Formalities and rules of entry into Abkhazia: Personal Experience

Having arrived in Adler in the undue season, we definitely decided to visit Abkhazia, namely new Athos. So as not to be tied up on the exouth, they decided to go for themselves, by public transport. The border there we switched very quickly. Went to Abkhazia in the internal Ukrainian passports without any questions. Having enjoyed the extraordinary beauty of nature and gaining the most vivid impressions, we arrived on the border in Psou. And here we, on Saturday, find out what we needed to issue a visa in Sukhum. And we had to know about it, having studied the adopted law, which entered the 1st of April. Our surprise did not know the limit. According to Customs Visa worth $ 90. (although in fact 10) we moved away into a separate branch of the border guards and agreed to pay the fine. That’s how our trip ended. Say that stuffed – no. New Athos worth.

Features of the transition of the border on the CAT "Inguri"

Most more recently, but, more precisely, they were part of Abkhazia from Georgia, t.E. through gear "Inguri".

The first experience turned out to be unsuccessful, as they arrived on the border in the evening and, while the Georgian side made us in the base of the left, and then we stolen through the bridge – about 1 km between posts – on the Abkhaz side, the gate was closed on the club (exactly 19-00 the transition closes!). Therefore I had to postpone "hike" in Abkhazia the next day.

The next day arrived on the border of the clock at 9 am. On the Georgian side, everything is fast enough if only locals will not break out of turn to the passport control window.

An important nuance – in Abkhazia in the course of Russian rubles. If you do not have them, change in advance in the nearest to the gearbox city of Zugdidi. On the border from the Georgian side, the exchanger is a van, which precipitates the crowd of local. You can wait half an hour. On the Abkhaz side in the area of ​​the exchange rates there are no exchangers! No doubt. that taxi drivers can change money, but the course will obviously not in favor of the tourist.

But back to the passage of the border – Georgians of printing about the road "Inguri" do not put (t.To. They consider Abkhazia with their, but temporarily occupied territories). Tourist warn that it is also necessary to return through "Inguri", Otherwise, in case of departure through "PSOU", The tourist will be lit in the Georgian base as an illegally crossed the border (again. In accordance with the law on the occupied territories), and the path to Georgia will be closed in the future.

There may also be a number of questions about what you did in Georgia where you were, where you work, what you plan to see in Abkhazia (and may not be asked – it depends, apparently, from changing and from ownership of Russian or other foreign languages) also ask Show Abkhaz permission to enter (it is checked with your data). In general, all this is the maximum of 20 minutes. After which you can go actually in Abkhazia. On the Georgian side, you can take pictures of the bridge, the river (not only military), and when approaching the Abkhaz coast, the fotik is better removed. Everything is serious – the fence, barbed wire and t.NS.

On "Input" Military Show passports and permission to enter the Abkhaz Foreign Ministry, then go to meters 100 to passport control. In the booth there is a passport (only pass! According to the internal Russian, it is impossible to enter) and permission to enter. All this is in the database.

As we understood, passport control is carried out by representatives of the Abkhaz Ministry of Internal Affairs (or the FSB – I don’t know exactly how this structure is called), but the control over the incomcoming Russian military.

By the way, do not be surprised. If they wanted to talk to you about the purpose of visit, as well as about who you are, why you enter here and what they did in Georgia. In general, it can also take up to 40 minutes. Although, based on the experience of other travelers, polls are satisfied with selectively (apparently depends on the presence of additional instructions on the bosses on a specific day).

After you talked and passports to the database entered (printing is also not put), you can learn the beauty of Abahasia.

By the way, the sooner the border will pass (the PPCs work from 8 am), the more chances to leave in Sukhumi on a minibus for 300-400 p. with man. As local people say, after the lunch minibuses will not be, and the taxi to Sukhum costs about 2000 p. (taxi drivers start with 3 thousand) – we were stripped at 1700 p.

On the way back all faster. On the passport control at the exit from Abkhazia, there is a passport and permission to enter Abkhazia (so do not throw it away before the end of the trip!), Passport is introduced into the base again, permission is taken. Next, go through the bridge, on the Georgian gearbox you will be made to the database of entered (about 5 minutes it takes) – they do not set the seals anywhere, they do not ask questions. Some travelers on the Abkhaz side at the exit required to show the photos they did in Abkhazia. But we did not ask. Apparently, too, once at times you do not have.

On the border of Georgia and Abkhazia

Georgia considers an unrecognized state of its territory and if you have a mark of the Abkhaz customs in a passport, you will be considered the casualties who illegally imbued into the country.. Therefore, it is better to take only a Russian passport – it is enough to pass the Cordon.

But it was not enough for us, although the new gearbox quickly serves the flow. This turn, with the infinite number of gifted citizens of both countries, which consider themselves smarter than others and go on an opposite or adjacent parking in order not to stand in line, we have overcome in just an hour.

An annoying emboss in the design of a power of attorney, in which there is neither whose except our guilt interrupted our way. Pleasantly surprised and pleased the coherence of the work of our customs officers – they, revealing the declaration of documents, sent us to turn without any queues and unnecessary wires!

In Abkhazia by car from Nizhny Novgorod

Formalities and rules of entry into Abkhazia Personal experience

Car – Hyundai Accent 2006. Route Nizhny Novgorod – Gagra.

Before a long trip prepared a car. Since the mileage was more than 60 thousand., Changed belts: timing, gur, air conditioner, pump generator, made the diagnosis of the engine, the candles changed, a number of tech. liquids, brake system checked.

To Abkhazia just over 2000 km. Left at 9 am on Saturday. There drove with two nights. In the village. Tarasovsky is not to reach Rostov-on-Don 190 km, on the territory of the campsite staged a tent. Arrived there at 2 o’clock in the morning, paid 80 rubles. And in the morning, for the use of the shower and toilet – 50 rubles. with man. In general, on the first day I drove about 1250 km.

The second night was in the village.Lazarevskoye, already on the coast of the Black Sea. Removed housing for the night of 300 rubles. per person plus 100 rubles. For parking a car took.

In Abkhazia, Gagra, arrived on Monday about 14 hours. 1.5 hours ranked border and customs inspection. And about 1 hour in the traffic jam also stood in Adler.

I tried neatly there, the guitsa never stopped me, even to verify the documents. The most difficult plot from Jubgi to Sochi – Mountain Serpentine. 200 km – o’clock in five manage to drive.

Back, from Abkhazia arrived for 38 hours. High-speed mode almost everywhere violated, but fined only once at 300 rubles. In the north of Voronezh region. On the camera filmed – 129 km / h., and once stopped in the Lipetsk region. At the post to verify documents. Several times stayed for snacks and rest. Twice as hour two managed to sleep right in the car. Threesome went.

About knives and wine

On the way from Russia to Abkhazia, Russian border guards in PSOU closed to the hunting knife. They said that we can bring it to Abkhazia, but back they will not be empty with him. But since the knife was so rode as a gift, then.

On the road from Abkhazia to Russia, about 20 liters of homemade wine took place: (they were argued by quarantine.

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