to the embassy checked on their list Availability of my name in the printed application forms of applicants under specific hours of coming to the embassy. Already inside the building of the embassy there are two windows and to them – a live queue.

Three days later, the time specified in the quantia to receive a passport, I again overstep the threshold of the Visa Department of the Hungary Embassy in Moscow, and in my passport, a visa was pasted for a period of 40 days (although I declared that it was enough for me only 30).

The Hungarian Embassy is very democratic, disciplined, kept and competent in the opening of Schengen visas. I will prefer the Hungarian Schengen Visa French, I will choose Budapest instead of Paris!

Hungarian visa from Vladivostok

The day before yesterday received. I want to share the acquired experience. I live in Vladivostok and to the nearest consulate me far – it is in Yekaterinburg. I called this consulate and found out that at least we do not treat their district, but they can make a visa to.

On Avantix website.RU I bought tickets to Budapest. Bought a month 2.5 to the planned trip, so tickets turned out to be inexpensive. From them I came to the mail e-ticket.

Then I booked a hotel on Booking.Com. I did not immediately come confirmation of the armor. I had to contact the support service and then all sent me. Although I read that confirmation of armor’s armor is suitable for the embassy, ​​I still be afraid and wrote a letter to a hotel in which I asked to remove payment from my credit card and send a letter with confirmation of payment and indicating my passport data. A few days later, scanned paper came from the hotel and the signature that the payment was removed and the number is waiting for me.

Next, it was necessary to make insurance. "Alfa Bank" began to offer such a service. But their 30,000 euro coverage insurance costs 34 euros. We have an insurance company "Dalestrakh", they take 0.7 euros per day. And insurance cost me 8.4 euros.

How I confirmed the presence of money? I have a credit card from "Alpha Bank". Not salary. I put 25 thousand rubles per card. Immediately took a certificate (worth 70 rubles this service). After 5 minutes I took the money back. From the work he took a certificate that I am given a vacation with such that such that my salary is 30 thousand rubles and the position of such.

I wrote a letter to the consulate and I sent a form of an application form. I filled it in Russian, but English letters. Made a power of attorney to a relative in Yekaterinburg (notarized) and sent a package of documents:

1) passport + copy pages with photos

Everything, visa received!

Hungarian visa independently – no problems

So, the process of obtaining a visa did not cause special complaints and problems. Danar: Desire to go for 3 days, June 12-14, 2009 in Budapest. Made the following: Hotel reservation through, asked to send a fax with the name, dates, the next day I received it without problems. Signed on April 23, 2009 through Redroxx. In a couple of days gathered all the docks, made copies. Next, the process in the consular department. Late for an hour – Moscow Great cork capital. The guard still missed after the call to the visa department. People sits fills the profiles and glue photo. Therefore, everything is as it should be – brake more than necessary.

Submitted to the window number 5 the following docks and plus copies:
– passport + old annulled;
– photocopy of passport, page with data;
– Hotel reservation for 3 days, without payment;
– insurance;
– reservation tickets;

Everyone was taken, only the original insurance was returned. And a leaflet with the date of extradition on April 29, 2009 from 16 to 16-30. In the window No. 3 payment, on the call and there is a stop – did not like 10 euros, on which there was a supervision of 2 mm (I measured out of interest), asked to change. Shrusstroy Lyuy crushed, the blessing there is a bank, bought two new 5 euros, returned, gave me, and I was given a check. April 29, 2009 came earlier, that is, in 14-40, called the consular department, asked, and is there any opportunity to get a passport? They said it is possible. Outcome: visa from 10 to 29 June 2009, 5 days stay and 1-fold entry. So bold and good luck.

Documents for visa to the Embassy of Hungary

Was recorded on 9.00 (Internet recording). AT 8.55 went to the embassy. Gave the police officer passport. He went to the booth, checked the record, returned the passport. Said wait when you open the gate to the embassy. AT 9.00 Opened gate, the guard went up the embassy and took the passport. Checked in the booth. Inwidd up in Kalitka. Gave passports. In the embassy building – met a guard. I asked to show the completed questionnaire. Looked and said to approach the window 1.

In the window gave:

2. Honey. Insurance and a copy of insurance. The girl left a copy and returned the original;

3. Faxes from the hotel (paid Austrian and reservation in Budapest);

4. A copy of the Russian passport;

5. A questionnaire with a photo of 3.5 to 4.5;

6. Pursued Travel Route: Budapest-Vienna-Budapest. The girl looked at (carefully) and returned;

eight. Electronic plane tickets;

nine. Help with income work.

Got a convict on 5.02.2009 for 16 hours to receive a passport (I hope with a visa). Paid 35 euros. AT 9.15 came out of the embassy. Waiting for a visa.

Hungarian tourist Schengen directly

Passed to the Hungarian Schengen type with independently. Documents were collected by the list in Travel.RU, railway tickets purchased, insurance is made. Recording occurs by phone or through an interactive calendar located on the Embassy website. Usually, a lot of free days is a lot, and you can easily sign up for 2-3 days. As later it turned out, you can try to pass and so, because many of the recorded do not come, and in the hall itself, where there are windows, from the strength 5-7 people (emphasize, the experience was in no-season). Consulate is very friendly and convenient. We take a piece of paper with the number, waiting for yourself on the scoreboard. Not passes and five minutes, already stands near the window.

The list of documents is almost correct, but in confirmations of the security "or" does not appear: if you work, a certificate of income is obligatory, it does not replace an extract from the bank account. It can also be brought, it is only a plus, but it is like an addition to the certificate. It is necessary to have copies and originals of all documents. Tickets look, give, copies take. Insurance is the same. Extracts from the bank and help from work are taken in the original, the copies look, return (it is not clear why they then these copies). Booking we had a fax prepaid. Also looked fax, returned, took a copy. About prepayment data contradictory. But you can definitely do without 100%. Visas made quickly, the date of issue stood the day after delivery (however, the date of receipt was appointed after 10 days).

Visa to Hungary independently

Yesterday received Hungarian Schengen. Everything turned out to be easy and nice. Documents collected on the list shown on the website www.Travel.Ru. It was hard to get fax confirmation of 100% prepayment from hotels. I had hotels in Budapest and Vienna, each on 8 days. I had to call several times – remind of myself. After gathered all the documents, I was discharged for an interview on the Embassy website at 9 am. The consular department of the embassy is located at: ul. Mosfilmovskaya, 62. Traveled from Kiev station on trolleybus 34 to stop "University Prospekt".

Embassy sell honey. Insurance. Before skipping into the embassy, ​​the police officer asks for insurance and cash euro. It turns out, many come and without insurance, and without euros. When admission of documents, I was asked only by the Mother’s Mother’s Maiden Familia. I paid the consular fee – 35 euros, got a receipt with the date, time of receiving a passport and with the issue of the issuance window. Yesterday, T.E exactly a week later, I got my passport with a visa for 18 days (instead of the 16 requested) and with terms from 25.12.08 to 26.01.09 (instead of the requested 27.12.08 – 11.01.09).

Formalities and rules of entry in Hungary Personal experience

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