Formalities and rules of entry into Mexico: Personal experience

Learned on checking that not 400 stigaretas per person, and 200. Asked the cost of the bucket. Blurred that $ 2. He multiplied 10 packs for 2 dollars and at the coefficient. 6.2. Paid a fine 124 dollars. Payment only by the card, you can not paypass from your phone or cash. Cigarettes returned. Colleague in turn said the cost of the pack $ 1. He, respectively, fine 62 $.

In Mexico on a simplified visa

Everything was very simple and fast. I paid a tour through the agency, filled with a Russian-speaking questionnaire. There are few questions and they are not sophisticated. Online permission to enter Mexico was issued for 1 day. At first I wanted to do the multivitz for 10 years, through the embassy, ​​but why a lot of troubles with papers, if there is a simple alternative?

Visa on the border of Mexico Belize in Chetumal

Attention! If you do not have an American and Mexican visas (there is only an electronic permission), and you flew to Cancun, and you want to go to Belize, and safely return to Cancun and then home, the algorithm, as of November 2014, only such:

Mexico-Belize border cross on foot, border guard on the checkpoint in Mexico pay 300 pesos from the nose, and on his questions, as you plan to get back to Mexico (electronic permission is valid for air transport), we say that on the aircraft.

On the checkpoint in Belize, they smile cute, and ask to give a visa. To the question, why did not receive a visa in the honorary consulate in Chetumal, and came to the border, we make big eyes and speak . And what, it was possible. We get a visa for 100 local dollars.

Get to Belize, do what you wanted.

Book a ticket Belize Cancun from the local airline Tropicair (about 300Dolley).

Be sure to make a new electronic permission to enter Mexico.

Quietly arrive back to Cancun on a small screw airplane.

If you try to enter Mexico on the land border, and do not speak Spanish enough to successfully corrupt local greedy customs officers (the price of the issue of 150Dollaries from the nose), then it is better not to risk. Consisions with Consuls and any tourist part will be more expensive.

Submission of documents to Embassy 27.eleven.2013

I want to relax in Mexico (Cancun). Beginning to collect documents:
1. Copy of the 1st Pass Protection Page with Personal Data
2. A copy of the available visas or border stamps (also needed if there is no visas)
3. Help with work on the branded form
4. Extract from a bank account
5. 2 Colored matte photos 3 * 4
6. On-line profile
7. And a questionnaire that can be downloaded on the Embassy website ("New visa profile"). Everything is filled with Latin letters. Where it was necessary to specify the city – I pointed out (in my case, Moscow – in English)

I also had the original and a copy of the share ownership of the apartment – did not even look – returned back.

In general, I arrived at the beginning of the 10th in the morning. In the embassy of anyone – I was the 1st. All feeds along with fingerprints ranked 5-7 minutes.

Everything is very nice, quickly and completely without problems! December 5 I go for a visa)

Visa to mexico – no problem!

Mexican consulate is just a positive

Experience in obtaining an independent visa to Mexico

What you need to do this:

Visas in Mexico – nothing complicated

Decided to go to Mexico with friends. The search on the Internet of the site of the Embassy of the results did not give (as it turned out – it is simply no), but numerous travel agencies reported the overall technology for obtaining visas and intimidated. They were intimidated by the terms (from three weeks) and the list of documents, among whom I personally particularly entertained the photocopy of the credit card from two sides, which never requested a single embassy (from good one and a half-weather, in which I have been in recent years) and already visited the thoughts about the banal divorce.

To clarify the truth, I went directly to the embassy, ​​which cozy is located in one of the Arbat lanes (b. Levoshinsky, D.4). The mansion of the embassy pleased not only the convenience of its location, but also the most absence of visitors in it. The window hung the order of work and a list of documents that did not differ from the standard "Schengen" set, for one pleasant exception – it was not necessary to have no air tickets, nor their armor, and what is the most amazing – any documents from the selected hotel (like its addresses or other things).

So, by filling out the simplest questionnaires, we came to the embassy in the morning of the next day, having a hand:

2) one photo of 3.5×4.5

3) Help from work (salaries from 20 to 35,000 rubles)

4) certificate from the bank (I had $ 150 at that moment, there was a laziness, so there was a simple printout of the account operations over the past 3 months, where I put an angular stamp on each page)

Formalities and rules of entry in Mexico Personal experience

5) photocopy of reversal of passport and photocopies acting at that time visas

Just in case everyone had other papers that were simply not needed. In the embassy, ​​where, I must say, there was an all-in-room (2 people 2 people filled out!), we set the prints of the index fingers on the questionnaire and in 5 minutes everything passed. Passport, comparing with a photocopy, we immediately returned. They also did not take a photocopy of inactive visas and nothing that would be connected directly with the trip. That doubly more pleasant – money also did not take! The system of obtaining visas in Mexico is really different from the standard. At the beginning of the applicant’s documents are transferred to the Mexican Institute of Emigration, which gives a fundamental permission to receive a visa. Having received permission, you just need to bring a passport for visa and pay a consular fee of $ 36 (900 rubles at the rate of the Embassy).

We, to our considerable surprise (it was on Monday), it was said to call in the nearest Friday. On Friday, I scored the number of the embassy and was once again pleasantly surprised – our permissions were ready and we were offered to bring passports and money on Monday. On my question whether it is possible to make it one, so as not to drag 5 people, was given a definitely positive answer. So, on Monday, I came to the embassy, ​​where for the same 5 minutes I passed all the passports and money (in rubles) and nothing more: no photos (about which it is written on the sites of all agencies), no documents about our trip – where and why.

I once again smiled, gave the receipt and told to come in a couple of days. Not particularly tightening in terms, I was over the passports only on Friday and received a visa, the contents of which were sitting on the nearest bench for the building Embassy. Visa in Spanish, and rather the term of its action I first very puzzled. I immediately scored my friend’s number and asked to open the Spanish Dictionary. Yes, mine "fears" confirmed – everyone gave visas for 5 years without restrictions!

In the dry residue: the Mexican Embassy – the first in the history of my trips the embassy, ​​where I did not experience any humiliation, where I did not have to be sick, to invent something, and on a hike in which I spent so little time. In such a country (where none of us was not yet) I want to return! The visa was actually obtained in 1.5 weeks and 900 rubles with a heap of smiles and the complete absence of documents.

By the way, a week after about the same ease of my colleagues received American visas for transit through New York (I already had). American visas received for the first time. The interview took 2 minutes and concerned only what people do at work. "You mean a designer, – asked my friend, looking at his help, – good!"; "And you mean paint sell? What paints? A! Which walls are paint? For 2 years you need visas?"

Do not be afraid to go to the embassy yourself! Understand the algorithm that they want from us, and let’s exactly! Difficult only for the first time, and then all the roads and countries open themselves! Dare!

Changes in the requirements for the remainder

The Mexican Embassy now has a slightly changed demands about the account balance. Now you need either a certificate from the place of work, or an extract from the bank account (the residue is at least $ 2,500) or both. It is advisable to refresh the certificates about the availability of real estate.

Be sure to call the embassy after filling out an electronic questionnaire. We have these questionnaires were lost – there were no. Some applicants who applied on the same day also. I had to return home, fill in the questionnaires again.

Getting a Meckic Visa in Moscow

Everything is very simple and fast, but in 2 stages.

Purpose in 09.20, there were 2 people before us. Waiting in line and docking docks took 5 minutes.

Stamped fingerprint pads have adhesive for pictures there are scissors, the sample of filling the questionnaire is. After passing docks, you need to scan fingers. Term of consideration 5 working days.

Formalities and rules of entry in Mexico Personal experience

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