Formalities and rules of entry into Algeria: Personal experience

Airport in G. Algeria is small, so the zone of customs control too, at night there are only a few winds. Waiting is provided if you leave the tail of the aircraft.

The declaration is better filled with an airplane, note that it is in French and Arabic, you can download the Tunisian Declaration for example, I did not find Algeria.

After checking the passport and visa, the Russian passport does not give back, but they ask to get a baggage, and then approach the police in the already field of customs booth, it’s right. There is a nearing alert and toilet.

The idea is that you will not let you go if no meeting. If it is not, the police will plan you on a taxi and accompanies to the hotel, in my case, Sharaton. Costs 4000 dinar. But they love currency very much, too, the police can change. The official course is very uncommon.

Alcohol did not check, although you can import 1 liter.

Getting a visa to Algeria without problems

I read here review about obtaining a visa to Algeria, where the author talks about the difficulties he encountered when. My story is distinguished.

I have good friends in Algeria – a wonderful family. They invited me to visit the New Year holidays. The trip itself is ahead, but the passport in the tourist visa is already in hand.

The history of obtaining is very simple. I previously called the embassy and clarified the list of documents that I need for visa. Since I am going on my own, I needed: the original invitation from friends, insurance for the whole stay in Algeria, Flights Round and back (one electronic receipt), two filled in English or French profiles, two fresh photos 3×4, well, and Naturally, the passport without a cover.

Invitation friends made me quickly, with the help of a local municipality (city administration), assured, signed and sent via DHL. Delivered in 2 days.

I bought insurance independently through the insurance company (in my case – Rosgosstrakh, they have it very simple on the site, do not consider advertising).

Flights also chose the most acceptable, with a transfer through Istanbul.

Photos made in the next photo sealing (h \ b or color – not fundamentally).

The form of the questionnaire for a visa is on the website of the Embassy. Download, fill on your computer, print.

Coming to the Embassy of Algeria with documents for a visa need not earlier than a month before departure, otherwise you will be wrapped and saying then. Registration time – 5 business days.

Formalities and rules of entry into Algeria Personal experience

The procedure for putting documents took 10 minutes (taking into account the queue in 3 people in front of me). Procedure for obtaining a passport with a visa – generally 2 minutes.

So no difficulties with this did not have.

The main thing is that the passport does not stand the Israeli visa, otherwise there will be 100% refusal.

Problems with obtaining a visa to Algeria!

I have not met such mockery upon receipt of visas.

Well, about all in order: they gathered to go to Algeria through the local travel agency. Travel Agency provided all necessary documents route, its license and T.D. For the first time came in two months. We looked at the documents said that everything is in order, come a month before the trip.

Came after a month. Demanded that the travel agency them all their documents move to the embassy, ​​and not through us. Related. Then they demanded to show air tickets on the inner and international flight (although it was told that the presented documents were enough and they did not say about the need to show tickets). I had to buy. Further I demanded a hotel reservation for one day arrival, although the receiving party was provided by the hotel. Book.

In the end, a few days before departure, they said that they would give visas only if it would be allowed to make the Foreign Ministry of Algeria. But already for this there was no time in connection with the beginning of the New Year holidays. Were forced to give up the trip.

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