Formalities and rules of entry in the United States: personal experience

Visa for engineers, great job of consulate SPb

26 years old, not married, current job since February 2017 (Visa – March 2017), ZP 4000. In the passport 2 old Schengen and one act. Many trips in Europe, China, Armenia, Georgia. Filled out the questionnaire itself, not reading anything.

Just so I would not go to America, but a friend got a free trip to Hawaii and invited me. Accordingly, tickets and hotel are paid.

The fact is that by education and the previous place of work I had to deal with chemistry, and not the most good. Accordingly, in the questionnaire I answered the question "Do you have experience in nuclear physics" I boldly answered and pointed out my experience. Already after the appointment of the interview time, I realized that I did it to the very interview (March 22) went the drooping, no longer hoping to fly to Hawaii .

I handed over my fingers, went to the American, he began standard questions. In his answers, I smoothly switched to English and the consul too. Here he reached my experience in nuclear physics, I explained in detail in detail, he nodded his head. Then he told about the current work in the oil refining. He asked if I had articles. I replied yes. Here the consul printed a piece of paper and said

He said to send them a summary and invitation to them, and said that 2-3 weeks they will consider the summary.

I asked if I had time for the plane (April 5) he looked into the calendar, I already understood, he was friendly told me as soon as possible sent a resume.

Then he explained that it was written in it and repeatedly repeated- as soon as possible.

I took the leaf, left him a passport, sadly wished a good day, the consul thanked, and I went.

Literally within an hour I wrote a brief summary in English, inscribed there a list of publications and wrote that I had a plane after 2 weeks. I asked to consider my summary AS Soon As Possible, put an invitation and sent. After reading the day of consideration of the summary of the US Department of State (in some cases, several months) I said morally with a free journey.

A day later. I came the answer to your visa approved and will be printed within 2-3 x days !

Less than a day. Milestone consulate workers were considered by my summary (which in the theory was sent to Washington).

I am extremely grateful to the most humane attitude of the consuls for visa applicants and advise engineers and researchers are not afraid, but prepare in advance and bring a resume in English and a list of publications on an interview. Good luck in this nervous business!

Did not give a visa

32 years old, not married, trading on the Moscow stock exchange, I do not work officially, there is no good account in the bank, there is no real estate, the car is, I was going to go one for a month, I will travel most of 2017, America is one of the countries. Income 200k+

There was a visa that ended a month ago, it was in the USA once 2 years ago, then worked in a major international company. First applied for a visa without interview, but invited.
Interviewed guy.
– Healthcare
– Hello
– You’re not working ?
– Officially no, engage in trade on the stock exchange. Here is a paper with income.
– You wrote that we are going for a month in Miami. Why Miami?
– Just good weather. I’m going to travel a lot in the next year.
He prints something on the computer, after a minute
– You denied, here you have a green paper, read why.

Apparently not given since I am not connected by Russia – there is no wife’s wife and TD.

For myself I concluded that they need as children to explain why I am not going to stay in a platoon. In principle, there is no desire to stay there by Emmigrant. For interest in the next year, I once again go, but I will have a dialogue in more detail with them.

Visa approved 10 years after two failures

Despite the previous two failures of B1 / B2 last year, already in this November I received a visa for 10 years in. Previous refuses received on completely objective reasons (too long to go into details).

This time was simply filed as a tourist who would like to go to Las Vegas. I did not do any armor. Only had a certificate from the bank and place of work.

Everything went in 5 minutes. The officer asked a couple of questions and said that my visa was approved. A week later he received a passport with a visa for 10 years. So everything was.

I also want to advise not going to all these promotional tricks of dubious agencies, which will help a visa for $ 500:

1. No one can guarantee you anything. The decision takes a visa officer.

2. The whole procedure costs $ 160. The rest of the 340 you really pay not clear for what.

3. Do not bring any armor of hotels / tickets. It will only reduce the chance to receive a visa. The site of the consulate is even written that it is strongly recommended not to make any armor before receiving a passport with a visa

4. Read carefully information on the website of the consulate. There all comprehensive information.

Visa approved!

Approved a visa for 3 years. Was only 1 leaving abroad in Bulgaria. I am 22 years old. Passed interview in Moscow, keep in view of the turn is very big. I arrived 7:55, and the queue was already 30 minutes. Tip: Do not take with you anything superfluous to the embassy, ​​except for phone and documents. With me, people ran out of the embassy and gave personal belonging to the cleaner and promoter who worked next to the embassy. The phone can be passed into the storage chamber, but for the time it comes to you, there is such an opportunity that the cells simply end up. I arrived only with documents and keys from the apartment. In general, all the registration stages were held, and the last it was an interview. I was asked only 6 questions.

1.Purpose of your trip?

2.What cities you want to visit?

3.Who you work and what is included in your duties?

4.Whom you eat?

5.If your friend is visa?

6.Why did you choose the US?

Answered clearly, calmly, with a smile.

No documents asked.

Just read here a review of the girl Xenia she writes: Do anything to not get to the conslu one who does not smile. Fully agree with it.

With me, the gloomy consul refused the girl and follows one guy, I do not know, coincidence or not.

Visa approved by goodwill, smiles and big travel history

I would like to share and my experience.

Today I heard the phrase "Your visa approved"

A little about yourself: a girl, 24 years old, not married, without children, without real estate, without a bank, I work since March of this year. Salary 35t.R. Traveled in 30 countries, in the passport 5 Schengen. In 2014.There was a refusal to the US visa. I decided to try again, and that’s what came out of this:

– Good afternoon, your passport please.
(Took the passport and compared me intently, photo from the questionnaire and from the passport. He left at least a minute) – not like it, yes) (and smile and he smiled in response, finally;)))
-purpose of your trip?
– Travel, tourism, rest.I have already visited Europe, Asia, Africa, in Mexico, I would like to try to go to the USA, the 1st tourism country is still!(and eyebrow so op! They say how to not go to the US, blasphemy!!)

Visa B1 / B2 in a pure passport

Good afternoon. I decided and I share personal experience in obtaining a visa in Moscow. A little about yourself: the guy is 26 years old, not married, without children, 2 works and get in absentia 2E higher, there is some real estate, there was no trips abroad, the passport only in March 2016 got. Three round agencies in one voice told that you should not even try. But the desire to visit the United States overpowered the whole criticism and 28.07 at 07:20 I stood before the consulate in Moscow. From documents with you help from work / study and certificate of real estate, TCP on a car. I do not see the point of describing the process before the interview, the situation is standard for everyone.

The conversation with the consul took moments 3. A cute girl of 30 years old on broken Russian asked all the standard questions:
To: The purpose of the visit?
I: tourism
To: relatives, friends in the US?

I did not need a single document.

01.08 took a passport with a visa in Pony Express.

By the way, my friend received a visa with a similar situation, it instilled in me hope.

Thanks to everyone who shares their experiences! It was very useful. Good luck to all!

Approved the visas of a young pair after 2 bounce

I hope our experience will be useful to someone. I’ll start a story in order. So the first time was filed in May 2013, at that time we were 20 and 23 years old, officially not married, civil marriage, I worked a student in absentia and parallel, the guy worked, then the zP was relatively not high..about 20-30 T.R., From the marks in the climb – the guy was on J1 in the USA in 2011, I had Schengen 2010, and Egypt. At the interview asked standard questions about work / study and t.D. and refused in the end. The second time was submitted in December 2013, for six months, Shengen Spanish and Romanian visa added, but still refused. The third feed was in May 2016. After the previous refusal, another Spanish Schengen, the Netherlands Schengen and the British visa, the work during this time was changed, the sn rose 3-4 times, became officially husband and wife, and gathered to go to the wedding trip to America, which was reported to the consul, why – this time it was right that he was positively set up) asked where and who we work, if there are children (no), which cities are going to visit (LA and LV), saying in English, I answered Vary Bad, my husband said that a little , T.To. went to work there long ago, and now I would like to travel, t.To. Then it was a little time, asked where our parents live (in Russia) and whether there are friends in the United States (no), all the time they answered very carefully studied all our visas, except for the acting passports no more documents asked any more documents, then a minute That was typing and eventually said that our visas were approved 🙂 So even after 2 bounces there are chances to visit America, the main thing is not despair, travel more and try to file documents again! good luck to all!

Refusal to B1 visa to open an account in a bank

I programmer freelancer and video game developer. The purpose of the trip directly indicated the opening of the account in the American bank Wells Fargo. Duration of stay – 3 days. Account requires me for business. The consul asked the goal, looked around the questionnaire, glanced at me and refused the visa, without any additional questions. Familiar said that it was necessary not to fuck the brain consul, but to write the purpose of tourism and there already open accounts and confirm the documents. Consuls do not like to break their heads.

Failure to visa a girl

Writing "piping hot". Today was in Moscow at the US Embassy. Served on a tourist visa. Say that I wanted to say nothing else to America. The interview began with the consul that I did not see at all, those when you sit in one hall and watch someone refuse to approve, you are a nice Russian girl can send to another hall, where consuls sit.

I go to the liberated Consul girl and my interview begins. Consul: – Title your trip? I: – rest, I want to cruise on Hawaii. Consul: – Measure?Food one?. I: – Yes, yes.

Next, I asked where I work, what an earmark. Replied that his business, 90 thousand. Sorry today you denied!

Guys I read all the reviews on this site,"The main thing to smile, not worry, answer all questions". I had a smile from the ears. I was very polite and friend, but there is no consul. Attention when you will talk a cute Russian girl in which room go, do anything to not get to the cons "who doesn’t smile.

They say psychologists, become a psychologist in these 20 minutes, watch who is located to people. I noted the initially very smiling girl of the consul, but unfortunately the mind did not have enough to go away, do at least something to miss people after me so that you did not get to the consul! I hope it will help you!

Failure to young couple

I would like to share our negative experience. We are husband and wife for us for 26 years. There is a little baby.

Tried to get a visa in Kiev. We had a wedding invitation from my cousin. Questions:
– purpose of your visit ?
– For a wedding to a cousin
– Prints something in the computer . Where were you in the last 5 years?
– Turkey. Pictures even longer
– Excuse me today denied

Our mistakes: did not give a notarized invitation, they answered very briefly to questions, reading reviews.

I think he knew the answer even before we began to communicate, he didn’t even look at us, I did not ask where we work, we have a good income. And the little child was also not embarrassed. We will try again, but not immediately. It is a pity, but I will not fall on the wedding (((

Approved visa unmarried girl in a clean passport

I am 23 years old girl and provincial town. Not married, neither single Shengen, passport first, pure, made only half a year ago. Approved March 2016

Questions: The purpose of the trip
Why not europe
Why didn’t go anywhere
One or someone?
What’s your job?
How long are you doing what you do there?

Tourism, Shopping, on vacation food
Then I don’t like it and I just don’t want to go there
Because the income did not allow earlier, but recently raised and immediately wanted to go somewhere somewhere
With girlfriend, one boring
I work there then there
I do that
I work since October 2012

So, it does not matter what you say there, it’s important with which person he looks at the emotional state. I did not ask any additional. Document. By the way. I did not take them with me.

I looked very intently, as if in my eyes I read the truth or not.

Quick sneakers in the hands and bullet from there until changed his mind.

Guest visa approved

27.02.16 wondered why not go to the US
28.02.16 filled DS-160
02.03.16 passed the interview
04.03.16 Take a passport with a ready-made visa B1 / B2

Outcome: everything took 5 days. Perhaps one of the fastest and simple visa processes with whom.

Claim: Approached the Embassy not in the Russian Federation, maybe so quickly. English I know well, there were no moments of misunderstanding both on my part and by the officer.

Experience: took all minutes 10. Yes, there were many questions. Work, family education, where we are going and to whom. The photo was not needed, approached uploaded in electronic form.

Do not worry, smile, do not come up with legends and be honest if you do not ask documents, insist to demonstrate them (example: Yes, I work in such such a company, in confirmation of my words here is a paper). Less read forums and subjective opinions.

All sincerely good luck;)

Approved visa in the US for 10 years

Approved US visa for 3 years

Hello everyone! Today I received a passport with a visa for 3 years, which is insanely glad!

Source data: 28 years old, married, no children, work too. In many countries there were 3 Schengen visas, but everything in the old passport. In the new only India, Turkey and Egypt. I am going with my husband on a business trip for half a year. He already received a visa. Interview:

I start:
– Hello, – I stretch the passport with the questionnaire.
– Hello. Purpose of your trip?
– I will accompany my husband on a business trip?
– Are you married?
– Yes.
– There is a marriage certificate?
– No. But there is a letter from his work.
– Come on Him.
I get out of the file and pass. The officer studied him in detail.
– Husband has already received a visa?
– Yes
– There is a copy of a visa?
– No.
The officer climbed the computer. I admit, I was looking for a husband in the database. Then I reread the accompanying letter from work again.

On Monday was an interview, and already on Wednesday the courier brought me a passport. Was very surprised that they gave for three years.

On the interview was restrained, I answered all the questions shortly, no paper officer on slipped while she herself did not see. As a result, she saw only three documents: a passport, a questionnaire and an accompanying letter from the husband’s employer. With me was the old passport (my joy and pride) and the workbook – but they did not need on my interview.

I wish you all success in obtaining a visa and successful trips!

Approved a visa family with baby

Hello! All I read here, helped me a lot! Thanks to everyone who told their stories! Now I am writing. We are a family with a 11-month baby, we work, there are homes, cars. I had a refusal in 2011, my husband was on Work and Travel in 2012, a lot of Indian visas and Schengen at all 2015. We were told that there is little chance, since there lives mother-in-law with his family. But we decided.

-purpose of the trip?
-Travel and visit your father, introduce your daughter
– You were previously in the US?
– You can your old passport with a visa?
-Yes, sure
– who work (husband)?
– Who do you work (me)?
-Long married?
-Your old passports can (me)?
-Yes please
– good, your visa approved!
Tips were very helpful about that it is not necessary to worry and behave naturally!

Tour. Visa is unmarried pare

Today, 16.09 We approved visas. We are a non-native couple, we live together, the questionnaire indicated a civil marriage, the interview went to different consuls. From the documents, in addition to the obligatory confirmation of the interview and submission of the questionnaire, we had old passports, certificates from the place of work, just in case a printed payment receipt.Collection and photos. From additional. documents did not look at nothing and the photo was also not useful. My interview:
– Purpose of the trip?
– Tourism
– Where to go?
– NY, Washington, Philadelphia, Boston
– Where and who work?
– And with whom we will go?
– With a civil husband (* on this question we agreed in advance to answer this way, t.To. To speak with a young man / girl it seemed not correctly, because in the questionnaire we are indicated as civilian spouses)

The young man had questions: The goal where, with whom – he was asked here where and by whom I was working, asked questions about his work and why he quit with the previous one, and why I decided to go exactly this company, where it works now. In general, you will leave much more time on all the procedures until the interview itself, the queue everywhere, but go pretty quickly. We had a record at 08:30, we arrived at 8 and almost immediately passed inside.

All did it yourself, in any agencies did not appeal, did not pay anyone. All information was taken on sites, forums and groups in social.networks in one group helped me a lot with some questions. I was very nervous, worried, passed almost all the sites, looked a bunch of rollers about how and what we need to talk, rehearsed in front of the mirror))) and the young man (from the trips only two Thailand, ZP all gray) was calm as a boa and why -To did not doubt that we get a visa. And he was right. When I was sitting in the queue already to the officer, I thought now the consciousness would lose from excitement, and how I went to the window, everything as his hand was removed and the officer’s girl turned out to be very friendly and cute. Mole.Chela also was very friendly as he said. While waited in line, not few people went with failures.

But the fact that obtaining the US visa turned out to be very easy and fast – that’s for sure! So do not be afraid, just carefully and thoroughly do everything and try!

All successful interview.

Visa to a clean passport approved

Hello forum, I want to share my experience in obtaining a US visa at once I want to note that in the embassy very wonderful people work, everything is clearly debugged and everything clearly explains.,I really liked it, but now essentially)))

Scribed to an interview for 8.30 But came to the embassy an hour before time.went inside, handed out prints and immediately in the hall on an interview, (I want to give advice.People do not take nothing superfluous, I was shocked when I saw people in line, the girls were absolutely not painted, neglected, mumbling as if they were sleeping at the station, the man was in checked trousers, and one woman brought to the interview half of her kitchen, thermoses plates skulls looked pretty ridiculous.)

My turn came up

TO. Purpose of the trip?
I AM. Tourism

That’s all the interviews, very politely and friendly everything, I think if you are talking to the truth and are in essentially not a mummy, and everything will be fine.Good luck everyone!

Approved visa, not married, no children

In July 2015, received a visa in the United States at the Embassy in Yekaterinburg. I am 31 years old, not married, no children.

Income 60 000 USD

Old passport – 5 French Schengen.

Acting passport – 1 French Schengen and 1 English visa. Of the questions asked – the goal of the trip, who I work, husband / kids. Only the old passport looked from the documents. Help from work, certificates from the bank and the copy of the TCP was not useful. Trip period – 5 days in New York.

Approved student visa F-1 in the USA

Approved Student Visa Son 11 Class. Excellent, tested tests. English TOEFL, American EGE – SAT and SAT2 Mat, recommendations from the USA from tutors, specialty engineering. Questions from the officer – on which specialty who pays for (showed a certificate from the bank parents), and who parents work. Everything, visa approved. More experienced. Because the media appeared in the media that the US State Department temporarily ceased to issue visas, not only in Russia, but also all over the world, technical failure.

Approved a visa of a young couple

Hello everyone. We live in civil marriage. When filling out the questionnaire and specified (Civil Union). When already in the embassy received numbers, they said that we were together. The numbers gave one on two. From additional documents were only help from work. For interviews asked if we were married. When going to get married. Where we work and what occupied at work. Which cities are going to visit and for what time we go. Certificates did not require any. In principle, it is not difficult. But I worried there, even the hands were shaking)) but continued to smile)) there was still a problem with the photo. At home, when the questionnaire was filled with a questionnaire on his fotik and downloaded such pictures. And in the embassy, ​​when registered, the quality was told – ran to reflock on Arbat. Thanks to this site for the stories of others.

Approved a girlfriend a visa in Yekaterinburg

As stated in the title, the visa approved the first time in Yekaterinburg, received in February 2015. In the passport stood two Turkey, Egypt, Italy, Czech Republic, Cambodia and Thailand. I will not describe the entire procedure for passing control, and immediately go to the interview. There is nothing owned anything, so I did not take with you no certificates besides the certificate of sn and about studying at the correspondence department of the institute, but neither one nor the other needed. Interview itself:
-Good afternoon, the purpose of the trip?

-Where exactly want to go?
-NY, Orlando and Miami, maybe Washington.

-Who we are going?
-With K.TO.

-And she who is you?
-Girlfriend, worked together, she already has a visa.

-Got acquainted at work? Where worked?
-In a travel agency such.

-And now you work?

-OK, your visa approved!

Ooooooo unexpectedly, I was sure that they would refuse 🙂 So dare! Good luck to all!

Visa approved a woman with a child of 2 years

All as one said that I have a single chance, t.To. I am divorced and the child is small, the salary of the civil servant is also meager, and also the passport is clean, t.To. New. True, I have 2 old passports with Shengeni and Great Britain, but 2012 the last date of departure, which is long enough for the measures of the embassy. In general, I never listened to anyone and everything turned out. Without problems, everything was approved and there were no special questions, only about the purpose of the trip (we were going to La and Disneyland), and about previous trips. I jumped into the window of 2 of my passport officer, listed the country and all. Your visa approved. And yes – about relatives, friends in the United States asked, well, this is a standard question and answer: "of course not". I wish you good luck, especially moms with children, do not be afraid and everything will turn out!

Visa approved in Yekaterinburg

Good day!

I want to share my experience in obtaining a visa.

I am 33 years old, I am married I have a child for 10 years. A visa issued on himself and on the child. We plan to go to Florida in the summer. Visit Disneyland and see Attractions. The passport took a few months ago, therefore, outside the Russian Federation was not. The child has the same situation. All documents decorated with zero. Having received a passport, went to Pony Express, whatever they filled statements. I believe if you want to get a positive answer, fill in documents competently. If I’m not strong in it and I will not write any nonsense. Well, like everyone else, I read different stories, made a list of questions that the consul asks citizens. Gathered the necessary certificates about property and wages.

Dressed I was in jeans, cigat, sneakers and down jacket. No heels look so ridiculous. Girls are worried, go to the cons "they are tenting them in different directions. Minimum cosmetics. I had eyes in the upper eyelid, carcass and colorless lip gloss.

I sat on the train and at 4 am I was on the railway station of Yekaterinburg, and I have an interview at 09-00. I was very worried about to even calm down, I decided to walk in Yekaterinburg. In fact, the US consulate is not very far from the railway station. Having reached the place, it turned out that there is still a lot of time. Crossroads, not far from the embassy, ​​I found a 24-hour cafe "Headquarters" . I settled there, ordered a cup of coffee (the price of 90 rubles. who is interested) and waited for cherished time.

Hurray, time flew unnoticed. With your thoughts and dumb, I wandered towards the consulate. Brila, as a zombie noticing anything around. Passed by turn on the street rose down the steps, went and say -" I have an interview at 09-00" . There are very friendly guards and girls who look at your documents. I was told that inside my bag would not miss me, I should have only documents and all. I was suggested to pass the bag into the storage chamber in the nearby gastronome or behind the standing hotel to pass to the storage chamber. Of course, I went to the hotel. As you know the grocery responsibility for the loss of things is not carried. Passed everything into the storage chamber including telephone and handles (it cost me 200 rubles). I returned to the consulate and finally saw that there is a turn on the street . I decided to clarify, suddenly this is a support group. But no, these were Citizens of the Russian Federation Thirsty, as I faster go through this nervous process and get a visa. It turned out that I fifth in line.

We were invited to two people, declared time and launched. Finally, I went inside. I was asked to pull out all the pockets, remove the belt and bracelet with the hands. Passing under the frame, I missed me, returning my things and sent to the 4th floor. I reached the machine there, it’s good that the floors numbers are marked, but it would slip. (nerves not to hell) . On the 4th floor, another frame, metal detector and again, pull out all the pockets, belt and t.D. Passed, everything is fine. I go further, meets me a pleasant girl, asked the documents that I pulled out and took to the consul. Offered me to remove the down jacket and sit down . I obediently did everything and began to wait for my last name on the speakerphone.

There are three windows. 1 Consul will surpasses an interview (man years 35), 2 remove fingerprints. (woman 40 years old), 3 man consul I did not see him.

I was invited to the second window to remove fingerprint. I liked it, this procedure is fast and distracts a bit from bad thoughts. The scanner was shotprints and asked to sit down. I returned to the overall hall, began to look around, watch how people behave, someone nervously turns documents, someone is a hoarsolit. I decided to keep myself in my hands and distract. An excellent plan decided by me and found a TV in the corner on the wall.

I stared at him, not paying attention to the shocking of people around me.

I looked at the TV that I did not hear from the first time that my name was announced on speakerphone. For the second time I still woke up and went to the window number 1 .

Smiling, I greeted
In response, I got a smile
and greeting the same.
Consul (K) for what purpose are?
(I) Tourism
(K) where
(I AM)
Where and by whom I work?
(I AM)
There is there
Husband who works
(I AM)
There is there
Congratulations, your visa approved
(I AM)
Thank you and smile to ears.
Goodbye (K)

I flew for my clothes, flew out to the street and wandered for things, happy and pleased.

My interview took place from the strength of the minute 2 . No documents requested, nothing superfed. But I want to say you, the nervous procedure is, but after a positive answer you forget about everything. Friends wish you good luck and achieve your goal.

US Visa in St. Petersburg after refusal

I am 23 years old, not married, Higher education, I work in a specialty in a very large company. In December 2013, I was denied a visa due to the unprotence of ties with the homeland. Then I filed a Visa B2, stated the purpose of the trip – Tourism. No contacts in the United States indicated (although my young man has already worked at the states under an urgent contract). When I filed a second time, I decided to specify all the detailed information about myself and my young man. The questionnaire indicated that we are in civil marriage. The place of stay in the USA – his address. At the interview, I asked about him, answered in detail and clearly about his work and how long ago he was there. The purpose of the trip was to say that I want to meet NG and Christmas together with my civil husband. Also asked why I don’t want to live in the USA along with my husband. I replied that I have a very specific job (tax consulting), which is in demand in Russia, and in the USA I will be very difficult to find a job (t.To. I only know the legislation). Also asked if I say in English. Replied affirmatively (after all I work in a British-American company). There were no questions about the reasons for the previous refusal. Visa approved against all recommendations on forums on this issue (Type recommendations: "Do not say that you have contacts in the USA", "In no case say that you know English"). Always speak the truth and specify the most complete information about your trip (realized on personal experience). Good luck!

How I got american visa

Widow reading information on the Internet, I began to worry.From what kind of fright Americans should give me, all the cherished American visa.Herself screwed himself and invented the reasons why I won’t give it.Young unmarried girl going alone as she claims to go to see America. This is in reality and was my plan. Of course, I had work, all kinds of certificates confirming income and account statements from the bank, too. I only consoled that in the old passport I had some of the travel history to which the Embassy employee will take at least one eye and will not see my intentions to stay for the bug.

(Collapse) but! After all, you still try to prove.

Since in Belarus, at that time, the US Embassy was given only diplomatic visas and visas in emergency cases (a disease of a relative and T.D.), for all other categories of citizens, the doors were closed, respectively, citizens of the Republic of Belarus could file their documents in any country of the world, where there is the US Embassy, ​​and not only in Moscow, Kiev, Vilnius or Warsaw, how everyone thinks.

So, after reading, by reflection, I decided to go for a visa to Warsaw. European visa I had, English I know if suddenly there will not be Russian-speaking employees. Getting to Warsaw from Minsk there are many convenient ways, what to think. Well, someone once said that in Warsaw, Belarusians are rather loyal and the percentage of refusal is very low. And in the same Moscow, they say, go and the beetle and the toad get a visa, here is there a large number of failures.

The entire registration procedure, filling out a questionnaire I was held on the website of the US Embassy in Poland:

Everything is clearly and clearly described, I filled out all myself and it seems that I did not have any questions. It should be noted that you can only pay for the consular collection of online, only a map of the Polish bank, or upon arrival in Poland at a local bank (in my opinion it is very uncomfortable, t.To. The interview can be prescribed only every other day after payment in the bank, respectively, you will have to be able to keep in Poland for at least one day longer, and that if all the dates coming will be painted?).

When paying the same card, immediately after receiving an electronic check, you can assign and select the date and time for the interview. I did not have a Polish bank card, but Polish friends have helped me, they paid for their card and sent me a number that was supposed to be useful when writing to an interview. Again, I did everything over the Internet, you don’t need to call anywhere. There was a cloud of free and I chose some nearest for April..

In the morning I was scheduled for 9, I arrived fortunately early, at that time there were terrible traffic jams, but if you go to a taxi or bus, then the traffic jams would be avoided, t.To. For taxis and buses in Warsaw there is a separate extreme strip. Then I went securiti, I handed the fingerprints, in the same window the girl I asked I want a one-time or multiple visa, I said that Multi-time, she made a mark on the only printed piece of paper, which will need (this piece of paper that needs to be printed after filling in the questionnaire and when the application A visa will be taken to consideration – the so-called confirmation), I took the coupon and went to wait for my turn. There were only Poles around me, they approached the window where they were called, they stood there for no more than a minute and went with satisfied persons. As I then seemed, I was tortured as in the Gestapo at least 10 minutes. Probably I was lucky that I got to the young American about 30 years. In parallel, two more windows worked, in one there was an old American, in a friend -whmed on the sight of a young girl.

The young embassy officer asked me everything, everything as I thought.

First, standard questions:

-Why exactly at this time of year?

-Because I have it so much.

-What place is going?

-There is Hollywood, good surfing, shopping and warm.

-And you often travel one?

-I also often go one, it seems to me there is nothing wrong with that.

I began to say that I would like to share my experience in traveling and t with someone.D. Together always more fun..

Slightly discussed the topic of travel alone we "go" farther.

-You have friends or relatives in the USA?

-No, of course not. (We have all the people who go to the United States, there are no relatives, no friends there. Haha)

– Where were you last year?

– I listed the countries in which you visited this year.

-And you in all these places too were alone?

-No, sometimes went with a friend.

-And now where a friend?

-He works a lot, we cannot afford such a luxury – travel together.

-And you have in the passport all visas and stamps of those countries that you have listed?

-Estessno, – And I handed him an old passport.

He leafed, carefully examined each visa and stamp, something parallel asked, then I saw a German visa and asked what I did there. I said, as it was, I spent there a year, I went according to the program when I was a student.

Apparently, he liked that I returned home and no longer went to Frica .

Then he asked a thousand issues related to work to check whether I like what I do. I immediately understood it and became enthusiastic to tell how important what I do. How "interesting" work in a business school and no matter how much I would like to still do in the future in my work. He was uncomfortable to stop me, so he just looked at me focus and listened. With each question, after he said, he immediately looked at me, and did not dig in his papers, as many people tell. There were a lot of questions, very much, I don’t remember..And the difference of mentalities asked. The question concerned Poles and Belarusians, well, and other nonsense in the case and no. And why did I go for a visa to Warsaw, and not to Moscow or another.. I said that I wanted to combine the necessary – getting a visa, with pleasant – shopping and meeting with friends who live here.

At the end of the conversion, he smiled and said the standard phrase: "Congratyuleshnz, Yu Epruvd EP Visa", asked if I want a multiple visa and said to pay extra 150 $ and return to it.

For me, this interview was a big stress..Now I come to the conclusion that the Internet is good, but it is not always worth reading everything they write there 🙂 The next day I took my passport already with a visa in the delivery service, the address you want to pick up, specify online when you assign a date and time Interviews. In Warsaw, two addresses are offered to choose from.

Everything was much easier than I imagined. No papers, certificates of work, no one for statements from the account in the bank did not think to ask.

Therefore, you should not be afraid of anything, but just speak confidently, clearly and clear, and you will definitely work out!

Family visas with children in St. Petersburg

Today visited the interview in Furshatt. The queues are practically no. No fuss. Questionnaires properly helped in the agency. We are going on vacation in winter to travel south of the United States with children-preschoolers. Prepared with the wife of the NDFL certificate, copies of real estate certificates, statement from the account, but nothing needed. Not watched any papers. A little unusual is that the interview is standing, at the window as in the checkout. We were denied Troim: a woman who seemed to have been driving at work, a man and a girl who explained that she met someone and rides. We were asked only about work and would we go to Disneyland. 2 minutes and visa approved. In general, as we understood the families of a visa give pretty willingly.

Visa in St. Petersburg Approved Mom and Daughter!

I read a lot here reviews, while I was preparing for the interview, so my duty is to leave my) the situation I had this: my mother’s close friend of childhood already lives in the US (citizen) and invites us to them all. Finally, we decided. About me: 26 years old, I live in St. Petersburg, I’m not married, I take off the housing, ZP average, Schengen enough, I work in a new place since August. Mom I have from another city, a pensioner, but continues to work. I filled out the questionnaires for myself and for my mother (yes, yes, and put a tick here that I didn’t filue the questionnaire, and I), aunty from the States wrote to us an invitation in free form, I pointed out its address and contacts in the questionnaire fees and recorded us for an interview so that we passed it together. And now the day of the interview. I will tell all the panicers immediately that the necessary documents: this is a confirmation paper that is filled with the questionnaire; Receipt of payment (although no one demanded it), foreign and Russian passports (Russian will ask the guard at the entrance) and invitation to interview with barcodes (although they were not shown). Everything else is your personal initiative. I personally had only a certificate from work, even the additional photo I did not take (I successfully downloaded it when the questionnaire is filled). Mom had a whole folder of everything that can be: marriage certificate, property and T.D. and T.NS.

P.S. No documents asked at all, I was sure that the invitation would definitely ask, but he didn’t even give up! Even despite the fact that I bounced in the mother’s questionnaire (for some reason I forgot to tell Maiden’s name), everything went very smoothly! Do not be afraid, be sure and smile! I wish you all successful and easy visas, and good travels!

Today we approved a visa

I will start with the end – a visa approved!) Came running to the embassy in 7.30, while standing in the queue remembered that the sandwich was lit in the bag, began to disappointly think, where to throw it, the urns within a radius of 50 meters was not, I had to shove in the flowerbed)) the queue moves fast enough, when checking bags, then cells with telephones , metal detector, registration, imprints and interview. At the interview hit the young man (would have fallen to the girl, most likely there would be a refusal). About me: 25 years old, not married, no children, real estate, what could boast, no, only work is quite stable. The initial goal of the passage – a visit to the dealer conference (for work). Next, I give a dialogue:
-What is the purpose of going to the States?
-The company in which I work is engaged in the nearest, in October the dealer conference would like to visit.

My ill-fated sandwich I waited for me)) When I left the embassy in this flower bed lay cigarettes, perfumes, lighters, headphones and other extra things)) Good luck to everyone, gentlemen! The main thing is to believe in what you say))

Visa for 20 seconds

Approved visa to the United States in Yekaterinburg!

August 15 I was approved by the US visa. I’m madly happy, the process of visa design is very simple. First paid the consular fee, filled out the profile itself on the site, full instructions are fully instructed how to fill the DS-160 correctly, there really is nothing complicated. The interview was discharged on Friday to 8.30, took a girlfriend with me as a support group, m also to wait for me on the street with a bag, because it is impossible to go to the consulate with things, only with documents. The process of passing through metal detectors and the removal of fingerprints will not be described, a lot about it is written on this site. Interview dialogue:
Officer (nice young man years 28-30): – Where are we going?
I: in New York!
Officer: With whom we are going?
I: with my sister;
Officer: where you work?
I: in the construction company engineer;

Visa is easy, quickly and without problems

Before the interview for Visa B1 / B2, read information on the Internet about "Termination of issuing visas by the US Consulate", mentally prepared for the fact that a) or immediately refuse or b) approve of a visa, but they will keep a passport to victorious.

In fact it turned out that it was not so terrible, as his little. The process of filing a visa is quite fast. The earlier you come, the faster you get to the interview. No rudeness, bias or visible politicization of obtaining visas noted was noticed: polite workers strictly follow the rules written on the site for receiving non-immigrant visas.

Association itself: two questions "Where are we going?", "What do you work at work?". And all. No supporting documents required, the old passport did not look.

The passport was ready the day after the interview, so what they are "Technical problems with the system" For me, it remains a mystery.

Visa in St. Petersburg

Like everyone else, the dreams to visit the states originated almost in childhood. I live there a few friends, with whom we don’t communicate especially, plus one friend on the correspondence, with whom we have already been friends for 7 years, but I have never seen ..I live in a civil marriage, but I want to go alone so that nothing strained)) filled out the questionnaire itself (was married, in the last place of work a year and a half, the sn 50 thousand, there is no real estate, I have 27.), I was recorded at 8.30 in the morning, read here feedback useful and went) I decided to come up with myself a clear goal of the trip, I decided that my goal would be Phantom the Opera on Broadway and did not lose ..) Restrained smile and goodwill, essentially interviews:
– In which countries were?
– In Spain, Italy, Poland, Vitenam and still 7 (at the same time, I have been overshadowed with only one Schengen, the rest in the old passport did not even ask him)

So it’s really not so terrible to hell as they pray) and they actually know the answer in advance by 90%. Just clarify the right moments.

Good luck to all! Dare!

Failure to visa B1 / B2 Kiev

Hello everyone! I want to share my experience, can someone be interested. So from the very beginning.I arrived at the Central Station of Kiev at 7:15, and the interview at the embassy was at 8:30. Therefore, what would God not give God, I decided to go to a taxi that it turned out to be cheap, namely 40 UAH. Although there is still a cheaper option, called 2 UAH + 16 min. Walking: Come in the subway, eat 3 stops and go out on Beresheskaya, in the subway to go for 12 minutes + 16 min to go to the US Embassy itself. I arrived actually at 8:15, the old one was the turn of 35-45 people, but I like a normal foster to a person with a scanner of which called Stanley and said that I was 8:30, he asked my documents, scanned, pasted a sticker to the passport And I entered the room in the inspection room, reminds of the airport))) After I donate to the courtyard, I sat with another 10 people on a bench and caused us further, after the past I passed fingerprints (all 10). Then poshol to the window 20 and has passed them again, I do not know why but it did everything. Then I went back to the waiting room, and waited for about 1.5 hours until I was called for an interview, it lasted 50 seconds! I had a huge package of documents but the officer was not looking and did not ask for anything.

I’m sorry you banned from entering the US ! You do not have shown affection for his homeland. And he handed me a white sheet with Article 214b

I say this, CALL ACCEPT ! I am not without ZDaMSYa COMBAT !
I give in for the second time in early July ! 😉
all success and approval of visas !

The refusal of a visa to the pensioner

Visa for 1 minute

All the good days. About me: Not married, no children, the work is stable, there is no nedvidimosti, Czech Republic abroad. Came to the Consulate, was held metal detector, then held on after the fingerprints and interview.

K: Hello)
I: Hello)
By: Purpose of travel?
I: Tourism)
K: Who eat.
I’m with friends.
K: What work?
I: That something)
Ok Your visa is approved. Very helpful is this site, thank you very much to everyone who left here their personal experience, very enlightening, I advise him to listen to all those who are in the process of..

Son of approved visa

My son is 16 years old. On vacation, we decided to send him to the United States, to visit. In Denver lives my brother, his green card. Previously, my son was not abroad, that.E. Passport absolutely clean. Having read the reviews, I thought there is no chance. Especially since he is traveling alone, with transfers.

The interview took place in Yekaterinburg. We had an invitation from his brother. All documents are filled by themselves, without any intermediaries such as the pony express, etc.D.

Everything went very quickly. Interview he held one (I was not allowed, I was waiting for him on the street). Of additional documents it took only a certificate from the school (and the other who does not even look like an invitation).

– Purpose of the trip?
– The guests for the holidays.
– What city?
– Denver Colorado.
– Somewhere abroad used to be?
– No
– Siblings have? With whom live?

I received a US visa is simple and hassle-free

Thank you to everyone who’s written extensively read.I decided to try to apply for a visa, and got it all just asked 5 questions and the visa for 3 years onetime delivered in 2 days.

I repeat like everyone who got a visa do not be afraid go everything will be the norm

Tourist visa approved without problems!

4 baby at home and still the refusal of a visa!

Approved, but the beginning is funny

After 4 years of waiting. Received!

Hello everyone! To begin with: Thank you this forum. I reread the comments so much time, and, as it turned out, not in vain. I will start with the fact that I did not have to go to the consulate, my boyfriend did not want (in principle, he does not like to travel), those friends who were with me in America were abandoned. I have a not a good visa story. Caught eternal refusal to Schengen (never there were 3 refusal from different countries), I told me the consul of France that I was in an undesirable list..Who knows how I was there. Also traveled twice on work&Travel in 2009 and 2010. Failure to 2011 in an American visa for students. And after that there were my languid thoughts how to get a visa..I was afraid to go with all my wealth (visa history). As a result, it was gathered only now, the TC in politics is all unstable. I am 25, no husband, there is no ownership, zp gray. We decided with my good girlfriend, in the past classmates. She was before that in Finke, Austria and Cyprus, I am with her in Cyprus, in Emirates, Turkey and Egypt. Everyone filled themselves on their official website, paid a fee and signed up for an interview, also in the internet. As it turned out, the questionnaire was wrong (it was necessary to introduce the passport number of the Russian Federation, and we entered our INN)..=)

Arrived at Furshatt to 7:50, the interview was 8. Passed somewhere at 8:40. Shaking unreal. This setting is around..Everything is nervous..tin. Before us was 2 failures and 1 approval. (The guy asked what you want to see there, he replied – Nature. It was funny))) but he approved). Next, we went together.

P.S.The day before that I set myself to the fact that I will get out of the consulate only with a visa..With these thoughts went into a trolleybus and a happy ticket got caught. =) So I believed that he will bring me a positive result! Now I will try to correct my Schengen story..)))

Visa in the USA after returning

I have a question, but first about my story, so that there is a complete picture of the situation

First visited the United States in 2008 on W&T. Returned during. In 2009, I decided to go to learn and get the stud’s visa, but because of Finain difficulties at that time decided to go on W&T. Visa Dali without interview. In America, before the end of J-1, a visa changed the status of a tourist (independently) for a period of 6 months. It was a violation of the W program&t, but was not a violation of migration legislation.. For 6 months, I found a college in New York and gathering docks filed arrival and entered. Studies finished literally a month before the expiration of the passport and I was going to return. In his stupidity, I did not ask in advance how much time passes the passport replacement in the consulate of the Russian Federation. The whole process in general took about 3-4 months + 3 months due to the fact that for the first time I did not have time to come to the consulate for filing docks by writing. In general, it so happened that I couldn’t live in the US for about 8 months, although it was not intentionally. When you arrive at the airport of Kennedy, the officers did not put any departures about the depart and I-95 did not ask, although I think when they deported, simply introduce info to the database, without any stamps.

And here I have a question: Do I have a chance to receive an American visa and whether an American diploma affects this?

Unexpected refusal in a tourist visa!

And today I was denied a visa (from the very beginning my campaign did not ask the consulate – I was late for an interview for half an hour! I doubt, of course, that this was the reason for refusing.

I am 39 years old, married, but was going to go to Los Angeles without a family. Just wanted to relax with a friend. In general, I travel quite often. Honestly, did not even suspect that with the design of an American visa I may have problems!

A woman who leaned me with me, did not ask many questions. Asked where I’m going and with whom. Then she asked to see old passports – carefully painfully. Trips, as I wrote, I have a lot. Then I asked where I work, I told her about my work, and about the duties. Then I asked if my wife would go with me what I said "No", And after that, she refused to me in a visa, returning my passport with a letter of refusal, where even for some reason the reasons are not specified.

As I understood, the decision to issue a visa in the US is very subjective. It turns out, it completely depends only on the impression that you will produce on the person who will interview you?

Refusal of the US visa

Failure to visa to visit the exhibition

Repeated US visa

Two denial of visas for the purpose of tourism

Hello everyone. We want to share our unsuccessful experience of the design of American visas. The documents applied themselves, the questionnaires were filled in English on the embassy website, the fee paid for the card, signed up for interviews also via the Internet. Interview to me and wife was scheduled for May 28, 2014 for 10.00 to the embassy in St. Petersburg. Came early, took the line, waited to enter the embassy. At first there was a very thorough check of the security system. I had to go out and leave everything in the car, t.To. They said that with these things we will not be missed inside the building.

The interview was held by a man about 30-35 years old (we were with my wife 30). Spoke in Russian very well, questions asked quickly, all our documents looked. We had references from work (the salary of white 75 thousand rubles I have 60 from the spouse), also asked the certificate from the bank, the property documents. We had no ownership, t.To. Everywhere on sites it is written that these documents are not asked (vain hoping for the truthfulness of information on the forums). Also, the officer looked at our questionnaire for a long time and commented on it (said that they were misunderstood). There were also two old passports with different marks (several Schengen, Asia, Britain), they also showed him.

Asked questions about our trip, work, whether we have children (there is 1 child) and with whom they remain. We answered calmly, confidently, deployed. Described him his planned tourist route for the United States, told where we plan to stop what to visit. Also, the officer asked if we know anyone in the USA (no). Asked many more different questions, something in parallel printing on the computer. Then somewhere left. We already thought with my wife that incurd a visa to a passport. But the officer returned a minute after 3 with a refusal letter. Handed it to us and dryly said that today you can not give us a visa, t.To. We have not proven links to Russia.

In general, my wife and I were shocked by such. How many visas we did not get, always everything was fine. Even a British visa was easily given, and here you refuse. It’s good that at least not put in the passport. Now we do not know what to do. Let’s try to apply for a visa closer to the end of the summer – it may be possible to get a visa to get and go to the United States for New Year holidays!

Refusal in Petersburg

Second refusal after 2 years

The refusal did not surprise me was ready for him only here is a pity

It happened that I work at a company in Moscow for 2 months (I lived in another city and abroad) Salary 28,000 There are real estate in Europe to leave on vacation since 2012 (at the same time, the first refusal) in November 2013 was served on Green Card (already known that I did not win) I wanted more just to get a visa of trips and for 2013 I had enough – 8 countries + our moves, by the way, everything became better in the consulate and faster came to 8.00 to run steel at 7-40 came out about 9-00 in the bag at the entrance did not look very, very correctly interviewed me a man And I had a number – 13 That is, at the very beginning I walked in front of me a woman 40 years ago, they refused the big main visa hall Everyone would have given all the interviews in Russian heard how a woman was manged, a pensioner who wants to go to her son and 2 grandchildren in the side visas appared an officer I didn’t like it did not want to go to him feeling that the same that I refused 2 years ago and The same style of communication began everything smoothly asked about the questionnaire where and how much I got to work and then I began to ask for how I worked and how long ago I did not understand the manager in the insurance company later about the salary, I answered that the official 28 000 r He asked, and what was not the official I said that 30-35 thousand but I still work the dance coach and then I did not understand the questions and logic I understand it really – high-quality psychologists in general, I said that 3 years in Moscow worked TREN rum and the salary was 30-35 thousand (his own questions – not spoken herself) that then worked in St. Petersburg, too, in the office and the coach here, probably, it was decided that the fate was such a question that I travel a lot and asked the reason I answered that there is an opportunity for time and finances of the trip all to a week durability otherwise and in general 1-2 days to what he asked, really I let go of the authorities and what happened that this opportunity appeared to ride (here I applaud standing on him) then there were standard questions about her husband and about children and who I live in Moscow answered that with a familiar grandmother something else was in general, by what he printed, realized that the refusal said that this does not mean that I can’t try again that I They did not convince them due to the homeland

I also think that I was so spontaneously decided for myself and the questionnaire, and visa. Everything in a hurry and I agree that you can bring about a young man and that I’m going with someone (for it is not to check) and the salary need thousands of 60,000 how to draw in England somehow by the way, I had references with very round sums but the CRM passports and questionnaires did not ask anything else. My trips herself said that 8 countries passed by he asked, on work or not probably, there were thoughts that I am going to work illegally – Dress Neat minimal makeup Hair gathered an officer was serious and I also money $ 160 is a pity, but a good experience may even make sense to ask for a sports visa together with the dance partner by the way before the US refusal I really didn’t go anywhere and even on vacation so My advice is to go to Europe at least 2-3 times a year it is available and visas are given for 5 years))

Tourist visa in the USA (Yekaterinburg) – approved

I filed an application for a visa in-1, my girlfriend who lives in the States of 5 years sent me an invitation in free form, that she and her family (husband American and baby 4 years old) invite me to visit in August 2014. For help in the design of a visa, I turned to the agency, myself did not risk everything. The girls in the agency filled all the documents needed on the site, I only chose a convenient day of interview for me (t.To. I live in another city, which is at 13 o’clock from Yekaterinburg).

I chose May 23 8:30. I’ll immediately say that in the building of the consulate everything went exactly as I imagined it, before that I read a huge number of reviews and articles on this topic. In the Consulate Building, we began to launch us about 8:45, and at 9:30 am happy I was already out of the building 🙂 I want to note that you do not take with you on the interview any bags! There simply nowhere to leave! If someone is waiting for you on the street, then this is another thing) and if you, as I arrived from another city for an interview, then leave all things in the storage chamber railway station. I had only a folder with documents with me – this is granted, phone and wallet (it remains in a tiny storage chamber on the 1st floor). From documents with me, I had the following:

1) The most important two papers, without them, is no means confirmation of the payment of the consular collection and the duty of the interview, and confirmation of the application for a visa (you show the first with foreign.Passport on the first floor, the second – on the fourth floor is taken along with the overseas.Passport and photo 5 * 5)

First, in the window No. 2, fingerprints were removed, then after 10 minutes, they were invited to the window No. 3, where the interview passed. His consul, man, 35-38 years old, pleasant appearance)) questions that I asked:
To whom you eat? (girlfriend + her family)
as planning to go? (days 18, for a larger period will not let go from work – the consul smiled))
where exactly? (called the staff)
In which countries were previously visible? (twice was in the UAE)
how my girlfriend was in the USA? (honestly replied that she left under the program w&T got acquainted with the future husband)
how old is she there? (5 years)
How did you get acquainted with her and how long ago? (in student years lived together)
Your visa approved.

Before the interview, I set myself so, I will be like that – honest and friendly.

About me: 27 years old, not married, no children, I work.

To be honest, then I regarded your chances like 50/50. Well, there is no time proven time and experience of the strategy. Everything is very individual! Be yourself, benevolent (sincere smile always has to himself) and honest!

And in my opinion, a correct completed questionnaire is of great importance! So I did not regret that herself did not fill it, suddenly there are some nuances, which I could not know about.

All Higher Good luck.

Tourist visa approved after refusal!

URAAA! Yesterday on May 23 I approved a visa. I want to say, the main thing is to believe in yourself and tune in to a positive result. I did not worry about me)

The first time (in January) I filled out the questionnaire herself, took a lot of papers with him, but they did not ask anything, and after three questions they returned the passport.. I was very upset, TC to see New York – my dream)) After the failure, all my friends said that it was not even worth trying to try, no one would approve it to her..About me – 22 years old, unmarried, no children, work at that time was 1.5 years old, the countries in the passport are all visa-free.

But I decided to make Schengen, I was given a multivitz for 3 months and I visited 2 European countries during this time.

This time I decided to contact the agency, they re-filled my questionnaire, that is, they corrected a little, they gave advice on answers, but only a couple of questions were useful, I already told everything from myself. We talked this time longer, even probably minutes 3, but in the end I approved her! I am insanely glad, so I decided to share my positive experience here!!All success.

Visa F-1 approved

May 19, my friend and I had an interview at the US Embassy in Moscow. Came to 10.10 (were recorded on 10.30), came out at 12.00, inside everything quickly passes. We, of course, were very worried. We are going in July for 3 weeks in NY General English.

Both visas approved. I am a consul girl polled 5 minutes. From the fact that she knew about me – 26 years old, not married, no children, I have been working for almost three years in the last place of work, there is no relatives in the US, in a new passport 1 visa Schengen + trip to Ecuador (in the old passport 3 more Schongen, But she did not ask him, although I really wanted her to show him, they say, look, girlfriend, I am also a frog-traveler and is not going to stay in the USA, but I kept).

Questions and answers were from the category (everything in Russian):
1) why in this school? – the most popular and good reviews

Refusal to a visa at the invitation to a friend

Refusal to the US Guest Visa

Today I was denied visa ((I’m divorced, my mother lives in the USA, we communicate very well with her – she sent me an invitation to visit her. So, I was discovered in the embassy … I will not tell about all the formalities, I will give only the essence of the interview with an officer.

– For what purpose is the trip? – visit to mom husband. – But the questionnaire states that you are divorced. Self filled? – Yes. – But in this case, the receiving party is not your relative.

Here I am completely confused, t.To. was sure what is and in the questionnate wrote that she is a relative. Next was a bunch of questions about mom – when I was last seen when she was in Russia, as we support the connection. She said that I did not see her for 10 years, and communicate on Skype – the officer immediately began to print something mad, after which he returned my passport … I sin on an incorrectly filled questionnaire. I doubt whether it is necessary to say next time that I am going to my mother, or just book a hotel ..

Refusal to visa at the invitation from the clinic

The other day I made an attempt to get a visa in the United States with not the very ordinary goal – I decided to seek help to plastic surgeons. Invitation from the clinic was on hand, a certificate from the bank with a decent amount too. It would seem that this is what should be interested in a visa officer in my case. But oddly enough, a man after the window decided to ask me about work. And ask asking with addiction. It turned out to be a big surprise for me.. I have already very nervous, and by the end of the conversation turned and the whole shaking.

Because of the rawless questions I was completely confused and forgot, where and by whom I work. Asked about the company, how many people in the state, what income makes me brings work at a given position … my average salary – 40 thousand, but I have the main income from real estate – I told the officer after a series of unbearable answers. After that, the verdict was brought: "You provide false information. In a visa denied." I was stunned, I still can not understand why it was after these words he decided to refuse … I tried to find out from the officer if I could try to get a visa a little later, but I was advised not to spend in vain time and money..

Insufficient relationships with homeland

The interview went with mom the day before yesterday, May 12, by 10:30.

I started worrying already when I learned about the most needed interview. During all procedures directly inside the consulate, excitement, of course, only increased. On biometric woman said that I had a cute ring, after that I calmed down somewhat and cheered up. But at the interview failed specifically. So nervous that I forgot that I have a job. (in half the best). Set of standard questions:

Learn / Work / Plans for the Future – I finish the university, then work by a lawyer in MSK;

Who pays the trip / What is planning to do / goals a trip- pays mom, spons a letter is available, visiting the one and then, tourism; Who lives with parents

Which countries are spent a pack of Schengen over the past couple of years, plus earlier Scandinavia, Italy, Austria.

Fulfilled non-sufficient relationships with homeland.

About me: 22 years old, 5th course YUR Faka, work on Polfesta to YUR Firm

In Mexico through the United States, a tourist visa approved for 3 years

Refusal visa for the purpose of tourism

Refusal of a tourist visa in the USA

Visa for a young couple

2 weeks ago walked for an interview with my young man. We are in civil marriage, so the interview passed together. From the documents were certificates from the bank and the certificate of opening of the IP. Documents have not been asked. Interview is about a minute:
– Where are we going?
– at all?
– where and who work? We are both IP.
– Are there relatives in the USA?
-How long are we together?
– Are there children?
And all. Officer Friendly young girl. We did not worry, said clearly. And only truth.

She shed passports, we have 2 joint trips – Greece and the United Kingdom. My young man works only 4 months, and I year.

Speak the truth and do not be nervous. You will definitely get a visa. But it seems to me the decision on a visa is already taken before the interview based on your personal data. And the interview is simply checking do not lie if you. I already understood that I approve the visa. In June we are going to rest! Good luck to all!

In Los Angeles: The visa is approved

Damn how I was afraid! Let him not like on the scaffold but the nerve stuck. I am 24 years old, unmarried and childless.Nowhere worked before this (now I have been working as a copywriter for half a year). I’m with Belarus. Many berrys that Belarusians are hard with visas why I have no idea. I didn’t have any trips, but it’s only everything in an old passport, and I lost the old passport, and we don’t give them naturally in the passport table naturally, and honestly I was thinking that I would refuse me for this reason, but in the new only Poland Schengen and Italian, Karoch I will not pour water as it was before interlocitious everything and so approximately imagine it. So the interlocution itself:

I interviewed me a pretty girl about so 30-35

Consul – Good afternoon
I am kind)
To the goal of the trip?
I am tourism, shopping (although I still didn’t want to sill, but why did you decide to add)

Visa in Moscow

Good day to all! I want to share with you my experience. I have such a: 20 years old, a five-year student of the 2nd courses of the university, not married, no children. In America was twice in 2011 and 2012 at the invitation of sister. The second time I lost a passport with a visa. Now a new, naturally pure passport. Now there also moved to live dad, which is the Holder of Green Card.

Yesterday was at the interview in Moscow. I have an entry for 8.30, but as the train arrived in half, then at the beginning of the eighth I was already standing at the embassy. In front of me there was a little, man 15-20. As a result in 7.50 I was already inside. While she passed the phone to the storage chamber, you watched, got a number and handed out fingerprints, it was already 8.twenty.

As a result, the interview with me took a pleasant young man about 25 years 25. I was not particularly worried, smiled, said clearly, without trembling in my voice. The dialogue was:

Then again printed. And then watch something writes. Already frightened, looked, and he made him a mark "LOST VISA"

After that, it says well, your visa is approved, take it in Pony Express in a week

All, not a single document was absolutely asked, although I collected a whole daddy.

Only I wonder how much a visa was given. Probably once said nothing, then for a year.

Refusal in the US business visa

Obtaining US visa

Interview at US Consulate for Visa.

So, we came to the Consulate of Novinsky Boulevard. Came 5 minutes before the designated term. You see the queue of strange personalities who arrived an hour before the interview time appointed. Politely asking them, and even better guards from the turnstile: "I have been appointed 11, who is the last. " You are sent to the primary search: bag or your suitcase (if you hurried with him before going to donate empty glass containers) will check for the absence of dangerous things. Go inside the building. Give a mobile phone, lighter, cigarettes and everything, except for money a special person and get numbers. On it then get everything back. * According to the latest information, the consulate is not allowed with charging for the phone and headphones. Storage are also not accepted, so come to an interview with a minimum of things.

Stayed in Like Hostel on Kryushkovskaya Street 26, it is located next to the embassy. Very convenient, after the train came, took a shower, drank tea, left valuable things in safe cells and went to the embassy in 10 minutes.

Approved visa in the USA young girl!

Visa in St. Petersburg

I read all the reviews, concluded: I will behave at ease and smiling.

Helped))) All employees are polite. The interview lasted a minute. About me: Married, Son, I work, 2 citizenship. RF received 3 months ago, bars empty.

Asked the goal of the trip, where to go where I work. It was difficult if it was possible to obtain citizenship of the Russian Federation))) all. nothing else asked. Not a single document was asked, although everything was ready.

Did not give docks, answered briefly in the case and with a smile. That’s how. I’m going to rest for a couple of weeks))))

Tour Visa

Visa for the whole family

Visa approved – the officer told me

Friends all good day.

could not not share his joy with you today.Was today at the interview, the procedure of passage took place with accuracy as here and described, so I will not repeat, I read everything here and I understood that my chances were not great, but still decided to try, the invitation did friends, I was very worried that there would be a refusal so and did not dare to go, but they still insisted.What I had at the time of the interview, and nothing empty gear (for my 35 I never went outside of Russia) a couple of joint pictures, not an impressive certificate with place of work.Standing in line I understood the one here the assistant only one God, before going to the interview Friends sent a message of this type. when you go to the room for an interview invite Jesus, just say Jesus went with me on an interview, I want you to be next to me, it will be healthy. and you know these words soothed very much during the course of the day, as long as I was told we endure you with a visa, those who stood in sight and reach the hearing and such a person was 15, gave me only a guy, and the rest of the refusal , I did not ask anything, only one question to whom we are going, I quickly described everything quickly what it is for people and how they are my roads about how I love them and miss them, and all.The officer smiled at me in response and said Ok, I want to tell you and wish the same thing, believe in virtue of prayer, and keep yourself in my hands, be affectionate .benevolent and smile, next week I pull out, success you all .

Student visa F-1 approved

Last year I successfully received a visa F-1, passing an interview. The visa ended and I extended it, without re-interview. About me: 29 years old, not married. Real estate does not have. I work, but now quit. Going to NYC to language school. If you need advice, write me to mail [email&# 160; Protected]

Approved visa in St. Petersburg

And so about yourself: I’m 25 (in May 26) are not married, there are no children, I work as a manager for 2.5 years.

Independently filled out the questionnaire (everything is very simple) paid for the state duty, discharged for an interview at 8:00. Introduced 3-2 people. I went, gave numbers to remove the prints. Scanned. occupied the queue to the inspector. And so the interview:
-Hello! Purpose of the trip?
-Tourism, Shopping
-Who eat?
-Who lives with?
-with parents
-What’s your job?
-there then there so much.
-Which countries have visited?
-In which countries one traveled?
-Where eat?
-When planning?
-then for 2 weeks
-good, your visa approved

Very cute and friendly consulate staff up to securities) So do not be afraid of anything and all success in travel)

Interview to receive an American visa

Your visa approved!

Filled out the questionnaire itself and on my wife, for those who doubt I want to immediately say anything difficult, there were of course questions, but I asked them on the forums and suggested me. References additional took, but no one looked them. Interview passed in Yekaterinburg Time 8.30, who wanted to have a lot, so it was not batted, they will not give well, too, it’s not bad to refuse someone. About him 30 years old, wife, baby 4 years old (he was not served on him) in the bass 4 Turkey, Cyprus and Dominican Republic. Questions Standard: Where? Why? How long? With whom the child remains? What an income (a wife with a success reported 8 thousand after that the consul had to clarify exactly how we were in Dominican and in two weeks in Cyprus)? After the pause questions of the minute two, then OK your visa apparent! Shock condition and joyful way home.A week later he received passports and a visa for 3 years.

Gave a girlfriend a visa after two failures

Your visa approved

At the US Embassy in Yekaterinburg

Hello. A couple of days ago tried to get a visa at the US Embassy in Yekaterinburg. Everything went rather strange, first I was waiting for a very long time, and people who came after me have already passed the interview. Then when I was called for the first time, as I thought to remove fingerprints (I did everything like it) I immediately began to ask a lot of questions and at the end refused. In total, the interview lasted for about 6-7 minutes. So I have a question: does such that happens first to conduct an interview, and already take fingerprints, or I was already going to refuse a visa in advance?

New York and Miami on May

I immediately want to say thanks to everyone who writes positively and after failures! Well done who do not surrender and not climb with the accusations of the embassy in all their life failures =) went with the mood – well, will refuse and okay, somewhere on May, and I will fly: D

In general, I am 23 years old, I work from them one and a half, took the appropriate certificate and the passport captured. Not married, I don’t even live with a guy.

At the embassy, ​​everything is superlook, be and you. I saw in the crowd of those who worry, walks out of angle in an angle, dressed as in the 80s (but not hipster), and they received failures. There were those who worry.

Yes, they look at you on immigrants, but it does not mean that you – do not believe. You say you are writing – and it should be true by definition. There were those who are dressed "like a wedding" And the hair is broccolo combed – they were shut down, judging by dissatisfied mines. You are tourists, not wedding generals, friends! Or you are so every day in hot california are going to dress?)

Asked the question – the purpose of the trip, I say – ny, Miami, all on the May holidays.

Asked where I work, how much and how often traveling alone. I replied that almost always and it doesn’t bother me))

At that moment she leafed the passport, where Outdoor Schengen, England was opened.

There is still an old stamp in Israel and Bulgaria – a long time ago. I for some reason added that I depart from London in Ny, back from Miami.

Having paused a few minutes, you need to stay and do not shove your smokers and cars in the window, as you did almost everything in front)))

And then she says that my visa is approved and reads in my eyes all the wonderful views of New York under ENGLISHMAN IN NY: D

I barely restrained, said something like "Eee Yes? goodbye" and went to look for headphones on the fence))

In general, guys, if you really have non-receipt intentions – then everything should go smoothly, but if not – then you will be calculated, and will be right! Good luck and enjoy usa

Visa in the USA after 2 failures. On one’s own

Today I received a tourist visa in the US for 3 years.I will describe you your experience, I think it will be useful to many and interesting, t.To. Earlier (1.5 years ago) I had 2 failure in a row. This time I filled out the questionnaire as independently, without the help of any companies. I filed a visa category at the same time as 1.5 years ago, on tourist (B2). Made everything for 1 evening. I decided that I want to try to file a visa once again, I paid for the consul collection on the Internet, filled out the questionnaire, signed up for an interview, and a day came to him. No accompanying documents (certificates, statements from banks, ownership of property) I did not collect at all, but still better to have them. The only thing that changed significantly for me for these 1.5 years is 5 new countries in the passport (2 Schengen – Germany, France) and 3 Asia countries – Thailand, Laos, Indonesia, and + Ukraine. The rest is all unchanged. I did not invent any special purpose of the visit, as last year, when I said that I was going to a cruise to the Hawaiian Islands and T.NS. Now I positioned myself just like a tourist who goes to New York on the May holidays and everything.

Dialogue with ambassador:

Eventually brought a passport with a visa every other day.

What I understood for these 3 interviews:
1. Visa story really matters (needed at least 1-2 Schengen visas).
2. Dress before interviewing well.
3. Do not listen to anyone who dissuade you from trying to get a visa.
4. You do not need to use any firms that help in obtaining visas. Fill out a questionnaire on a tour visa forces to any person for 1 evening.
5. After 2 failures to get a tourist visa really so that neither wrote "experts" in the Internet. This is my case.


Visa in the USA in 1 minute

I wanted to share my experience. In February, filled out the questionnaire itself on the site (it was something.), the interview was at 8 am in Mon. The whole process from the street to "Your visa approved" She took less than an hour.On the interview I was asked standard questions:

Purpose Trip-Tourism (New York, Chicago)
with whom you eat in the states-one
who work answered
Are there any relatives in the states
where were before-in passport a lot of visas.There are Europe, and Asian countries.
all-visa approved for 3 years. Wait for a passport in a few days.
I have not asked for any additional documents, although I prepared them in advance and was ready to show.
About me: 30 years old, not married, no children. I work in one place for 5 years.
Passport was taken in a week.

The main advice is to write in the questionnaire the truth, during the interview you do not need to add your documents. If necessary, they themselves will ask them to show. Do not buy tickets, this is the opposite may not like the consul (you supposedly sure that you will definitely approve a visa). Well, be calm and smile 🙂 Good luck to all!

Visa approved without problems

Obtaining a visa in Bangkok

Your Visa Is Aproved!

Embassy in Kiev performs American dream 🙂

With a friend decided to fly to New York on vacation for a month, which was told on the interview. And the interview, by the way, passed together and in English. Both had a Swiss visa last year (I have only 1 visa in the passport, my friend 3). I think this fact played in our favor. Mainly there were standard questions with non-standard answers.) The s / n we have a small (for the consul noted that the ride is paid by the parents, although in fact we are going for your blood earned :)), about a year old, not married, there are no children, we haven’t graduated from the university, our property has no. From the main documents there were only sponsorship letters, but they were not useful.

Interview lasted minutes 3. As a result, the visa approved.

As everyone said, the result depends only on the subjective opinion of the consul, 50/50.

Try and you will definitely work out :))))

Visa in the USA Tourist did not give

Gave a visa to the whole family

Refusal of student visa

Visa approved without problems

For statistics. Visa approved without problems. On the interview asked only one question about the purpose of the trip.

26 years, Female, Single, ZP 45000, the purpose of the trip is the West Coast, Nats. Parks.

The interview answered that the goal was to travel along the west coast with a girlfriend, with whom they traveled together and last holidays, we want to go to the US in this year, we fly to the date specified in the questionnaire, arrive in the SF, then listed the parks where we want to go , then from LV fly back to Moscow time. More questions not asked – just "Your visa approved". Girlfriend (the same parameters about, but civil marriage) asked more questions (the purpose of the trip, where and how long ago, we were before) – the visa also approved.


March 6 filled out the questionnaire, being in London on Holidays. 11 Interview in Moscow, arrived from London and immediately went to the embassy, ​​there were no documents, only a questionnaire, photo and passport. An hour and a half in the queue and visa approved))) There were a lot of people and denied the majority, apparently because of the situation in Ukraine. I’m 23, not married, no children, I wrote in the questionnaire that I work a lawyer 50t.p s / n.
Questions: Purpose Tourism
When? In June
With whom? With a young man
Who lives with? With parents
What’s your job? I just said a lawyer))
How much work? 2 years
Where want to go? Nowhere, but my boyfriend wants to play in LS in the Casino
Opened a passport, there a lot of visas, says: oo, love to travel!) And the place is empty? – Yes, the last page remained! – thanks! Your visa approved!

The main thing to smile, not nervous and respond honestly! True, probably my trips played the role..United Kingdom, South Korea, 2 India, 3 Spanish Schengen, UAE, Turkey, Cyprus, Egypt and T.D. And the people were with thick folders of documents and they refused them!

Gave a visa without problems, before there was a refusal

Visa in the USA Approved (Moscow)

At the interview, questions were the most standard. Answered only in the case.
– purpose of the trip? Tourism, Shopping
– What you plan to visit? New York Las Vegas and, if it turns out, somewhere to the ocean
– What is your occupation? I call the position as in the questionnaire.
– What the company is engaged? I explain what we do, and not very clear, for a long time and with stuffing (as it seemed to me).
– Your visa approved.
– thanks

Note. before the interview was configured to speak only the truth and do not invent anything, saying as it is.

Gave a visa for 7 minutes

Today gave a visa for 7 minutes.

Several questions, several direct short answers and voila.

Understand people, we want to give a visa, in principle they are located rather to approve our entrance than bruit. We are all and port. This circus is someone who begins to tell the consul that "I generally immigrate so I want. ", Who is trying to give a visa after 3 failures and lie that "This is a mistake, this can not be!"

We injure yourself.

Do not lie. Do not be afraid. Smile)

All told that there would be a failure!

Guys!For the first time I am writing a review) Thank you so much this site, a lot of useful info, and I myself want to share)

Applying to agencies and to special people!For me, no one took and the main reason – I do not have a rolled passport at all, but in the old one there was a marker – izhype, time was still "Civilian" my husband decided to go to Europe for a couple of days to facilitate the process. and then tin visa to Italy-failure!I was wildly upset because I wanted to relieve, as a result, only complicated the situation.

In general, a friend set me said nothing let’s try for a tick (he has a visa long)

I, I study real estate, is not married, but I did it in the questionnaire that there is a marriage, an absolutely empty passport. risked) appealed to the agency for competent registration of the questionnaire. and chosen for an interview. The queues are huge, many people, the record was 9, but I went around and asked to miss the alleged eight and worry that there would be complications (although there is absolutely no difference!) Karochny, everything went calmly, just before the window did not get much shaken! The window was a beautiful woman with a disgusting accent, I am Miss Calm 2014, smiling, not too frankly

I confess the shock) From this very much depended in my life, no one believed about the trips and did not ask))) The guys are not scary to rest in yourself, in the competent questionnaire and in the coinciding answers) Well, of course the moment of luck solves all , man in the window decides also as!) Visa for three years in the pocket of Ehhuuuuuuuuu New York is waiting))))

Question on visa to child

January 2014, in a passport for 3.5 years only unknown semi-annual Schengen, Turkey, Ukraine. "What is the company doing?" – "Oh, what she just does not do :)! Real estate abroad (happily nods, looking at the questionnaire), tours in the Russian Federation (even more joyful nods). abroad, a lot of things! 🙂 put a business card that did not want to take, smiling. " Purpose of your trip? – Tourism. Where to fly? – Miami, then for 3-4 days in New York, then again in Miami, and home.(All this time, I depict your hand, like where, and how to :)). One fly? – The daughter of a civil husband will arrive from Toronto to me, she has a Canadian passport.

Your visa approved. HOW. And talk.

Even my old passports no longer watched, and there is a lot of things. Floored in the USA.Really liked it, I would like to fly with the child.

The problem is whether a visa will now give a visa of 11 years old, in his old passport Egypt, Cyprus (many). Now they will give, for the marriage of civil and not with his father, I worry? And the civil husband has a bunch of American visas, but there is a Canadian passport that he would not like to advertise in the Russian Federation? From my papers – its company since 2008, salary 130000 rubles., Apartment, Zem. plots, machine, deposits (but not watched the consul anything).

Who had experience in obtaining / non-receipt of a visa by a child with such source?

Your visa approved

Status: 26 years old, not married, nor cola, no yard. It was necessary to go to work in the USA. Took advantage of the agency in order to save time. Himself from the roof * Plya, I work in Moscow only the year by the leading engineer programmer in the oil.

In the agency advised to open Schengen, t.To. More chances to get a visa (the passport was clean). Flew on the weekend in Prague, drove beer.

The officer is pleasant in appearance Girl is 30, smiled, looked at me with confidence.

-Purpose of the trip?
-Business trip to our partners in the company ***
-What does your company do?
– blah blah blah oil fields.
-What did you say last?
– . Petroleum fields.

Further, I already understood that she would approve my visa. She asked a couple more questions, but it was seen that the answers were not interesting to her, asked as if for a tick.

-OK. Your visa approved.

Dialogue I led a slightly loud voice and constantly gesticulated my hand – I tried that she would understand everything that I say.

Tip: They see you through. Don’t try to lie, say everything as it is.

Good luck with everyone to get a visa!

Visa in the old passport

Approved visa in St. Petersburg

Today we approved a visa for 3 years! I want to share information, suddenly someone will help.) About me: I am 24 years old, I work as a researcher (salaries. not big- 25 thousand.). We filled out the questionnaire and paid the consular fees on February 14, and recorded an interview for February 21 by 9-00. They came later than the designated time, somewhere in 9-05. approached the queue and asked "it’s all 9-00?", We were answered that this is 9-30, so we got up to the top of the queue, then they entered the consulate, metal detectors were held, then they came to the reception and gave confirmation of the filling of the DS-160 questionnaire and passport.

Then passed to the first window gave the bandage and we were told to go to the 2nd window to remove fingerprints, after Dactyloscopy came to the 4th window (we did not even know what the interview would be there), the interview lasted minutes 3 maximum

NS.WITH.: The whole trip to the embassy took (if you do not count the queue before entering the consulate) about 15-20 minutes, and we did not even ask for confirmation of payment for consular fees and confirmation of an interview recording.)))

Dali visa for 3 years family with a small child

The whole process took from us from the strength of 1 hour. I received a visa, husband and child.

Signed up for an interview at 8 am. Since they were with the child (6 months) we missed us without a queue and even before the work began, the embassy was allowed into the building, so as not to stand with a child on the street.

All the electronics were left in the car, so it turned out everything quickly. Next received tours with the number (also very quickly) and went to register. And at the registration we were upset, they said that our photos (according to the registrar) are not suitable under the stated requirements (allegedly dark background, and in my photo bangs a little closes the top of the eye). Said that at the discretion of the consul, and most likely the refusal. And if the consul approves, then it means it is incredibly lucky. Went to an interview no hope. But the consul found that we are all right.

No documents asked.

Visa for three years in Yekaterinburg

February 14 received a gift with her husband – a visa for 3 years in the USA. History: I have 2 visas J-1 (2008 and 2009), and everything, no Schengen, no Turkey and Egypt. My husband has 16 years old – France. From the documents they took documents for an apartment, a car, certificate of income and a copy of labor (I have experience in my only work of 4.5 years, my husband has a last place – 1.5 years). I will endune the story about how they were in the queue, they were check. I will tell only that the pairs also pass fingerprints together, my husband first called with another woman 🙂 I had a little having me and all right, but then, fortunately, we figured out who his wife really is 🙂
Our dialogue with the consul (woman):
– Where are we going?
– Chicago
– At all?
– 2 weeks
– Where and who work?
– There’s there something (each of us answered for myself)

Something prints something and says: "Your visa is approved, you will receive passports in three days".
Cheers, it’s so cool!!
I will note that a large family interview passed before us, a person is 5-6 with children, received a guest visa not for the first time already, and another woman, 40 years 40. Everyone got what was with the rest – I do not know 🙂
I wish not to worry and tell the truth, everyone is good luck;)

Refusal of a visa for incomprehensible reason

Gathered with a girlfriend in the United States for the purpose of tourism. The interview was appointed on February 14, a promising day, but I did not think that he would be so bad for me. Sutra arrived to the embassy, ​​the queue was big, but it was quickly like my conversation with an officer, unpleasant to the view of a woman.

Immediately began to print a lot, asking me only three questions – where and by whom I work in which countries there were and whether relatives in the US. I had enough acceptable answers to me: the purpose of the trip is tourism, I work in the construction company by logistics, decent earnings, trained in Europe, was 4 Shengen, there are no relatives abroad! But, not only that she did not even look at me with a single document to confirm my words, so also wrote in a sheet with the cause of refusal that I did not have enough strong connections from the homeland! How she understood it – incomprehensible.

I looked neat when I went to the window – smiled, I spoke to a smooth voice, without wring. Cause of failure for me now will remain a mystery. True like a lottery.. Very not democratic, not fair ((shocked.

Visa in the United States successfully approved after 3 visas J1 and after 1 failure

Friends, thanks to everyone for useful reviews and advice!

A few days ago was on the interview and decided to write my! In the United States, the Work and Travel program was 3rd (2009,2010 and 2011), the rules did not violate, always leaving the country in a timely manner. In December 2012, received a refusal to visa B2.

Asked to explain the cause, the officer replied that a little work experience (at that time in the company worked only 10 months) and issued a leaflet explaining my immigration intentions.I think it really plays a role, and also after the end of the university passed all.Apparently, the officer suggested that I was not holding anything in Moscow, and after 3 visas J1 I have a lot of friends, ready to help)) has passed more than a year, I decided to try again. This time the 13th window for me was happy.A cute middle-aged man asked only the goal of the trip (then he looked at my questionnaire for a long time in the computer, in which I honestly wrote that there was a refusal last year), then asked where and how much I work, this time I replied with pride that after 2 days it would be anniversary already 2 years!Then she asked the old passport, t.I just received a new one, considered every page.In the passport 3 of Singapore visas, Indonesian, apparently it did not suit him and began to flip further until it reached Italian Schongen for 3 months.

It apparently liked him, and he never reached the Emirates to the Emirates.I think, the big role was played by the fact that all of them were obtained after the last refusal, t.e literally last year.Apparently, this time he understood that the states would not mean my life and I just love to travel.Then a long time spent something in my computer, smiled and said that the visa was approved.I advise you to answer honestly in the questionnaire, if there was a refusal, then specify the exact number, you still have everything in the database.

Those who, after J1, recommend waiting for a couple of years before serving on tourist, and have more visas in the passport.About me, 23 years old, not married, children do not, food with a friend.This time I decided not to bother and the only thing that was from the documents, this is a certificate of work, which, and that by reviews, they are extremely rare.From the fact that the questionnaire has changed for the year, the salary has increased and now I’m going with a friend, and not one to visit to American friends.The girlfriend by the way also got no problem.In the passport a bunch of Schengen and this is her first amer visa, asked only where it goes, and where it works.The whole process took 1 hour 20min.

Passport brought to 3rd day.Good luck to all!Do not be afraid and try again, even if there was a refusal.And also wasted do not waste your time and money referring to the agency!the questionnaire is very simple, the whole process too.And they can not affect the decision of the consul.Their guarantees for successful receipt of a visa – Full stupidity. This is really a lottery.

Visa in the USA February 4, 2014

Yesterday, there was an interview for a visa and got it for 3 years. If briefly, then. was recorded at 9 00, but on the street was a lively. It took a queue and 40 minutes after all the formalities have passed, I was before a visa officer – a young guy about 28 years old. behaved at ease and easily and smiled. Dialogue is:
– Where are we going?
– New York.
– purpose of the trip?
– Tourism, journey.
– what is your occupation?
– I replied with a feeling of great patriotism (even mnogoznachielno officer looked at me with a smile on his face)
– with whom travel?
– one.
– where before were?
– In Greece (I have one Schengen)
– Your visa approved.

I asked how much? He answered for 3 years.

About me: 30 years old, not married, no children, I have been working at work for 7 years, s / n 45000 thousand.USD, owned apartment.

I made a conclusion for myself: 1) All the people who came to the interview were like in a stupor and in the eyes read: only she was not given to him, but I gave 2) there were exeplers who spoke full nonsense officers, even I didn’t understand what they were talking 3) And I’m just sure of 100 %%%%%%, which is already known to someone to give, who does not give and with whom to talk and possibly give a visa. In any case, all the contributions are tested in advance and for 5 seconds. Officer will not decide.

Good luck and once again: it is necessary to be sure and that everything in the questionnaire is without mistakes.

Visa in the USA

We passed the interview with the girl.

Questions were as follows:
Purpose of the trip?
Where to fly and how much?

and all..We were told that your visa was approved, even nothing was printed and the passport was not particularly watched.

After 2 days of working passports received with a courier.

In my opinion, it is important to fill out the form on the site and confidently behave at the interview.

Visa approved

I am 19, not married, I do not work. Visa Dali.

After reading a lot of reviews, I realized that the trick in behavior. Those who went as hard labor, not smiling, and so on, the visa is actually not given, but calm and smiling – please!

Another moment: I noticed that those who with thin folders / files have more chances than those who comes with boiled paper. So tetate.

In time passed only 2 hours, came to 7:50, at 9:30 pm maybe even later called by phone.

So everyone is good luck! I hope my message will help someone;)

Visa approved for 3 years in Moscow

I am a girl, I am 27 years old, officially not married, there are no children, I take off the housing in Moscow, I do not officially work.Filled out the questionnaire for visa B1 / B2 21.01 in the evening and discharged for an interview at 28.01 08/00 in the morning, the queue was big, but moved quickly enough. So interview:
-Where are we going?
-New York.
-Purpose of the trip?
-Who we are going?
-With a friend.
-When? At all?
-then something for 2 weeks.
-What’s your job? How much work?
-There something there. Half a year.
-And before that, where worked?
-There something there.
-Married? Have you got a children?
-In civil marriage, no children.
-In which countries were?
-Only Egypt, love the Red Sea

The consul female, something has been printed for a long time, looked at my passport, not even looking, then again printed something, and then said that the visa was approved for 3 years. thirty.01 I already took my passport with a visa! Visa in the US is a big luck, I did not request any documents, with me there was an extract about the state of the bank account. The main thing is not to worry, smile and be polite!

Visa in the US in a week

Girl, 25 years old, g. Moscow

I received a visa for the week – January 24, 2014. Filled the questionnaire, the nearest interview date was January 29, January 31, the courier delivered me a passport with a visa for 3 years. I spent the payment of the consular fee from a bank card, despite the fact that it was already about 19 hours on Friday, the next day on Saturday in 12 days I had already opened the opportunity to sign up for an interview. I chose the earliest time – 08:00. I arrived at 07:30, the queue was 50 people. At 08:04 I was registered, at 08:53 came out of the consulate.

About me – 25 years old, not married, I work in a good company for about a year, in the questionnaire pointed out that one in Miami for the week, marital status Single. It was very afraid that in a visa will refuse, because a young beautiful lonely girl in the US only and do that the groom is searching 🙂

To the interview took with me a certificate from work with the position and salary, an extract from a bank account, documents for ownership (a / m), air tickets, hotel reservation.

But the officer did not ask me any additional documents, but asked many questions:
– For what purpose are flying? – Tourism, rest
– Until 2012 did not fly anywhere? why? – I studied, there was no possibility
– Who you studied? Why do not work by profession?
– Who are flying? – One.
– Why alone? (no complaints, rather with participation) – no one was able to compile a company from friends.
– What’s your job? By whom? What do you work at work?

I was frightened by such a quantity, I was very worried and it was noticeable, since already one thing I am flying alone, it seemed to me a sufficient reason for refusing. However, the officer was very nice with me and said that I would approve a visa for 3 years. A day later, I was already delivered to the passport by courier. Unbelievable but true)

P.S. And in the agencies they told me that two weeks before the departure cannot be obtained visa, no guarantees, the process can take up to 1.5 months.

Successful receipt of a visa in Moscow

Tourist visa, we are going together with a young man in Miami and New York. We do not live together, not married) They took help with them from work, discharge, printing, tickets, tickets. The questionnaire immediately indicated that he pays my trip, my MCH) T.To. ZP I’m not very big)

The interview was held with my young man) Even a twarm one for two Dali.

Consul-man, 35 years. asked:

Purpose of the trip – Tourism
How much time planning to spend in the USA-14 days
How much do we meet – 3 years
who work
Who has any education and what studied (Higher MCH, I have a special CP 🙂
Then I wrote something long, once again asked (I don’t remember exactly).

after which again began to print, in a minute he said that we would get a visa in 5 days. all) no documents asked.

Following the readers read, they tried to smile during an interview, although my young man didn’t look quite naturally)))))

Refusal visa B1V2

never lazy, and for two working days I read all the reviews.

I want to talk about my experience in obtaining a visa in Moscow:

I was at that moment: 20 years. Not married, no children, from the property 2 car, worked on a good position in the largest company in the CIS (in its field), the salary is high.

I decided to fly to California on vacation. Filled the questionnaire, translated through the pony express and waited the month of his interview.

* I miss the info about how the inspection and so on * *

caused in 8 windows. there was a young red-haired consul.
To: The purpose of the trip
I: tourism
To: There are friends or relatives in the USA?
I: yes, former classmate
K: Why do you fly for 4 months?
I what? I wrote 4 weeks in the questionnaire
To: You yourself filled out the questionnaire?
I: yes, myself. Translated Pony Express

Something diligently printed and said:

Before me there was a girl, she was refused, and they also refused a man with his wife (about 30 years), although they had a 5-year-old child in Moscow with her grandmother.

In a word – lottery

Visa: big luck!

Appear the idea to visit south. and north. America. Decided to receive a visa in the USA, t.To. in Yua visas are not needed, and tickets are much cheaper if you fly through the US.

Since I am a young specialist, a girl of 23x years, without a hump and with 2 legs, decided not to risk and serve a visa along with a friend, it seems to be flying together, although he simply extended a visa t.To. was already, but the questionnaire pointed him as a companion.

Fill in all the docks, forms, paying everything, the interview date fell on December 30 of this year (2013). We plan to travel for January.

The record was on 8.30, but exactly 8.00 I asked if the security could be logged, he took the passport of the Russian Federation, somewhere retired literally for 30 seconds. and returned nodding and explaining where to go. At the entrance showed a confirmation for an interview. Rule: uploading all the wires, headphones (I hung my fence, then I took it) and charging! Show the bag and pass further. Passed the phone to the chamber storage and received a card in return. Next in the room where you go through the frame and put things on the inspection. Be attentive to enter without outerwear. I understood everything on the ribbon together with the protection that there are spirits (I didn’t know about them specifically), the outcome. The girl even threw a charging with wires with words "Well, this is all sold from us, though?" And the answer "True true". No one will deteriorate, the rule is a rule!

Having passed the inspection, went to the window for issuing numbers. The girl only gave a passport (valid) and confirmation of the questionnaire with an invitation to an interview. Before that moment seemed that I was alone. Passing into the hall number 2 I understood that I was wrong, the crowd of the people, but in surprise the turn goes quickly. No hours now, but you can guess (or look in your own) What to stand in the hall number 2 will be 10 minutes, no more. First register, then in the same hall removed biometry.

Next, the most interesting and time, hall number 3 "Interview".

Going to the hall saw a bunch of people who waited for her turn, I was 31, in the windows burned number 1, №9, №5. I attach that I have not soon sat down in the hall. Looked around the post core, and understood how much the degree of preparation difference, someone has a thin file with max.5 sheets, someone has tolmuts with documents in the root of my diploma. Most look like students on the exam.

Waiting in the hall takes approximately 40-50 minutes. But time goes somehow imperceptibly. There is time to think and calm down. For myself, I decided that if I can’t get not afraid. What I think favorably affected the facial expression)

Waiting for the queue went to the window (second from Lev). Consul-young guy up to 30, looked at me and asked a couple of standard questions: where, how much, with whom, where you work, the experience, who happened abroad earlier, there is someone in the US? Calmly answering everything, somewhere smiling. Consul Polystal Old Passport (with visas in Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain and the existing annual Schengen in the new) and said "Your visa for 3 years approved". I forgot all documents, a hotel reservation, an extract from the bank, the property documents, on the hands there was only a certificate from work and 2-NDFL, I thought what would ask – feel sick!

But as you can see. The result, if you were refused, it is not you so bad, just unlucky (provided that the norms with the docks)!No rules, someone for 10 minutes "Tortured", someone even spoke English about what he wants to see.I took 30 seconds, no more.

After explained that the reason will deliver my passport to the address that I pointed. Everything, to the exit and releasing the frozen headphones from the fence.

Smile and positive attitude key to everything. Right noticed, 95% have already been decided in advance.

All luck! Uncle Sam is waiting for you!

Obtaining a visa in Moscow

Visa approved, with a pure passport. And the departures abroad did not at all. Documents filed for a guest visa at a friend’s invitation. To be honest, no hope. The consulate worker asked where I work, how much, where he lives for some time going to go when. On the question, I was replied to the abroad- No. Questions all on the questionnaire, probably waited for me to confuse.In my opinion, the answer was the answer that all the time I would be from a friend and I’m not going anywhere else.

I understand that much depends on the subjective point of view of the Krnsul worker, the main thing is to keep confidently, do not worry, smile, so that they understand that in case of refusal, the only thing is that you have a pretty time. Good luck to all.

Visa in the US for 3 years in 4 days!

I am 26 years old, got a visa in Moscow. December 11 filled the form DS-160, paid consular fees. The interview was appointed the next day on December 13, chose the earller at 7:30. From the papers there were only a certificate of salary and the movement of funds on the bank account, still grabbed the old gear. As a result, all these documents were not needed. Of the questions were only: "For what purpose is the trip?", "Which city is planning to enter?", "Are there relatives in the USA", "Who and where you work?", Then the consul picked up the babes and stumbled upon my visa in Tanzania and asked: "how in Tanzania, beautiful?!" I answered "Yes very nice!" Next she smiled and said that you visa approved! Already at 8:30 am, I left the embassy and took the passport with a finished visa for 3 years.

P.S. Do not be afraid and boldly act. Paper, of course you need to grab with you, but do not fitch all these formal paper Consul, just listen to him and clearly answer questions, and if the paper is required, then present. Remember that the visa in the US is not the purpose of your whole life! If this mood will accompany you, then he will convince the consul in your non-profit intentions without any unnecessary papers! I wish everyone good luck in obtaining a visa.

Failure to visa USA in St. Petersburg

Request visa. In the old blades – 2 WORK Visas&Travel, in New – Egypt with Turkey (although, it seems, even before the stamps of these officer did not reach). There were many questions. Goal – tourism. With me, there were statements from bills and tickets back and back. Did not decide to show them, t.To. did not ask. Asked: the goal, the places that we will visit, what kind of friend with whom I am doing, where – when I met, are there friends in America, do you plan to visit them.

I consider my mistake the lack of a travel route, painted on the pool (said we are going to discuss the plan after I get a visa, called several places that I would like to visit). Also: where, with whom I live when he graduated from the university. And also asked who sponsors a trip (herself) than I do (designer). After that asked if I had a certificate. With it, it was not = ((for some reason I thought that they would not ask, judging by the reviews, no documents were asked to show when interviewed).

I do not know whether to try to get again (tickets for January 15). Next time I prepare better. I think it was worth showing that there are reverse flights and a normal certificate from working with information that I am very expected to be back (which is so, it is a pity, it turned out to be

Failure to visa at the Consulate of St. Petersburg

December 4th received a visa refusal at the Consulate of St. Petersburg. Served the first time in the passport several Schengen visas.

The officer asked standard questions: why want to go and where (New York, tourism), when and how much (May 2014, for two weeks), was whether in the USA before (no), is there anyone there (no). Then he began to ask than the company in which I work (the representation of the German company, I work as an administrator and the translator, after which I was asked if I know English, and my "Yes" switched to english).

Then there were still questions why I chose this hotel in New York, how long ago I live in St. Petersburg, leaned here (no), with whom I go (alone). Then the officer looked at my passport and issued a piece of paper in which it was said that I was denied a visa on. 214 (b) – could not prove his strong connections from the country of residence, but I can submit again when my position changes.

Visa approved! Contrary to the forecast of the agency

Visa received

Received a visa in Yekaterinburg

02/12/13 received threesome, everyone was given.

I am 36, not married, there is a daughter, apartment, car, business. In Europe, it was several times, in the current passport, it seems, one Schengen (Spain) and Turkey, Egypt, Thailand.
-How much and when you return?
– for 2 weeks, 30th.
-Who we are going?
-with brother and girlfriend.
-Often traveling with brother?
-. I do not remember. It seems the first time (I did not expect a question)
I usually travel my daughter.
– do you have a daughter?
-How many years?
– 13
– Who will stay daughter?
– with Grandma.
– what is your occupation?
– director.
All your visa approved.

Not a single document was asked for old passports with visas and certificates, and documents for ownership and T.D., But not much, for reference, before us, the guy (years 30) refused, he had a folder with him with documents of Santimeters 5 . it’s busting, even on the outside it looks strange. My task was to inform them that I have a child who keeps me from home and I will return to him))) I found the moment about this mention, t.To. "Women’s" This is a sense of any information does not contain.

Now, in arrival I will do a visa to a child, until she turned 14 years old (so as not to pass the interview).

Visa Dali

Failure to visa (St. Petersburg)

Tried to get a visa at the consulate of St. Petersburg. I am 23 years old, not married, there is a stable job and high earnings, real estate and good turnover.

The purpose of the trip is extremely tourist on 10 days. Only questions about the goal, about work and who I live. No documents watched. Passport with a bunch of visas and stamps bristle almost without looking. Failure followed seconds 30 after the start of the interview.

Visa in USA in Bangkok

I live in Bangkok already 2.5 years, at the same time officially employed 2 years. To obtain a visa, I was attempted: work permit + letter from the employer, indicating my zp. Gave a visa without problems.

If you have the status of a non-torch, then get just.

Visa in the USA. Holidays in the USA

I received my first visa in the early 90s during "Ponte". Flight 1m in La and accommodation in Veverly Hills Hotel for $ 800 / night and played your role. Recent visas were given even without an interview. But I applied a trip to the docks.

In 2013, he applied to the tourist company, they helped me to get a tourist visa in the USA for 5 years. She cost me 950 dollars with consular fees. I was satisfied.

At customs in Chicago

Another refusal to the United States in St. Petersburg

Today I received a refusal to the US tourist visa for no reason. And then I went here, and I read that my age girls seem to do at all.

I have 6 Schengen visas lasts in general for 2 years, and one Chinese. Every 2 months of travel to the European Union. I recently moved to Peter and I work for 5 months at one job. Documents did not look at all, even passports biased so looked at the time without looking no time for the number of visas nor seals.

From the documents it was all a certificate from work, and an extract from the bank, in a row, and the certificate of ownership of real estate, an apostilized diploma for admission to Spanish magistracy, invitations from Spanish schools in Spain in Spanish courses for 2 years. I could even request an invitation from the company for internship in the summer.

Nobody asked anything. Asked when food, where how much, where I work, how much I work and is there a relatives in the States.

Visa for three years after refusal in Yekaterinburg

About me: I am 33 years old, not married, no children, no property, I work. The first time I applied for a visa in May 2012, I wanted to go with a group of studying English in New York for 3 weeks.

Gathered the champion of documents: a certificate from work, an extract from a bank account, a copy of the certificate of SP, an invitation from school and other. The interview was appointed at 9 am, came to 8:15, there was a small queue, which in principle moved normally, went out somewhere at 9:15 – 9:20, as usually passed all things in the box, rose to the 4th floor, took prints fingers and waited for a call to the consul. Introne my turn, I called me Randall Houston, asked a few questions where you work, why are there relatives in America, I replied, he printed something in the computer, and without looking at any documents . issued refusal.

Next time I decided to try to file documents on the ball, will not give? 21.eleven.2013 I filled out the DS-160 questionnaire, I paid for the consular fee, and signed up for an interview at 25.eleven.2013. Specially did not take with him any documents, except for the passport, a memorial about last. Simpleted also signed up at 9:00, at 8:35 am Gogol 15. I went around at 9:30 pm, since they did not like my photo on a visa, went to be retracted, after returned, and there was a passport and a photo without a queue. After 5 minutes, I called me a consul, thank God Radentle Houston this time was not.

As usual asked a few questions where you work, is there anyone in America which cities do you want to visit? Like the last time something printed on a computer and vua la, I give you a visa for three years. Honestly I was shocked, I was 90 percent sure that there would be a re-refusal, did not even take any documents, although I had refusals to people with boiled documents. So apparently visa in the US, it’s all the same lottery.

Got a visa for 3 years

Refusal of a guest visa

good day! Today went to the US Embassy and received a refusal of a visa. Justified by the fact that I have little departures abroad. Consul said they would like to see more travels on my part. I can agree with that, I have one trip, and then in visa-free Israel, and in August of this year.

Now I have a goal in the near future to go to Europe and Turkey. To at least somehow decorate the passport stamps. But I do not know whether it can affect the situation when submitting a visa. Or still he had other doubts and he simply did not voiced them.

I have this situation: I am 29 years old, I am not married, there are no children, there is no real estate, only 1/4 apartments.

I work in the Moscow company for 2.5 years. Middle income indicated 41 tons.R. There was an invitation from a friend and her husband. He is a US citizen, she has no citizenship yet, there is a green card, she lives there for 7 years (she went there on the visa of the bride and there they got married). I planned on vacation for 3-4 weeks for Christmas and New Year. Accommodation from them. On my part I had to just pay the flight, all the other expenses they took over. Only a few questions from the consul:

After that, followed above voiced refusal.

Visa to America

Visa for 3 years? Easily

How we got a visa of the USA

We had a record at 10 am. Nothing there is nothing: the player with the phone will still take off the storage chamber, and everyone leaves the lighters from the entrance, there is also a certain number of headphones, and the car is on duty, in which you can leave tablets and other things for money. That’s why they are dragging, asked? Do not read rules? We had a thin daddy. (For comparison, we will remember the Spaniards who needed copies of all submitted passports, including clean pages. For us, these are two currently expensive pages, two Russian passports and two of my old closed with visas. Farm with a new pack of paper!) We took the same time:

-Record confirmation
-Confirmation of sending an account
-proof of payment

This is all necessary. Just in case they captured again:

-statements from banks

As in most cases, these papers did not need anyone. Yes, the spouses are written and pass interview together, one number. People who have long been civil marriage, as I read, can do the same.

Easy fees, however, is compensated by the multipleness of the feed itself. In the Spaniards and others you enter, you take the numbers, wait (20 minutes), serve and leave. And Tuuut. first, still on the street, take passports. After 3 minutes give and ask then inside. At the entrance you need to show confirmation of the recording and leave the lighters (then they went to take their own). Inside. Long. On the way, call phones in the storage chamber. At the end, the door needs to remove jackets and belts and enter one. Further all things on the ribbon, like at the airport. Large bags, too, by the way, it is impossible, but I saw a man with a big backpack, and some girls have more bags more sports! Nothing, everyone missed.

After the enlightenment – a new queue, at the end in the window we get a number and. We start to wait for the next stage. Entitled "registration". Quite uncomfortable that there is no wardrobe. This problem also exists in visa centers: either expire later, or keep the jackets in the hands.

When your number lights up, go to another hall and.. Right, become a queue. The number flashes – in the next window, the documents are selected, but it is impossible to leave – after 7 minutes the number flies again, and in another window you will need to pick up documents. And forward – wait for the fingerprint numbers. The whole eternity passes – for some reason there is no hours – finally our. Again a small queue, flashes – go to the window. It is necessary to put in turns of 4 fingers of the left hand, the device is squeaking, 4 fingers of the right hand – a squeak, 2 thumbs – final squeak, and you can return to the hall to wait for the interview. This time, fortunately, it cost 5-10 minutes. Caught fire – go. No fear left. Maybe it’s for the better that so long?)

On the stairs and, yeah, wait for the numbers, who would doubt! Here on the scoreboard we find the clock – 11:30, and we came here at 9:40. But wait again for a short time. Our window 14. Come together – there is a young man. Black-haired, Indian species. Speaks with a terrible accent, but you can understand:

– For what purpose are you going to the USA?
– We have a transfer towards Argentina, a few hours in New York.
– OK.
Prints on a computer.
– In which countries you have already been?
– I am in Germany, Italy, England, Poland, together in Germany, Holland, Spain, Norway.
I get him an old passport. Quickly strollers. Current – too.
– Do you have friends and relatives in the US?
– No relatives. There is a classmate, but after her departure it is rarely seen. Husband inserts: – No one has anyone.
– What time will you spend in the USA?
– 9 hours on the way there and 13 – on the way back.
I am waiting with curiosity, what else will ask, we prepared different issues of questions.
– You have children?
– No.
– Your visas are approved.

And all! Not at all difficult and not scary!)

After we did not find the promised Pony Express window, but I wanted to understand when to approach the passports (we chose a pickup). But in the halls there are several employees of the consulate – we suggested that we would wait for three working days. And later I found this information on the site where we did record.

Actually, I do not know what a visa will be. Husband here suggests that can give transit – under our case. But we requested tourist, I hope so will.

The process itself does not seem difficult – if you figure it out, nothing terrible. But, of course, there is a lot of luck. For example, we did not ask us at all.

Approved a visa for three years

Today is 14.eleven.2013 approved a visa for three years.

Signed at 8:30, came to 8:00, at 8:20, it was already waiting for a register queue.

Do not take a lot of things with you, only documents, the inspection takes a lot of time, with players, headphones are expelled.

If things are minimum of the queue.

About myself:
28 years old, travel to Mexico, Thailand, Turkey. In Europe was not.
From questions:
Target: Tourism
Who I work: marketer
With whom I go: with a girl
Does she have a visa: yes
And where else was abroad, looked at the stamps and all the visa approved :)))
Good luck

Visa to a pure passport

Received a tourist visa with her son in pure passports! The interview lasted a minute, good day, the purpose of the visit?-to friends for christmas than do?- the business is such and so that (showed a business card), as long ago?- Since 2006. OK. Son – how many years?, what happened after school?, Learn on the tops? OK. Were abroad?- Only in Ukraine. . Next pause seconds five, your visa approved!

Oh thanks! With you it was nice to talk!

I have a release of emotions, and my son on the drum. Here’s a generation of nex. 🙂

No pieces of personal plants and parasishes asked and did not look. Like this. Speak the truth with a smile and get a visa. Psychologists are sitting there. You will shoot you calculate.

In front of me, the family of pensioners could not explain where they are going to a nephew or to niece – naturally refusal. Another aunt for a question where it works began to answer "Novo Russian" Reduced MBOU SOSH. Tor Lyalya . Yes, you do not understand (. ) I understand her consul and requested to explain what it is, he has seen without it in the questionnaire itself. In general, after the words "You do not understand" got a passport in hand.

Visa for 50 seconds

Today I received a visa for 3 years!!
To be honest – all my time took away endless queues
Association itself maximum 1 minute
Where eat?
What’s your job?
By whom?

What is the company doing? Where else were?
ALL. Your visa approved

About me: 25 years old, I work as an assistant general director. There is nothing in the property (KV, car). In Europe, I am moving often (every 2 months)

Well, everything is in principle!!

In general, do not be afraid!! they are not so strict now as before

Visa in the US: in general without problems

Was sure one hundred percent, which will not be given, with such a configuration and went.

Dressed like chukchi – sweater, double rates, t.To. warned that on the street will have to touch for a long time.

On the street waited 5 minutes. Started inward further – according to the internal regulations:
– Delivery mobile phone. Lighter left on the street on the lawn;
– inspection, turnstile;
– Getting a number for a queue;
– Registration, scanning photos;
– Dactyloscopy (fingerprints);
– interview.
Interview took 20 seconds.

Finally nothing asked. Only: How Are You You? and welcome to america!

In front of me very many scum.

Criterius dropout, to be honest, did not understand.

The only thing, smiled at the aunt, who was interviewed, in all his teeth, she smiled in response.

Visa in pocket!

An interview on November 8 was held, and with her husband and my parents and my parents were recorded, already in the embassy we were told that we would go separately in pairs, each other. I must say that the whole process of passing is clearly debited: the number of rooms in the queue, registration, prints, infringement.

About me: 25 years old, visa on W&T in 2010, from subsequent trips only Greece and Cyprus, work in a large company (not Moscow), her husband (26 years old) is also only Greece and Cyprus, good job, dad-entrepreneur, mother’s employee, from trips only Cyprus stamps and all!

Visas gave everyone without problems!

The dialogue with the consul (we smiled all the time, the consul behaved very friendly, all the time smiled and quite so giggal shorter, solid positive and with him and on our side):

No questions about my previous trip and at least any confirmation of the doctum, everything is very easy and naturally, worried more))

Parents asked about the business, past trips, they replied that only Cyprus, the consul asked why you are going to America, and dad fucked as in spirit: yes it’s my dream since childhood! and laughed) the consul also laughed, and Mom clarified that they say, the daughter was in 2010 and wants to show us America, after these words, the consul, shying, said that they had visas for 3 years and wished a good rest! something like that)))

I can not talk for everyone, but we did!Despite all that they write here and on the Internet about W&T and lack of Schengen)

By the way, on that day, sooo many people came out joyful and without passports)))

So try! And remember about the mood) may seem ridiculous, but from the very morning he glowed from happiness, despite the excitement, and close, seeing my mood, and forgot about excitement about the excitement, and the husband said at all: do not worry, they will not want, so that they we went to them, then we will raise Europe!)))

the main thing – to the positive, people feel and help you! Good luck to all.

Approved visa

I am a citizen of the Republic of Belarus and told all sorts of horror counters that they don’t really want to let us in the US. 🙂

The interview was scheduled for 8.00 on this monday (28.ten.13) I came somewhere in 7.30 and has already stood a big queue. Started to run into the embassy already in 7.40. I’ll say right away, it is better not to take with me headphones, charging and so on. Because they will not be allowed to the embassy. But, nevertheless, if you took something from this with you, then next to the embassy is a car where you can leave your things. (Really I don’t know or not). The queue for the interview was quickly and here I was before the visa officer. He wished me good morning. Dialogue was like this: – Good morning.
– Good morning.
– Purpose of the trip?
– Tourism.
– You work and live in Moscow?
– Yes.
– How long?

I first did not believe him. He did not even look at me, all the time something was printed.

The passport with a visa received today. So not all scary as it seems.

Visa for girl 26 years

Today, October 30, I approved a visa to the USA!

All the interview lasted from the strength of 1 minute, the officer asked me the standard questions: the purpose of the trip (Tourism), Dates (December 2013), in what city is the city (NY), with whom (one), where and who I work (international relations, project manager ); I answered English.

During inspection at the embassy, ​​I seized 2 flash drives (I read that I was withdrawn all the equipment, headphones, chargers, did not know about flash drives), but at the same time allowed to carry a manicure set with scissors. I left the flash drives in the package and safely took them later.

Visa approved

Today (29.ten.13) Interview in the American Embassy. Was recorded on 10.00, arrived at 09.15. Before the inlet of the queue was not at all, the inside went fast. All procedures before the interview took a little less than an hour.

About me: 37 years, I work, official s / n 50000 rubles., In the current passport of 4 Schengen (one annual acting), many European countries have visited over the past couple of years, not married, a trip to NG with a daughter of 8 years, in the US, fly for the first time.

Interview lasted no more than 1 minute. Questions: Show old passports, the goal of the trip (tourism, on NG), where (NY, Orlando), how long the trip will last (17 days), you work in such a company? (answer – yes) than the company does (answer . ) How long do you work there (2 years), is there relatives in the USA (no). All your visa approved.

Not a single confirming document asked, although everything was available.

I’m happy! Not so worried damn like his little.

Dali visa in the USA

Visa for a young girl

I will start with the fact that I filled out the questionnaire on the site, and I did not have photographs in electronic form and I was terribly worried that it could cause refusal. I brought a photo in print, in the embassy it was scanned and I did not need it anymore.

I had a lighter, headphones, flash drive and perfume – everything had to be left out on the street, but after leaving the embassy, ​​things were in place.

After the fingerprint fingerprint was a queue for an interview. The room was 5 windows, in one of them was sitting a young girl who had denied everyone in a visa. I was lucky to get to the young American (24-26 years old), who asked me where I plan to go – New York (and I added that I had long been known to visit America, traveled almost all of Europe and England), the second question – where I work and what I do and the third one – with whom I live. I spoke a lot, almost did not shut up, he looked into the monitor, did something and said that my visa was approved.

The main thing is not afraid, to show sincere interest in America and smile) I wish everyone good luck!

Two refusals in St. Petersburg

Visa in the USA: girl, 26 years old, not married, without official work and property

Friends, I know that many are interested in this topic, so I want to share my experience in obtaining an American visa. To inspire young, pretty girls without a stamp in a passport and not only them) I tell.

Immediately I want to dispel a few myths regarding the complexity of this procedure.
Myth 1st: Young unmarried girl – you can not even try to get a visa!
Myth 2nd: if you still work "informally", Forget even think about it!
Myth 3rd: Be sure to have a round sum of money on the current account!
Myth 4th: It is very difficult to fill out the questionnaire on the embassy website!
Myth 5th: The whole procedure takes about 2-3 months!
Myth 6th: Need the hotel armor and air tickets!
. And also a bunch of bunch of nonsense, which is intimidated on sites and forums!

I am not married, I do not have a press in the workbook from the present place of work and no, to great regret, accounts in a bank with several zeros) After reading information on this issue on the forums and on social networks, I still armed with a certificate from work on the branded form , took a certificate in the bank about the availability of funds on the credit card, but at the interview no document I did not use. DS-160 questionnaire filled itself, everything is quite accessible on the site, there is a Russian translation. Photographed in the next photographer, asked in electronic form to adjust the photo under the requirements of the embassy (there is on the site) and kept on your flash drive. Then he loaded the photo into the questionnaire and, in the end, in printed form it did not need anyone.

Filled out a questionnaire on Friday (18.ten.2013), at the same time chosen for an interview. The dates of the interview were offered to choose myself, I chose the closest, t.E. Tuesday (22.ten.2013, 9:00). On the interview we go only with the printed invitation and confirmation of sending a questionnaire and payment of the consular fee (5440 p.), well, the passport of course do not forget. Tuesday at 8.30 I stood at the passing Embassy of USA. The queue was impressive, man 35-40, but she moved very quickly. Our Russian policeman collected 10 passports in people who were scheduled for 9.00, checked for two minutes and returning documents, missed the embassy into the territory.

Further important. On the Internet, I read that it would be necessary to leave all the electronics and wires at home and do not drag with you flash drives and players. But the Tamember it was written that for those who nevertheless brought with them the achievements of human technical activities, there are cells in which all this good can be passed. So here! No cells. T. E. they are, but only phones take there. and possibly tablets (about the second not sure).

Due to this circumstance before the entrance directly to the embassy building, such a picture was observed such a picture: 100 headphones hanging on the fence, MP3 player on Earth next to the urn – someone captured) and a huge number of lighters, mowed lawn before entering. My flash drive (with control for session in a single copy!:)), the charger for iPhone and headphones were laid by me in my own glove and left on a border for a police booth. I almost never hoped to see all this again, but I will immediately say that I returned in an hour with a little, I took my good where he left.

Then there were a few more queues, first on the registration of the passport, then to the dactyloscopy and directly on the interview itself with the consul. All these queues occupied in a total hour of time, maybe a little more.

I was interviewed by a pleasant young American, at quite affordable Russian. The consul asked me only three questions, for which I, not having time to start worrying, gave three answers with a natural smile:

AND! Olga Yuryevna, your visa is approved, you will get it within a few days. At the same time, an embassy officer looked into a computer monitor, he scored something on the keyboard a couple of times, his eyes looked at me at the very beginning, when I went to his window, so I’m sure the interview is a formality. The decision about issuing or not to issue a visa is accepted at the stage of checking the filled questionnaire. I did not ask a single additional document. No need to book a hotel and buy tickets. All after receiving a visa. Otherwise they may seem in the embassy that you really want to be in their great country.

On October 22, I was approved by visa, and 24 in the morning Pony Express took me a passport with a visa for three years. Of course, every case is individual, but if you are not going to trade in the born children in the states or to force to the occupation of pet prostitution, then everything is real! Not so much damn like his little. Dare and everything will work out. Good luck to all!

Without husband and work, but with a visa in the US!

Received a visa in the USA this week! I want to share my experience in order to especially inspire young unmarried girls not be afraid and try. I will not describe the procedure, I will tell about the interview, because after the reviews I did not expect at all that I was sent by the most unexpected issues. About me: 27 years old, not married, no children, official work, sponsor and property too.

From the very beginning I decided to answer everything honestly and do not invent anything. Purpose: View New York. "Oh, you are a teacher of English. " And the interview continued in English. From the documents took with me a statement from the account, which he did not watch the old passport, where I have three British visas and two Schengen. I took it, began to flip and went questions: "You were in India several times and a few months, and what did you do there for so long? And in Thailand too? And why in New York you are going for just a couple of weeks. You just do not know anyone in the States? And how do you find yourself students. How do you allow yourself such long trips? I look, you were in the UK, and why they did not live there, you had a residence permit?" And with each answer, not the most successful, in my opinion, he became more smashed and smashed, especially after the latter about the UK, I said honestly and sincerely: "we have a completely different mentality, I love Russian more, here are all my loved ones, and I want to live here" – On his face he was as if it was written: "How I’m tired of these banal answers". Everything, I think, the end, well, well". Your visa is approved, all the best, bye-bye!" – He immediately said he, postponed my passport and invited the following in the queue. Like this! So do not be afraid and try. Good luck!

Failure to visa in the United States in Kiev

I wanted to get a visa, go to the niece for the New Year holidays. She is an athlete, learns and plays a local team at a visa university F-1. So I wanted to go to watch games, cheat, support, and a little to travel – go to Niagara Falls. I have a good job, pension, materially ensured. Apartment, Machine, Garage. Wife in the end. Age 65 years old.

The consul asked everything. The purpose of the visit is tourism for the New Year holidays. Show invitation. And so it’s your daughter? No, niece. So what are you going there. Support morally cheer on games. Your story did not convince me. Visa is not approved. How else to prove your connection with the homeland? and how to inhibit it that in 65 years late to start something and move to unknown somewhere. For us, it is obvious, for them to go to the niece (which is there on bird rights) is an attempt to immigrate. Nonsense.

Visa in the US for a family in civil marriage

Civil marriage, the age of both a little over 30, the child is 7 years old. Travel experience in Australia, wife made a certificate that it works, the child has a pure bare. Signed by 9.30 hours, but came earlier and entered 8.45. There are many people, but the queue moves quickly. Registered and the entire procedure passed 1 coupon, together quietly.

Consul Questions: 1) The purpose of the trip is tourism, 2) where we eat – Los Angeles, 3) when – in a month, 4) who work and the field of activity – . 5) Why at this time – vacation in a child, 6) For how long – 10 days. Additional docks did not ask, a visa approved. Do not be nervous, answer confidently, briefly and essentially, not to get a glance. Good luck everyone!

Visa in the USA for 3 days!

Approved visa in the USA for 3 years!

Refusal visa F1

Visa in the United States was given in two minutes

Visa in the USA in 5 days!

I am 28! Blonde, without a husband, without real estate and, at the moment, without work on the freelance! Still surprised – how quickly the process of obtaining a visa from recording to an interview to an interview with the consul!

Read more – I sent a questionnaire on Wednesday, I set an interview for Monday 8 am! You could choose the date and time! I arrived at 7.30 – There was a turn of a person 40, but I didn’t have to wait long! Come light – take with you only documents! Players and flash drives Leave – there is nowhere to do or pass – unfold – and this is a loss of time, your turn and TP! In the urn on the street I saw the headphones and some devices – apparently someone was captured and thrown out. Further everything is simple and understandable – the fingerprint hall, the waiting room of its own window! 7-10 minutes.

I got to a middle-aged man with a cute voice! 3 questions – goal (tourism), where (New York) who work – I answered without hesitation, as in the questionnaire wrote – Interior Designer! Although this is not the main job, but a hobby, without constant earnings – but it is better to say – that the unemployed! And all! He cared, congratulated, and I went.

From additional documents was an extract from a credit card. I also wrote in the questionnaire that I live a civil marriage and my husband! How to check it out? Yes no! The main thing is that not alone! Council unmarried girls – normally fill out the questionnaire! Even if you do not work – fill out that you are working (the previous place of work or parents), we are not alone – and with a guy (maybe he already has a visa and therefore he did not come), an extract from the account with a credit card (schA all banks give a credit card with normal limit)! The main thing is the goal – tourism, relatives and acquaintances there are no, the work is available, I’m not alone! I didn’t even ask for an extract! May ask for a certificate from the place of work with the salary – I did not ask. Lucky – what and you wish you!

Refusal visa at the US consulate in Kiev

With documents everything is OK, the call is official from the company – everything is ok! There is a machine, the property is, the certificate of income is, the income is big. We were two. Absolutely the same, the whole package of documents! It turned out to be! My friend went to the window and immediately got approval. I approached the window and immediately stretched rejected!

Then I watched the process for a long time (I decided to roll in the waiting room) and I saw everything clearly! There are no criteria! Just like the lot throw, let’s give this, and this will not give it! And all because the application costs 160 dollars! So earn . The next day, come on again a request for payments of $ 160, and can give a visa without any problems! After a couple of days, I will go again to get, I have something very normal with documents and challenges, I just got not at the same number 🙂 After this incident, I changed my position regarding the American Embassy in Ukraine! I wish everyone to have good luck and a visa in your pocket!

Visa for three years received

Failure to visa in the US twice

Failure to visa USA in St. Petersburg

greetings to all! Today with his wife and child went for an interview at the US consulate in St. Petersburg. The whole procedure took about 1.5 hours. First, the security system was held, then the reception, fingerprints. After prints, invitations were waiting for an interview for about 40 minutes.

Interview passed in the window number four. Invited the whole family at once, t. To. The record was one on three. A visa officer asked about the plans for a trip, duties at work, his daughter’s plans for her further study. Now she is studying in the third year of St. Petersburg State University. Polystal our passports, thought for a few seconds and issued a refusal.

Although the work is stable and with a good salary, in the current passport three Schengen. There were also old overseas passports with various marks and visas, in T. C. and visa to the UK. I do not know who says that getting a visa in the US is very easy. On the day of our interviews, the failures were enough – people went out with passports. We will try to be submitted next year.

Gave a visa in the US young couple, documents did not look

Read this forum a lot, prepared on the advice, and now write our experience. About me: Young couple on 23 years old, not married, I work for half a year, in the last 5 years I visited 25 countries. My girl works at the current place for 4 months, there was a visa year ago on the Work and Travel program, it only has trips to Turkey and Egypt, we have no joint trips. Relatives in the states we have no.

Passed an interview on September 11, at 8:00, they recorded on it on the 5th. The questionnaire on the site was filled with themselves, with the help of recommendations on forums.

Came to the place at about 7:10, was the queue of the man 30. And there were those at 8:30 and 9:00, but those at 8:00 were the first to line up. At about 7:30 pm, the Russian police began to collect a passport of 10 people, checked them, and then he handed over and launched people for the gate. I will say right away, do not take with you excess electronics, headphones, wires, charging, aerosols, and a container with liquid, including water and perfume. All this will be forced to go to the storage chamber. It is better to leave with you only a phone.

After the passage for the gate at the entrance to the buildings, the recording confirmation for the interview. Then pass the phone, get a card for them. The next stage is the frame, ask to remove the upper clothes and belts. There is no problem anywhere, if you have passed extra things in advance and prepared a passport and documents. In general, after visiting the building, the main thing is in hand all the time passport and confirmation of the questionnaire DS-160, everything else has not needed anywhere.

Then in the window in the hall 1 are registered, they look passhed and the questionnaire, the stapler trailet the electronic queue number. At the same time, some (incomprehensible, according to which principle) are asked to stay and wait for the call by the name. For example, my girlfriend was said so, as a result she passed all the stages of minutes at 15 later.

Next room 2. For some reason, I first were invited to one window, they wrote another din number on the questionnaire, asked how much I plan to be in the USA. Then she stood in the second place to the side window, where the story is also invited to remove fingerprint.

Next, with whom I go (with a friend), who she works and whether a visa has already received (he said that he also receives today). After that, she said that he sees that I travel a lot (in the current passport only 2 pages are free, in just 5 years more than 25 countries, including 4 Schengen and Australia with New Zealand), I said that this is a hobby and I am a photographer, so I’m going to Taking pictures there. After that, once again smiled, said that the visa was approved. I did not give any documents, although a certificate of work, an extract from the bank, certificate of ownership of an apartment, an old pass.

My girl was asked about the same thing, about the purpose of the visit, she mentioned about visiting the series Convention "Supernatural", T. To. is a fan and it really interested the consul. And she said that she was traveling to me and I was already approved by a visa. After that, she also approved a visa.

What conclusions we made: Much depends on the Consul, to which you will fall, so this is to some kind of lottery. Although with us in my opinion did not refuse today. Prepare all documents, but do not drive them, if you do not ask. Smile, have a clear idea of ​​a visiting plan, quickly answer questions, show that you have a good job. Something like this. I hope the review will be useful =)

Dali visa in the USA in 30 seconds: Teach English

US visa without problems (for statistics)

The process itself from the queue and before exiting the embassy took a little more than an hour. Interview lasted 12 seconds. Where are we going? For what purpose? You can see your old passport? Visa approved! Have a good travel.

About me – 25 years old, not married, no children and property. Work and salary good. There was no additional document with him, but the consul was not interested. I answered questions quickly and with a smile)) Good luck!!

Refusal of the US visa

Did not give a visa of the USA in St. Petersburg

Today we went with my wife for an interview in St. Petersburg. Submitted documents for tourist visas. Relatives and friends in the USA. Often traveling on European countries, were in Australia. Age 29 and 31 years. Stable place of work.

Interview conducted a young girl. Communication began immediately in English than we were surprised. Since we know English very badly, kindly asked her to go to Russian. At the interview asked about work, travel plans, past journeys.

Formalities and rules of entry in the US Personal experience

After a brief communication, the girl shook her head sadly and stretched the paper about refusal. I did not call any reasons, I said to try in a year or two. With the refusal we were surprised, t. To. At first glance, we have everything enough and good.

How I got a visa in the US for three years after refusal

I wanted to share my experience in obtaining an American visa. Filed documents twice in the summer of 2013. The first time I filed documents in July with a friend with whom we wanted to go to America. He already had an American visa, but even he was greeted about the documents. I put an old passport to standard documents for a visa, in which I had a couple of Schengen visas (and even a temporary registration mark in Europe), a certificate of 2-NDFL, certificate of registration of real estate rights (garage) and an extract from the account in the bank.

We recorded on July 19 at 8:00. Came at 7:05 and was already somewhere 15 people in line. The American embassy does not advise coming earlier than 30 minutes before the appointed period, but launches our Russian police officer for a spontaneously formed on the street line, and if you want to go to the embassy, ​​as I learned later, you should come somewhere in 6: 45. After the Russian policeman launched the first batch of applicants, after checking our passports in his booth, we went to the embassy. We immediately checked the invitation to the interview, checked the bags and asked for all the electronics and piercing items. After we passed through the frame of the metal detectors, we were stuck in numbers, and we went to the hall where prints are removed, and after and the hall itself for interviews. This time, I was denied a visa for a standard reason – not enough connections from the country of residence.

As I analyzed, I made 2 mistakes: I said that I live in America a secondary brother (the US embassy considers all applicants as potential immigrants, so the presence of close relatives from the applicants is the probability of getting a new immigrant) and my official income did not meet the certificate About the status of the account and property. I asked a lot of questions (I would note that I was asked in Russian, although a friend was asked in English): Why is I going to America, there are familiar / relatives there, what do I do in Russia, where I live, where relatives live, where do they live in the account and real estate.

The second time I filed the documents one (a friend once approved a visa for three years). Was recorded on August 9 8:00, came at 6:45, but they launched us this time earlier at 7:30 somewhere. Somewhere at 8:00 I was waiting for my turn to the consul, having adopted the fact that there would be another bunch of questions and add to them additionally add the reasons for the failure of the past interview. However, nothing happened, I was asked 2 questions than plan to do in the USA and what I do in Russia. I did not even show the documents, I took my passport, DS 160 and said that the visa was approved. From all this story I made one conclusion, the more you try to show that you are not an immigrant, the higher the probability that you will refuse. But this, again, my experience.

Visa in the US in 1 hour

We arrived with my wife for 9 o’clock, in 15 minutes. 15 minutes later in the general turn entered the embassy. You need to hand over all electronics including chargers, connecting wires. We returned with control to pass both an aerosol can (shaving gel). Quickly went on registration, removing fingerprints, look at the monitors inside, everything shows how it is done. You will have time for it.

The interview was in the hall number 3. Please note that it is divided into two parts, I, however, I did not understand how they notify what the window did the number go, because I immediately saw the window with our electronic queue number. The girl asked: For what purpose goes to the USA? Preparing to answer: here and the wife of the 5-year anniversary of living together, decided to make a gift. But answered just – tourism. She: in what city? Answer: New York. She: relatives familiar there? Answer: Unfortunately, no. She: where to travel where? Answer: Germany, Italy, in 2002 in the US. Then a pause, something looked into the monitor. Says: Your visa approved. Wife so mouth and did not open. It seems to me that the interview for the proofs, most likely they pierce information in advance, because it is not for nothing in vain the interview is appointed at least 2 weeks from the date of submission of documents.

Visa in the United States in St. Petersburg: an hour – and ready

Documents prepared in a couple of days, the most vigorous was filling an electronic questionnaire. Signed for an interview at 7:45 in St. Petersburg. Came at 7:30, turned out to be 3-4th in line (dress warm, even in the summer cool). At 7:50, one began to launch inside, everything is very simple and understandable. Further sitting in the waiting room, the video of the USA is cool. Soon invited to pass the prints and then to the queue to the consul. Yes, in my opinion, both women in front of me got a visa.

The consul asked: Where to go, why, what do you do who pays for the trip, where it was before (here the old passport went to move, there are many countries + 3-4 Schengen).

From documents: Help with uni, account extract, invitation to the event and even photos (I attached a photo in the electronic questionnaire) I did not need. But I think it is better to have everything with you to be more confident. Succes success!

Gave a visa for 3 years almost without questions

My husband and I are distributors of the American company. I drive to America every year and a half to international conventions, I give me a visa regularly, went 6 times. The husband was with me last 15 years ago, and he had to be interview this time. The questionnaire helped fill out and prepared for an interview.

According to the results of the interview, I understood that it is most important to properly prepare a questionnaire, then the questions on the interview almost do not ask, I did not even need an invitation from the company. A visa officer should be clear which goal of your stay, whether you had before abroad and in which countries (Turkey, Egypt are not taken into account), the occupation is currently in the primitive-simple description (my experience says it is a weak place of many) , classes must logically coincide with earnings. My husband is a pensioner (and distributor), he did not ask him about the family or about the income. That is, when you come to the window, a visa officer already knows a lot about you and internally ready to someone. So reluctance to view additional documents can only explain only the negligent preparation of preliminary documents.

Visa to America in the old passport is welcome, but in my memory there was a case when after 4 visits to America a man refused to another visa. So it is better to consult with experienced people. Different mentality, a different look at the same questions can bring disappointment.

Another important point – how to build a conversation. Smile, goodwill and correctness in relationships are welcome. You will not joke at customs? With a visa officer, it is worthwhile to behave in the same way as when crossing the border – to respond essentially, short or deployed, depending on the situation. If you have documents confirming the answer to the question – demonstrate them simultaneously with the answer to the question. Take with me all the passports with visas. Better let them ask. Good luck!

P.S. All the profiles always fill it, and help others, herself recorded for an interview. From the moment of filling the questionnaire to interview a minimum period – 8 days through the Pony Express – 3 weeks.

Interview at the US Embassy

Dali visa in the USA!

Dali visa in the USA!

I read this forum in detail with the tips, came an hour earlier than its time (10.30), about 9.30, at 11.15 came out already from the embassy. There were TCP, tickets and a hotel, a certificate of work and from a bank account, an old pass, a new pass, confirmation of the recording for an interview, the form DS-160, confirmation of the consular fee.

Everything passed in several stages: 1. They stood in a small queue on the entrance, they took climbing and moved back in a few minutes, allowed to go back (registration); 2. I stood about the delivery of mobile phones and all electronic devices (I did not have anything in advance); 3. Stood queue to pass through the metal detector; 4. I stood in the window in the window, where they gave the passport, the form DS-160, a photo, they said to expect in the hall until your last name would be called;

– What is your goal of the trip? – Tourism. – Where are we going? – New York. – As far away? – For 2 week. – Who we are going? – (pointed out your girlfriend) – where you work? – (pointed to the company) – How much do you work? – 2 years. – This is your first passport? – No, there is still old (I gave the old one, he just looked instantly). – Are you married? – No. – Have you got a children? – No.

Started something convulsively and silently write, something became dumb.

– Your visa approved.

Said that after 4 working days, delivery of a passport to the house will come, it is only interesting how much a visa is issued now, for a year or three, I didn’t seem to pay extra.

Visa to the USA approved!

Young, beautiful, unmarried got a visa in St. Petersburg from the first time and without problems

The interview was recorded at 8-00. Approximately 9-00 came up my turn to go for an interview (prints took off before). I asked questions about the place of work (Assistant Director-General in a small holding), who I live with whom I live with whom I / One), why I chose the specified hotel (yes just like this), I really tried to find out, do I have a relative or friends in America, but in the end we believed that no.

As a result, the visa is approved, receiving in 2-3 days. BUT! I have a high income confirmed by documented (asked to show a certificate from the place of work), and I travel a lot (in detail the visas of other countries in the passport did not study, simply spilled there, back, enjoying color seals and stickers). That’s all. The only thing that forgot to clarify is for what time a visa is issued.

Visa for a young couple

Dali visa in the US in 4 minutes

American visa per minute

At the embassy, ​​I spent exactly an hour and a half: the formalities at the entrance, the queue for dactyloskopia. At the same time, the interview procedure itself occupied no more than a minute. Consular worker to my person did not show much interest. Polystal Passport (German, Dutch and Spanish Schengen over the past two years). The previous passion where visas to heap did not look. Standard questions – who are going to, for a long time, have long been working in the organization that pointed out in the questionnaire. Tired tone said that the visa was approved and was. Did not ask any additional documents.

About myself: 23 years old, the Namer-targeted MSU, is not married, at this place I work for 3 years, there is a car, relatives in the USA do not seem to be =).

Conclusion: it’s not so afraid of hell like his little.

Gave a visa in the US for 3 years without surcharge

With his wife received visas to America for three years. Themselves filled all the questionnaires, and signed up for reception. Not a single certificate did, only DS prints and records for an interview and all. Came to 7.30, the people have already a lot. Launched started somewhere in 7.50, we went fast. The only thing that was strange when we went to the window, where they gave a number, we accepted documents, and the numbers did not give and said to sit down (we were not alone), although they were given to others. After a man came up, he began to issue documents after some checking, he was in demand (and the room was another, everything was given to the letter, and we were given under the letter B), weird. Further to the consul. The consul was a girl, clearly spoke with an accent.

Who we are each other? Husband and wife. Have you got a children? No still. Were we in the States? Yes. According to Work&Travel? Yes.

Visa for the bride and groom approved

Dali visa in the US in 4 minutes

Came on 8.30, handed out prints, approached the 5th window, the questions were elementary. Me – where were in the us last time? What is your friend in Arkansas? You climbed so far, usually everyone goes in Miami and T.D., And you just did the original. You are married? What are you planning to visit this time? Spouse – how long have you been working on this post? This is an administrative work? You have an original spouse, loves to ride different wonderful places, you are ready to ride with him? (it was rather a thing), were in Israel – liked? Your visas for 3 years approved. Goodbye.

Not a single document asked. ZP were 60 and 65 thousand in references from work and in DS-160, two accounts from the bank on the about of a million deposit, nothing needed. My old passport also did not look. From the observations, who was sewn – a couple with a pregnant wife, a lonely boyfriend of the year 23, an elderly Chet from Belarus, but they did not bring DS-160, so did not sew, but sent. I hope something helped the community. No surcharge is no need for 3 years.

Did not give a visa in Yekaterinburg

Girl, 23 years old, I study. Wanted to fly in ny for 2 weeks. Accumulated about 100 thousand. Passed all the procedures, collected documents. The minuses were that I am unmarried and have no property. But I still hoped. And vain. Dialogue with the consul came out like this: – goal? – Tourism. – Where? – In NY. – There are relatives, friends in the USA? – No – Work? – I study. – Married? – No. – sorry. In a visa denied.

Everything went to everything. Not a single document asked. And generally refused to many on that day.

Obtaining a visa in the USA in Yekaterinburg

Served on visas in the USA together with the sister. I have 6 Schengen in my passport, 1 British visa, as well as stable work and account extract. Sisters – a clean passport, lack of work, sponsorship husband, study, little baby. Consul fell very cute adequate man. Asked standard questions (where are we going? what will you do? What’s your job? Who will stay with whom?). The interview lasted literally 2 minutes and ended with the phrase: Your visa approved. Your passports will deliver express mail within 2-3 days.

And, next to the consul hung an announcement, strictly prohibiting asking the consul, where and when to receive passports! And he himself told us. Passports delivered after 2 business days.

P.S. Council for those who came to the consulate for the first time. If you suddenly need to go beyond the limits of the waiting room, you will be given a paper pass. Do not lose it for anything, because it will be problematic without it (I saw several such cases)! If you still lost, then with you, have at least a passport of the Russian Federation.

Good luck to everyone in obtaining a visa! You only need to want to want!

The first trip abroad: a visa was given for 3 years

The daughter invited to the wedding. Daughter and son live in NY 7 years. Received a passport, never went abroad. The application filled my daughter, I did not even read it. I climbed on the forums and realized that the chances of zero, but you need to try, otherwise my daughter is offended. 25.07.13 came to Moscow for an interview, a queue, as in the mausoleum, but after 20 minutes it was already inside. Next, at the entrance, checking the page with confirmation of an invitation to an interview with barcode, then checking bags and delivery of the phone to the storage chamber 5 min, 15 minutes turn to the frame of the metal detector. Further, the first room is three windows, I get a personal number A001 – 10 min, the second hall checking the application for 10 min, after 20 min. Removing fingerprints and the transition to the interview hall, an exciting wait 20 min. I speak through the window, a little audible: a young guy can not understand what they want from him in Loman Russian and goes into English. I’m shocked, I have a school German forgotten in the last century. I calm myself the fact that I am here in order to not offend the daughter: Dad did everything that could.

Cause my number, go to my window and a miracle, the guy years of 25-30 speaks pure Russian, lucky.

Further all questions about Daughter, Son and Former Wife. – How much are you planning to stay in the US? How much does the daughter want, but not much long, we lose a lot in work. – Who are you working? Your income? I am an entrepreneur, I can’t confirm income. – Why did not go abroad before? Did not want! I prefer to live well at home all year, and not two weeks abroad, as the main mass of Russians!

He first did not understand, asked, I repeated louder. Someone laughed at the back. Well, I think everything fell, the Americans our humor do not perceive. And hear: approved. And again shock. A lot of all my documents and from my daughter did not even have to show. Passport with a visa for 3 years received express 29.07.13. Good luck to all! I was just lucky!

Gave a visa))

Long studied messages in this section to be prepared for any possible turns in the course of the interview. Fantasy painted the most unpredictable situations, but in real life everything turned out quite simple and not scary.

First, I liked the organization of the process in the embassy. Everything is very organized and polite (except for Russian aunt, which selects mobile phones at the entrance). All turns that came across on the way, moved very quickly and confused inside almost impossible) if something is not clear – you will always be prompted by workers what to do and where to go.

Secondly, I got on an interview to a pretty young girl who was not particularly tormented with questioning, despite the fact that my father lives in the States (which I considered my main minus in receiving a visa). To whom to go, where I work when I’m going to go and whether I was in the USA before – these are all questions. No document needed. Something like that)

I think you need to be relaxed and smiling and telling the truth. This is the key to success. Good luck to all!

Gave a visa without asking any document

Passed the entire standard procedure, I will not describe it. I am 26. From the documents was abroad with 1 Schengen in Slovakia and a stamp in Thailand.A big plus was a certificate of income (about 100 thousand per month.) The most important interview! Has took a girl.
Consul – Tsul Your vibibib
I – Sori May you do not understand, Mai V Spek Rasha. She looked at me as a fool and asked the same question, only more clearly (as it turned out to be immediately talking to me in Russian)
I am tourism.. And immediately explained where. New York and Washington. I want to visit the baseball and football match there and then.
Consul – who work
I – proudly spoke about my work (conditionally real estate specialist) and how much and what I get.
Consul – where you will be abroad
I went to Slovakia for a football match, flew through Vienna and then to Slovakia. On the way home drove to the Czech Republic. Said about Thailand and CIS countries, but she has no longer listened to me as I quickly totoril

Conclusion: the main thing is to have a normal job, have a clear plan of the workout and should not say that you eat to the uncle, which has its own business. And also – smile.

Visas were given: neither j1 nor the Schengen affect!

Hello! My husband and 3 Summer Son got Visas B1 / B2 17.07.2013.

About us: Husband was in the WORK&Trevel 2 times, I am alone, the second time together, there is some real estate, but you do not specify this in the questionnaire, and the consul did not ask.e is also no important; Joint business 3 years, in the passport only Turkey and Thailand, in the old – US visas and Turkey with Thailand.

I will start in order: they recorded at 8 in the morning, came at 7:10 – the turn of the 15-17 person was already, they read that they were lacking without a queue, when we started to launch the prostmosili – they stood in line, then they asked our policeman and went without a queue! For the entrance you need a passport passport. At the entrance, they give off the cell phone, we immediately left them at home, with the result that the faster of this queue was passing, who turned off / handed over the phones. I immediately want to say: do not take no bags, no backpacks, will pass faster! Next to the window to the Russian girl: she needs passports, a sheet of DS with a barcode and barcodes of payment of receipts, she took a photo of her husband and son, for some reason I did not take my photo and put them in passport.

T.To. We were with the child we were given the number D001 and everywhere passed the first! Then go through the mooring number to fingerprints. After – in the interview hall, there were already people in this hall, the interviews have not yet begun, there was only a window, where the consul was sitting about 60-65 years old, we were called first, we went to her.

Questions: "For what purpose do you eat? Tourism", "Child one? One", "When we go to the US? in August"; "were in the USA? Yes"; "where? Memphis", "Nude, together were? In what years? 2005,2007"; "Yes, where else went together, threesome? Turkey, Thailand", "what do you do? Business such", "how long? 3 years", "how many people? 4"; "all your visa approved". T.E. She checked the answers in the questionnaire and what we say, the answers must coincide, and speak the truth. They immediately see a catch!! We had all the possible documents with you, did not look anyone, it does not care. I think the fact that we have long been together and married, well, and naturally we do not want to immigrate on a visa tour;) Consul everything will immediately know about you at first glance! Well, thanks to our son for the fact that in 15 minutes passed the interview and the first came out of the consulate 🙂

WORK & Herbal does not play any role, in Europe we have never been, well, if we do not like us, why do we go there 🙂

Failure after "WORK AND TRAVEL"

Refusal in a guest visa in St. Petersburg – documents did not even look

I sent my mother for a visa interview to the US Embassy in St. Petersburg. Documents were submitted for a guest visa, t.To. invited relatives from the USA. Accordingly, there was a complete package of documents: the passport is new, old passports with a complete set of visas, invitations from relatives in the US and even scans / copies of the inviting parties passport.

At the coming to the consulate, a visa officer did not look at either one of the documents, taking a passport immediately announced the refusal in connection with "lack of intent return to Russia". That is, a refusal was issued even without paying attention to documents. Assembled, not afraid of this word, the documents were packed and remained – unrecognized.

Gave a visa to almost an empty passport

Passed a visa interview today at the consulate in St. Petersburg, was recorded at 7:45, came out at 9:40. At first there were minor troubles – then my passport was not silent with all the others; Then it turned out that the receipt from the consular fee was to be printed (I once missed this moment); then a long expectation of the removal of prints in the stuffy hall (although I was just the fifth in line).

Finally, they were summoned to the fifth window. Consulate officer spoke with a very strong accent and after the very first question about the purpose of visit (music seminar + tourism) offered to go into English, which greatly facilitated communication. Asked about the seminar and his topic; about work, education and how it happened that I worked simultaneously with the visit of the university; Then the old band was asked, whom he did not have with him (in the new only a couple of stamps about the visit of Finland), then asked about old trips not marked in a new harmon. At the end, I asked if I would pay a trip (yes), asked about the city and time of stay (said that La and SF and that the total about 7 days depending on which tickets to get to) and congratulated with the approval of the application for a visa, said to wait for news from pony express.

Failure to visa in the United States of the whole family

Last year, our family denied the issuance of an American visa twice, since after the first refusal we were still applied to appeal. The purpose of the visit was absolutely clear and did not have any subtext – the whole family was invited to the wedding of my native sister. They have been registered at that time for about a year, and the celebration implied informal to new relatives and an informal ceremony. With me, there were also help from work, and certificates from the bank, Institute.

Yesterday, parents went again for an interview, also at the invitation from sister. Asked a lot of questions. Viewed all documents: Property, help from work, Pension certificate. Very long asked how and why the sister went to the USA, what is her position now in America. After a long conversation in again refused. A visa officer recommended trying to apply for a visa not earlier than a year later.

Visa got everything ok

Many questions I. Approved!

Passed interview today with her husband. I 22, I work in the oil company and study, he 28, civil servant. Appointed on 8 am, arrived somewhere in 6.30, in 8.30 already happily come out of the embassy. In the window, where the rooms were assigned, asked to be interviewed together, to which we were answered that family couples always pass together.

Then they quickly removed fingerprints and also quickly invited to an interview. Elderly interviewed us, but the cheerful embassy employee, I asked all questions in Russian and questions asked a lot: -thel trip? -Why USA? -How long are we together? -Whether they went somewhere together? where? -Are there relatives or friends in the US? -Where each of us works? How long does it work there? I asked me why I didn’t work earlier (I only work for half a year, before that I studied) -loving trips? -Where are going to go? -Whether someone is going with us?

After all this told us that the visa was approved. No document from the huge folder that we dragged with you did not ask and did not look!

Visa in the US is very simple

Today was at the embassy in Moscow.Recorded on 8.30 B 8.50 went, people a huge number. at 12.30 came out with an approved visa.From the documents there was a certificate from the bank, a certificate from work, a sv-in real estate, did not look at all, they took only a passport. The interview itself was followed:
O. Good day
I AM. kind
O. What a goal?
I AM. Tourism
O. Who eat?
I AM. One
O. Where?
O. What is your occupation?
I AM. Looking for))
O. These are all tourist trips or business (looking into the passport)
I AM. This is all tourism
O. Your visa approved.

Once again I was convinced that you need to do everything yourself, and not through these travel agencies, which only take money for the air. When stood in line met with 4 different girls, visas gave everyone (tourism). Advice, smile, don’t give your documents to an officer in the window, hold on calmly and slightly sluggish, as if you don’t really want to go to this America, and everything will be))) good luck

The most crazy reason for refusal (USA)

I’ll say right away that I decided to lay out all the cards from the very beginning in the questionnaire. Namely, I will dwell from a friend in his apartment in California for two weeks. But the reason for the refusal struck me with its cretinism.

The consul itself spoke in Russian very crookedly and very quietly, so I could generally hardly understand what he was talking about.

The strangest and delusional interview in my life was about this (CEPS means an increased tone):
He: Strna Track Purpose Kakya?
I: sorry that??
He: purpose of visiting?
I: Tourism, Travel
He: KK Ledid Popped in the US?
I: what.
He: like Leonid [his last name] got into the USA?
I: he came to his father. Can I show you a certificate from work and certificate of ownership?
He: no, not needed. KK OTTS LND PPL in SS?
I: what.
He: Like Leonid’s father [last name] got into the USA?

Twice refusal to the tour visa in Moscow, and in Vladivostok Dali!

Last year I went to Moscow twice, I wanted to get a tourist visa to the United States to go on vacation with friends.

Saratov himself. I am 24 years old, not married. There is a decent account in a bank, 1.5 years of experience at work, working as a development director in a decent company. In the passport stood 1 Schengen to Estonia, also an Egyptian visa, and stamps in Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Dominican Republic, Turkey, Ukraine denied me without explaining the reasons in Moscow. Not asked for no document.

In connection with a long business trip to the city of Vladivostok, I decided to try to go to the US Department of Embassy. Filled out the questionnaire, paid visa collection and signed up for an interview. At the appointed time came to the embassy, ​​they call there on lists. I was very surprised. Only 8 people came to the interview))) Previously I collected the following documents: Extract 2-NDFL with a salary of 65,000 rubles, spar rank with a bank about the availability of money on the current account, a certificate of work on experience, a $ 5,000 voucher from the company in honor that I was recognized as the best manager of the year, painted and approved travel plan, directly by date for the week, as well as book-friendly Tickets back to the plane. It was also indicated that 4 people drive us, 3-of them have existing visas, and I need to get (it helped me a lot, t.To. Apparently when my friends received visas, the consul in their comment wrote that they work in ooo "chamomile"). The consul asked me what the name is my friends, apparently the truth struck info on the basis and made sure that they have visas. Among these three were my girl (I pointed out her name in the questionnaire, and that we live a civil marriage), she has a visa acting and open, t.E. She has already flown in NY.

so. I really liked the embassy and the attitude of his employees to people! With MSK even nearly stood. As a result, I came to the fingerprints of the fingerprint, immediately the girl took my passport and all the documents I brought in support of a visa (nothing is taken into Moscow. ). When I called me a consul in a pole, I went to the window, and saw that the consul was already sitting and examines my documents. As a result, the conversation was on the elevated tones of 25 minutes. He explained to me popularly why I had refusals to MSK. Because according to their laws, I have to be married, experience at work at least 5 years. He said that we consider everyone to be potential immigrants. As a result, I told him that "I don’t need your America, I feel very good in Russia, I love my country, I just want to take a picture against the background of the Statue of Freedom. " He grinned. Then we break up with him about my hometown of Saratov, said that he would hit the guests))) It’s only a pity that I will be in America at that time (I still did not understand anything, I thought that he was jumped). Then asked why I was in Vladivostok, I asked for a long time that I was doing and what my company does.

In short guys! I understood one simple thing! Need to be brazen, do not smile and not shaking in front of them! Well, be prepared! In no way say that you have friends in America! And forget in general about what you know English! Shove the language deeply, communicate only in Russian! As a result, U-la-la! Visa for 3 years approved! I wish everyone good luck!

Visa approved, we liked the consul

Were with his wife on June 3 at Novinsky, 21 in order to get a visa B1 / B2. Closing ahead, visas are approved. They stated in a general line before the fence, came in 9-30, and we were scheduled for 10 hours, there were those who are 8-30 ahead of 8-30, but the turn is common, no one looveed and moved forward by the portions of a man of 10, as lieutenant passports that he believed in the booth and then issued. At the entrance, Mobile Mobiles were in exchange for a card, on which it was said that if you don’t take my thing, then after a week there will be no. Most of the time spent sitting in the hall in anticipation of an employee who launched the surname who registered and assigned the number, then looking at the scoreboard, looking forwarding when our number appears to go to scan fingers, after that everything went fast.

We have passed our number at the last stage when calling to the cons ", as they sat down in one of the head, where they were the scoreboard, but it turned out that the surcharges from the main hall, where these scoreboard are many, and look – already go numbers more than our, shorter our number Removed, T.To. When calling to the window is waiting for only a few seconds and the following number is. For a second, the thought appeared that flew, but the employee in the hall escaped and gave us a new number.

The consul accepted us very friendly, we apparently liked him, as people we are decent and beautiful 🙂 questions asked a little, after all our answers spoke "OK", asked about the work, whether I went to where the passport, I saw Shengen stopped and said that the visas were approved. No documents asked in general, except for passports.

I make a conclusion that, in other things being equal, the consul gives his assessment to people, carefully looking at them in the first seconds before the conversation and deciding for himself almost everything, and then the documents are already following. I myself spent a lot of interviews and understand a lot about a person, barely looking at him – tensions, unnaturality, aggression, for example, visible immediately. I think their eyes are very similar.

30-year-old designer: Refusal of visa F1

I am 30, recently I live and work in Moscow, not married. Passport clean, never used. Abroad never traveled. Real estate, no cars, I take off the apartment. I decided to strengthen my English in New York during vacation. Signed on the short 2x week language course. Through the agency issued documents, an invitation came from the American language school, it remains to receive a visa. All stages are passed, interview, visa officer – Elderly lady. Conversation only in English. Approaching the window even closely, it was badly heard her speech due to glass. There was a tension in the conversation. She began to ask standard questions quickly, one by one, not giving time to think and answer in detail. – First time get a visa? Never been to the United States or other countries?

There was a feeling of resentment, annoyance and lost time. Maybe I seemed to her with a potential immigrant or, even worse, a disadvantaged marginal. Much depends on the opinion of the officer about you, but judging by the stories on the forum and the stories of friends, it looks like a visa is issued on an unknown and possibly spontaneous pattern. But it is better to try to get a visa and get a refusal than not to try.

St. Petersburg, Visa to the USA Approached

Filed documents for the first time. Was at the interview 7.05.13 in consulate in St. Petersburg. Time was scheduled at 8:30 pm, arrived at 7:50, just a consul drove up 🙂 I stood in line, it was 15-20 people recorded in front of me, recorded at 7:45-8: 00. Although they said that the queue should be held in time, did not let anyone in front of them, so the embassy got exactly at 8:30.

On the street, during the waiting, police officers of the Russian Federation collect passports for some check, they carry their minutes to 15 to their booth, then distribute, did not argue about the legality of their actions.

In the consulate itself, I spent no more than 55 minutes from them sitting in the waiting room and watching a movie about America in English with Russian subtitles. With you to the consulate I do not advise you to take extra things, bags, appliances, etc., get rid of the pockets from garbage, small things, products, etc. The phone must be handed over to the input in the off state.

Inside there is a toilet, a machine with water, a coffee machine.

After 30 minutes, the number was summoned in 1 window, an employee (man) speaks Russian almost without accent, he accepted documents and invited KO 2 windows, there another employee (woman) conducted a fingerprinting procedure – first 4 fingers left hands, then 4 fingers right hand, then both thumb at the same time.

Place in the waiting room I advise you to take some object for the passage of the fingerprint procedure (I left the jacket), and that is, it is likely to stay without a place to return, or tweer through sitting to another place. Decide in general on the site to fill the waiting room.

During the waiting for his turn on the fingerprints of fingers, pay attention to people by 1-2 numbers standing in front of you, as the challenge for an interview with the consul is due to the name, and you will already know what is your turn soon.

The interview was held simultaneously in 2 windows. There was a lot of failures, it even seemed to me that more (or equal) the number of approvals.

Interview conducted a young girl with me. I first asked if I ever had in the USA (no), then by whom I work (engineer-designer), where I work (design bureau), how many years I work at this place (2 years 9 months), in which place I’m going ( Chicago), to whom (familiar mothers), as far as food (2 weeks), when food (August), with whom I’m going (with my mother), again, I work with (Designer Engineer), I’m going with my girlfriend in the USA ( I clarified that with my mother I was going, she also filed for a visa, and she had already been in the US already several times), asked how to call mom, something scored in the computer, clarified her patronymic, and the passport was turned off on the page with the existing Schengen visa and seals about the intersection of the border with Finland. I said, everything is OK, the passport will be ready after 2-3 days, it is possible to get it at the point of issue (for St. Petersburg – this is a pony express, not far from m. Moscow Gate).

A letter to the readiness of the passport came the next day (May 8). Visa was given for 3 years, without additional payments.

Prepared a bunch of certificates – from the current work with an indication of the experience and sn, from previous work, an extract from the bank about the movement of funds for half a year (asked for it to put more seals), invitation to the USA, old passport passports, military ID. I did not need anything.

I will bother everything and stay in America?

Two refusal of visa to study

Refusal of a tourist visa

Refusal of the US tourist visa – poor-quality work of the agency

Refused in the US tourist visa without explanation of the reasons. Everything is. Schengen, real estate, permanent work. Friends. I don’t think about anything. When I looked at the questionnaire. Detected typos in the name of parents. Officer Elderly Woman, hit his tongue. And gave a certificate. Refusal!!

The questionnaire was drawn up in "Amerikhen Travel". Paid for decent money. True, this amount was promised to be credited in the cost of the acquired tour. But, they have forces Mair. Oversight. Money is not returned.

Called in Pony. There they said if they had a translation of the questionnaire order, then the money would be returned, or everyone will redo. True there and the price of the question 1200 r. Flew "as plywood over Paris". Hello. So they write in the forum. Need to rely on ourselves. And all these offices – one deception.

It is not scary! Do!

I am 22, the formation is average, I do not work, I have not learned anywhere in addition to Russia, there is no ownership, I myself am from the province, the countryside of the TC, I live in Moscow, I remove the apartment, and some more non-Russian appearance (grandfather’s grandfather, without Him live by the way). Based on this, you can safely say that I am a potential emigrant. But despite all this visa gave me!!

I decided that I would collect documents, and I will go to the United States to the E3 game exhibition (Electronic Entertainment Expo), which takes place annually in Los Angeles. In order to avoid mistakes, the questionnaire and documents were prepared in the visa center (called in what exactly I will not, the benefit they all work well), they all sent them, further waited for invitations and all. It came around after 2.5 weeks, went to the Embassy in Moscow, passed the standard stage of verification by the Security Service and Dactyloscopy, and further the interview. A little worried, of course, this is normal so do not be afraid, but the excitement immediately disappeared as soon as the consul man smiled at the window and I became on "All spit". I will immediately say from the documents that I took with myself my passhed and extract from the bank for 2 thousand. dollars and all! Further I will describe everything that happened further literally literally:

Kon. For what purpose do you want to go to the USA?

I stood in line and took a visa for 3 years and the embassy was pleased. Many asked me: how did you give a visa damn. I answered them that I just went and took. Joked of course, but then told the same story as you. Soviets of course I will not give it because all people are different and recommendations in the internet enough, I will tell you how I am in that situation: my smile is not perfect, but I smiled in the whole mouth as soon as I saw a smile on the person of the consul, I did not ask him questions and not asked T.He spoke fine, I looked only in my eyes when I answered questions, I didn’t look away a second, I said clearly and clearly, work out if with this problem, quickly answered questions to me fussed about this, and most important thing – I was sincere 100%. Seriously, there were no thoughts about the emming, I clearly knew where I was going, why go, how much I go, and would come back! They are good psychologists and deceive them does not make sense. there were no tickets or reservation of the hotel and other dock. If someone decides to try the same way, then know what you will act on someone else’s scheme, which means you will not be sincere with them! I wish everyone good luck.

Visa in Yekaterinburg

May 7 received a visa in Yekaterinburg. What can I tell about all this? First, everything is not as scary as described in personal experience. Of course, when a person did not receive a visa, then I want to throw my grief at least somewhere, and therefore reading the Internet could get the impression that almost half of people do not receive a visa, or it’s generally like a lottery. In general, it’s all nonsense! Remember once and forever – people who get visas Most. For those one and a half hours that I spent waiting until I was called – only one girl received a refusal.

Another point, I was very worried about the correctness of filling out the form DS-160. Is the name of the companies and streets correctly translated correctly. In fact, the trifles do not come.

From all the pile of documents that I dragged with me only looked at the plan of the trip that I myself am made up and published in English. Where by the day painted which attractions I will watch. Compiled thanks to the guide. Then they asked where you work, was there a relatives in the US. He was typing on the keyboard there later and thinks slightly and says "Your visa approved". Of course I immediately came to relieve. Because after reading many negative feedback I was in despair slightly because I really did not want to receive a refusal.

What tips can be given to those who start? Clearly plan your journey and reinforce any documents, even if it is a travel plan that yourself will be and printed. If you tell some turbid stories on the interview, then you will most likely refuse. And do not read negative reviews.

About me: 23 years old, not married, no children, I work in a large federal bank in responsible post. From travel: was 2 times in Thailand, lived in Singapore for more than a month. Was in China for a few days.

Everything is not as scary as they say about it, and children are definitely not a problem!

He was recorded for an interview in April at 8 am, as a result, everything took exactly 2 hours, it stood in line at 7:26, and came out of the embassy at 9:26, minute per minute 🙂

If you take my abstract, then my chances were below the average (the opinion of the experience) 🙂
– Father in the USA (Legal),
– a girlfriend to which I go (lives and works there and which I know through a girlfriend from which I go),
– divorced, and moreover food with a small child,
Of the pros, only: for the year 4 Shengen, one of which is the annual French, constant work and a visa of UK in one of the old s / n (19 year old) 🙂

The first question was whether there are old passages (there were all three, which was immediately provided), no longer asked for a single document. After the standard questions followed: the goal, with whom I am going, why the United States, all subsequent questions were assessed mainly on the subject of work (where, by whom, what I do, again where the company is doing, and again I am doing in the company), then asked about education, due to the specifics of the highest asked additional questions, but making sure that they do not fall under the category of specialties required.checks, visa immediately approved. Two days later, both passports with a three-year visa.

Good luck all, do not be afraid and try not to worry!

Visa approved

Yesterday received a visa in the embassy in Moscow. I’m 26 years old, not married, no children, I’m going alone. In general, the full set) got to an elderly consul woman. She looked at me only once at the beginning, then the view from the monitor did not disappear. Questions:

1 – What are you going to do in the US? I managed to say only Los Angeles, Golivood, then she interrupted me.
2 – who you work.
3 – How much do you work.
4 – in which countries were. In a new passport, I have only Tai and India. Old passports she did not seek, she did not look at any other document at all. The answer was Thailand, India, Spain.
5 – I’m alone food? replied – yes. Not justified. Just and everything)
6 – Do I have a schedule. Yes, yes, it is the schedule! I specify what she meant did not become, t.To. I have nothing like anyway. I answered – no schedules, there is a certificate from work)) a little is not the topic of course, but I’m just confused) what she told me: Your visa approved.

I want to advise sign up at 8 am, t.To. When I went out the turn was already just unrealized sizes. I went out at 8.45, spending an hour in line (came in 7) and 45 minutes in the Embassy itself.

Obtaining a visa in the USA: Tips experienced were not useful

Two refusal visa. Apparently for them I have a non-rig

I want to share my experience in not receiving a visa in "Oil" Naked country of America. So, in May I was going to go to the states, in NYC, see the city, Washington, Miami, Odini Word, to travel. I will say right away, nor a relative, nor friends in my states. One gathered alone, the tour did not book. Love love, but it does not work much.There are no Schengen in the new passport, only Cyprus several times, Turkey. In the old passport, Swiss visa, Bulgaria, France. 19.03.2013 came to the interview, come to the officer. Dialogue:
A. Purpose of the trip?
B. Tourism, I want to travel.
A. Who eat?
B. One
A. Relatives in the states, friends?
B. No
A. In which countries were?
B. Answered.
A. Sorry, you are denied visa.Gave this stupid paper, this letter "happiness" And I’m gone.

It seems that nothing terrible happened, but I experienced a sense of humiliation.

This is despite the fact that I work in Moscow time, with a good sn, owned car, car, all the documents were with you and on the first and on the second interview. Not married, no children. Say that I was upset, say nothing. Now I think that I am absolutely not an outbound for them, so far I will not marry and do not face children.

I realized that obtaining a visa is a big lottery, since it is obtained by people without the presence of a sister in the property, with clean passports, traveling only in Russia. Logic is absent. Disappointed completely.

I will not try more, there are other countries where you can spend good money on a trip. Food in Europe.

Visa in the United States in Yekaterinburg – the fear of the eyes are great

A trip to the USA I have been sick for a very long time. Since in 2005-2006, I visited a schoolgirl there – under the Flex exchange program, I did not leave the vague again to visit this country.

My old passport has long been expired, so the organization of the trip had to start from scratch.

Submitting docks to a new pass, I sat down in front of the computer to read various forums about the passage of the interview. Oh and read I!! For some reason, the Internet is sick of terrible stories about how difficult it is to get approval and that if you have an empty pass, and you are not married – you do not shine anything. I extremely rarely stumbled upon happy stories with Hepi & Endom.

In general, frightening quickly, but feeling how my puzzling walked me more and more stroke me (the desire was heated by the permanent invitations of the American family, in which I lived, being a schoolgirl), I still collected the will in a fist and issued the necessary docks, paid 160 bucks and stood in line for an interview in g. EKB (herself from Novosibirsk).

April 19 about 10.30 I went to the consulate (the interview was scheduled for 11.thirty). The queue consisted of man 12. However, I was lucky, and after 15 minutes, the guard looked out and said – those who are without bags, pass! – And I climbed inside.

After all the inspection and removal of fingerprint, I sat down when I was invited to conslu.

* A little digression: I forgot to tell about myself: I am 24 years old, not married, no children, ownership (except Styre. cars and cats =)), abandoned empty, except for a trip to the USA 8 years ago on a visa J1, I work in a major international company receptionist, zp is not great. With you. Docks only brought old overseas and help from work.

I spent waiting for quite a long time – about 40 minutes. Then the long-awaited survey began. The consul spoke in Russian:

After these issues, the consul had kicked up in the computer and said -wash visa approved.
-I can go?
-Yes. Goodbye!

And I am a bullet from there. I did not even ask how much was given)

That’s how guys! The main thing to believe and try, no matter what!

PS girls, do not forget to bring your Majk AP to a minimum, and the neckline is generally excluded and in general to be as simple as possible. The first impression should be positive in order not to hear the refusal immediately and be able to prove its not immigrant intention.

Rude refusal in Yekaterinburg

We were at the consulate on April 18, received a refusal of 3 visas (we and a child and a child of 12 years). We wanted to visit New York, ride attractions in Orlando, buy in Miami. But the consular officer Randall Houston found that we are potential emigrants and refused to receive a visa.

Which outraged, he did not consider any document that we brought with you (documents on ownership – for 4 apartments, on 3 garden plots, a car, an account in a bank for 270 thousand), did not find out who remains in the country when we leave Travel (we have parents, children, grandchildren). He led himself terribly with us (he could have already decided to fill up), began to say something to English … I did not understand a word!), raised up the finger, began to poke her husband, then in me..I asked him to speak Russian or invite a translator. He began to make a grimace – then he screamed in English, then he said in Russian that he had a finger to join the instrument to comprehend the prints, laughed (looked around) and speaks with anger – that’s how it is necessary to speak Russian? After a smile, there was a sinister mask. After that, asked about the purpose of the trip (we answered – tourism), then asked: "Where do you work? (this is her husband), then asked me. Asked exactly "You". And then asked the main question – there are relatives in the USA, I said that my sister. And all, there were no more questions, I did not ask a single document, looked at the computer, and then threw out our passports with a piece of paper, in which it was written that we were denied visa, t.To. We have not proven about our robust links from homeland and are potential emigrants.

Strange, I know that in America a foreigner will not even wash the dishes in some kind of eatery, if he does not know the English language, and then the officer in the consulate almost does not speak Russian and nothing, successfully sitting and mocks us. Shame America!

Failure and cancellation of the current visa in the United States

US Visa in Yekaterinburg

Yesterday were at an interview for an American visa. We arrived in Ekaterinburg in 5.30, for the interview recorded in 9.thirty. At the station in the VIP room, quarreled 2.5 hours (sofas comfortable, toilet decent, automatic tea, coffee, free Wi-Fi) 1 hour costs 100 rubles. Then passed things into the storage chamber until 17.00, again for a hundred rubles. And on the easiest went to the consulate, go for about 15 minutes by taxi, 300 rubles.

Arrived, the queue is not big. The turn is common, someone tried to go before, but the people did not let. Launched two people. We have a family three people, we were launched together. I went inside showed a passport and paper on the questionnaire. Disconnected the phones, handed over the bag with the ladies and with documents on top. Gave passports and paper on the questionnaire. Everyone is sitting in one hall, we wait for the speakerphone on the hands of fingers. Then again sit we wait when they call for an interview.

And here they invited us. Husband, me and senior daughter 17 years. Asked where we were going, they answered – visit friends where the husband works, he replied, where I work, I said housewife, t.To. At home two more children. What time is going? For two weeks. Visa approved, up to date. I did not even immediately realize that everything was completed. We have not asked for a single document, and I have been prepared: it was an invitation with me, the passports are old with Schengen, a certificate from the work of a husband, an account in the bank, the birth certificate of children and any Lada Day about real estate. Not a single document looked at all. That’s how. Everything was simple. Good luck everyone.

Failure to American visa in St. Petersburg

It seemed to me that the decision of the consul was taking more intuitively than using the certifying papers. As with many others, I remained incomprehensible causes of refusal, formulation "You travel a little" After all, there is not an objective approach, despite the additional references, confirmation of income and other consul did not even ask – 5-7 simple questions, crazy printing speed on a computer and. On a little broken Russian: "Sorry, your visa is not approved.

The procedure for obtaining a visa of the USA, EEE, a little challenging, you traveled little, I will give you a paper, everything is written there, goodbye". By the way, the interest was wrapped in 20-30 (according to my observations). Grieves not so much spent money and time as an approach, incomprehensible and very vague criteria for visa approval.

Rigid and opaque conditions for obtaining a visa, on the other hand, the United States annually distributes tens of thousands of Green cards in a lottery order, as lucky. I do not seem to me that something is wrong here with logic?

Successfully received a visa!

Madly worried, but got just! At the interview, we were asked:
1. Purpose of the trip
2. Since we answered business + tourism, asked what our company occupied by our company.
3. Marital status and presence of children (to clarify strong ties with homeland)
4. Received approval

The presence of real estate and a certificate from the bank account was not asked, apparently positively played a large number of previously received Schengen visas.

I hope my information will come in handy to you for successful interview!

Failure to visa B1 / B2 in St. Petersburg

Today I encountered a problem in refusing a visa to the US consulate in St. Petersburg. I filed documents for a nonimmigration visa B1 / B2, I wanted to go to Los Angeles with my young man to the city. I am a student, I am 22 years old, all the documents took with you, all sponsorship letters from the parents, but when I came to the window an interview with the consul, he didn’t look at me, practically nothing asking, gave me a leaf that a visa today cannot give me a visa, and apologized.

The paper is written by common phrases, that I supposedly did not prove the availability of durable ties with the country of permanent residence. But neither student nor a certificate from the institute, nor a certificate of property of real estate consular officer did not even ask. It seemed to me that they have some biased attitude towards young unmarried girls!

Dali american visa after refusal

Planned with her husband to visit the United States to the May holidays. For the first time we went to the interview and received a refusal for an incomprehensible reason. There were a lot of documents with me, but they did not ask anything, a gray-haired woman for 50, poorly speaking in Russian, asked questions: where we go when we fly, where there were children, there is a place of work, how long in this place, why left from the previous place.

We are 28 years old, both in IT, Moscow salaries. The reason for the refusal was not reported, but after the analysis, the following facts revealed: 1) a short period of work at previous places (5 and 9 months), 2) Sukho answered the question about changing the work, 3) no children 4) We were confused about the date of the trip (the tickets were Purchased half a year ago, the husband managed to forget). The next time on April 10, we prepared better, took the contract for a loan, a husband studying a husband, Certificate of PI 2011 (I spend some projects on the freelancing). The woman this time came across a pleasant, smiling, asked if something did not understand.

I want to give advice to those who will treat, I hope to help (herself decided to read the reviews only after refusal, and sorry). 1) Be sure to behave confidently and accept it, that this is a kind of lottery, and you may refuse the circumstances independent of you. Maybe just not luck with the consul. Failures with us there was a lot. 2) Do not be afraid to go again, just watch everything that you write in the new questionnaire did not differ from the old and remember what was answered on the first – they make the mark on themselves 3) Answer questions deployed! It is better that you have a trip plan. As for work – show your answers that you have good and promising work, if there is an additional part-time job- tell me (not remote). 4) If you do not have at least Schengen, think about whether to serve – it is better to postpone and visit other places (not Turkey, not Egypt). 5) Do not try to lie, once deluded by you in this, in the future it will play a role.good luck!

Failure to receive a US student visa

Today, on April 11 he went to the US Embassy in Moscow, filed a F-1 for student visa. There were all-all-all docks.

It all started with the fact that there are 2 queues at the embassy (as I understood), someone takes the documents and say when they are called by name, and there are those who give a request with the number and they independently pass all 3 instances (registration, prints, interview), and 1st immediately to prints, do not pass.

As I observed a ratio of 30 to 70. Well, I got of course in the first bunch (it seems to me that the one who fell into it – received a refusal). Waiting for a very long time when name named, then Dali Musite and said to wait. I went to the prints, then again the long line and here’s an interview.

In front of me the consul, to whom I got, refused in a row 2nd people. I think I got just under the common comb. In short, he asked me "why not study in rashka"? I replied that I want to be in the English society to be, well, and fell back on such questions. Almost immediately how I came to him, he began to print something feverishly and then he gives out: "Unfortunately I have to refuse you in a visa". I first did not understand that it was all, only having reached at home I understood that it was tale. For again will have to fill 3-thousand fools and pay money.I will file again, for the 11th grade, and I rent only the exam in Russian and mathematics, which means what to do in Moscow to a prestigious university is hardly possible, and then so much nerves, time and effort on this thing is that only from this sad.

In general, I did not expect a refusal, because it was guided by what the saying it: only the thief ask where things, and I did not lie and I don’t want to immigrate. Eh, wish me good luck next time (((

Refusal of the US visa for honeymoon

08.04.2013 came to the embassy at 7:10, was already a big turn. Were arrogant who tried to crawl allegedly ask. They quickly cast back at the very end. About Us. 25 years old, 26 years old bride. Planned in June after the wedding fly in Florida. The questionnaires were filled by reading a bunch of filling manuals to reduce the risk of refusal. I am a doctor working in a specialty in a foreign company with s / n in 70k. With you, printing deposits, calculated sheets, certificate from the bank, from work. But nothing even asked. I came first to the window, where there was a disgruntled appearance of a woman who was luppy, blonde, immediately felt that she was not in the spirit. I smiled at her, greeted. She in response to Loman Ruzsky: "You can quickly Pazalusta". I gave zagran and confirmation.
To: The purpose of the pan

It seems that there are ladies with a protracted "Monthly" a period that did not take place in the personal life, which they enjoy, guessing newlyweds in the soul. And the hotel was booked, good at least tickets did not bought. Really they might think that I gave up their sera * I am America. Do not fall to the above described in any way, although you do not have to choose. We are like imagrantes? In vain just gave 10k rubles, more than a month of time. Gadyushnik this is not a country.

Two US visa. Unwilling consul.

Tried to get a tourist visa for the second time. For two hikes, the following opinion.

First, there is nothing terrible. Absolutely. No one eats anyone and does not try to catch up at all, not giving a visa. The USA has enough money and your 5 thousand rubles them "Weather do not do". Secondly, in my cases it was so. The first attempt – got to the consul guy. Politely and friendly. Gave refusal and advised to think about the answers and come again. Upset, but the Council accepted. But the second visit was a strange. The consul was a girl, 30 years old, strict appearance and never smiling. After words Hello, immediately asked when I plan to fly. Replied. Asked who I work and stared at the computer. While I answered who I and what I do something printed. Distracted from the computer and asked the same question again. That is, she did not even listen to me. I repeated the answer. Looked that there were a lot of flights. Said "OK". Again stared at the computer, looking at me strange. Well, I stood, waited. Minutes 2 later asked how many years I work at this work. Replied almost 3 years. Sharply took a leaflet with refusal and gave a passport.

Maybe I bias, but 2 questions about when I will fly and where I work not enough to refuse. I can make mistakes of course. About children, family, date of flight, most importantly, the reason for the flight, married position and t.NS. She was not interested.

TOTAL: There is a feeling that the consuls visa give only at personal discretion, if you apply for a tourist visa. And a lot depends on the configuration, the nature of the consul. The neighboring consul-woman was much friendly and with me did not give a single failure, although the guy told there. quote "I’m flying to a friend, he has no citizenship, but he asked an American to make me an invitation and here it is". I am not a consul, but even it alert. But no, they gave a visa. And I got caught, who did not even listen to my answers.

I do not judge the US policy in the issue of issuing a visa, but the process itself is strange and in some way to humiliating. Inorganized with queues, not clear criteria for issuing a visa tour, the consul speaks in bad Russian (who caught me) and it seems to me half of the words just does not understand.

I’m not sure that in the coming years I will add to the US visa. Go to them again and already start to lie – not mine.

Obtaining US visa

Travel outlined with friends for May 2013. We drove the priest. Before submitting an application, only at the end of February – the company is large, someone needed to receive new closures. It turned out that it is possible to file a statement in advance – at least six months. Propulated.

In line, we were installed only on April 17 upon departure 27! Naturally the hysterical wife and after finding out the fact, we do not get to accelerate the deadline for submission of the application (honey. Cause, work or group from 8 people), decided to play "in roulette" . Came to the site and were looking for the opportunity to bring the dates of the interview. As a result, it was possible to do from 3 times * (by the way, it is 3 times the maximum amount of transfers) and received on April 2. Hooray!

April 2nd. at 8-30 came to the embassy. The record was at 8-30. In principle, it would be possible to sign up for 8 and crush the line, "type I’m on 8 hours where there is a queue on 8?" The recording time is only needed to organize the queue itself – so that everyone does not come at one time, the consulate for it – do not care.

Located in 25 minutes. The queue was always. somewhere less, somewhere more. Delivered all the piercing items, phones, headphones (keys for some reason left). Divide. Then get a number (type A113). In fact, the number does not get everything – your statement (DS160) passes some automatic scoring – if you have passed – you get a number, no – sit down (about an hour) and waiting for employees manually check your application, after that you can already get a number.

After receiving the number follows the fingers and, in fact, the interview. The most necessary documents on the interview except Zagran – your old overseas and, perhaps, help from work. In fact, for the consulate this is the only document (s) confirming your income and your good intentions (travel a lot and are not going to immigrate). Answer the most brief and clear. You can in English in English. Dop documents are almost never asked, but it is better to keep nearby. Even photos did not take. Consuls love couples / companies, especially with children, or people working in large state-owned companies (and not in the list). The interview lasts 1-3 minutes and at the end you are told "Yes" or "No". After the exit, go back to the entrance for your phones.

After that we are waiting for Pony-Express (delivery to 3 days, we were delivered to the 2nd).

Refusal in the US student visa

Refusal in St. Petersburg: advised to give birth to children first

Visa to a pure passport.

Filled out the questionnaire in mid-February, paid for the collection and appointed an interview for March 27, a week later I understood (and I realized, because I read the forums, where many were asked about the point of study) that did not complete the student of the study (the first time filled the questionnaire, inadvertently put a check mark that not studied))), called the embassy, ​​asked how to fix the questionnaire, the girl explained everything, I corrected all the mistakes and sent a questionnaire once again, I had to cancel interview T.To. A new questionnaire number was assigned, and once again sign up, signed up at the same time (the consular fee did not have to pay twice), well, it remains to wait for the day of the interview.

Approached the embassy at 9:10 (the interview was scheduled at 9:30 pm), near the embassy there were a man 15, who were waiting for their turn, at the entrance to the embassy there was a policeman, I approached him to find out what, yes, how to do (I first appeal for any visa), he asked to approach some booth, which stands next to the embassy, ​​and sign up, I wrote down, and I got up next to the crowd. Further, he had been invited to one person in the Embassy itself. When it reached me to me, he asked to cook a civil passport and turn off the phone, a minute 2 stood on the porch, then he told me to go to the building. I went right away, at the entrance, it is still a policeman, I asked to give a passport, phone, player, all sorts of electronic gadgets and go through the metal detector, the bag also had to be skipped through the scanner, then gave some kind of red card with the number and said to hang on a prominent place. After they were told to go to the second floor, and sit down in the waiting room, at that time there was already a person 15-20, in the hall two windows in one was a woman about 40 years old (in my opinion Russian, or speaks Russian very well, in general without Accent) She asked to provide her documents, and the window where the consul himself was sitting (a man of 55-60, 100% American), I sat on the very first seat, the consul constantly looked at me.

The woman from the 1st window called my last name, I came up, greeted it, she asked her all the documents, copies, in general, everything I brought to get a visa, she looked at which I did not need to give and told sit down. Call you. Sat down and waited for his turn. When the consul called my last name, I came up, greeted, he asked to hand over his fingerprints, then looked at my documents, something began to print, looked at me, asked: "as far away", I replied, he again began to print, printed and said something, I understood only one word "OK", I asked him whether the visa was approved, he replied yes)), honestly I doubted what would give, thanks to him and goodbye!

Before that I never received a visa, only China was from foreign trips, and that, it was all in an old passport, and I was taken to get it when I received new, there was only a copy of the first page, so I gave an absolutely pure passport. I am 25 years old, not married, no children. With me, there were: confirmation of the entry for the interview and payment of the consular fee, a certificate from work with the size of the SP, an account in the bank, an invitation from the United States from friends (sent to e-mail and printed), copies of their passports. Everything filled himself, without agencies. So a pure passport is not a problem for obtaining a visa.

It is not that simple. Children are a problem!

Some of the way. Mom-single upset. I received a visa without problems. If you do not pay attention to the queue, inspections and norms (I passed the interview in the summer and I went to this procedure for almost 6 hours!), everything is clear and reasonable. Officer Questions: Why are we going? – Relax, watch. – where were before? – . What’s your job? – . Visa was given for 2 years. During this time was 3 times in America.

I decided to go in the summer with a child. Parishion. Documents are the same. Property in stock. Work also. Nothing about it ask. Ask a question – were in America? I answer – yes, 3 times. Why 3? Why before that without a child? Another age was not so for such flights. – And where are you working (I answer, the position is quite a hundred smart and absolutely real). how many? – 4 years in this company, 10 years before reorganization in other.

Give refusal. We sing this in addition to this speaking officer for about 10 minutes I was looking for something in the computer, not paying attention to me.

What does it mean? How to understand? Do not know. Feeling in all respects previa. I sent them a letter with a request to explain the motives, answered the postponus duty on the insufficiency of evidence of communication with the homeland.

Getting a visa two weeks after refusal

Passed an interview at the embassy in Moscow on March 7 – Refusal. Before that was in the States 3 years ago by work&Travel, in the old passport 3 visas in the UK, several Schengen. Not a single question about the trip was asked and did not see a single paper; I was sure that we would give a visa without problems, t.To. Already in America. "In the future, we can submit for a visa"(((

The next day I was given again, before the trip remained another 1.5 months and there was already nothing to lose, the interview was March 26. They asked only the purpose of the trip (we are going with a young man on vacation) and "Your visa approved". Today received a passport – for 3 years. After the failure did not count on 2 to get! There are places on the ground that are waiting for us – sometimes we get there.

Refusal in St. Petersburg

There were an interview at the US Consulate in St. Petersburg today. Very long waiting time on the street (stood on Alley about an hour). It’s good that the weather at least was good. The interview itself was fast enough. Ask standard questions about travel purposes, work in St. Petersburg, marital status, children. They wanted to travel to the eastern coast in the US. Were in many countries in Europe, Asia. Friends, relatives in the USA with our husband. Both are working.

Unfortunately, the visa officer counted our relations with Russia limited. In a visa, we were refused. The impression was created that the decision was made in advance -.To. The interview was really very fast. Perhaps we made mistakes when filling out the questionnaire. Maybe something wrong did with the documents. Although no one looked the documents. Let’s try to apply for the next year.

Visa to the USA – Complete Queues

I have a hurry to share your experience in obtaining a visa in the USA. Only came from the embassy. Time spent 3 hours on everything, from standing in line before receiving a visa. Of these 3 hours – 2 minutes is an interview, 1 minute fingerprints and 1 minute of registration in the embassy. The remaining 2 hours 55 minutes is standing in queues.

The first turn begins on the street, and it does not matter what time you are recorded, you still become an end. We stood on the street an hour. Frozen very much. Then you go to the embassy, ​​there is already warm, which pleases, but again a huge queue to go inside. During this queue, pick phones, and then pass the metal detector. Further – the queue for the number. Then the queue is already an electronic (after receiving the number), the first on the registration of your questionnaire in the embassy (1 minute), then somewhere 30 minutes are waiting for the fingerprints, then you are waiting for 30 minutes – and the interview. On the monitors lights up the number to which window to approach, everything is simple enough. While you are waiting for you can drink coffee from the machine (after frost on the street I really want).

Now about the interview: I was with my husband, they also passed together, asked – whether we were married (we are officially married), there are children (we have, remain in Russia), where are we going to go to America, are there friends or relatives ( I have a girlfriend who sent an invitation, I pointed it in the questionnaire), and what does the firm in which the husband works. That is, for all the interview, the husband said only one word about the company, I answered all other questions. By the way I do not work, the trip pays the husband. Everything is very friendly, after which they said that the visa was approved, I asked how much, they said that for 3 years.

The main thing is to patience to defend in the queues, in the morning they pass 500 people (we counted by numbers on the scoreboard). Good luck and hello to everyone.

Visa in the USA for idling and unemployed

Yesterday was at the US Consulate in Moscow, the visa approved. For the first time I applied for a visa in the US.

To myself: unemployed, single, meal one on a tourist visa. Were in Shengen’s passport.

Questions asked about when going to fly. Why without work and I’m going to stay there. When you heard the answer that no, they said – your visa approved.

Time spent 2.5 hours. Tedious.

US visa for artists is easy!

Gave a visa without problems

Today (6.03) I went for a visa, with me from documents only the TCP on the car. Well, confirmed. Issues were 4: the purpose of the trip? What’s your job? What is your occupation? How much are you planning to spend time in America?

Apparently the answers were satisfied, the following that heard from the consul – Congratulations, your visa approved.

From useful:
– wait on the street a total of 15-30 minutes (dress warmer)
– Parking if only on the gardens in front of the consulate, I came very early – the places were. But at the time of departure, without options.
– with children pass without a queue
– asked the printed photo, I did not have it, they said to wait, after 15 minutes, the documents were already with a toll.

About me: 28 years old, Muscovite, I work as a manager, are not married, there is no relatives there, I have a daughter (who does not fly with me), but they didn’t ask about children, there are no such questions in the questionnaire, so I don’t think that it was important.

Received a US visa in Yekaterinburg without problems

Submitted documents for a visa B1 / B2 in Yekaterinburg on February 22nd. No documents were required at all, only answered a couple of issues of the consular employee. Previously received a training visa in the United States in 2008. From the day interviews before receiving a visa in Pony Express in Omsk, passed the week. And here is a passport with a three-year visa I have!

Council for nonresident submitting documents in Yekaterinburg. The fact is that with bags / backpacks / packages do not let. You can leave your things at the hotel around the corner of the Consulate Building. At the reception there are cells for storage (as in the supermarket) for 50 rubles per hour. I think quite comfortable. He himself took advantage of, other people took advantage of their storage. Good luck to all!

American visa – it’s easier to get not yet!

Visa in the USA. Everything is quite simple.

Visa in the United States, obtained in Germany

Today I went to the interview and decided – because I read a lot of reviews here, share and your experience. I filed a US tourist visa abroad, and maybe someone will help someone – I did not find the reviews of Russian citizens who are not in Russia for a visa.

A little about yourself: I am a graduate student, I live and study in Germany (I speak German, but better in English). I am not married (there is a young man), German citizenship is not – only student visa, 28 years. Go going together with a young man (I don’t need a visa). Served in Berlin. I passed the questionnaire on February 5, the photos made at home, paid a fee, the interview time was near February 20, 9:30 am. All did online. For two weeks collected documents – certificates from the university, extracts from bank accounts, the hotel’s armor, a lot of things really.

Came to the consulate about 9:20, there were a lot of people – a person 30-40, all different times, but began to start steel – who came and occupied. First, we truth in the cold for about 30 minutes lasted, then gradually began to let. In line met with an elderly woman from Russia, which for 8 years in Germany lives, but does not speak German, nor in English. Her husband was not allowed with her, I decided to help her if anything – I say and good. At first it turned out. It did not bring an envelope (the passport here is almost sent) – the husband quickly ran up for the envelope, the brand could be directly inside to buy – prudent Americans! I had everything with me.

After we finally got inside, in 5 minutes we checked the documents (Alla had to help the translation) and sent to wait for the queue on an interview. I taught Alla that she needs to say if it is called for now I will still have an interview that I will be my translator and now I am busy – can I later later. Two windows worked – in one smiling and charming uncle bun, in the second – harsh thinned worst. Straighted unfolded with us 2 people. One woman – for the fact that she did not understand and did not answer or answered any question (nor in English or German). But me, and Alla became a little in itself. 🙂 The second person is simple – as it seemed to be deployed. But again, we do not know what they checked about him in advance.

My grace came, I got to the uncle-bun. Smiled him charmingly, pleased. He: in what language is more convenient? I tell him that in English. He: Why are we going to the States? I explained to him – Tourism, New York, Boyfriend, Dniuha. He was happy for me. At all? – 7-10 days. Asked how long I in Germany already. I told – and at the same time immediately told that graduate student and t.D. He asked when I’m going to finish, I say – in the next half of the year, and that there are plans, and t.D. After that, he says so "Well, you naturally know that I will tell you – a visa I will certainly apprude, and you will receive it within 3-5 business days". I am glad, I thank and all that.

At that time, when I was interviewed, Alla also called to the window. She apparently explained about me as she explained about me, because it silent just handed over the put documents, which, at the end of my interview, asked to help. And I tell him – yes, I was going to help that Alla already asked me. Well, asks it why, where and how much. I translate her, she speaks me in Russian, I’m translated into English. She rides her husband’s nephew who is a German citizen. The nephew is a birthday one day with her husband, go to celebrate in New Jersey, for 3 weeks. He did not ask her anymore at all, simply approved a visa and all.

The result – I did not understand what happened. Neither of me, on Alla, no document was asked to show or prove something (even they did not ask for the invitation and T.D.!) There were no questions about issues at all. She was not even asked than she herself did. The fact that she could not express themselves in any language except Russian, also did not affect. At the same time, with us, someone unfolded.

In general, I still do not understand how and what they give and why refuse. Probably, firstly, people check thoroughly in advance. And secondly, they look purely to personal attitude. If you speak to talk and smile with them, judicially and intelligibly explain everything, it will probably be ok.

Now I sit waiting for a visa and I still don’t know how much I will give it, but they will give it well. Good luck to all!

Unexpected visa to America

Easily gave a visa in the USA

Hooray! Interview was February 19. 24 years old, studied and work in St. Petersburg, good salary. All documents prepared independently, without any agencies. No immovy, no cars, on the score zeros, there is no wife. Signed at Consulate in St. Petersburg at 9:00, went to the consulate at 8:30. Entered the building at 8:50. Released with an approved visa at 9:50. Talking about this: – Tourism visit?
– Yes, New York – Financial Capital of the World
– One go?
– Yes one.
– In which countries were still?
– France, Germany, Greece, Austria, All countries of Eastern Europe.
– There alone traveled?
– No, there with friends.
– What are you planning to watch in New York?
– Wall Street and Museums. I would like to get to Washington.
– For a long time?
– Days for ten at the end of March.
– What do you do?

That’s all. Did not even ask anything. Before me refused to a couple of girls and deputies. Grandmothers and families approved.

Visas to America Dali without problems

Failure to visa USA: did not even look at the documents

Yesterday, 08.02.13 were in the embassy, ​​from Ulyanovsk (Embassy of Moscow) drove for 1000 km to hear you refused. About us: I am 24 years old, the spouse is 24 years old, there were almost all countries in Europe, Germany, Switzerland, and so on. 2 Shengen, one is open until mid-May 2013. Positions are good.

Came up to the window on an interview, some old woman about 60 in half a half state asked 3 questions on the Russian curve: Cude one, why (we had Avtouris for 23 days) and are there children. How to prove their connection with their homeland if they do not look any document and do not want to watch (we have 2 square meters, 2 cars, payments from the bank for 15 thousand dollars). In general, just horror. Attitude as k * in *. In general, we will go to the Scandinavian Peninsula and in Western Europe again. We pay them money in order to convince them to allow us to spend our money on vacation. Debibism.

From our group who was allowed, gave can from 10 – 1 or 2-mind. Rubule all. And people are far from beggars, and in age were. Good luck to all.

Visa to the USA approved

Dali visa in the USA

Three questions and refusal (US visa)

Refusal to US Consulate in St. Petersburg

I want to share my bitter experience. I love to travel, was already touring Europe, and I wanted to visit the States. I was told that getting a visa in the United States is very difficult, but I fully confident in my abilities went to the consulate in St. Petersburg. He himself filled out the questionnaire, gathered some documents and went to the interview. Half a day waited in line when my turn came, I got completely confident in myself "refusal", It was just after the events of September 11. Last year, I again tried to get a guest visa in the United States and again refusal, although I have a normal work with a good earnings here in St. Petersburg. So I haven’t seen the states ..

I have already flew to the USA, on call, and then I managed to get a visa almost without straining. When I came to the consulate in St. Petersburg for the second time confident that, as and for the first time everything goes smoothly. However, seeing the visa officer and his mood, my ease however, as confidence in the final result of the interview somewhere disappeared. I was asked standard questions, some in English, that it was a bit problematic for me, since I have a bad language. Asked where I work and what average monthly income, is married, children and so on. But in conversation, I saw that he had already accepted for himself a decision on refusal and simply performed a formal procedure.

American visa: fear eyes are great

About an American visa dreamed a long time ago, but constantly restrained fear. Fear of the multi-page questionnaire, before the prospect of collecting documents, and, of course, the fear of getting a click on the nose in the form of refusal. It so happened that her husband (by the way, Aytichnik!) approved a business trip to the USA. And how quickly, easily and just for 3 days he received a visa R1 / R2 for three years, made me take himself in hand and start acting. My source data for statistics: 32 years, I work in Moscow for about five years, the office of the state, salary "White", There is no real estate and children, quite a lot of traveling (in 2012, China visited (2 times), UAE (2 times), Azerbaijan, Lebanon, Belgium, Thailand, Hong Kong (2 times).

The procedure for submission of documents is written enough. From myself only I will add that everything is done online, at hand you need to have only a photo in electronic form and a bank card. The questionnaire is not so scary, albeit volume, but really a question "Name the address in the US, which you plan to visit". Wrote an Aeroflot office in NY from the bald. Rolled)) as a confirmation document I took a certificate from my personnel department with an indication of the salary, but no one even had to watch it. He was recorded for an interview for the 20th day of December, but then I realized that I would not have time to return the passport, but for the New Year holidays we had another journey. Through the personal account changed the dates of the interview on January 18. Time chose 8:00 in the hope that I will not be late for work. At 7:15 on the street at the embassy there was already a man 50. At about 7:30, they started to run inside. I got a hint with fingerprints: in childhood there was a diatheus and sores on the pads. Now there is no sore, but the skin in these places smooth almost completely. As a result, 10-15 minutes, they tormented my left hand, then lubricating it with some kind of liquid, then wiping the napkin, but the drawing, as I understood, did not show myself completely. An interview with the officer is the most interesting and fun. At first, the poor fellow tried to correctly pronounce my patronymic, then asked some general questions: which countries attended to this, where exactly in the United States and how much food, with whom I have it. Then congratulated me with the approval of a visa for the three years and pleased with the news that the $ 20 does not need to pay extra. And exactly 3 days later, Pony Express brought my passport with a visa.

Visa in the USA: not everything is so scary!

Visa in the USA: refusal and at all "not easier than it seemed"

Visa in the USA: it seemed easier than

Refusal to the US Guest Visa, I do not know why

American visa in Yekaterinburg

Received a visa with a young man, live together for 3 years. Streets in the cold about 25 minutes. Some sent to get rid of large bags because the big cells ended. In the building launched 2-4 people. All that metallic, I had to pass – keys and even the business card holder. Inside – Queu. Only one thing worked out of two windows. First passed the questionnaires in the second window, there we also shot fingerprints, then about half an hour we waited for us to call us. There was a complete confusion, someone tried to get in line because he was appointed earlier. Nothing like this, he went for those who were in line last. Someone simply did not have time to take a turn on time and sadly looked out of the corner.

While I was seen for those who have already passed the interview. Almost everyone went out with saddles and immediately went to the exit. With us, visas received only 2 people individually and one pair. It was somewhat embarrassed, the nerves were at the limit. Documents were applied together, therefore, we were also called together for the interview. When our turn came up and we went to the interview, the consul asked three questions – Whether we live in a civil marriage, who we work and where we are going to America. We painted the route by the cities, they said that we want to start with New York, then fly to Las Vegas, rental cars, California Tour, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Officer diligently kept on the keyboard and signed on our questionnaires.

All visas were given to us! As a conclusion, I can say that visa vapors are much easier than those who do it alone. You can search for a partner in social.networks, somewhere else, but it is really easier than trying to get a visa to one. And yet – for interest, on one of the interviews that we heard, the girl said that she was going to her sister. And immediately added that it is now in academic leave for sick parental leave. Cognitive dissonance is easy! If you really want a visa, then you can attract a bit, most importantly – so that everything is logical and harmoniously)

Another refusal to visa in the United States in St. Petersburg

good day! Today, once again walked for a visa to the US consulate in St. Petersburg. Again gave refusal. It will be my third account. The first two refusals received in 98 and 99 years. Then the reasons were extremely clear – young, only finished the university, without overseas travel. Now my situation has changed for the better. Family, good (by certain standards) Place of work, regularly leave abroad. But the Americans did not like something again.

In America, I wanted to go to my native sister. She left in the USA on the bride visa in the 90s. Everything is legal, now a US citizen, regularly comes to Russia, both alone and the whole family. Most of our relatives are also regularly leaving in the USA (parents). No one stayed – why do we need it? So the interview was very quickly – the officer boiled something on the computer, asked my old passport, asked about past refusals (whether or not). After which I gave the paper about the refusal. On the question of the reasons, kindly referred to paper.

Before me that day was a few more failures. Communicating with an officer in the third window. I will try to contact the next year. And how after that perceive the news about the liberalization of the visa regime?

Tourist visa in the USA for the bride after refusal. And impossible – possibly

I have a fiance of american. We together 2 years. Met in Moscow. By September 2012, we had already contained all the documents in order to submit a petition for the visa of the bride (K-1) to the States, but I ended the term of the passport and had to change it. For a month, while waiting for his new pass, they found out that the bride visa design may take 6 or even more than months! And we are not accustomed, and not ready for such long separation. We decided to first open the tour to the US visa in the USA, so that the bride is drawn up with me, I had the opportunity to come to the States. Got his new passport and immediately paid all the duties and filled out the profile online. The questionnaire indicated that I was working as a model that I would like to go to the States with my 5-year-old daughter, for 2-3 months and that my groom was sponsored, and we will dwell, respectively, in his apartment in Hollywood, I plan to depart November 10, alone, and her daughter filed for a visa from December 25, so that in December it will return to her and fly to the states again.

Filled out the questionnaire and only then learned that the entry for the interview goes at least in 3 weeks. As a result, the interview appointed on November 14 at 9 00. Came for 20 minutes. as it all stood half an hour in line on the street, it was not very nice, overcast and wind! I forgot to print confirmation of an interview recording, or rather I didn’t even know that it had to be printed, there was only a confirmation that the questionnaire was filled, confirmation of payment of fees and other references, at the entrance I had to skip a few people while clarified my data and Is I recorded for an interview 14.eleven.12 at 9:00. As a result, after 5 minutes, they let in, but I advise you to have this paper with you! Then he persuaded to take my manicure scissors and flash drives to the chamber of storage, but except the phone and headphones did not take anything, passed inspection and scissing frame! After the line on the street, the queue in the storage chamber and the queue for personal inspection, the queues did not end)))

After inspection, finally you are admitted to the Holy in Saints! In the building of the consular department of the United States! And what would you think? Again the queue for receiving the number in the electronic queue! Now everything remains nothing, you can finally warm up with hot and soft drinks from the machine and eat snacks from the adjacent machine))) a trifle, but nice! You can sit on the chair in the hall and calmly, drinking hot chocolate and crawled cookies, look at the electronic scoreboard waiting for your room. The numbers are starting either on "A" on either "B", According to rumors, who "B" There is more chance to give a visa.

When the queue is suitable, your number will be displayed with a pointer to go to the room number 2. You’re there such a not one there, so stand and wait when your number will turn over one of the winds, then come to the desired window. Your passport will be checked there, whether the photo corresponds to the stated criteria (I want to warn if the photo does not match, then send a photo, and this is not far away but it is necessary to leave the embassy. So immediately do the photo correctly and at the photographer and not at home near the wall) then you will be offered to return to the overall room and again wait for your turn on the scoreboard, but you can not return to the hall, but stay in the room 2 and wait for your queue on Dactyloscopy, and here you will also be not alone and you need to look at what window your room will turn around and to the window and approach. Then you will return to the room number 1 again and you will look at the third table and wait for you to be invited to the room 3 for an interview. In the room number 3 there is the same story, you are not alone there, again the turn, sit and wait for your room on the board and then look at what window you go.

But now the interview! And everyone has its own. For the first time you can say I did not work any interview. The first and only question of the consul was: who you work? I said that I work the model, but the contract did not presented, and he did not ask any documents confirming it, and it was my mistake! Then he asked if I did not know that I could not work in the States? What I answered that I’m not going to work there and I’m going to the bridegroom. Showed an invitation from the bridegroom, he had something hard to print and said that unfortunately this time could not give a visa. somewhere at 12 o’clock came out of the embassy with a passport and without a visa (((here.

After a week or two, I once again paid the consular fee submitted to a visa online. But without a child. And pointed out that herself sponsor his trip. The purpose of the trip in principle was the same – guest tourism in order to see the bridegroom and meet his family. Interview date fell on 21.12.12 at 9 30 in the morning. Also came for half an hour. People (oddly enough) were more than in November. All the same queues, but even colder and this time with manicure scissors and flash drives, they were not allowed with a personal inspection, they sent everything to the storage chamber. This time the consul got a girl. I started asking me questions for which I as I have answered that I also work the model and look at I have a contract for 700,000 and a schedule in Moscow is scheduled for the next six months. That I have a child in Russia unfortunately. What’s going to your groom, since we have not seen each other for 4 months. That in after the new year we are going to submit to the visa of the bride anyway, but if not Catholic Christmas, then the new year would like to celebrate together! then she herself asked if I became familiar with his family? To which I answered in a jokingly form that I’ve already got acquainted with 1.5 months ago, if there were not refused in a visa. And for family dating it is much easier to come to me to America than his numerous mexican-American family to go to Russia. In addition, he is all in work and himself misses Russia, he loves Moscow and would like to come, but he does not have such an opportunity this year. All this time, the girl concave something in parallel to the computer and said: "Well, your visa is approved, but since you still have immigration intentions, then we can open a visa to you only for 3 months, go to the cashier and pay 20 dollars". that in general I did, again standing in a huge queue! I stand in line and I think why I need to pay $ 20, if they are paid only to those who want a visa for a year and for 3 years. And I have 3 months? And not to ask anyone, my consul went for lunch, as in other matters and all the rest and even a cashier (from 13 00 to 14 00 they have lunch and if you didn’t have time, you will wait for) asked the consultant in the hall, and He says that they do not give a visa for 3 months, only for a year or three and once they sent me 20 dollars to pay – it means for 3 years. Passport says after 3 days. As I get, I will unsubscribe.

In general, I want to tell you that the impossible is quite possible. I all said that my chances to get a tour visa at the invitation of the bridegroom are close to zero, and especially after the failure that was just a month and a half ago. But as practice shows, everything is possible! The main thing is sincerely believe and sooo want!

Visa hike B2 in St. Petersburg

I am 24 years old, single, no children. Was in USA in 2009 by J-1, during his stay in the United States, SSN + ID + DL (for 5 years, like a citizen), in general, the entire set of documents was bought, the car was bought (which simply threw somewhere in Illinois) and Debt in Chase about 1000u.e, also a penalty for parking in Chicago (paid). And with such a track record, I decided to apply for a guest visa and to drive into LA or MI – I still think))) From the docks there was only a reference 2ndfl + copies of real estate and the original STS from the car). I filled out the questionnaire with errors (date, work and something else) Fixed DS form I forgot to register in general the full set)

The consul, a pretty girl of my years, with not the ideal knowledge of the Russian language was very polite and did not seem to manage everything. Questions on her: whether they were before in America ? who worked ? with whom and where ? How long are you planning to stay in the US ? all. nothing else required. 1 hour 20 minutes of waiting in the cold, 15 minutes on everything about everything, 5 minutes interview = visa B1 \ B2 for a year ! In general, when I received J-1, everything was the same as. Forward me there was a man 5 and everything, everyone was also obtained (although some long ago explained). By the way there were many visitors of people (Muscovites in particular), and here they were just talking to them. I myself was born in St. Petersburg, I live there.

Received a visa in the US

I-37 years.Many trips to Asia countries (we live there in the winter in the month or two), disposable October Schengen to Spain (unused) – HZ how so was given but they gave a month and he already expired. 5 years ago Annual Australian Training Visa-Of course also has expired. Help from work for 30tr as I have in a liability of 5 years ago a refusal of the US visa and rumors go that those who play the Green Card’s lottery can also have problems getting a visa. Wife – 26 years.Couple trips to Thailand and all + unused October expired Schengen to Spain. Help from work for 20 tons.R. Daughter – 3 years.

On the visa sang, reading the instructions on the Internet. Photos on the format perfectly approached those that sent the Greencard to the lottery and uploaded. The interview was chosen in St. Petersburg 19.12. At the appointed date came – people were a bit; They stood 10 minutes and invited us inside the building. Passed the phones and went there where everyone is sitting waiting. Small premises: 20-25 chairs, all sit. Upper clothes hanging on the hanger at the wall.Since there are a lot of people on the street Winter and hangers a little, clothing volume-looks it all like a bunch of small. I filed 5 years ago on a visa in Moscow time and I remember that then everything was in costumes-ties and a little batted about this, since xs how to dress now. Came in jeans and shirt. So now the people are dressing who like wants. In the costumes there were 1-2 people, a lot of people in sweaters of dress-code shirts.

The girl who took the paper was asked about payment receipts. I said that here is an entry for an interview and barcode for payment of payment. What she said that this is not enough and if the consul demands, then it will be necessary to convey. OK! No problem! Donise.

Consul (man of 30-35) asked where we are going and who work. Hi visas in the United States have been issued earlier – said that no, but there was a refusal of 5 years ago. Then I looked at my passports on the subject where I was, asked why my wife had a passport almost empty. They said that married and the passport was changed in connection with the change of the name.

I did not ask anything else and sent to the cashier to pay 60 bucks for a visa. Honestly, was ready for refusal as s / n small, refusal, lottery Greencart. And was surprised when we were given a blue piece of paper)) In general, the failures were quite small – from what I saw, I was probably 80%. Well, my own story. I hope this information will help someone.

Failure to visa in the USA: I did not understand why

We went with my wife for an interview on December 20, 2012 to a consulate in St. Petersburg. Planned a trip to the States for the New Year. Brought a lot of different documents: certificate of employment, account statements, hotel reservation in New York, property deeds. Also took all the old passports. Salary is completely white 32 my wife and I 47. From trips abroad over the past 3 years: repeatedly Finland, Estonia, Germany, Portugal, China, Thailand, United Arab Emirates.

Interviews were conducted young visa officer in the fourth window. Low growth and a bit bald. There are many questions are not asked: The purpose of the trip, what do we do in New York, as a long-married, with whom are the children (we have 1 child). Thereafter, with the words "Today, I can not give you a visa", He issued a paper with a refusal. He said that he can try to apply for a visa after 6 months. Although the interview itself took place friendly – we were confident of a positive result. Why are we denied a visa do not understand. Probably a visa to the United States – is the same – a matter of luck.

Denial of US visa three hours of waiting, and five minutes to the solution

We received a US visa

US visa: fear has big eyes

To get a visa in December 12. The impression that was given to all the day 🙂 . I agree with many of the comments here – more natural, say it as it is, the documents like most – nothing looked only profile and a few questions about the trip. Very pleased that is not held outside in the cold, all the queues inside. For such a flow of people – all is well organized. A total of 1.5 hours, held there. Read the rules on sayte- not take extra gadgets with them, do not forget to leave the phone off for storage, lighters, etc.

Sorry for the elderly woman – had forgotten to hand over the phone, returned it to the inspection. Or another – too old, her visa approved, and she had no money with him – 700 rubles to pay for the visa itself (in addition to the visa fee paid by all). No documents on the trip in fact is not required – but travel plans all the same that it would have been better: when, where, how much, where will be staying. Therefore, I do not see any reason to pay the agencies, etc. N. visa centers. If the problems with filling the questionnaire – convenient pony express take advantage, they have a passport. But of course the questionnaire must be filled carefully, without errors! Good luck everyone !

Refused to visa usa

Interesting experience in obtaining a visa

In September 2012, I and my young man bought inexpensive tickets to the USA. There was only one snag – visas in the USA was not. Started training. Since we went to a friend, they turned to them for help, made us invitations as for the bride and groom. Next, filled out the questionnaires independently, paid the consular fee, signed up for an interview.

November 26, 2012 came to an interview. The mistake was made only that when recording, did not indicate the name to pass it together. I was recorded on 9.30 in the morning, young man at 9.00. Already on the street, I realized that together the interview is easier, and if you give a refusal, it is not one of us, but both.

At the time of the interview for the failure there were prerequisites: I had 3-4 Shengen, the share of property, s / n and permanent work, the passport only changed – clean, and I am unmarried.

The interview at our request was recorded together. All the windows went together, and it was not so scary. Specified a couple of questions, "who by profession in which countries were the purpose of the trip". Not a single document from those we have prepared with us asked, even an invitation. Even my old passport with visas. On all questions, the consul spoke "OK", after which they reported that the visa was approved for 3 years. Thus, in my opinion, the question of issuing a visa is already in advance of the issue of visa information provided in the Security Service Questionnaire. Tested: Interview only additional check.

Also the human factor, we got a pleasant consulate worker.From the beginning and to the end, the entire process of interviewing with removing fingers, registration and queues took 3 hours. And another advice, do not pay money to the agencies promising in the receipt of a visa. Not one thing can not help you with this. Money is taken exclusively for filling in the questionnaire. But, dear, do you really not fill out your own data? No advice that you can give in the agency will not compare with information on forums. So everyone is good luck, because it’s just a roulette!!

Pleasant surprise – gave a visa to America

Hello everybody! In early December was at the interview, made a visa through agency. I only gave a completed questionnaire, in Russian, photo on Flashke brought, and a copy of the passport (they placed my profile online, they did the reservation in the hotel and paid to / s) they, honestly, well done, warned that no one can give a guarantee and chance 50/50, t.To. There were quite a lot of fat minuses: I am 38 years old, I am not officially married (and not), without children, I have a mark on the old salary of Cuba (probably, this is also a negative moment))) And I studied under the W program&T but in Canada. But there were advantages – trips to Europe, the acting Schengen, a large work experience in one place, and the firm we have a rather solid and famous in Moscow.

On the advice gathered a bunch of documents: and a copy of the employment record, and the original on the privatization of the apartment and T.D. and T.NS. And here, interview. Worried terribly simple! Before that I read a bunch of forums, and this, including, and what was closer the date, the more "Psychovala". And on the day of the interview itself, it can be seen "burned out", there was a state of full pofigism if you can say so. I think – well, not deadly in the end, this is not a question of life. Subsidia! Well, the only thing, it was certainly sorry for money, all the same almost 6 thousand. Also on the road are not lying on))) it was scheduled for 10-00, it came great in advance (I will immediately write – it’s better not to do this, maximum min. For 15-20, it is possible), in the queue stood an hour and a half, everything is freezing. It’s good that at least good Americans allowed not to remove the Upper Clothes. Passed registration, fingerprint.

And so, the most exciting. I sit, and I pray for myself – if only there was a girl)) – I just read that the girls officers seem to be more loyal. And my number lights up, the window was on the side, t.E. I have not seen just who sits there. I go – I see a girl. Interview lasted minutes 2, this is the maximum. Questions – goal? Where are we going? with whom? how long? Where are you working and by whom? all! "Your visa is approved, go to the cashier". To be honest, I even did not understand what she said))) t.To. Morally was ready for failure. I will say that she even looked at me never once, constantly saddown something and looked at the monitor. In general, I got the impression that the answer, approve or not to you a visa, they already know in advance. And interview – so that you just look at you "alive", Well, or when some doubts, then start "raw".

And I can give advice – do not try to be by whom you are not, be natural, smile (at least at the interview). Proverb – "better easier yes better" there just runs 100%! In the consulate itself, everyone is very friendly, and indeed, everything is very organized, although there were a lot of people, but such a crowd was not felt.

I wish you all only approval of your visa! Do not worry! In the end, even if there is a refusal – believe me, this is not some kind of illness and not something terrible..But only a failure, temporary! Good luck to all!

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