Formalities and rules of entry in Romania: Personal experience

I go throughout the EU, including ten times a year in Romania, in cases, as a tourist with a biometric passport, with all problems, declarations and restrictions I enter and bring any personal used things, including expensive, type of computer , mirror professional camera and TP, more than 1000 euros currency, also 500-1000 lei cash, freely exchange currency in the country without any checks, and for these dozens of border crossings, never at any customs officer did not have silly questions about how much I have money. Especially when leaving the country, this question does not interest anyone. I’ll tell you more – when leaving Romanians, even the trunk often does not look, even from the booths do not go out. What 1000 EURO? Throughout the EU adopted the rate of 10,000 euros without a declaration, and in fact, in practice, no one ever considers money from any EU country.

And the post about the ban on the export of Romanian lei – it sounds very funny. Romania is the EU country, and its laws are adjacent under Euronorm, and in Europe there is no ban on the removal of local currency. Well this is not some kind of wild North Korea. In fact, I argue with personal experience – I bring lei without the slightest problems.

Obtaining a visa in Rostov, March 2017

Obtained a visa for the whole family (I, spouse, 2 children) in the Consulate General of Romania in Rostov-on-Don in March 2017.

In advance, calling, I wanted to clarify the schedule for receiving documents. A kind of young man said that it is necessary to submit documents only before, via the Internet, on the site http: // Evisa.MAE.RO /.

Set Standard – Tickets, Booking (ordinary Prints from Buking), Insurance, Help from the Bank, Help with work. When submitting documents for children attached our spouses from the bank and from work. Booking Hotels made shared on all four, attached to each questionnaire the same paper from Buking. Insurance was also general, at all – attached the same policy everywhere. After a long filling of a rather confusing questionnaire on ourselves, the rest of the questionnaire filled, spending literally 15 minutes, everything was already clear.

A couple of days later, an invitation came to an email with exact arrival time to the consulate for personal appearance – we were waiting for us in 8 days, with a move of 15 minutes for each of us.

Called, I learned about the need to appear all four – immediately said that children can not take. The hut came out – apparently, I didn’t understand something and we arrived in the second with her, but it turned out that they, in principle, could accept me alone with all documents (but it is better to separately clarify them by phone, if necessary).

Do not require power of attorney for children, we did not do sponsorship letters on children (just in case I write – suddenly someone will fail. ).

Arrived in the morning, to ten, in the time of arrival of the first of us. The street is hanging a schedule for receiving / issuing documents, but it does not make much sense – you are called at exact time, and the time of issue (from 15 to 16 in some weekdays) is also not always observed, t.To. Together with us, a visitor came at the passport with a finished visa (reminding 10.00). Coming with this very visitor, we learned that he filed documents a week before.

To speed up the process within the consulate, we recommend printing a questionnaire in advance (they will come to your email immediately after e-submission of documents), incur your photos in them, and also decompose into each passport in order of tickets, hotel books, insurance, and originals and copies of references From the bank and from work (I will emphasize – in every passport all photocopies, albeit the same (hotel booking, insurance) – besides certificates from the bank and from work for children’s passports).

Well, the collection – for adult visas for 35 euros, children’s – free. As a result, we paid 35 * 2 + 0 * 2 = 70 euros.

No other documents (internal passports, birth certificates and t.NS.) We did not ask, asked only one question about the route inside Romania.

The room itself is large and comfortable, there is a table and chairs, there are pens, there are even glue for photos, but I have not seen the scissors – it’s better to do everything that you need, cut 🙂 (or with you scissors take. )

Visa to Romania independently

Registered on the website of the Consulate of Romania (filled out profiles in Al.form), a letter came about the date of appearance to the embassy with all documents. A week has passed. We are going to the embassy to the appointed time.

Time 10.20 (us to 10.thirty.), people man 10, a queue of living. Waited exactly 40 minutes. Submit documents, the consul is surprised at what shishes we are going (t. To. We do not work both). Checks documents and discovers that we have only 4 days from 9 days from 9. Surprising. We explain that you yourself do not know the route, I want to visit a lot of things and where to visit.

Sighs and reports "Well, then we think to what date you give a visa". Immediately give him 35 euros for a visa. Documents accepted, issued a twin "Come 2 Dec with. on. " (This is exactly a week later) and said that we will have brought a hotel for all days. Everything is very cute, with a smile, with jokes – a pleasant Embassy worker 🙂

Booked a hotel for the remaining 5 days just in case.

Arrived at the embassy to 15.50. On the street, there was a queue, man 8 near the wicket. Exactly 16.00. Launched into the embassy. After 25 minutes they received their finished visas (no one asked the reservation, as we assumed). The same consul was given – sooo a nice man, everyone smiles, with all the welcomes.

Readiness exactly 1 week.

Hooray, after 3 days we fly to Romania!

Obtaining a visa in Moscow

Received a visa to the child, I have multishengen. Documents filed in accordance with the list of the Embassy site. Previously in electronic form was not registered. Tickets, invitation, hotel reservation with confirmation, Insurance – Everything handed over in electronic form. Russian passports and abroad – everything with copies (all copies were taken away). Certificates from work and from the bank-Original. No problems when filing did not arise.

Feed – in the order of a living queue, the people are not very much, there was a man ten to open the embassy. After 9 days, he received a passport with a single visa on the time of the trip (but we do not need more).

Consular Division in Moscow. Easy and fast

I decided to go to Romania on my own, because the programs offered by the tour operators are not enough) Naturally, the question of obtaining the Romanian visa. Having gathered all specified on the. Site Embassy, ​​Documents, June 13, I went to Mosfilmovskaya Street, 64, where the consular department is located. I arrived at 9:20 and turned out to be the sixth in the queue of those who wish to submit documents. Exactly ten wicket opened and we entered. I was surprised by the absence of passport control, well, oh well. Passed into the room with three windows. The reception began at 10 o’clock and his very nice man took 35 years old. People communicated with people politely, without increasing the voices and not sending the ravis. I approached the window at about 10:50, submitted documents (laid out in the sequence, as indicated in the list on the site), paid for the collection (35 euros) and answering simple questions (where to go? why? one? Are there any friends in Romania?), about eleven in the morning was free. The passport was told to come in ten days, the 23rd.

Today, June 23, easily and quickly received his passport with a fresh Romanian visa issued strictly under the trip – for 4 days.

Impressions from communication with an employee of the consulate very pleasant. Good luck everyone!

Prepare photocopies of Zagran

Visa to Romania Moscow

Formalities and rules of entry in Romania Personal experience

Getting a Romanian visa in St. Petersburg

Romanian visa – someone as lucky

Obtaining a Romanian visa was interesting experience. Documents are checked as if you want to stay illegally :). Tips are as follows: Read the requirements on the site very carefully. Make copies of everything and all. I saw a lot of people who had no copies of some documents and they ran and made photocopies. The elderly uncle really loves to shove, but if your docks are in order, then the scream will not. Just his reaction is disproportionate :), but it is without evil, perhaps everything got it here, but it is not easy to communicate with him.

There was a group of guys from Tula (man 7), which "hit". Among them, one of them booked a hotel at all (it seems through Booking), naturally on his surname. Then from the hotel, each was confirmed with specific surnames and dates. It was not enough, and the guys said that they need to bring a receipt that they were they paid for the hotel. In general, they went home., to return like Carlson. I passed everything is fine. It seems that Romania is not very interested in attracting tourists.

Visa to Romania through the Embassy in Moscow in 10 days

Hello everyone and a good rest. Conceived with my wife to go to the trails of Dracula. Decided to place a visa in Romania. Applying to any travel agencies on visa issues, but they said such amounts that already badly becomes (approximately from 3000 to 5,000 rubles.). And we needed to make two visas on adults and on a five-year-old child, and no one said in travel agencies that the child’s visa is free.

I decided to try to make a visa myself. Went to the site of the embassy and gathered all the documents that are written there. Insurance made via the Internet. Tickets There and back to the Moscow-Chisinau-Moscow plane, and from Chisinau to Bucharest booked train tickets. Unfortunately, Moscow could not buy a ticket to Chisinau Bucharest Chisinau, although there is information about this train in the Internet, but I could not buy these tickets, even went to the Kursk station to the international cashier, but also they said that Tickets for this train you can only buy on the territory of Moldova. I got acquainted via the Internet with a guy in Chisinau, I booked tickets for the train Chisinau Bucharest Chisinau and sent me to Moscow through the conductor reservation tickets. Here is this reservation on the railway tickets I passed to the Embassy.

Also took from the bank a certificate of money, certificate from the place of work. I did not booked the hotel through Bukin, as I was afraid that such a hotel will not be taken at the embassy (I read reviews) and decided to book a hotel through the travel agency for me to give me the original voucher to give it to the embassy. By the way, if I booked through Buking Hotel in Bucharest, I would have the amount of 21,000 rubles.,And through the travel agency I had 23,000 rubles, in principle the difference is not very big.

So, in the twentieth of September 2013, 2013 went to the Embassy at Mosfilmovskaya. I decided to arrive early. Arrived to 08.00 and stand alone near the wicket, I stood somewhere 40 minutes and began to approach the people. To the opening of the embassy, ​​there was already a person 25. I was first. The embassy opened, and we all entered inside. I approached the window and began to pass documents, but most of the documents of the visa were visited from different travel agencies. One woman who stood after me advised me to pull out all the documents from the file, and handed them out in the window. For some reason, if you feed the documents in the file, then an old uncle, which takes the documents, starts swearing.

I filed documents on myself on my wife and my son. An old uncle studied them very carefully and began to write something on the questionnaire. I just asked him if it was necessary to show my old passports, where there are visas of different countries, including Schengen, but he said that he didn’t need them. I stood and waited when he learns all of our documents. After some time he took out the receipt, he wrote the amount of 70 euros there, and I handed 70 euros in the window without. Total 35 euros per person, child for free. An old grandfather told me that I came in 10 days. After 10 days, I came to Mosfilmovskaya and took our passports with visas.

What I want to pay attention: After reading all the reviews about the Romanian embassy, ​​I was sure to get a visa to Romania very hard, and in every travel agencies they told me that it was very difficult to get a visa to Romania, so we take so much money, especially in Kalinka -Service, but as you see, no work was. All documents for a visa collected in accordance with the list on the Embassy website. I really liked everything. Regarding the old uncle in the embassy, ​​no strange and unnecessary questions, as described in the reviews. Everything is very clear. Good luck and pleasant rest.

Embassy with surprise

I will give a few tips to those who decide to find out what is the design of non-Shengen for a tourist trip.

1) fee for a visa is charged only in euros. None in any decent embassy – the United States, United Kingdom, the EU countries, there is no such disgrace. Always pay in the currency of the country where the embassy is. Romanians, apparently, believe that they are special.

2) No need to make a photocopy of a Russian passport, nor the hub – the waste of paper.

3) Remove documents from files, otherwise the embassy employee falls into rage.

Formalities and rules of entry in Romania Personal experience

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