Formalities and rules of entry into Lithuania: personal experience

Served August 1st to the consulate in St. Petersburg. In 8-55 we were launched in 9-15 issued. Many people. Pack of documents Standard. The hotel did not bother. Was the return ticket bought. Received in a week. For a year, multi. But in front of me, the man was given by 6 months.

I do not advise you to submit to a visa to the Lithuanian Embassy

My student’s child came through many countries (America, Asia, Europe). But with this we are faced for the first time a visa in Lithuania was given for three days. Asked multivitz. Documents filed through a visa center in Moscow. Paid 35 euros plus 1400 rubles for the services of the center. I’m shocked. And the hotel paid 4 stars for the whole family. Moreover, before traveling daughter fell ill. Can not go. For the hotel I will not return money. Later to go the daughter will not be able. Visa strictly for three days. I would know, I did not order. Once I personally go to go and all. I will never go to this country anymore and I will not appear on a visa to this country. The mood has already spoiled these visas.

Very easy to get a visa at the Lithuanian Embassy

Hello.Planned to drive with friends for a few days well type abroad.We decided to rent on Lithuania and Latvia on the car.We are 4 adults and 1 child (7 years old).Booked through Buking Apartments in Vilnius for 3 nights and apartments in Riga for 3 nights.I decided to go to the Lithuanian visa center (ul.Dubininskaya 35) to learn everything about visa and fingerprints.With you captured all the documents just in case.I was offered to fill out a questionnaire for 200 rubles. And I agreed.The guy who filled me the questionnaire explained to me that my documents would not be accepted.To. I ordered a smooth number of stay days and in Lithuania and Latvia.That is, if I turned to the Lithuanian visa center, I needed to book for one day more my stay in Lithuania (and I have 3 nights in Vilnius and 3 nights in Riga, that is, an equal number of days).I grinned and explained that I turned to Lithuania’s visa center as to the country of the first entrance and asked him to fill in the questionnaires.When an employee of the visa center gave me to sign in the questionnaire, he printed, I noticed that he wrote everything to me, namely, I began to explain the employee that when I was born in the Russian Federation, it didn’t exist that an employee of the visa center explained to me that There is no such graph in the questionnaire as the USSR.I explained the employee that I was born in the USSR but not in Russia, but in another Union republic, an employee began to apologize that he did not correctly write and began to redo.I didn’t like this very much how you can confuse if my passport was in front of him.Well, I decided I decided.When the questionnaire was re-made, I also found a new error (in the name of the place of work).I began to resent in such illiteracy of the Lithuanian visa center employee and explained that you are here so much make mistakes that I fear you to pass documents.I took my corrected questionnaire as a sample and houses through the site filled everything myself and decided to directly sign up for the embassy.Signed via the Internet by 08.ten.15 in the embassy and we in the amount of 5 people headed for the embassy.

Since one of us did not work, then in the visa center they said so that we made a sponsorship from my husband to my wife (as the wife does not work) and preferably through the notary.

ten.A sponsorship statement (which was advised at the Lithuanian visa center), but the embassy officer looked at this paper and grinned, such as you did it, I explained that we were advised in a visa center.He said that it was not necessarily and returned this statement without even picking up.

Also, in addition to Buking, I was sent invitation from Vilnius and Riga (where I ordered the apartments) with signature and seals as well as with our last names.An employee of the embassy looked at these papers and also took them.

The fingerprints were all handed over everything, someone from the singing time it turned out to hand out the prints from my third time (they said that he was very pressing his fingers). Accepted documents and said 14.ten.15 in 15.00.I personally asked Shengen for 7 days and one-time, although I had already French Schengen in an old passport, but I did not show it (since he was more than 3 years old), everything was very cute and smiles.Paid for 35 euros except child (child for free).fourteen.ten.15.I took 5 passports with one-time visas for 7 days (we did not ask anymore), I did everything in principle, and I think why people go to the visa center and overpays money there when you can safely sign up via the Internet in the embassy and come at the appointed time and date and no problems. Good luck to all.

Lithuanian consulate. Arguments against

Received a new passport, the old all in Schengen carefully left a table for future accomplishments. And recently, I received an invitation with Finland for 2 years. In anticipation of future trips to work and in warm countries (not without it), the documents in the Lithuanian consulate in Kaliningrad. Took the old passport, from work 2ndfl, the petition, in general, as it should be, defended in line, and I see the picture on the way with the window, the girl is indignant, they say why a husband with a child and a month ago received a multi-year-old one 30 days. I think about yourself: "With me, it is unlikely that this happens, I have the last multi-Schengen a year ago closed, and there are no violations". In short, you already understand what I saw in a passport upon receipt. True, the girl called and warned that the consul decided to give me a one-time Schengen. How cute on their part!

My opinion: Boycott Lithuania and Lithuanian embassies. Since the context of this is a purely political. I heard that Germany also comes with visas.

Boycott all of Europe, don’t want to see us, well, and we do not need. Let’s go to Crimea

For the holiday

Annual Lithuanian Schengen

Good Time!

Scheduled trip by car to Vilnius. There was a need for visas.

I have a semi-annual Lithuanian Schengen, the wife (in marriage is not) and the Son (2.5 months) no.

Documents on it: profile, passport, photo (I had to do in the VS, our did not fit), a certificate from work that on a child care vacation, WBB-shna insurance for three years, booking bookingkom (we are all together – FULL NAME, Date of Birth). Documents on it: the questionnaire (signature is enough mom), passport, photo, insurance for 5 days (bought in a century), birth certificate and certificate of paternity, my account extract from Alpha Bank. Documents from me: a copy of my visa, a copy of the rights and STS on the car, Greencart yet. Sponsorship no need. Payment of fees only for his wife, child for free and visa, and SC service. Served in the evening 04.04.2014. In the morning 10.04.2014 by proxy (there is a form in the MC) and with a birth certificate received two passports – both cartoons for a year. Wife had annual visas three times, the child will go abroad for the first time.

Experience in obtaining a Lithuanian visa

Obtaining a visa to Lithuania

Arrival in Vilnius Kaliningrad train

Obtaining a Schengen visa

On Thursday, on September 28, through the visa center passed a package of documents for themselves and her husband.

People none. Accepted all documents without any complaints.Asked for a semi-annual visa. And what was my disappointment, when it came to take passports, the visa was given a one-time and for a period of 6 days. Although the honey insurance was in us for 30 days during the year, and the letter was attached to the documents with a request to issue a visa for a longer period – nothing worked.Gave so much as booked hotels. Services we cost a more round sum for 6 Schengen days: 35Enevro + 18EVRO visa services of the visa center.And it is only one.So what are looking for yourself where and how to pass documents.

Previously had: German, Austrian visa.

Conclusion: Even if you were served on Schengen more than once, the Lithuanian Embassy may surprise you. Human factor, damn.

Obtaining a visa at the Lithuanian Embassy

Through the site I was recorded on the submission of documents to the Embassy. Everything is very easy there, just need to register. Open the record on Mondays the next week (so on November 11th, you can sign up for days from the 18th to the 22nd).

I came a little ahead of time, which was recorded, no one, except the insurer near the doors. I missed me, did not forced to wait "His" of time. People and inside there was no. With payment came the hitch – with 500 euros, the surrender refused, I had to run to the nearest exchanger, and they have no option to break a large euro on small, so I sold five euros to get exchange.

Friday arrived at three o’clock (issuing passports from 15 to 16), at 15:05 already left the embassy with a single visa.

Lithuanian semi-annual Schengen

And so, on Monday through the visa center passed the package of documents, on Friday morning received a passport with a semi-annual Lithuanian Schengen visa.

Documents on the list, a trip to cars, passed only copies of the certificate of registration and Russian rights, without Grinkart.

Required by 25.12-27.12.2013, for three days, once.

Gave a cartoon for half a year.

Lithuanian semi-annual multiple visa

Lithuanian Embassy in Moscow Starting from Spring 2013. accepts documents both through visa centers and directly to the consular department. Mc services will cost 18 euros, which will give the opportunity to pass documents at a convenient time, track their condition on the site, pay the collection in any currency or a card and some other amenities.

If you are not ready to give 18 euros for dubious advantages – through the same VC, you can make an appointment with the Embassy. The recording opens somewhere in a week, about 20 people write down for one day.

Formalities and rules of entry in Lithuania Personal experience

At the embassy, ​​quite a lot of people comes to the opening, which ignores as advertisements on the Internet and on the stand at the entrance to the building on the reception on the recording and the availability of the MC, and trying to crawl into it, where they are unfolded. Try to bypass such unconscious citizens in line, in order not to stand too much time.

Relatives of citizens of Lithuania, by the way, accept without recording. Stands, however, call and pre-clarify this moment.

Inside, not all windows work now, but considering the overall meager (relatively old) the number of visitors is more than normal.

About documents: Prepared a standard package of documents on the recommendations on the site of the embassy, ​​which was fully accepted including a copy of the internal passport, rejected only the printout of the recording that the MC sends it to e-mail. Documents were commissioned on Wednesday, receiving the next Tuesday, T.E. on the 5th working day, including the day of submission of documents. Of the documents on consistency: Help from work, certificate from the university, a copy of the certificate of ownership of an apartment in Moscow, an extract from the account where the salary comes (it turns out, complements and confirms a certificate from work).

Requested a multiple visa for 3 trips. 1st: already paid (hotel + tickets + insurance). 2nd: Hotel booked. 3rd: Only planned (automobile journey). All this recorded in the accompanying letter and signed.

As a result, he received a visa for six months. Previously had: German and Italian "pseudomnogorate" (for a trip) and Lithuanian one-time.

The questionnaire indicated: Days – 90, entry and departure: from June 1 to June 4 (on the dates of the trip).

Visa to Lithuania

End of February 2013: There is practically no queues to the embassy. Frightened the forum, came to 7 am and were second. To 9.30 scored something about 20 people.

Before entering the Embassy, ​​the policeman loud reads the passport details, to the joy of the queue, already inside the bag is rolled through x-ray.

There were no special problems with documents: True, a formidable young man from 6 windows finished with an account (printed "electronic", With barcode): It turns out, you need two signatures, on the last page and in paragraph number 37 (to the right of the last, 36th). But signed, and everything else went easy.

According to the documents:
A letter from the hotel (the hotel responded to the request to send a confirmation immediately) Plus the printout of the buking (only a bucking is not enough).
Electronic plane ticket.
Help from work (not proof of financial reliability!).

Queue "To take" also small and goes for ten minutes. (Can someone take one of those giving). We did not have any problems, but here’s a married couple before that, one visa was given – the husband was put into the country, and there is no wife. Peculiar humor. The young man from 6 windows has risen for a long time in a big stack and did not find passports, then I got into the little and immediately found. It seems that big is all "Rejected". However, it may not be necessary to demonize 6 window and the Embassy itself: we have something, no matter how cool, there were no problems.

Obtaining a visa to Lithuania

Documents submitted on December 6th: came at 9 o’clock, reached 11 40. I note that the bulk of the time was standing on the street, and only half an hour inside.

1) required printed questionnaire with code and signatures (last page) and the glued photo (strictly recent, which is not on any other visa in the passport! (Interestingly, there are no scissors at the embassy – take with you)
2) insurance for the entire period (they took in Ingosstrak – there are specifically 1 pets for the embassy, ​​one – for you, t.To. back to the embassy will not give anything)
3) The satellite has a certificate from work, where the salary is registered (2ndfl is not necessary) and an account statement (was made in the morning, on the branded form, on the account was at the rate of 45 euro / day. Scans of Russian passports did not take
4) I am a student, I do not work, I didn’t take a certificate from studying, nor a sponsorship letter from my parents (they said that once they don’t go with me, then can not sponsor. KhEM), but they took an account statement (on a branded letterhead, six days ago, but there was a solid amount, apparently, for them, an important foundation of the trip is the financial basis, she said to me)

Queues in the Lithuanian Embassy

Lithuania for Christmas: receiving a visa

And so, today I received a visa (Schengen). December 10 came to the embassy to 8.30, were on homemade lists 125-128 (we were 4). AT 9.30 launched, at 10.30 We are inside. Gave up a woman in 7 windows. Be sure to get a photo (people unfolded), since I had my glue and scissors, then everyone was running to me)))) documents that I supplied:
International passport. Copies did not take
Electronic statement (all pages are printed, there code. Very convenient, the data is not checked)
Help with my work, I took, no husband (he had more in the account)
Insurance-took the original and copy
Help from the bank on the official letterhead-
Certificate of marriage- took a copy
Unpaid booking – taken. Just in case he was in charge of the owner of the apartment, he wrote a simple document that we would really live

Payment of the consular contribution to the euro! They have written on the stand, but there is no on the site (((Dali Talon, 15 came to receive, in front of me the guy with unpaid armor, I had a quiet panic, since I have the same thing, but I attached a letter from the owner of the apartment (It was not a hotel and in this and was the biggest problem). As a result, I gave me a visa for 3 people. But our friend passed 3 times on his stupidity. He earlier received a visa and Finland, and in Poland. I thought it would be the same here, but it was wrapped, t.To. he had the wrong photo, there was no euro and he did not take tickets. And in the second case, he did not have the original insurance, t.To. Insurance was invested in our, he had to go to me and take another original. Conclusion: Even if you were served on Schengen more than once, the Lithuanian Embassy may surprise you. I advise you to provide documents, even those that I have not taken. Better more than less. A man stood with me, he filed 2 times to the guy-6, so he wrapped it, because he had no insurance for less than 10 days, but when he served a second time in the second time, everything was fine. Human factor, damn. Before standing in the queue, see how to pass. We first stood in 6, but seeing how everyone unfolded, I got up at 7 and accepted immediately. I hope you will help you.

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