Formalities and rules of entry into Bangladesh: Personal experience

In fact, everything is much simpler: imports and exporting currencies as much as you want (no one quit and pay attention) When importing a laptop, I did not fill anything, and no one fills. By the way, citizens of Russia and Belarus, Kazakhstan very rarely check, but citizens of Ukraine can check with addiction. I didn’t understand about alcohol, I imported 2 liters in hand baggage and 5 liters in baggage (I repeatedly reached and departed). When leaving the airport, you can send to scan, can ask how much alcohol in your package from Duty Free, and may just not pay attention. Once as I was asked how much alcohol you. I said that only in 2 liters pack (although there was still a liter 4 in the baggage), I was told that you can import only liter and sent to declare. Item itself nearby, Tom I gave my passport and extra liter. The customs officer took and went to his boss (I have Belarusian Passz). In 5 minutes I returned and said nothing to pay. I returned to the customs officer who sends to the scan and told him that the boss allowed me not to undergo baggage scan and nothing to declare and so that I fastened (in Bengali, I said to him (Tara-Tari) came out of the airport. Yes, and in general, with Bengals, it is necessary to show resourcefulness and be a little with them in impudence.

Failure to the embassy in Moscow

eighteen.12.2017 passed documents on a tour. Visa, planned to drive around the ground from India, by bus from Calcutta. Passport, his copy, hotel from Buking, a plan of a trip in Russian, two photos, one questionnaire, 50 US dollars. At lunch they called said the following flights. 19.12.2017 brought the air ticket, however, the documents returned, they said that the request was sent to Dhaka, like wait, call. More than 150 countries behind their backs, but with such a consular charm, one of the poorest countries of the world, did not come across. I visited about 20 the most closed countries, there were no problems with visas. So. good luck to all.

Visa to Bangladesh on arrival

On arrival at the airport Dakka approach the rack Visa on Arrival, the duty border guards checks tickets for departure from the country, the hotel in which you will stop, the collection near the 51 dollar fee is paid in the window (give), and then go to passport control, where put a stamp with a visa for a period of 15 days! The whole procedure took no more than 10 minutes!

Transit visa to Bangladesh

Visas in Bangladesh, as we knew, give on the border. Well, we filled the cards and stood in line. In the maps, by the way, wrote that the purpose of the visit we – transit. Hoped that it will be cheaper. Defended first. However, the officer at the border sent us to another officer, which was sitting here at the table. I had to defend another turn to get to him. He recorded our names into a huge barn book and sent to pay for a visa collection – $ 50. If transit, then cheaper, only $ 15, but only one airline is considered to be a transit, and it should apply to the authorities herself, so we explained to us.

In the booth paid the collection. Another one already third. Moreover, you need $ 50 plus a turnover tax – another 7 local monetary units called "Taka". Card can not pay. Pay dollars or euros, give you surrender. We will consider it the first currency exchange 🙂

Formalities and rules of entry into Bangladesh Personal Experience

Then again in line with the officer at the table. Fourth of all. He again noted us in his barn book, took the receipt of payment and discharged another receipt with which you can already go on the border. And on the border – the queue number five 🙂

In general, we were probably two hours, so when finally ran to the conveyors, it turned out that they were empty, and the baggage was sent to look at the other end of the hall. Judging by a huge pile of things, it was created that here either the border is very slow, or the luggage service is too fast 🙂

No visa problems.

Problems when receiving a visa at Dakka Airport

While traveling in Asia, Bangladesh was one of my visit. Knowing that a visa can be made upon arrival, not really worried. At Dakka Airport on passport control approached the rack on which it was written "Visa upon arrival". The duty officer pulled out some kind of list and announced that I, as a citizen of Russia, requires a visa. I showed tickets, hotel reservation – not rolled! I was taken to the emigration service on the second floor of the airport, took a passport for a more thorough check. There, in addition to this, as I, there were 2-3 dozen not that migrant workers, not that illegal emigrants, which were in turn caused to the window with documents. It is worth paying tribute – an officer who led me, something grew in his own way and here a man immediately gave way to. Nevertheless, I felt myself among this, it is not in the best way – it’s still, if we were put in a police monkey would put some Putin or, say, Michael Jackson.

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