Formalities and rules of entry into Bahrain: Personal experience

No need to overpay and bother with electronic visas. On arrival go directly to the border guard. I thought money change – no need. Said that the day will spend here and then fly further to Dubai. Gave $ 20, received 2 local dollar delivery, just for the bus you need. No questions, tickets or cash. Stamp into the passport, check, – and you are free.

Flew, paid, passed

Having inspired here, I was afraid of the feedback until the last moment I would not go with the son of border control (bought tickets per day, so I did not have time to make a visa via the Internet). Did not ask anyhow. Only asked the border guard that we are from Russia (Rus?). 15 $ US for each, visa stamp in the passport and the country is the island open.

Blonde in Bahrain

It is difficult to enter the lonely young blonde in the Muslim country – this is nonsense. I am 22, slim blonde, always with makeup. Yes, the customs lasted 10 minutes. Surrounded by a person of 4 customs officers and asked about the goal of arrival, about the hotel reservation, checked the hotel credit card on armor (checked with a card). Asked if there are friends. Said that there is no, the country is small, the reverse tickets looked. 5 dinars (15 dollars) and all, cherished stamp – visa for 2 weeks – ready.

The main thing is not to worry, keep confident and smoke. Maybe they, of course, just wanted to lay on a white girl (they have a deficit with girls there). I have a normal passport, a lot of visas stands, and yes and dressed not defiantly (jeans and white tunic). So who wants, let it easily go and nothing is afraid. By the way, my reservation I only had for 3 days (SROWN Plaza), in advance of any documents, except for the hotel and return ticket to Cairo, was not.

Visa Bahrain via the Internet is just

Unlike the visas of many other countries, the acquisition of Bahrain’s visa was simple and uncomplicated. Theoretically, citizens of the Russian Federation can receive a visa and after arrival, directly on passport control. However, I decided to take care of a visa issue in advance and did not lose: Judging by how Pretchily investigated my electronic visa at Schiraz Airport, the airline employees could completely refuse to plant a person without a visa. Of course, they would not be right, but personally I would not be easier.

So, a few days before the start of the journey in the Middle East, I went to the site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kingdom of Bahrain and did all the necessary procedures there. First, you need to fill the fields of a simple questionnaire. Secondly, pay the visa collection of a bank card. Finally, it turned out to be necessary to send the scanned passport page with data and photography – it was not said about this, but such a request from the Bahrain visa office came to the post office. Literally a couple of hours after sending a scanned copy, I received a confirmation of a visa issuance. It was possible to go on a trip with a clean soul: at least for the internet design paid extra 5 Bd, but confidence in tomorrow.

Formalities and rules of entry into Bahrain Personal experience

Visa citizens of the Russian Federation do not need

Visa to Bahrain at the airport

Visa to Bahrain at the airport – problematic

Transit visa at the airport without the permission of the immigration authorities to get the income problematic. The customs officer at the international airport said that for citizens of Russia, the visa is issued only with the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Bahrain, even the hotel reservation and tickets from Bahrain and a visa to the next country (Qatar) did not suit him. He held me to the head of the airport immigration service.

After I showed him all the tickets on the track, including tickets from Arab countries to Moscow, and also called my friend – the resident of Bahrain (together studied at the University in Thailand), who was waiting for me in the arrival zone, head of the immigration service Gave me good to enter the country, and his subordinate set me a tourist visa for 5 Bahrain dinars for 14 days. They explained to me that in any case the arrival visa for citizens of Russia is issued only by prior request to the country’s Foreign Ministry for any time (even if there is less than 72 hours in the country), and recommended the next time the rules of entry into the country

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