Formalities and rules of entry in Latvia: Personal experience

Received 2-year visas, before it was annual! This time they hoped for an annual one, but pleasantly surprised by a two-year-old! From the documents were served: a questionnaire, booking from Buking, flights, insurance and discharge from the bank.

We are not lucky with a Latvian visa

We went to Latvia to the New Year holidays with the whole family, an unpleasant precipitate due to the fact that her husband, which in Europe was once (in Spain, Latvians gave a visa for half a year, and we are with my daughter, "Bezolesyvisti" All European countries are not one time, the visa was given strictly for 6 days of stay (((which logic operates, maybe someone will explain?

Train St. Petersburg – Riga

The train of St. Petersburg – Riga on the way is about 14 hours. The undoubted advantage is that it happens at night, minus – the passage of customs, too, at night, about 3 and 5 am. A little about the train: the old generation train with Soviet luxury views, if this is possible in the train, plastic panels under the tree and burgundy dermatin under the skin, plastic flowers for comfort and carpet tracks, there are no air conditioners in a compartment, but there are wi-fi + free tea , water, chocolate, map of Riga with sights.

The train arrives at 9.35 local time.

Successfully: Received Multivis

Received Latvian multivibuses per year. From the documents I filed everything that are listed on the embassy website, the hotel booked for the Wish.whom, asked for a hotel to send me a confirmation, certificates from the bank, mine at 60,000, the girl just 20,000 rubles. Certificates from the university that are students. Insurance did online on the site of alfactors, you need to do 15 days more than stays. Were purchased and paid back tickets back. Documents sent through PonyPress.

Before that there were only two Finnish visas for a month and 5 days. The fact that the Latvians gave us an annual surprise))

PogrubControl in Vilnius when leaving the train

I regularly go to Vilnius by train from Minsk (last time was last Friday). I almost always pass for 20 minutes, but I travel almost without luggage and, although it’s not run, I turn out to be with the number if not the first, then far from the last. Latest every hour stand, I think.

From the train to Kaliningrad, not everyone goes out in Vilnius (unlike trains in Minsk), so that maybe there will be a little.

Multivisa in Latvia for a year

Visa in an annulled passport: refused landing on the board of the aircraft

In Riga airport checks insurance

Without warning from passengers from "Third" (non-Schengen) countries in the Riga Airport began to check the availability of insurance. Although the receipt of a visa provides for the acquisition of insurance, those who have not had it with him, detained by one and a half or two hours in the customs zone, and forced her to re-buy her. And, with extra charge (10 euros) for "urgency". According to airport workers, reinforced checks began a week ago.

According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia, the entering is obliged to have insurance, but for a long time it has not been checked, believing that it is enough to submit insurance when making a visa. According to the Immigration Act, checking the presence of insurance when crossing the border follows only in exceptional cases (if there are reasonable doubts in its presence).

Entrance to Latvia, Schengen and expiring passport

I am writing on hot wakes – to prevent travelers.

A week ago, I was deployed in the Riga airport: the passport period was less than the notorious 3 months, and at least Schengen (Italian, for 2 years) stood neatly on the last day of the passport – that is, there was no acting, border guards did not let me in the country. I gave up the paper that I had violated a law of 2002 (which is important – the Law of Latvia, not the EU), sat down to spend the night on the gate (there is no hotel at the airport in the transit zone) and sent back to Moscow first morning flight.

I had a ticket one way – I was going to go back by car. After the referees, the representative of the airline came, first they tried to convince me to buy a ticket for the most categorically when I categorically refused, I tried sluggish to describe me prospects "You will sit on the gate of 3-4 days and wait for agreement", But after a short, but pictorially explained to them the prospects to arrange a scandal in 5 minutes returned with a ticket for the morning flight. That is, returned to Russia for their account. If there was a ticket back-back, then they would just move the date, that is, it would be possible for my as a result.

And this is all despite the fact that before the departure I asked at the Latvian Embassy, ​​whether I have problems with the passport (there is no answer – no, everything will be OK), and the employee of AirBaltic in Sheremetyevo also did not find it, what to find fault in my documents Before boarding the plane.

But this story has, oddly enough, Happy End. As they say, we are on the door – and we are in the window. This morning I successfully entered the territory of Latvia – through Lithuania (by car from Moscow). Previously talked a hundred times and with the Embassy of Lithuania, and with Lithuanian border guards – everyone said that they had no such rules, let’s not problems, wait.

And indeed – not a single question with me when crossing the border did not ask, gave passports and wished a pleasant way. By the way, under Riga, we stopped the patrol of migration control (or passport, I do not remember). Checked our documents, nor the words again did not say and let go. Apparently, here a) on which border guards you get 🙂 b) it all matters only when the boundary intersection is directly crossing.

Consulate of Latvia on the eve of the May holidays

Filed documents on April 10. Came to the embassy at 90:20. The list was 155th, entered the Embassy itself in the end somewhere at 12:30. Managed to frozen and drink coffee a couple of times "Chocoladnice" near the metro. The pace of reception of documents is floating during the work, for example, by 9:30, 50 people have passed inside, and by 11:00 – a total of 80. When I went out already at 13:10 in the courtyard of the embassy, ​​about 10 people remained.

My conclusion is such – come earlier by 12:30, t.To. everyone who went into the territory until 13:00 – will take. Still the guards shared the investment that on Fridays less people, and on Monday it is better not to plan a visit. Probably, on the eve of the May holidays, in principle, the big influx.

As for the process itself. Mobile at the entrance are asked to disable and pass, return when exit. Be careful: not allowed with laptops and tablets and do not take storage. So where the people of their deval – I do not know. Better leave at home.

The whole process in the embassy is built customer-oriented: inside the human electronic queue, 5 windows work. There is a copier for 20 rubles per copy, scissors, glue. Documents take very quickly polite and adequate employees. All that you needed, too much returned – everything is calm and friendly. Filed documents for a daughter (we have a visa with my husband), we are going by self-seamists by car. In addition to the standard questionnaire, passports and insurance, a copy of your visa, documents for the car (PTS, registration certificate, right, green card), sponsored letter, route trip, help from work with income, hotel reservation (scan copy without payment, Guaranteed by credit card).Accepted without any questions. I will wait for the results.

Pay consular can be credited.Write off the amount in lats at the rate of your bank. Looked at how many wrote off – more than not to take. Therefore, do not listen to the stray Agigators near the Embassy, ​​persistently advise you to change money in the nearest bank, t.To. Embassy takes percentage. Vrats – nothing takes.

Submission of documents for a visa: in line from 7 to 9 am

With obtaining a visa problems did not arise

Experience in obtaining a visa in Latvia

Purchased documents 12.12.2012 on a turvisu. Arrived at the embassy on pure ponds to 7.thirty. Was 106 on the list. The people say that they occupied with the o’clock in the night. Launched into the courtyard already in 8.45. Somewhere to 10.30 got inside. 40 minutes later came out.

From the documents: – Printed questionnaire from the site of the embassy with a photograph of the photo (if you can stick when you pass, there is a corner where glue lies), + 1
– international passport
– Help from work
– Printed Insurance Policy (accepted by the way not from all companies, there is a list definite, I had Rosgosstrakh)
– Prints on Booking Booking.Com
– Prints of e-tickets for the bus and aircraft (to Riga and back by bus, from Riga to the Netherlands and back by plane)
– Photocopy of the first page of civil passport and pages with registration

The queue moved fast enough. 35 euro fee (payment exclusively in euros). I saw the cashier lay the terminal to pay bank cards, but I don’t know if he worked. Do not take laptops with you, just do not miss.I had to leave a bag right at the entrance. Turn off the phone for 5 mnut before the entrance, and it can take to the street. In principle, everyone makes enough operational. Exactly a week later he took a passport with a visa. Came to 13.00 and was already the 33rd. Queue for issuing a little quickly moving. When surrender, be sure to make a new photo, otherwise they may not give.Watching last visas. Good luck to all!

Do not make visas through non-accredited travel agencies

Consulate of Latvia in Moscow – a new entrance and queue

Hoped that summer there are no queues – they still should be on vacations!

Came to 9:30, signed up in line 145th, at that time the 30th numbers were already shown. The queue went to 12 o’clock, at 12-30 it was already released. Take one’s day. At the exit noticed that the people in the courtyard became greater than in the morning. I think they will not pass to the hour of day, so it is necessary to come to the discovery after all.

By the way, if someone surrendered for a long time and goes again. Entrance to the consulate has moved to the other side of the building. Don’t need to go through the playground. All from the street, quite civilized. But the old entrance has not had time to remove. Everything seems to be in place – both the entrance and the turntable, and the booth with tinting, but there is no one and the feeling of abandonment, as if just yesterday I slept

On the Consulate website, a booking of visits interval is being developed. I hope soon will do and it will not be necessary to stand for 2-3 hours.

You can surrender through the express pony, and probably so even better: do not stand for delivery and receipt. But I was worried about the issue of completeness of documents and the date of manufacture of a visa.

Visa to Latvia – incomprehensible difficulties with the date of departure

I live in Buryatia. In May, submitted an application through the tour to receive a visa to parents for a period of 14 days. Visa received after 3 weeks. Visa’s dates from 09.07.12 to 09.08.12

Today, parents crossed the border and warned them that they should leave the country on July 28, although they have tickets to the departure of Riga-Moscow on August 1 and the Moscow-Yulan-Ude aircraft on August 2. And the visa is open to the ninth of August. Where is the truth and how to understand Latvian customs?

Submission of documents for a visa to Latvia – only positive impressions!

Consulate of Latvia in Moscow nicely struck efficiency and excellent work! Today submitted documents for a visa to Consulate for Chaplygin. Came about 10 am – and in line 154th. At first I thought I would not go through, but the queue was moving very quickly; Inside came about 12. Those who came first came about six in the morning. The number of people, however, every day Miscellaneous: yesterday, for example, as I was told, at 10 am already recorded three hundredth numbers.

At the entrance to the consulate Mobile phones must be passed. Inside about six-seven cabins, called the numbers that the security guard gives the entrance.

I liked it very much how documents took: everything is clear and fast; suggest where and what you need to add. Only positive impressions.

Inside there is a device where you can deless the necessary documents. One printout – 20 rubles. Please note that the questionnaires are accepted only in electronic form, in payment of the consular fee – exclusively in euros.

If documents are required, if you come on the same day, you will be empty without a queue, but you need to contact the guard.

Document filing took exactly half an hour. They said to come in a week.

In general, the Council is: if you have a couple of free morning hours, then you should try to submit documents for a visa to the consulate, and not through Pony Express. It’s easy and fast!

Annual multiple visa in Latvia

Formalities and rules of entry in Latvia Personal experience

Obtaining a Visa Latvia in Kiev

Received Latvian Schengen in Kiev for 2 weeks. We arrived at the Embassy on the street. Mazepa 6b. Were in the third ten. Laying line. Reception began in 9.thirty. Launched 2 people. Inside give coupons with numbers, at this number come to the window and rent documents. We passed:

1. Help with work on the application forms with outgoing number and date

2. Bank reference

3. Hotel reservation

4. photocopies of internal and passports

5. Filled visa profile and photo 3.5×4.5 cm

6. Tickets for the bus and xerox

7. Insurance and xerox

eight. Trip plan for individual tourists

Accepted all documents, no questions asked. They issued cadiers to receive passports in a week. According to these tolls, our friends received passports with visas. Everything is cultural and polite, no problems.

Latvian visas queues in Moscow

Today (April 19) came with a girlfriend about 8.00 in the morning, there were 23-24 on the list, somewhere in 8.45 put in the courtyard. And then it started after 9.00. At first it seemed that the queue for the surrender was evenly with the queue for receiving, but not there was something – to receive people launch more often, with many people go without a queue: employees of travel agencies and who have relatives in Latvia. And there were so many such lackless things that the queue was also formed. Along the way, people who were already at the embassy today were still suitable, but who, for example, forgot the phone to pick up, leaving the embassy, ​​or ran to change rubles to the euro, as the consular fee is paid there only in euros.

We have frozen very much, we visited only around 12.00. Documents take only to 13.00. Approximately passed 30 people in general turn. Who forgot to make photocopy, you can do in the consulate itself – there are cars there, take bills of 20 rubles (for 1 sheet). Receive documents to us exactly in a week. So good luck to everyone who just take!

Submission of documents for a visa to Latvia in Moscow

Reception of documents and issuing passports is carried out by the Consulate of Latvia in Moscow from 9.00 to 13.00. Everyone who entered the courtyard to 13.00, the consulate will serve, even if a person has not yet passed into the building.

In the building launch one by one. The first thing is the inspection of things and bags. Mobile phone take storage, in exchange give out numbers.

Then the girl in the window runs through the presence of documents (returns too much and says, if something is missing). If everything is in order with the documents, the girl gives a dial to the feed number. With this tumbler, the petitioner goes into another room.

Reception of documents is conducted in six windows, by numbers on the tongue. In the common room there are automatic photoches – 20 rubles per page.

If the documents are accepted, you pay for the value of the visa. Payment is accepted only in Euro. Receipt receipt relate to the same window where documents.

In November after 11m, the turn on the street was externally not big (a person at 20), but nevertheless, the waiting for passing the building took about an hour.

Visa is issued exactly in a week. For a passport for a passage to the building is a separate queue.

Gasoline in the canister does not miss Russian customs

Getting a Latvian visa in St. Petersburg

From St. Petersburg to Riga

Failure to issue a Latvian visa

I needed to get to Latvia for 4 days at work. I made an invitation through the tourist agency in Latvia. I as an experienced person (received successfully seventeen visas, of which three French annual Schengen) gathered all the pieces of paper, even photographed five minutes before filing documents (read that they could refuse if a photo of more than 3 months) and came to the embassy. On the first floor meets a policeman, checks the correctness of the questionnaire and the presence of the necessary pieces of paper. Face control I went. Next you get into a small room with five windows. In the only unoccupied window sits very strict Madame with a questioning look – and that you have forgotten in our independent Latvia? I gave a package of documents. I returned copies of the first page of passport and Russian. In return, they gave a small block of a piece of paper on which 1×35 was written and sent to the fifth window to pay a visa, the glass was written on the glass with large letters: do not accept rumpled bills, torn and EUR metallic coins (payment only in euro). Requested a disposable tourist visa for a week, there was a hotel reservation "Marriot" and air tickets. In the passport (besides all the remaining used visas), it is an annual Schengen issued in August of this year. They said to come in a week with 15.00 to 16.00.

Girl in 5 windows on the 2nd floor, which gives a passport with refusal first did not want to say why I got a refusal. The wording is weighty – the Embassy of Latvia reserves the right to not explain the reason for the refusal. Then spoke. The fact is that the Embassy workers checked the presence of tickets for a reservation by me and it turned out that all tickets are sold on this flight. At the same time, the girl said that if I had another invitation, I can submit documents re-at least tomorrow. But the next time it is advisable to buy tickets if I don’t want to repeat the situation. In the passport, they do not set any marks and stamps, just give the passport back. Latvian Embassy is the most unpredictable. They refuse if a photo of more than 3 months (find out the photo on previous visas), due to the lack of places on a booked flight and because of any other nonsense.

Formalities and rules of entry in Latvia Personal experience

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