Formalities and rules of entry into Austria: personal experience

A trip to Vienna is planned for the new year, a visa decided to arrange in advance, in early November, the benefit of the hotel voucher and the plane tickets were already bought. Let us together with a young man.

Gathered the necessary documents, and I decorated sponsorship from my mother, because at the time of filing the documents temporarily did not work. Accordingly, they collected everything on the list indicated on the site.

Of the interesting features, on the filing of documents were recorded through the site, very convenient; Nothing translated, none of the documents :); There were no questions to us completely, ready visas issued exactly in a week. And we asked exactly the dates of the trip, from 30.12.2013 to 04.01.2014, and gave us 19.01.2014

Tip: Well glue photos from behind the passport and to the questionnaire, they are quitting. Above me when I received passports, a woman disassembled with his visa, she was all given, but the photo on a visa in the passport turned out to be a foreign woman :)) what ended – I do not know)

Visa to Austria: very fast and easy

Submitted documents for a tourist visa to Austria on Friday – the next Friday received. Better to sign up for submission of documents through the embassy. You can come and without recording, but then you have to wait in order of a live queue. You come by writing, the guard marks you, and then causes by last name. Total spent there 15 minutes.

According to the documents: translate all documents into English or German – preferably, but not necessarily, the main thing, the questionnaire fill in English. As evidence of the financial condition, I filed a copy of my bank card and a check from an ATM, printed on the eve of the evening. That was enough. Copies of documents are better to do and not forget: there are not doing there, you can make a copy of the seller’s insurance, in his car, but for a copy of one page will have to pay 100 p. Next copy to do anywhere.

Austrian visa independently: spouse called an interview

We decided to go at the end of May for a week to Vienna. Visas decided on their own.

Before proceeding with the collection of documents, I myself came to the consulate of Avusty in Moscow, in a pure alley. I got acquainted with the list of required documents and adoptive hours. Documents collected very quickly.
– Tickets were purchased (exactly bought!) on the website of the Austrian Airlines (13 thousand rubles left for some promotion), the consulate provided a printout from the site into English
– Hotel booked on Booking.COM, in addition to this, requested Visa Support Letter from the hotel, the hotel provided in English, it is important that they would indicate the name of all living in the letter (you must report)
– Insurance I had, the spouse bought next to the consulate of representatives (there are many of them), it is important! The consulate hangs a list of insurance companies whose insurance is accepted. All other brandys.

Signed at the reception to the consulate through their website – it is convenient to choose the time and day of recording. Record then you can if you transfer or cancel altogether. You can immediately be recorded together for one entry (up to 4 people)

Arrived for half an hour before the consulate, this is generally nothing to do. It is important to go to the guard and tell what you came, he will notice you and will cause the name of the person who was entry. We were taken 10 minutes earlier. Documents are submitted in turn by every person. I did not ask questions, I found a typo in the date of birth – I was asked to correct the handle there and all. Gave the receipts to pay that you need to pay on the same day and convicts to receive passports passports after 5 business days.

Paid duties in the nearest branch (important, payments are taken only in three branches of Rafaysen Bank), to the nearest to go for about 5-10 minutes on foot (to oozen), but there will most likely be a big queue from the same as you))

Docted documents together, I came to take one. I checked that the duties were paid, the passport was given to me, and the consul wanted to talk with his wife. Apparently, the fact is that we are not in the official status, but we are going.

I gave my wife with my passion when she came to the consulate her asked why she rides in Austria. She told that we were going to cope the birthday of her husband (I really have a birthday in the date of the trip) and handed my passport. They opened the passport, saw that there is a visa, asked her about what my name is when I went and let me go. She got a passport with a visa on the same day.

In general, nothing terrible was not. Everything is quite simple) but lonely ladies (according to documents) they apparently fear. So stammer;) Have a good rest!

Clearly and quickly from the first time

The first time was received by Austrian Schengen. All documents were applied on the list of embassy (with independent translation into English, the signature of the translator (one of the visited visa) and the transfer date. Family – husband, wife, two children 13 and 2 years old. The husband sponsored one child, wife – the second. From what is not specified in the list of embassies, made a marriage certificate (with translation). Also put letters that we will not engage in winter sports and copies of Czech (Neushen 2006) and Bulgarian (2009) visas. The girl removed copies of the passport pages with marks about the intersection of borders.

The main thing is to put everything in order as indicated on the embassy website. The girl in the window just highlighted the marker you need. Passed documents on April 11, received the 18th. Visa dated 16.04.2013.

They came to the embassy 30 minutes ahead of time, went 10 minutes earlier 🙂 of the time to which were recorded. It is very important if there are several people (family) when calling a security guard to go to everyone with all documents, then not to miss the queue. Many thanks to this site and wrote everyone, since we all did the first time and all the feedback helped us a lot!

Visa to Austria through a visa center in Krasnodar

Documents were served in the visa center in Krasnodar. Package of documents prepared in accordance with the list of the official website of the Embassy. I sponsored your husband, so in.33 must be near "Other" Specify your surname and indicate what sponsor paid.

We booked Apartments on AirBNB, recorded in.31/32 Address and names of apartments as they are presented on airbnb. In addition to the receipt from the site, letters from the owners that we really live with them, indicating their phone numbers. letters put letters that we will not engage in sports. Also (the requirement of the MC) must be attached to the route of the trip. I am such in 2 languages, where you can see than where, how much we go. And we fly Vienna – a bus in Budapest for 3 days – a bus to Vienna for 6 days and back to Russia. Just in case I translated and certificate from the bank and a certificate from work and sponsorship.

In columns "Date and Place of Filling Questionnaire" You need to put the date of submission of documents and the place of submission of documents, here we made a mistake and had to rewrite.

We got a visa in 5 days. I wish everyone good luck and pleasant travel.

Quickly and without problems, accepted AirBNB reservation

There is no time to write detailed review: (if briefly – carefully examine the list of documents on the site, if necessary, ask questions to the visa center by phone, and you will not have any problems. Without problems, they took the reservation with AirBNB – I think this question is very interesting, it is in Austria + AirbnB who did not meet experience on the Internet.

Of the minuses – terribly uncomfortable operating time of the center and the tight conditions of feed: (also stopped working on Saturday. We have no one who was left to leave the child, I had to take the ran down and drag along with the child 2 hours in the traffic jams from the queen.

Visa to Austria – not just at all

Not easy.I had to convey not one piece (on the site about them neither gu-gu). Motivated their requests by the fact that the consul can request any document. Lost already hope for a visa when she got.

First, those who travel by car: the route list, which on the site of the embassy – it turned out not enough. It is necessary to describe all the points of your route, time of arrival, time of departure, travel time. On the way to Austria and back should be booked overnight stays (confirmation), even if you spend the night in Belarus, especially if you deviate from the main route, for example, on the way back, we decided to see the Czech Republic.Secondly, every day the visa you requested must be painted.

Thirdly, a visa is given exactly on the number of insurance days of insurance and hotel armor (confirmed by a full payment by a full payment or a small deposit), if you need another 2-3 days on force majeor, you need to specify this in writing, in the same route list. In other embassies, with such work, you get a cartoon at least half a year, and here only on this trip.

Visa to Austria independently in St. Petersburg

Submitted documents to the Finnish visa center in St. Petersburg. Gave documents 05.03, were ready to be 21.03, but the answer was as much as 19.03, which was pleasantly surprised. My package of documents was as follows:
1. Copies of the Russian passport (where photo and regulation),
2. 1 questionnaire (taken from the site of the Austria embassy), read carefully requirements for the photo, did in "Bright world", did not do what you needed to reprint. Note that the color of the background should not be white. I did gray. Carefully fill out the questionnaire, especially the dates. If the Austrian visa is supplied for the first time you specify a strict date of your tickets on tickets.
3. E-tickets. Took Ariberlin straight from Moscow to Vienna.
4. Hotel reservation on the dates of the trip from Buking (there was Russian and the options, took German)
5. Help from work. Was in Russian. Nothing translated. SP average.

No longer taken anything or references about the availability of funds from the bank, nor a copy of the labor. In my opinion, even the copies of passports were not taken with previous visas.

I am not married, with medium salary, without real estate and with a constant registration in another region.

Visa was given, all is well, the visa center employees are very cute and attentive, will always prompt and advise. In the sad experience of friends I can say that it is better to do. In many places, there are many dubious specialists who, when refused, are bred by their hands and remove even moral responsibility for incorrect counseling.

Tourist visa for family with 2 children

The submission of documents took place directly in the visa department of the consulate in a pure alley. Documents were collected according to the list on the site, namely (the order of addition does not reproduce, it is on the site):

1. Confirmation from the hotel sent in the form of letters on a letterhead with a responsible person by email
2. For your father – a certificate from work in English with a salary, for a housewife’s mother – a certificate from the bank about the availability of funds in the account + more than a fresh check from an ATM on this account to confirm that even on the eve of the submission of documents the whole amount was on the account (certificate from the bank was taken a week before). For children, the mother wrote a letter about the guarantee of coverage of all expenses during a trip in English + attached a copy of the certificate from the bank to each of the children to the document

IMPORTANT: In the list on the site I did not see the requirements to provide a copy of the Russian passport, so it was not provided for my father at all, for my mother only the first page was. On the window of the visa officer, a memo was attached that it is necessary to provide a copy of all pages of the Russian passport with marks. My heart froze, but the documents accepted and so.

And one more thing: in my opinion, visa officers are careless when checking documents at the reception. Upon receipt, I witnessed as two recipients sent to make missing copies of pages of passport and some other documents. So I would advise not to relax with the successful delivery and carry the whole folder of documents and receiving, in case something is missing. I almost refused to issue children’s passports, with a request to bring permission to leave the Father. When I drew the attention of the officer that we were going together, it was said that the Father still came and confirmed his consent (I filed documents alone). The officer then considered that the questionnaires of children are signatures and mother, and father, and left to smell visas and babies.

All successful surrender and excellent trip!

Visa to Austria (young couple Moscow)

Visa to Austria through the V Nizhny Novgorod

Visa to Austria (family with 3 children)

In addition to all, I will add a few nuances. Served through a visa center in December. Documents prepared and collected according to the list from the site of the Embassy. Finance – certificate from work in English with salary and certificate from the bank in Russian (translated itself, and the most basic information, at the bottom set the date and painting with the surname). No copies of labor and statements about the movement of funds did not take! A copy of the first page of the Russian passport is needed to each sponsorship.

For children – if both parents go in one place, then notarial translations of birth certificate are not necessary! Questionnaire for a child is 14 years old who has a passport is filled with parents and subscribe to parents and child. When applying through a visa center, do not forget to fill in advance to the data processing in advance (there is on the site of the center).

Visa surprised!

Received a visa on their own for the first time! The trip was planned from December 28 to January 5 to Austria through Munich.

To get to the embassy really in the season it is necessary to record in 2-3 months. We also did not come out, I had to contact the visa center. There we managed to submit documents from the second time T.To. I got wrong. The number of days in Munich exceeded (for 1 day) the number of days in Austria, and we were sent to the German Embassy. But since all the documents were focused on Austria, we did another reservation on Austria on Bukin (as if instead of Munich), and the second time was submitted without problems.

On the second day, the visa was ready!! "Linden reservation" We canceled and go as going to 🙂

According to the documents, I filed: questionnaire, armor, tickets, insurance, sponsorship from mom + translation, certificate from its place of work + translation, extract from her account to English, a copy of her passport, a copy of Svid-Wa about birth, a copy of past Schengen visas , a copy of the passport + Zagran himself. Everything was true! Really not so everything is terribly 🙂

Visa to Austria for 1 day

We are going with a girlfriend for Christmas to Austria, Schengen received for the first time, a little nervous, turned out to be in vain! Unpleasant surprise we expected us during online recording to the embassy for filing documents. We watched on November 20 and the nearest date for filing the documents was – December 12, given that the tickets bought on December 19 decided to reinforce and appealed to the Austria’s visa center, which is listed on the site of the embassy, ​​there are no records there, the documents are taken on any day except. from 17-19, and in the sub almost all day. Very convenient, takes 30-40 minutes. Feeding and 5 minutes getting. Most interestingly, the documents passed 22.11, and the visa was ready 23, on the trail. day! This, of course, was very surprised and delighted! Released 24.eleven. According to the documents: questionnaire, passport and t.NS.
1) I have a certificate from the account (salary in Rafayzen) in English (Rafaysen gives such) the amount on the residue 38.000 plus put an extract for half a year from the same account, where it can be seen that the map constantly has activity and total turnover of about 370.000 for half a year.

On the girl in addition to armor, profiles, insurance and passports (it does not work)
1) dropped 25 on her map 25.000, took a certificate and extract, but not to put out the statement, because it should be done only if your card has constant movement of money
2) Help from study, translated himself
3) a sponsored letter arose a jamb. Initially, we prepared the documents that the sponsor will be its father (SP letter in English and a certificate from work in English). However, we were explained that it was not suitable, t.To. It is necessary for its financial confirmation (state status), and this he could not do. On the spot I wrote sponsorship from myself, put copies of reference from work and your account in its kit.

So, we are very pleased with such efficiency! I advise you to submit through the visa center!

Ukraine. Austrian visa alone.

Scheduled a trip for the new year in Vienna to her friend. That is – to stop where. Began to prepare back in October. In Kiev embassy, ​​you must be recorded in advance on the site that I did. The nearest place to record was in a month, discharged. And start collecting all documents. I already had one Schengen from the group tour last year, and printing from Croatia. Independently received a visa for the first time, I am writing for the same discovers) Tourist visa – with.

I will say right away – carefully read the information from the embassy site! everything is clear and clear. And if something is not clear – write them the letters – I was responsible for the day or two.
– Help from the place of work: a certificate from work was done with an overpriced s / n (thanks to the ultimate bosses), the amount was almost 6 thousand per month. Made a report for 6 months, although the site of the embassy is written that 3x. Written that at the time of vacation with such a thing about such a number my place for me is saved and they are waiting for me back (it is important!)

Visa to Austria is simpler!

We always make a visa yourself. Get the Austrian turned out to be easier than. We printed a list of required documents from the embassy site, collected them in two days:
1) electronic flights in English
2) hotel reservation in English – Printout with Booking.COM (without confirmation from the hotel. It is not required in obligatory manner – it is written on the website of the Embassy and Visa Center) If you do not provide it, it will not be a reason to refuse you in a visa (so I was told in the visa center) the only thing in the column "special conditions" We indicated the names and passport data of all tourists. We had a tariff – free cancellation. Accordingly, we did not pay anything in advance.
3) Internet bought insurance
4) attached a letter that we will not do extreme

We recorded the embassy, ​​but for some reason they could not come on the appointed day and hour, the potoma went to file documents to the visa center. Everything is very fast, employees are benevolent, only positive emotions.

I clarified some points: 1) Translations of documents can be done independently if you are sure that you make it competently. Complete with officials optionally. 2) certificate from the bank and from work in the form of the embassy: also optional. You can provide references in any format, certified by print and signature + their translation or immediately in English (as we). Submitted documents on Saturday, and on Tuesday already took passport. Just 2 days. Like this. Soon we fly to the country of music and gastronomic delights! All unforgettable travels!

Independent receipt of a visa to Austria

Our trip is scheduled for November 2012 to Austria with accommodation in two cities – Salzburg and Vienna. Tickets bought in advance (Austrian Airlines), hotels book themselves through Buckingk, followed by confirmation from hotels. Insurance issued a consent and put letters that we will not engage in winter sports during the stay in Austria. References about the free / board filled in the form of a consulate. Certificates of account status from the bank and the certificate from school translated on their own. Certificate of birth of a child notarized + letter about sponsorship. Photo. Be sure to get a photo on the passport as indicated on the website of the consulate. Payment of the consular gathering strictly on this day and in specific departments of Raiffeisenbank.

Be sure to celebrate the guard and notify that they came to submit to a tourist visa. If you miss the queue, you will have to submit the next time. And do not use cell phones in the Consulate Building. You will be expelled and will not accept documents.

Visa to Austria – Flight through Germany

We decided to go skiing to Austria with friends, a big company. But we flew to Munich, and from there already by car in Austria. Recorded at the reception to the Embassy on the site. When you come there, the guard announces the surnames (if you listen or miss the queue, you will not be allowed, you need to follow this)

What docks we handed over to the Embassy: 1) Questionnaire in English Printed and signed with photos
2) passport passport (with a glued photo on the back side), a copy of the first page
3) Xerox previous Schengen
4) Insurance – insured in Zurich, it seems like 1,100 rubles for two, insurance, taking into account winter sports
5) Sheet with route (registered to what dates with whom and where we will)
5) confirmation of armor armor
6) Confirmation of the hotel’s hotel in Munich
7) Confirmation of the armor at home in Austria

IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Put in the manner specified on the site. Extra documents, the girl immediately pulled out and gave back, accepted only those that on the list on the site. Visa was ready for the next day, it was possible to take it only in a week.

Visa to Austria: the first time Schengen with a child

Got a visa without problems. Dad, Mom, Son. All documents and certificates for a child who requiring signatures, signed both parents. I, as a sponsor, all data collected in three copies, the translations did myself, approximately formatting the text as on the blanks.

The procedure is observed as required in the visa center. -Photos are colored on the questionnaire and the left upper corner of the reverse side of the passport
-Sponsored letters to his wife and child (in English)
-Certificates from work in the form of an enterprise (+ copies + translations to English)
-For a child, the birth certificate certified notarized (+ manual translation into English + copies of passports and passports of parents)
-Copies Labor
-Certificates of Sberbank, extracts from the Sberbank website, 2ndfla
-Travel routes with dates and transcathjv (in English)
-Unconfirmed Booking Booking.COM, where all the names and names in the Guest (in English) entered

Signed on the site at a convenient time, arrived on time, but the turn still stretched although not long. It is necessary at the guard to noted what they came on recording (with a tourist purpose) and waiting for the call. We arrived in the threesome, although probably one would be one. I received one already.

Visa to Austria is very simple

Received a visa on their own. I am alone. Scribed on the site of the embassy, ​​they have a link to receive a link – very convenient, you can choose a day and any time. Previously, it is not necessary (but it is not necessary to be late, if a lot of people, they will not accept), noted by the guard and he causes everyone in time. The documents:
Questionnaire (printed on 4 pages filled with a black handle, to glue one photo to the questionnaire)
Passport (rear on the top corner of sticking the second photo on the adhesive pencil)
Corresponding two photos 3.5 to 4
Help from work (translated a friend without printing)
Issuate from the account and the certificate of purchase of the currency (the same girlfriend translated)
Insurance (Ingosstrakh on the number of days for how much food)
A copy of the first page of the passport (I still need copies of all adductious Schengen visas, but I have it first)

I didn’t ask a copy of the labor and Russian passport, I still had a marriage certificate, the same did not take, they say that they can still ask for something to convey, I did not ask.

The obligation to pay the receipt on the day of submission of documents, it is written on it all the departments of Raffaisen Bank.

Submitted documents on Tuesday, on Tuesday, a friend came to a passport with a receipt of payment, and about a miracle, a visa in a passport and dates: from 19.ten.2012 by 12.eleven.2012. Everything is quite simple! I wish everyone good luck!

Austrian visa: It turned out very simple

Got a visa to Austria. Very worried and worried. It turned out that in vain. The reception was recorded through the site of the embassy, ​​they have a link – "Recording on reception". Everything is very convenient: you choose any time and day. I am flying alone, to the girlfriend. So, according to the documents: a passport passport (it is necessary to glue one photo from behind in the upper left corner, the second photo on the questionnaire)
Questionnaire (printed on 4 sheets, filled with a black handle.)
Help from work (made in free form (at work did not accept the embassy blank), transferred to German, translation without seals)
Certificate of account status and purchase currency (the same translated without seals)
Book on the flight
Confirmation of hotel armor (fax do not take, you need to discard!)
Photocopy of the first page passport passports and all Schengen visas if they are

Previously, you do not need to come before, you are launched on the record, you will be noted at the guard and it causes, but I also do not advise late. Visa requested from October 19 to 28, Dali from October 19 to November 12! Very happy!

Visa to Austria: no visa has not yet received

We decided to visit Vienna in November 2012 for November holidays for 6 days. A visa, as always, decided to receive independently. There was an experience in receiving Shengen to Estonia and Latvia. The problem was that the wife temporarily does not work and 2 children should go with us. Accordingly, I must pay a trip. Here the advice was used to be described on this site. Many thanks! The main thing is to prove that you are going to spend your money in Austria. Asked multivitz. But received visas with a period of 20 days, but with multiple entry-departure within 6 days. Collected documents: 1) Help with my work, form took from the embassy site. Women and children attached a photocopy.
2) insurance for 30,000 euros for each. I decorated in Ingos on the Internet. But additionally came to the nearest office and just in case put the original seals.

There are no more than 20 minutes. And it’s on 4 people! In the Latvian embassy passed at about an hour + waiting in line on the street! Passed the documents, the girl issued a receipt to pay for a collection in Rafaysenbank, after she said, come in a week. On the way to the subway paid in the bank on Smolensk Square. But, keep in mind that the bank takes the commission. Passports came to one wife with receipts about payment in a bank and a receipt for passports. Gave visas with a period of 20 days, but with multiple entry-departure within 6 days. Good luck and have a good rest!

Austrian visa: the first pancake is not com

Chose between Italy and Austria. The choice fell on Austria, because there is not so hot and there is no such crazy flow of tourists, and air travels were cheaper and straight.

We had several problems at once, because of which there were fears in a possible refusal: we did not have a Schengen visa, my mother was still a new bale and empty; We are natives of Dagestan; I am a student, mom-entrepreneur without fixed income; The obligatory presence of all applicants in the first submission to the Austrian visa (Mom had to come too). I want to say a big thank you to people who have not been lazy and left their useful reviews! So, we collected documents according to the list.

On mom: profile, a copy of the certificate of registration of an individual entrepreneur without the formation of a legal entity, a copy of the INN, an extract from a bank account by 90,000 rubles, a receipt for currency exchange (impressive amount), a fax from the hotel with confirmation of armor for each guest to the specified dates, copy Flight, Insurance Allianz.

Signed on the site embassy for Monday 13.08 at 10:06 and 10:13, but you can and at one time two. Came to 9:40, we were immediately let and took ahead of time, due to the rapid processing of applications and a small number of visitors. The girl in the window did everything with this kind, as if she was making a favor. All documents were in order, she clarified whether we need an urgent visa, since 15.08 non-working day, and departure on Saturday 18.08. By itself. Gave us receipts, paid for Mokhovaya. For passports came alone, without mom 16.08 K 14:10. The queue was a large visa department building. But she cleared very quickly. Accepted clearly and quickly. I like it. I stood the 30th in line, and after 5-10 minutes my turn came up. And here it began. The girl was looking for our passports long, then disappeared for 10 minutes. I expected that we would call for an interview with the consul. The girl returned and told me to sit and wait until the consul accepts us (to make sure that we are not potential refugees).

I immediately called Mom, who walked nearby. Together we sat down from 14:50 to 16:50, while I waited for the consul. At the same time, one girl was invited to him for an interview at 15:00. And we sat in the terrible cool and empty hall of the consulate, like fools. Finally the consul deigns to us. We were called to the window, the consul studied our documents, asked questions, the employee translated, we answered if it was satisfied, he nodded his head. My mother was very impressed (he smiled her constantly, as well as we hysterically smiled from excitement) and a huge amount in the euro, which we imported to Austria (of course it was an additional lever, so we simply exchanged rubles for the euro while the course was low, half of money we were not going to spend. And in general, the sponsor of the trip by 90% was father).

We were told to appear the next day to receive passports with visas. The guard added that we really liked the consul, and we were happily with the visa from the consulate. By the way, my friend took the passport, to whom I passed the coupon and receipt of payment, since we went to Peter on the day.

Moral: Do not worry too much with documents and photos (our photos turned out simply awful), get dressed decently, smile, hover the marafet on your face and head, provide a decent statement from the account.

Experience in obtaining a visa in the Austrian Embassy

Schengen decorated on their own for the first time, provided that over the past 2 years had two Spanish multivols for 90 days and on the latter went to Schengen countries 3 times (Spain, Lithuania, Germany and Benilux). After reading reviews on this site, they decided to act independently, not leaving noisy caution of intermediary companies. Moscow tourist agencies offered their services for incredible 300 euros, provided that we still have to go to Moscow from Tula for interview. The meaning of appeal to intermediaries is outdated categorically. About two weeks we collected the necessary documents. We had difficulties in the fact that we are as adherents of recreation on a rental car with crossings provided 8 hotels immediately. We were paid from us (without cancellation of the booking) 2 hotels, and at the Vienna Hotel, where we booked a number for 4 nights, we blocked the amount on the card completely in exchange for a booking confirmation letter. Letters from hotels we had everything, but different quality: either completely with the seals of the hotel and the signature of Megoder, or printouts on a sheet with the hotel’s symbols, were even just answers to my e-mail letters, they say, confirm, waiting.

Recorded on the reception of documents somewhere in the week. The Department for receiving documents flew a minute per minute (from Tula traveled almost 5 hours!) Everyone took, not asking for any question. Next – everything is written on this site, they gave receipts about the payment, paid where it is immediately. By ticket, where there were stickers with numbers, they said to receive a passport in a week (5 working days).

Yesterday received passports. The guard did not allow the people for 10 minutes, clearly instructed, which window should be handled (1-4 – tourist visa). Magnoy warned that if someone has a telephone in the room – getting coming tomorrow. Only a receipt of payment and passport will be received upon receipt of the passport. Asked the surname and issued two passports with a visa. We asked modestly – on the trip from September 17 to September 28. Issued on October 13, but on the same 12 days. Next to us received a passport girl accompanied by a man with suitcases. She said that she serves after an hour and a half. Judging by how she ran, then the visa was given.

SUMMARY: Boldly contact the visa yourself, if you provide all the documents and demonstrate that you go to Austria to spend your money in their hotels and on their roads, you will be decent rewarded. Visa.

Our experience in obtaining a visa to Austria

So, from the documents we had: -Photo
-certificates from income work
-certificates from work, about what you really work
-My boyfriend has two statements from the bank, as well as a sponsored letter at me
-Electronic plane tickets (and also attached tickets for buses, t.To. We have a route in three countries)
-unconfirmed reservation from the site Bukin
-certificates in English (translated and not assured themselves)

Signed over the Internet and at the point of the time they came to be filled, immediately came, took the minutes for 10 minutes, paid in the bank on Arbat. Pick up said in 6 days from 14.30 to 16.00, came early and was the second on account.

Visa to Austria without problems

Wanted with my wife once again stroll in Austria.Not to overpay, we decided to make a visa ourselves (tourist), I do not see any problems, everything is very clear and accessible on the site embassy.Thank you for this.I will add some comments on the preparation of documents in the same order as on the website of the Embassy.

1.Statement: I gave filling in knowledge
2.Acting passport
3.A copy of the passport and all Schengen visas even from another passport (the old passport did not bring)
4.Photo: I downloaded from the site of the embassy recommendations that would not be explained with the photographer on the fingers
5.Insurance: Made there, where and the questionnaires, necessarily with mountain sports
6.Confirmation of armor: confirmation from the father with our last names. Still gave confirmation of armor

When I collected everything, I went to the site in the registration department, chose the right time and signed up for the delivery of documents: free and convenient. The embassy came to the time, went into a small drive, an employee of security causes himself in accordance with registration. Everything is very comfortable and without nerves.

Obtaining a visa to Austria yourself: Easy and easy

At the end of April 2012 decided to submit on a visa on their own, without any intermediary firms. And everything seemed very problematic, actually turned out to be very easy.

So, we collected all the necessary documents, and assembled in this order, namely:

1) completed questionnaire (take the last option from the offsite application for a Schengen visa)

2) Help from work and / or copy of the employment record. Help with work in Russian and translated into English, notarized notarially. (example of help from work). Labor did not translate.

3) Extract from the bank account, in Russian and in English (used the option posted earlier Personal_Account_statement.DOC)

4) Hotel reservation with Booking.COM, reservations indicated the names of all guests.

5) Avia tickets already paid.

6) Medical Insurance.

7) Copy of the Passport Page with Personal Data, Copy in the Middle Page.

Tried to sign up for e-mail, but the answer was: please call and write down. Therefore, we went to the consulate in Moscow, from Monday to Wednesday 13: 30-14: 30, you can sign up. Came on Wednesday. There is a queue only before recording (I love to stand in the queues), in 10 minutes all 30 people have finished the whole procedure. When recording asked to give a copy of the passport, where you need to specify: Dates of travel, email, phone number.

On the same day, they received confirmation on E-mail when to come to submit documents. It turned out the day of filing next Monday. On the day of filing documents, arrived at the appointed hour, provided all documents in one window, and two minutes went to two minutes, saying when you pay and come over visas with a paid receipt. That’s all. Simply and easily.

Visa to Austria: get it yourself easier

In February-early March, independently made a visa for a short tourist trip to Austria. Before serving, the materials of the site carefully studied, which helped me a lot.

I can add the next earlier. In Sberbank, a certificate of account status in the form of the Austria embassy refuses to issue, issue a standard certificate of account status (contribution) with an indication of all revenues and write-offs. I made such a certificate for the last 6 months. This reference and certificate from the place of work gave to translate with professional translators, which, however, could not be done: only a certificate from work in need. Do not waste extra money.

A copy of the credit card with a printout from an ATM, I also got happy with pleasure. I did not make a copy of the workbook, it is said on the site that instead you can have 2 NDFLs or a certificate of social insurance. I did 2-NDFL.

Visa profile filled in English directly on the computer. Surname at birth indicated, although it did not change. Birth Citizenship pointed out – USSR.

When submitting documents, consulate strictly by recording, the guards (Russian) tone of the army sergeant are required to turn off mobile phones and add documents in order (as indicated on the site). When I got to the cherished window (15 minutes after the entrance to the room), everything went very quickly.

Documents filed on March 1, to come after the passport appointed 8th. In fact, took the documents of the 9th, the queue was very small, everything took no more than 10 minutes. On the visa stood the date of statement – March 2 (the day after submission of documents). It seems that it is even easier to get a visa than using the services of a mediation firm.

Visa to Austria in VC in Krasnoyarsk gave strictly on the date of the trip

I live in Siberia, in Khakassia. The nearest visa center (VFS Global) opened in Krasnoyarsk on December 7, so I decided to make a visa to Austria through him myself. Gathered all the necessary documents, took, the documents accepted and sent to Moscow. I only had to remake the photo and translate a certificate from work and account statement. For all these shortcomings, employees indicated when accepting documents.

For services of the visa center and delivery Document paid about 2500 p. The passport was to get on December 13, but unexpectedly fell ill and took only the 19th. Thought: nothing terrible – I’ll go later, but it was not there! Austrias issued a visa exactly 14 days – before that the French quietly issued a visa of 90/30. In general, the trip did not take place. Total we have: four lost day days, expenses on the road 500 km in one direction (only 2000 km) and expenses for the services of the visa center. My conclusion: For residents of remote sites, it is better to use the services of intermediaries and enter Schengen through not so pedantic countries.

Tips for submitting documents to the consulate of Austria

To the fact that already said in January 2012, I can add (4 family visas I have already received):

1) Do not bother with photos according to ICAO, which is given on the Embassy website! Take a standard Schengen (gray-blue, monotonous),

2) making information transfers and all the more notarially completing them not needed – they accept and so. Notarially assign only the child’s birth certificate,

3) if you drive with the child, in the visa questionnaire in the corresponding large squares at the end of pages 3 and 4, signatures and father and mother should stand,

4) in n. 9 Baby Visa Questionnaire Put a tick "Other" and write a child (if the questionnaire fills in ingle),

5) in the left column "Place, date", next to the signature on page 3 and 4, write Moscow, and the date of submission of documents,

6) any questionnaire is suitable: printed on two bilateral sheets or 4 sheets on one side,

7) For passports, it is better not to come in advance and not even to 14-30, and the hour to 15-30 – the turn will fall,

8) If you are going with your family and you have one twin on all – one person can go for passports.

Good luck and good journey!

Registration of a visa to Austria before the New Year holidays

At first I would like to say thanks to all those who shared here personal experience! That helped. So, visa to Austria received.

About positive moments. Was recorded on the submission of documents 27.12.2011, appointed for 30.12.2011, offering to choose a convenient time. Visa received 09.01.2012. Organization at a good level, everything is clear. If the documents are preparing as it follows, then even questions are not asked when they are submitted.

The passport also received quickly and without problems. Came in 14-20, stood in line and found himself in the first stream of people to receive. In total, spent 20-25 minutes.

The documents prepared by the list, which is listed on the embassy website, as well as taking into account the recommendations from this forum (I do not want to repeat). Just in case made a certified copy of the employment record.

On negative moments. Visa was given on the term of the insurance policy (and no more). Number of days of stay – Exactly by number of days. Honestly, expect for a much longer period, taking into account the available Schengen, confirmations from work and account statements.

Detailed memo to get a visa to Austria

This memo wrote one of my comrade for our trip to Mayrhofen. It seems to me that there is nowhere to paint in more detail)

&# 65279; decoration. In accordance with the recommendations, we fold all the documents in the following order:
– Questionnaire (4 pages.) with a photograph. Fill and print from the Consulate website.
– Help with work or from the Institute.
– Extract from the bank account (for 3 months).
– Letter from Mayrhofen&# 65279; (2 pages.).
– Print&# 65279; With Booking.COM with armor from Munich.
– Printout confirmation of the aircraft armor.
– Medical insurance. In the insurance company give two policies. You can give a visa center both. They will eliminate themselves (will tear off) part of them, and the unnecessary will be returned.
– Copies of all former Schengen visas.
– Copy of Passport Page with Picture and Personal Information.

No clips or files or folders allowed. If the bank was covered with a stepler sheets, then you don’t need to dig, the stapler can, but it is not worth bonded.

&# 65279; submission of documents. &# 65279; outside
Come to the appointed time to the consulate. The door to the entrance is almost always closed. Once half an hour the guard goes out and launches people inside. Better listen carefully what he says. If you came to the consulate and there is a huge queue (from the entrance and to the intersection), it means that time is now 14.30-16.00 And these people are in line for receiving passports. Do not stand in this queue.

&# 65279; inside
Immediately turn off all the phones. Casting with a working mobile phone – Nafig. It is everywhere. Further stand in the queue and tupim until the guard does not allow the window to feed. Maybe we will send someone to the second floor where there are 4 more windows (the entrance on the other side). There usually fewer people and one window is hidden so that there will be no one there.

&# 65279; Feed process
Give all the documents folded in the right order in the window. If something is asked – answer, if not, we are standing and smile. Most often asked for what time it was written =) After the consulate worker checks the documents and the questionnaire (and draws some incomprehensible German letters there), he puts the mysterious stamp to the passport, reports when coming for a visa and gives 3 papers: a passport coupon and Two notifications for the consular fee (a bank will take one notice).

&# 65279; consular fees
On the notice written the addresses of three branches of Raiffeisen Bank, where you can pay for the consular fee. Two of three do not work on Saturdays, and in the third usually large queues, so I advise you to pay a little bit elsewhere. Namely here http: // / SPRAV / 1088244952 /&# 65279;. It is not far from the consulate and on the way to the subway station Smolenskaya. Come inward and go straight, for the fountain to the left there will be matte doors of the Cass. Aunting at the box office everything knows how to do. You need to pay for the same day that documents apply.

&# 65279; Getting a passport
To receive a passport, we take with you a receipt and green guidance notice. At the appointed date we come to the consulate and see a huge queue. These all people came to receive passports. I get in line and wait. 10 people are allowed, the queue moves pretty quickly, but if there is a -20 on the street, it’s better to dress warmer. If something goes wrong, then upon receipt, they will tell what documents they miss for complete happiness, and will be explained when and how they can be brought.

Get a visa to Austria was very simple

We are going with her husband on a ski rest in Austria. Decided not to resort to the services of travel agencies and independently place a visa. Called to the call center and recorded himself and husband at the reception.

The documents applied itself, according to the list, which is listed on the website of the Austria Embassy, ​​additionally, applying a copy of the certificate of marriage and labor books to each set of documents, certified on the last page of the personnel department (trail. Inscriptions: A copy of Verne, now works and the signature of the head of OK + Printing an organization), a sample help from work took on the Embassy website.

Came to the visa center exactly by time, was a decent line. But literally a minute later a security guard came out and asked who for such a time, and missed about 10 people, including me. So earlier comes it does not make sense.

Verification of documents took literally 5 minutes, the girl at the reception said that it was possible to need a sponsorship letter from her husband, since I had an extract from the bank account of the open in his name to my set of documents, but it would be necessary to certainly or not be known only by the results of the consideration of the submitted documents. Then issued a receipt for the payment of the consular fee, which I paid for the same day in Rafaysenbank on the street. Ostozhenka, 27, and said to come in a week from 14.30 to 16.00.

On the day of receiving the turn was even more than on the day of filing, came to 2 and I do not advise coming later, as it stood an hour and there is a chance just not to get inside. Brought a sponsoring letter with you and already configured that the passport will not give me today. What was my surprise when I presenting a receipt, I gave two passports with visas! Probably played the role of previously issued Schengen visas and their number.

Visa to Austria: Independent registration for yourself and daughter

Making a visa to Austria on its own for the second time, this time for myself and daughters (5 months). The trip is scheduled for the end of January, we are going threesome: I, husband and daughter. My husband has multiple Schengen. We plan to fly through Munich, to rent a car and get to the rest of the rest (t.E. Entry through Germany, Main Country of Austria).

He was recorded on the submission of documents on the phone indicated on the site (got through the third attempt).
Document package:
1) for yourself:
– Application form with glued photo,
– Second photo stick to the opposite side of the passport to the upper left corner (strictly) for double-sided tape or adhesive pencil,
– Help from work (indicated date of receipt of work, current position and salary) with translation into English,
– Help from the Bank (gave an extract in one day: the date of opening of the account, incoming and outgoing balance on the map) with translation into English,

2) for daughter – profile and 2 photos, passport (similarly),
– Notarized Copy of Birth Certificate, Translation into English,
– Hotel booking,
– Flight tickets,
– Medstrashovka,
– Booking rental cars,
– Copy of the first page of the passport of her husband and his visa,
– Copy of the first page of the passport of the daughter,

All translations made itself. Photo of the daughter also made the most necessary photo processing (size, background and t.NS.) You can make yourself or in a regular photo tent at the subway. Documents laid out in the manner indicated on the site.

Came 10 minutes before the appointed submission time of the documents, the whole procedure together with the expectation in the queue took no more than half an hour. Issued a receipt for payment of the consular fee (for a child it is not necessary to pay to pay) and a ticket for passports, they said to come in a week. Pay the receipt is necessary on the same day in one of the 3 branches of Raiffeisenbank, indicated on the back of the receipt. It was most convenient for me to pay in the compartment on Mokhovaya, just 2 minutes from the metro library. Lenin, entrance to the business center Mokhovaya 7, opposite the Manege, no queue. When receiving a passport, the receipt was not asked by the way.

Formalities and rules of entry into Austria Personal experience

Some subtleties:
1) The daughter’s profile required to give signatures of both parents (where the signature of the legal representative) or to make a husband’s consent to the departure of the child,
2) there is a list of insurance companies whose policies do not accept. Now it was an alistraphism, reso and uralsib, I advise you to clarify this list, before submitting documents, t.To. people sent buy new insurance,
3) The use of clips, folders and files is not allowed, if necessary, you can use stapler.

Visas got if they knew about the subtlety with the signatures of parents on the childcare, then in general without any problems, and so I had to come to the embassy and subscribe to the questionnaire.

Visa to Austria (independent design)

I decided to go to Vienna for November holidays. We must make a visa. Agencies are not childish deruit, and the tours are expensive. Decided to make a visa herself. There are already Schengen visas in stock, therefore did not worry much, but, nevertheless, the design of documents was consciously and in advance.

The list of documents from the website of the visa center decided to supplement another additional certificate of sn in free form in 2 languages; Help Ndfl and certificate in the form of a consulate.

To the banking certificate (ordered in VTB for 300 rubles) put a certificate of past transactions, where the payment and the hotel were seen. I am free to print it for free in the bank with me and put a stamp.

Yes, the hotel decided to pay completely and did not be lazy to call there, asking the letter with the seal that I really go there and will live at such dates.

A copy of the Russian passport and a copy of the labor was not needed. They were pulled out of the total pack of docks.

1st photo must be glued to the upper left corner of the back cover. Passports, 2y – on the questionnaire, glue in the lobby of the visa cent.

Docks are better to fold in the order indicated on the site. center. So they will be checked faster. I was recorded at 9 am, but for some reason I came 40 minutes earlier. It is not necessary to do this, they still will not take. And so everything took 10 minutes. I was given a twin, which I immediately paid in Raft. Bank nearby. With him, it will be necessary to come for a passport in 5 days. For myself, I found out that at the moment almost all consulates of European countries have become more loyal to the design of docks and do not make fires to the trifles.

Zippo lighter lighters

I’m sitting at the airport in Vienna and quietly awesome, on the transplant I was taken by Wat from Zippo lighter, and when I said that I would get it and gasoline will disappear in 5 minutes, they said that the problem is in the wad! This is generally some kind of tin!

I suggested that they get watts, so that gasoline wipers, and then pick it up, they answered me that they were the problem in the wad.

At the same time if the lighter is new, t.E. not filled, then you can carry wool!

Experience independent visa to Austria

Independently arrange a visa to Austria turned out not so difficult as it may seem. In addition to everything previously described, I inform: sign up more conveniently through "Call Center", tel. (499) 503-18-33 (from 8.00 to 17.00 Monday-Friday). The answering machine is turned on and you first click the star *, and then 1. Only then will be connected to you.

Documents did not translate, the translation did not require. The questionnaire filled out, as I thought it was necessary: ​​accepted without any questions. The surname did not change, so I just repeated her. Much corresponds from the passport. In my passport, the place of birth is written in Russian, and I recorded Latin letters, also the address of residence, work. Detailed questionnaires did not check the questionnaire. So bolder!

Documents are required to the visa department of the consulate: pure pen., eleven. Come to the appointed time and occupy the queue. Payment of consular fees is more convenient and closer to produce in the bank on the street. Ostozhenka, 27 (return to pure pen. to the prechistenka, without changing the direction to cross it and then to the oozen, right away and on the opposite side will be the bank). Fill out the receipt given in the visa department in Russian. Payment receipt must be provided upon receipt of a visa.

For a visa ordered to come in a week.

Visa to Austria for 5 people for bicycle

We decided with friends too to go to Austria in Vottur and at the same time spend a couple of days in Prague. Five people (4 people working and one student).

Record for delivery: I was recorded by phone on a convenient time for us. Everyone had to record separately. Cousins ​​and brothers are not recorded in one approach. Only relatives. We recorded at 8 am. The queue was. But very quickly moved.

Documents: All documents were collected strictly on the site of the Embassy and on the Soviets from this Forum. During the filing of the questionnaire there was a small difficulty with the fact that since we move throughout the country, then the hotels were booked as much as 10, and in the column about the place of stay in Austria, only the hotel was felt. Wrote to the Embassy post. They answered the next day: write either the first hotel, or a hotel in which you will live most of all days. We chose and wrote the very first hotel. All armor we carried from Buking.

Help with work made in Russian standard. And took a sample of reference from their site and signed it from the leadership. Certificates from the bank everyone had different. Alpha Bank, for example, immediately gave me a certificate in English. And Sberbank translated themselves. Without any signatures and seals. Top just wrote a translation from Russian into English.

Labor book also captured just in case. They took only the first and last page. Insurance, of course. But it was possible to make straight at the embassy. There were special people for this.

Student from our company handed over instead of reference from work with a university, sponsorship from the work of one of the parents, a certificate from the bank from the parent account, a birth certificate to confirm the relationship. Copy of parental passport. And all this was translated into English again independently.

When our turn came up, we were divided into three and two people. The only question that was: do you like every day in a new hotel live? We honestly answered and puffed each other. Dalited a receipt for payment with the addresses of the bank. And they said to come in five days.

The bank opens only in 9. Therefore I had to wait for the opening. Also above. Because all from the embassy rush to the nearest branch. But also fast enough. All one person can pay. Just like getting. The main thing, do not forget to give someone who gets, receipt of payment and a piece of paper from the embassy to receive. We experienced more. And everything turned out to be at all scary and easy.

Getting a visa to Austria at the last moment

It turned out all the way: the husband passed the documents for obtaining a new passport, and was supposed to be taken in a month. And in the Austrian Embassy, ​​records for submission of documents for obtaining a tourist visa is required, where you need to say data passport. Wrote a letter to the embassy on e-mail with the question (correspondence is conducted on Tantric or German): it is possible to sign up with the old data of the passport, since the new will be ready only the other day? Answered – yes!! When it was recorded on the submission of documents on a paid telephone call, asked to print this letter and bring it to submission of documents along with the original passport. The girl when taking docks looked the letter, the old passport and gave, there were no questions.

Still asked if it was necessary to a child entered into the parental passport until March 2009 (he was 4 years old) photography passed into the passport. Answered: yes, necessary, a separate passport for children is welcome. I had to run inclusted, took 3 working days

The next question is. We have booked a hotel from March 19 to March 26, we are going on a car and as we are going for the first time, it is difficult to calculate travel time and book hotels. Is it possible to get a visa from March 17 to 28 without booking hotels on the way. They answered: on the entry and on the departure to the Schengen zone is given by one additional day without hotel reservation on the way. T. E. a visa can give from 18 to 25. What we did not arrange and had to book hotels on the way for free through

Still asked if the child’s birth certificate was required by the notary, answer: "Yes, so they take care of the rights of the child". The signature of both parents on the child’s questionnaire is also required. (2 pieces at the bottom of 3 and 4 pages)

All documents that submit in Russian can be translated by themselves, the seals are not necessary on them, however, we had birth certificates, certificate from the bank, without translations – ok.

Help from the place of study is needed only to students, schoolchildren are not needed.

You can submit documents to one person in the whole family, only have evidence of marriage and about birth and their copies (in reality, the original marriage certificate has not needed).

In the lists of documents that hang in the visa department, a copy of labor is listed, although there is no on the official list on the site. They said that it is not necessary, but preferably took a copy, the original did not look.

There was also a question: is it necessary to pay a visa duty only in three branches, about which there is a speech on the stands of the visa department, or you can pay for an electronic office or in another branch (we have our own account in Rafayzeng). Said: strictly in these branches. We did not argue.

Rent on Wednesday, to get told in the nearest Tuesday (5 business days). On the trip we are going a day after receiving a visa.

Independent receipt of an Austrian visa for the whole family

Decided to go to Austria to May. Decorated visas for your family – on himself, wife and two children. Acted strictly on the official site of the visa center – http: // www.BMeia.GV.AT / INDEX.php?id = 67665&L = 5

On the reception recorded the whole family for money (about 500 rubles). In this case, you can choose the date and time that in my case it was the only one that arouses me. He was recorded on March 4, signed up on March 9 at 8 am. You need to pay a plastic card, typing its number, validity period and CVV in a digital set on request from the tube before talking with the operator. You need to have the passport details of all applicants.

It is important that a set of documents should be for each person your own – if the reservation of air tickets / hotels at all, you need to print it for everyone by placing in the appropriate set of documents. Dump everything a bunch of one pile – not rolling, go lay on the stacks.

Insurance must be done in one of the insurance shown on the site. Athletic (I was needed) and infant insurance (child under 3 years old) in 2-2.5 times more expensive. To the embassy you need to give a copy that you need to not forget to pre-make.

Help with work made in Russian on the corporate form – indicating the post, salary and time of work in the organization. Translated myself, the translation is simply printed on A4 without seals and signatures. I did so, but better, I think, if there is an opportunity, make on a branded letterhead with printing and signature on one sheet in Russian and English.

Photos made a wife, having some ideas about Photoshop. The main thing, again, comply with the requirements (the proportions of the head, the distance between the eyes, the bright background and t.NS.) – http: // www.Passbildkriterien.AT / OESTERREICH_NEU.HTML there in principle and in pictures everything is clear that it is not clear – translated by Google by a translator. Printed for 7 rubles on one photo 10×15 at once a set of 2 photos on all.

Made an extract from the bank from the main salary card reflecting the movement of funds over the past 3 months and the remainder in Russian without translation. Additionally put a certificate in English with the balance sheet from another bank and an extract from an ATM from another without print. For his wife and children, instead of all this, he attached a sponsorship with the listing of them all, the questionnaire indicated that they themselves pay the costs, but sponsored by me (in Garf "Other" – Sponsored by me). Questionnaire printed on 4 sheets A4 on one side.

Have been written off with a private hotel that familiar recommended. Hotel sent Booking Confirmation by email with an indication of the living and timing of the trip. Previously not paid.

Flights – Printout armor, birth certificate – a notary copy of the nearest notary of 50 rubles for each, made photocopies of Schengen visas.

People at the reception in my time – a person 15, documents demand to lay out in a certain order indicated on the reception window. Better, if I arrived in advance and let it into the building, to first post this order from afar and decompose everything, so as not to lay out the window or not be sent back to the hall to lay out. Mobile phone is better turned off in advance and not get. They asked whose signature in the questionnaire children – said mine, asked who his wife had to me, said his wife. I managed in 30 minutes, I drove a little bit to the Okhotny row waited for the opening of the cashier (09:00) and immediately paid,. To. demand to pay on the same day. Payment by cash rubles 37 euros, with a credit card refused. Get told March 15. Received the 17th, arriving at 15.40, received in 5-10 minutes, a queue of 3-4 people. Visa Dali Malti for 4 weeks, but with stay Exactly under the duration of the trip – 14 days. In short, nothing complicated. Just need to be attentive and neat.

First Schengen Visa independently at the Embassy of Austria

Sign up for submission of documents can be independently in the visa department from Monday by Wednesday from 12.30 to 13.30, giving a copy of the passport page with data on which you need to write e-mail, phone and travel dates. To write great queues (count spend about an hour), no wishes are listening – they can write to any date / time that will be reported immediately or send to e-mail within two days. If sorry for time and nerves – sign up through the call-center, costs about 12 euros, payment only by a bank card, but you can choose a convenient time.

Documents filed the following: application form (you can download the site of the Embassy), 2 photos 3.5×4.5 (one glue to the questionnaire, the second – on the opposite direction of the passport), the insurance policy for 30 thousand to travel abroad. euro (without coating skiing, for the purpose of the trip excursion), unpaid hotel armor with Booking.COM, confirmation of air ticket booking, certificate of work in free form, indicating the post, the start date of work in the organization and secondary salary in Russian and English (everyone followed on one page, on the company’s branded forms, with the signature of the head and print), a certificate from Bank about the balance on the account, certified by the seal (in Russian, in English translated on his own on a separate page without any stamps of the Translation Bureau), a copy of the Labor book (took only the first and last page, the rest returned), well, the passport + copy of the data page. If anyone needs, my reference help: Reference.Doc, certificates from Sberbank: Personal_Account_statement.DOC. If there were already Schengen visas before – you need to attach their copies (I did not have).

For the submission of documents a live queue, but the protection first misses anyone who is recorded on 8.00, then on 8.30 and T.D. By the way, the guards are rude, everyone who speaks on a mobile one, day-looking home, even if you have stood already all.

After reviewing the documents, an embassy officer issued a receipt for the consular fee (35 euros), strongly recommended to pay it on the same day in one of the 4 Raffaisen branches (addresses of departments on the stand), the Bank’s commission – 2 euros. The passport with a visa was told to come after 3 days, at any time from 14.30 to 16.00.

Submission of documents 4 people per Austrian visa

Obtaining a visa to Austria yourself

Experience independent visa to Austria

Getting a visa to Austria with armor hotels on Booking.Com

I must say that the list of documents for an Austrian visa is quite small relative to other Schengen states. He is on the official website of the Austrian Consulate. I did not have a Schengen visas in my passport, the previous Schengen visa was more than three years ago and stood in the previous passport. When submitting documents, I did not give the old passport.

To the general list of documents I added another route list in English. As for the hotel’s armor, they took armor with Booking without problems.Com, highlighting the date marker and names for them. As for reference from work, I made it in the form of a consulate. Regarding certificates from the bank – made in English in the form of the bank. By the way, in the reference marker, the girl (cute and silent) highlighted the level of my salary and the balance on the account. On the back of the passport, bilateral scotch sticks his photo. When I took a passport, the photo remained on the spot – they, apparently, scan, not blossoming. A neighboring window, a man was asked to provide more "Fresh" photo, in time shot meant.

He was recorded in the consulate on the phone – costs about 500 rubles, pay for the bank card. There when calling the call center number, you need to enter the card number and its validity. First tried the visa electron to pay – not rolled. I paid for a simple visa. Time can be chosen, recorded at the reception in four days. And I also realized that each applicant should be recorded separately. Because when I asked to record a second person, the call center said that he should call separately. Polite operators respond to the call center, but with a clearly provincial or Ukrainian accent. I do not be a fool asked where they have a call center in Ukraine. Offendedly answered that in Austria.

The consulate needs to appear at the specified time. Since I went in summer, then the people were a bit. At the specified time, I am natural not one I, but the queue goes pretty quickly – three windows work on a tourist visa. In the consulate itself, there are rather rude guards who are strictly disubmitted so that people do not communicate on the mobile phone. Otherwise, expelled. On the day of the filing you need to pay consular fee in the nearest department of Raiffeisenbank (you can at oiled and even two points nearby).

As for the visa, they asked for a one-time on specific dates, and Dali Mali for a month, though with a 15-day stay. Get told five working days. When they got, it turned out that the visa was glued the day after filing. But again, it is probably because summer. In general, I have one advice. Collect documents strictly on the consular list. Be prepared to answer where and how many days you will. And otherwise everything is not so scary as it seems.

Getting an Austrian visa as of March 2010

Austrian visa center has a number of good changes on the requirements for documents. This was confirmed first by phone, on which they are recorded, and then confirmed and issuing a visa. So:

1) Translation can be done independently (no translation is not necessary)

2) enough hotel armor (no full payment is needed)

3) enough printouts, for example, (do not need a fax from the hotel). In this case, the printouts of the armor are made separate for each set of documents. T.E. Even if three people are written in one armor, three copies of this armor are printed – one for each submission.

If all documents are in order, then.

Documents collected strictly on the list on the Embassy site. Recording through the call center (payment by credit card), the time was assigned convenient for me. On the appointed day came, everything passed, I paid in the bank in some lane.

I come to the appointed day, and me "We can not give a visa, because there is no insurance for the second trip". Written commitments did not arrange. Dali leaf with comments and I went to buy insurance.

Since I flew to Germany, my passport had to pick up. Put stamp. Next week, a passport with a visa of multi instead of 2-fold, for a period of 2 armor of hotels in November and December.

Visa to Austria on his own

Austrian visa for November

Received a visa in late October for a trip in the second half of November. I was not in Schengen, my wife is 10 years ago and under the other name, there was a Czech visa in 2007 (until the entry of the Czech Republic in Schengen). Recorded by phone – called Friday, recorded on Tuesday (you can choose time if I’m not mistaken, from 11 to 13).

Documents standard. There was no problems when filing. Copies of the Russian passport do not require. Very surprised to stitched with a ribbon (as on documents at the notary) translation of statements from the bank. And the bank refused to put his seal on "Certificate of sufficiency of funds" in the form of the embassy (allegedly bank has no right to put its own print on "Not them" documents), so I had to take an extract in the form of the bank and translate it: about 1100 rubles for two. Printing a translation agency was the most ordinary: ooo "NNN", some additional print inscriptions, like "Translation agency", did not have. Only printing and inscription "Translation performed by Ivanova A.A.".

Confirmation of the hotel’s payment: fax from Austria could not go to our fax, so they were sent to us by email. Made a copy through the fax – got on fax paper. But the most interesting thing, in the embassy did not take this fax, they said that it was needed 2 copies – by one on everyone, t.To. Facke paper after a couple of years of storage in the archive will discharge. Fortunately, all copies were (I think, just in case the original is better to take the fax).

A week later we received visas (no one called with the inspection).

Austrian visa – everything is not so scary

They recorded even in the absence of copies or originals of passports – they simply dictated the numbers, the date was appointed in a week, they wrote down for the time it was in turn, you can not choose. Going on a trip along with my mother-in-law, she recorded it too, but she could not come, t.To. I got sick. Without the slightest problems and even without a power of attorney, he passed the documents and for her.

Features in the documents prepared by us:
The hotel was without a prepayment, t.E. generally!, even blocked funds was not – this is!
Translated documents did not do – these are two! When I learned how much it costs to the Bureau (1200 rubles for 4 sentences!), I almost did not feel bad, considering that I myself can do it! Just made a certificate from the work of a husband in English (t.To. He works in the Western Company), the sponsorship wrote I myself in English and the Russian version did not even offer them, although I had it.

When filing, I prepared 3 packages with a whole set of documents: on yourself, mother-in-law, children. The girl with them barely figured out and, without immediately seeing all the necessary documents, I almost "Wrapped", However, I had patience to listen and find everything :). There was not enough one copy of the head of the husband-sponsor (it is necessary, it turns out if there is a sponsorship letter). Documents The girl accepted, saying to convey the missing copy that I did, right there next to the consulate in "Gazelka" (for 100 p. sheet!). No questions, except for clarifications for hotel reservation (children in different rooms) and tickets (one child was not, t.To. He is not yet 2 years old)! Everything.

Visas in a week were conquered in passports! In general, everything is clear enough, without queues and nerves. I wish good luck to all!

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