Formalities and regulations in Mauritania: Personal experience

You can make a visa in Casablanca or Rabat, the difference is that in Casablanca wait for 3 days, and in a discount one (if you have time to file up to 10). Problems get no no. Fill out a questionnaire from two sides about, 2 photos + copy of one passport page, 53 euros if multifaceted, and wait for half a day, we get a visa


For some time, the fee for registration of a visa has grown significantly. For a one-time 30-day visa on the border 120 euros are asked. In the consulate in Rabat (Morocco) – 100 euros.

Visa on the border with Morocco

Obtained a visa on the border with Western Sugar / Morocco 29.12.2014:

50 euros for a month for Russians (and for all other "Nonnet", I understand so. Moroccans paid 35), it is better to have these euro with them.Visa with photography and biometry: paid 50 dirham for "Bureaucratic formalities". Driving by transfer "Grand Taxi" from Dakly to Nouadib – 350 Dirham. Bus run at 19:00 from Dakly to Gerrorat (Moroccan border) – 160 Dirham, arrival around 23:00. The border works 9 – 18, so overnight on the border (50 dirham approximately). Between Morocco and Mauritania – No Man’s Land 2-3 km, walking the passage is prohibited, so + for travel "on the other".

Visa on arrival in Mauritania

Visa Mauritania in Rabat

Visa Mauritania in Rabat Morocco issued on the same day without any questions.

The monthly single is requested by the equivalent of 1300 rubles. Yes two month multi equivalent 2100 USD Near the embassy a small queue. Reception of documents from morning to lunch, issuing passports with visas after lunch. Need 2 photos and a copy of the passport. Attention! Questionnaire in French that makes some difficulties. Although the embassies are sitting helpers and for money help to solve any difficulties and can even fill in the entire questionnaire. I filled out Naobum. Nobody checked anything. Attention Visa is issued precisely for that time as written in the questionnaire. I was ordered for 2 months multi. Dalited a visa with fixed dates.

Registration of a visa in Mauritania in Morocco

Experience in obtaining a visa in Mauritania

Formalities and rules of entry in Mauritania Personal experience

There are such states of whose visa is quite simple, that’s just not easy to understand where to get.

"Clearly, get to the consulate" – You say. Of course. That’s just neither the omnipresent Yandex, nor for a long time abandoned official website of the Mauritania Embassy of the right address will not be prompted. And about the list of required documents, in general, you can forget.

Meanwhile, the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania in Moscow quietly lives in Big Savvinsky Lane, house 21. Exactly opposite the British visa center. True, Yandex maps do not know such a house, unlike Google Map.

Reception of documents for a visa is carried out from Monday to Friday from 11 to 15 hours.
Telephone Embassy (499) 245-11-76. I specify the phone because it is not in any directory.

Two photos require two photos. Size and chromaticity – are not important. Help is desirable from work or direction. And all. In the embassy, ​​fill out two questionnaires and get a visa every other day. There are many interesting questions in the questionnaire, the answers to which you may not be. Well, okay – skip the uncomfortable question and fill the paper below. Consular fee in the amount of 20,000 people (in rubles at the current time – 2700) is paid upon receipt of a visa and grumbled straight into your passport. And at the same time, paper is issued on paying for the collection in the case, if the Moorish border guards want to earn a bit of money on you.

The visa is issued strictly for a month and acts from the moment of issuance, so it makes sense directly before leaving. As they say: a good trip. 🙂

In Morocco, the registration of a visa is cheaper. But wait three days – the non-disabilities for those who collect holidays by day.

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