Formalities and rules of entry in the Netherlands: Personal Experience

Submitted documents to the visa center 10.01.2018, fly together with a friend in Amsterdam with a change in Munich, she has an open Schengen, so she provided a copy of her Shengen and the first page of the passport, reservation for two on Buking to the hotel in Utrecht (unpaid) and plus my purchased air tickets, girlfriend at that time Not yet bought. I am a student, from the documents there were a certificate from the university, insurance, sponsorship from the stepfather, and the documents about the relationship did not take, a certificate with its official salary (in the region of 120 thousand.USD) and an extract from the bank account, on the account was in the region of 50 thousand.USD Also provided a check on purchasing currency (600 euros), the trip was planned for 5 days. Old passport and all of his copies did not even look, t.To. There visas were issued more than 3 years ago. In general, my last Schengen was issued to me by Spain in 2014 for six months, and there were three more, in different European countries, but with the Netherlands the case had in the first. All previous visas were multi. What is really worth thank the Embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow, so this is for the fact that they considered my business for 4 working days, including the day of filing and the day of receipt!

Eventually gave a visa for 2.5 months, and with a one-time entrance. I wish everyone good luck!

Multi 45

Made in 4 days. All documents were prepared by me personally. At the minor I had to write already a sponsorship letter. The departure permission did not do from the Father, the TC, he flies there with us, but reverse before. Before that, the child had only France for 11 days. I have France, Austria and the Netherlands (which did not indicate, TC were 4 years ago) Dali was given the same: 45 days for half a year Multi. Although I requested for a year 180 days. Well nothing. Thank you anyway)))

Semi-annual cartoon for 45 days

Recording through the Consulate website, collecting documents yourself. Everything quickly and clearly. Signed by 10, came to 9, there were few people – at 9:30 am free.

According to the doctors:
New passport. In the old Schengen:
Czech Republic and Finland in 2012, Hungary in 2014 (all – not cartoons).
– Help with work with salary > 60t.R.;
– Sponsorship from the parent + extract from his account (> 100 T.R.);
– Extract from my account (≈40 t.R.);
Tickets back and back to Dusseldorf + train tickets and bus;
– Booking-Com armor.

In the questionnaire request for an annual cartoon + 90 days stay.

Result: Multivisa for half a year with a period of stay 45 days. And, all my friends who made a visa with me together, with similar sets of documents, received an annual cartoon.

So everything is individually. I will assume that I didn’t like my photo, and the Dutch fell to give a visa for a year 🙂

Through the embassy. On one’s own

Schengen visa for year: a pleasant surprise from the Dutch

I went for a week in Holland, from 11 to 17 April. Visa made through a travel agency. Assembled a standard set of documents:
– Passport (mine for 10 years, has been operating since 2011 where Schengen visas of Hungary are 2011, Greece 2012 and Spain 2013).
– The profile filled in English (fill in the company themselves, I only signed it)
– Help from my work, indicating the date of vacation, but without the indication of the salary, t.To. I have work on free schedule, like freelance;
– Help from the sponsor (father) with s / n 32000 rubles in the month.and receipt on my name about the sponsoring trip
– Two statements from my accounts in Sberbank, one in $, the second in euros. They were given to me without round seals and stamps, only with the operator signing. But nothing terrible, accepted. The total balance of two accounts was equivalent to more than 300 thousand. USD, just in case 🙂

My old 5-year-old passport, which acted from 2006 to 2011, they did not take.As it passed for more than 3 years, it is no longer relevant. Just there I had 2 more visas – France 2007 and Finland 2009, I wanted to throw together with a set of papers, just in case. Visa did somewhere in the week. A very pleasant surprise was the fact that she is multi and valid until April 2015. Nothing complicated and terrible, although in a travel agency I also caught fire for salary almost 60 thousand minimum that sponsorship does not pass for the Dutch and T.NS. nonsense. Maybe for the first time a Dutch visa is complicated, but if you have been at least a couple of times in Europe before that, it does not matter what kind of countries Shengen – there will be no problems.

Visas per year

Visa for year

Visa Center Netherlands

First visa to Europe

Gave a visa to the Netherlands for a year

On August 1, by recording filed documents to the Visa Center of the Netherlands. The cost of the service amounted to 2580. Together with the duty. What documents took a girl: – old bandwall with two shengeni + new zagran – a copy of the student ticket + certificate from the place of study – 1 photo – an account of the account, a certificate of s / n sponsor, photocopy of the sponsor passport – a copy of the certificate of birth confirming relationship with sponsor – sponsored letter – filled outline (you can fill in place, girls will tell everything).

I personally had the question of how to fill. 33, if the ride sponsors a relative. They said that just need to put a tick in the second column "by a sponsor" and all.

Copies of the internal passport did not take, the insurance did not even look, they said, the main thing to take.

Exactly four days later received a passport with a visa for a year! What very pleased) I expected to give exactly a trip.

Multivisi, or inappropriate joy from the Dutch)

Today at the embassy of the Netherlands in Moscow received passports with a visa for the year. Quite unexpectedly but very nice!)

Submitted documents for a 5-day trip to May Day holidays, scheduled in October.Normal package, including:
1) passport, valid, at least 3 months after returning to the Russian Federation.
2) one questionnaire on a Schengen visa, fully completed and signed by the owner.
3) Two color photographs made no earlier than 6 months ago, with a size of 3.5 cm by 4.5 cm.
4) insurance policy with a minimum insurance sum of 30,000 euros (we have annual insurance).
5) other existing passports (canceled or valid), containing visas of the Schengen countries (I have 7 Schengen, 4 of them in the last three years. At the girlfriend – two visas in a new passport, one – in the old one).

You can submit documents both through the visa center and directly through the embassy. Recording is carried out via the Internet. Last week it was possible to sign up even at the Embassy per day, now somewhere in the week. There are no problems with the records yet, but when submitting you pay 1,100 rubles. For services intermediary.

At the embassy, ​​documents are accepted from 9:00 to 12:00, issuing passports from 15:00 to 16:00. What is important, documents can be submitted for a trap, if he has two Shengen in the passport. To do this, it is enough to write a power of attorney in free form. The process took only two working days: on Thursday, documents were commissioned on February 14, and today 18 February (Mon.) Passports returned. People and for surrender, and on receipt was quite a bit.

Was sure they would give in terms of, and here such joy! I did not know that the Dutch is so cool))) Good luck with visas! There will be questions – contact)

Obtaining a visa in the Netherlands

Formalities and rules of entry in the Netherlands Personal experience

For a trip to Holland you need a Schengen visa. Depending on the country of the first entrance, the requirements for documents may differ.

All the necessary information can be seen on the site of the embassy, ​​where to download a questionnaire to receive a visa, sign up for documents. So, in 4-5 business days you receive a visa, sit down to the plane and – Holland, meet! If you fly to Amsterdam, then land at Skyphol Airport. After leaving the plane, go on arrows towards the issuance of luggage and before getting it, pass the passport control (All Passports rack – for non-residents of the European Union).

The first visa in the Netherlands: Dalited one-time

I want to tell about the design of a visa to the kingdom of the Netherlands. Well, firstly, I made a visa in the visa center, whose services were worth 1080 per person + 35 euros (visa itself). By the way, I paid 35 euros in rubles at the rate of the day in which I handed over.

Documents passed everything on the list, the questionnaire filled itself, oh yes, if we make a visa through their visa center, they check if there are no errors in the questionnaire, which helps people who are not at all in Ladakh with English. The certificate gave an 1800 euro + salary of 32,000 rubles quite arranged, taking into account the redefined tickets, the reservation was on Bucking, and all the extracts were from different banks (100 euros, 300 euros, in short, how the money appeared, immediately running to change).

Passed on Thursday (recorded in 2 weeks on the website of the visa center), received on Tuesday. Visa was the first in the passport.That is, in this case a beginner. Dalited one-time for 90 days. Well, for the first time is not bad. I will say that the terrible nothing, I am before collecting documents for a visa, read all mutate about the embassy, ​​fear was terrible! Now I look forward to your trip, as a lie, I will definitely accomplish your goal.

Questionnaire for a child: need a signature of both parents

Was in the Visa Center of the Netherlands during the week, they wanted to go to a friend in August with her husband and a child.

Suddenly, it turned out that both parents should sign on the child’s profile. Employees of the Center assure that in the Netherlands and Belgium, it has always been. But for some reason, there were no this information on their website. As a result, I could not file documents, t.To. the ability to get a father’s signature will be only in July.

Without tits for rabies – in quarantine

Obtaining a visa at the Netherlands Embassy

Visa Center of the Netherlands in Moscow

Purpose of the trip – Tourism and visit to a friend in Belgium. For some reason, I did not really like the information on the website of the Belgian Embassy on the terms of consideration of documents from a tourist who does not have in the Shengen visas passport as a whole and Belgian in particular. With the Netherlands it turned out easier.

Record to the visa center in Moscow – via the Internet. (Recorded almost a month and a half before the trip, but you can later). Flights – bought on the Czea website with docking in Prague. Hotels booked on Bucking. And by dates – 5 days accounted for stay in the Netherlands, 4 – in Belgium. Insurance is offered on the approaches to the visa center – but I have insurance as a bonus for a credit card (I looked at the insurance and returned back without question). Photos – Parameters are listed in the list of documents. Financial guarantees – was exchanged amount equivalent to 1000 euros plus an extract from the bank – about two thousand euros on the account. Passport – Naturally complied with a validity period – 6 months from the date of departure from the country. Put an old passport – with one Czech visa in it (then the Czech Republic did not sign the Schengen Agreement – attached to prevention). A copy of the Russian passport (I do not remember now – but it seems too, too, returned at once). Copy of certificate of registration as an individual entrepreneur and a copy of the Inn. And finally, the visa blank – filled with printed letters in English (I do not know other offered). The questionnaire filled directly in the visa center, and all my questions were politely and with a smile answered.

On the appointed day and an hour arrived at the visa center, I was filled in guess, I was discharged, or to a consulate. At the entrance of the protection, culturally asked to present a passport – after checking on the database, they said that at the specified time I was not recorded and offered to wait into the live queue. I sat down 10 minutes – went to the window – submitted the above documents. I was given a contract for the provision of services for the transfer of documents to the Consulate of the Netherlands and sent to pay for the consular fee and visa services in the next window. After payment issued a receipt and said to wait sms. Payment of all fees was made in rubles.

Submitting documents on Tuesday at 10 am, on Friday exactly at 10 am I came to see that my statement was considered. I was on a business trip, after a passport came in 10 days. The procedure is the same – a question of protection – on what question, presentation of a passport, electronic queue, challenge by employee. Visa I requested a one-time one-time. Issued a single, stay of 30 (!) days within one and a half months! It should be said that already arriving in Amsterdam I canceled two hotels book – in Rotterdam and Antwerp, T.To. I did not want to break. But this is a completely different story. Visa Center – Thank you for the correct work, efficiency and calm atmosphere.

Formalities and rules of entry in the Netherlands Personal experience

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