Formalities and rules of entry into China: Personal experience

We bought tickets from Hong Kong to Moscow with a landing in Beijing and flight to Urumqi and Urumich to Moscow. Total stay at China airports 28 hours.

However, we were not planted for a plane and now sit in the Hong Kong airport with an ending visa tomorrow. We have shock and complete misunderstanding.

Article Visa Expert Travel.RU about visa-free transit in China

Visa-free transit through Shenjeje

Bought a ticket Phuket-Shenzhen-Wuhan-Moscow. Representatives of the airline refuse to register on the flight, citing that this city is an exception to the rules and visa-free transit there is impossible. The situation consists of many, as these tickets are actively sold

Article Visa Expert Travel.RU about visa-free transit in China

The representative of the Chinese carrier company refused to let

Hello! 7 hours ago We are (me and a girl), which bought a / tickets to regular flights Vladivostok- Hoshimin (Vietnam) transit through China (stop at first in Harbin, then in Guangzhou), refused to register on the plane in Vladivostok. Motivation of the representative of the Chinese company of the carrier (China Southern Airlines): not having a Chinese visa, you exceed max. Possible 24-hun term of visa-free transit through Harbin! I tried to explain what perhaps this is a mistake, because according to my information I have (I say on your site, I understand that it is informative) in Harbin, we can be without a visa transit 72 hours, but he, Pereslav photo of passports and tickets, and consulting with their colleagues in Harbin, said that I am wrong. On that we stayed at the airport, issuing a return of tickets and losing this total of 40 tons.R., and perspective fly to planned rest. Informize for information in the work! thanks

Article Visa Expert Travel.RU about visa-free transit in China

Visa-free transit through Shanghai 24 hours

Flight from Los Angeles to Hong Kong through Shanghai with docking 72 hours.

When crossing the border in Shanghai, it is necessary to have with you: a passport, a boarding pass from the flight to which a ticket in English for the next flight (Hong Kong is considered a third country, so everything is fine) and a migration card. During the half an hour, you get into the passport stamp on the intersection of the border and the resolution stamp is located in Shanghai within 72 hours.

72 hours are counted from the new day.

For example, if they arrived in Shanghai at 11 am, then 72 hours will count from the nearest midnight.

Very comfortably! I recommend to use the transit through China without a visa.

Visa to China yourself

Actually at 17.04.2015

Arrived at the consulate in Moscow at 7-30, signed up fourth.

8-45 launched couriers.

9-00 launched the first five people. Waiting for about 15 minutes, my turn. For a tourist visa, I passed a questionnaire with photos, booking from bucking, reservation of air ticket Aeroflot, passport Zagran and his copy, copies of old Chinese visas. Insurance and a copy of the Russian passport returned.

Dalited a ticket on April 24, 2015, getting strictly from 10 o’clock (today a man 20 remains on the street to hang out another hour). Payment by bank card in rubles, 1500, when receiving a passport.

Located entry into China (Guangzhou) without a visa

Fly with docking-overnight through Guangzhou on the route Phnom Penh Moscow. Mastered the exit to the street without a visa.

Despite the fact that the possibility of visa-free transit to 72 hours is advertised even in Phnom Penh, the Chinese on passport control prepay that, perhaps, something was vaguely heard, but they definitely do not know. Fuss, run to the boss, confirm with each other. But in the entrance immediately do not refuse%)

Based on the next flight, not a ticket required for the next flight. We have a landing was printed. And at the next rack, someone tried to go through – he was sent back to the clean zone on the transit rack – get there landing.

We did not require anything else and did not ask. Even the hotel reservation was not asked, although the night had a place.

And although we constantly told the border guard in the window about 72 Hours Visa Free Transit, a stamp was put in the passport "Duration", And there was the following date, and not three days later.

In general, a lot of bustle, but let out without any problems and questions.

Visa via Pony Express

Charm of the Chinese Embassy in Moscow

Submitted documents independently at the end of December, there was no queues at the entrance. But inside it takes one window, and in this window the furious session is sitting in this window, which hates everyone and everything around, picks up for each comma and snatch. I had everything in order with the documents, I made a student visa, so she three times wrote my documents under the pretext that she did not know this university (Elvpulle University’s Fililila He that I request too many days (180) and squeeed me up to 150, declaring that this is enough.

In general, I had to turn to the consul for help so that he was pacified by this particular! (By the way, the consul is sooo a pleasant person and other employees are also pretty friendly people!) Where they found this meger is not clear!

By the way, she brought the woman before me to hysterics, she also came not the first time apparently, since this Madame unfolds all in a row, apparently protects a strategically important object!

Outcome: I received a visa, but there was a nasty impression from the Chinese Embassy, ​​thanks to this silent china!

Special subspecies of tourist in China

Special subspecies of tourist – "Tourist Helocha". It is dulling exclusively in the Far East type. It has a lot of individuals and constantly multiplies and evolves depending on improving "Customs rules of the Russian Federation".

At the time of my travel, the rules read: "Go away at least every day, but 35 kg of cargo for personal use, you can only drive once a month". It would seem that here is this? But this is the most important detail on trips "Tourists-helmets". So detail about the organization of this kind of tourism. Tourist firm, no matter what, is gaining a group of those who want (at least 5 people) to visit the CNR border region for a period of 3 days in order to relax from the fatherland, have fun in local clubs, to eat an exotic product and even under certain conditions a little earn one. Hehe. It sounds interesting?! At least unusual for us, Siberians.

The whole secret is that. All your tour will pay Chinese businessman. And voluntarily, without coercion to this. Why do you ask? And because. On the way back, this very businessman will ask you to capture in Russia a small portion of the Chinese hoist, just in 35 kg. But asks not personally, but through that a travel agency. As a sign of gratitude for the vacation. These same conditions on paper are not reflected, but are carried out strictly by both parties.

And so it looks like an ordinary tour with the conclusion of the Treaty on the provision of goodslug and T.NS. You need to mention the next part. If you need to buy and deliver your goods to your homeland, you can buy this voyage and at the cost. In my case, the rates were such: "Help" – 300 rubles, "Tourist ordinary" – 3200 rubles. Personally, I went to the tourist. In his first time abroad, I wanted to buy something real – Chinese. The rest expects a couple of these wonderful pieces of 17.5 kilogram EVERY.

Visa to China in St. Petersburg through a travel agency

Chinese business visa through pony express

Appealed for a Chinese business visa through pony express. Information about the necessary documents and timing is very contrary to that on the website of the MFA of China, which is on the pony website. As a result, he filed, besides the passport, one photo (strictly 3.5 x 4.5), an invitation from the Chinese sent by e-mail, insurance and an extract from a bank account (instead of reference from work).

As they said in the pony, the process takes about 16 days. I filed documents on September 11, and the passport was at home on September 26. Outcome – 15 days. Visa is valid 3 months per entry duration (as I requested) 19 days. Next time I go for a multiple urgent visa to the consulate in Yekaterinburg – it will be much faster.

Single visa to China in Moscow

Passed documents for a single tourist visa to China. Arrived early, by 8 am, found himself in the list 10. From yesterday, the leaved was not, and the first who came started recording from scratch. Periodically, a policeman comes out of the booth and rewrites data from passports.

By 9 am, couriers come, they are invited first and immediately name is the first top five from the list. Another minutes after 10 comes the second five. At 9:15 I was already inside, the queue moves pretty fast, no more than 5 minutes per each. Inside 6 windows, they are separate for couriers, for feeding documents personally, there is a separate window for the CNR citizens, they pass inside without turn. Photos are asked to stick immediately. And from this year a new requirement has been introduced – for those who have not yet had Chinese visas, it is necessary to help work and insurance for the time of the trip demand from all necessary (except students traveling to study). Insurance can be bought in a ving near the entrance.

In half an hour, my documents have already accepted, give a receipt for receipt in a week. Payment of a visa after receiving a passport. You can only pay in the consulate only the card if there are no cards, you can pay in the department of China’s Chamber of Commerce and Industry on any day and come to receive with payment.

Getting a visa to China at the Moscow Consulate

News from fields ! 10,044,2013 at the entrance to the consulate – Bardak, otherwise you will call. From 7 am on the wall at the entrance hung a list in which everyone was recorded. 8 o’clock on the list was already 40+ people. Closer to 9th came man 30 from last day and arranged a scandal that the list is not that. As a result: both lists have mixed up (fresh and last day), it turned out sooo long queue. Plus, another person has come to 9 hours later or even more new. Launched 5 people. Slowly. At the entrance to the crush, cold. From 9-15 to 12 hours from the total stage of the suffering passed 35 bodies. Each included 1 coupon gives it a guarantee that your documents will be considered today. Documents for the class L visa tour:
1) hotel armor
2) Questionnaire Print 4 page. on 2 sheets; In the field 2.4 "Duration of stay on each trip to the PRC" We write the real number of days of stay according to tickets)

Submission options:
* come early – early and defend your place in the queue
* Use the service courier services express – 900 rubles without guaranteeing documents (they do not check errors in the questionnaire)
* Use the services of couriers near the consulate – 1500 rubles – after 2-3 minutes, get acquaintances about the delivery of documents and pay off the courier.
And now important. I did not see anyone else wrote:
One twin can be registered 3 . Passport. People be kinder to each other. Combine three and come together! " Case of help drowning – the work of the immerses themselves. "(c) I wish you all great trips 🙂

Documents on a Chinese visa: what is not written on officially

Yesterday I passed documents for a tourist visa. About standing in the cold already written earlier. Just a fact: coming in 8.40 I turned out to be 33 in the leaflet in which the lighted visas themselves write themselves. In just a day, from the words of the losers of last day, about 50-55 people pass. Many of the heights that they tried to climb alkalis, but the people in line found themselves a) conscious, b) self-organizing and, in general, the queue, moved "By justice". About 10 entered the building.40, and about 11 glanced documents in the window. Everything was done correctly, so I did not take a lot of time. In the course of the reception, a couple of questions that I regarded as verification were asked: for example, by specifying the reverse departure date when watching the hotel.

Important adding to information posted on the official website. Mandatory require:

We also had a photocopy of pages of the internal passport with the name and registration data.

If applications are submitted for 2-3 persons traveling together, only one copy of the electronic ticket receipt and the printout of hotel armor printouts will be issued and paid by a single package. If we need separate receipts, it must be said separately.

Visa-free transit through China – not everything is so simple as it seems

I’ll tell you about your transit experience in 2 points in China.

I flew from Singapore to Krasnoyarsk, with a transit in Gongzhou and Beijing.

At first it was necessary from Singapore in Guangzhou, then transfer to the domestic flight to Beijing, and from there to Krasnoyarsk.

I bought a ticket where in one ticket were all transits. The first two flights performed China Southern, and the last S7.

How it all looked. At the reception in Singapore, I had three times in a row all pages in the passport, hoping to find a visa to China. When not found, they clarified where and how I fly. Then the girl from registration went to the other, and asked to show my ticket. Two of the two tickets were sitting, called somewhere, I don’t know what they did, but in the end everything took somewhere 20 minutes until they dealt.

Then bring me a format format format format on which Application for Stay Permit is written

Where they were already filled with me, apologized that I had to wait, and explained that I could fly without a visa to China transit, if less than 24 hours (well, I knew about it). Said me in Guangzhou to show my ticket and this questionnaire. Then they made an as much as 3 copies of my ticket. And they still carefully recalculated so that I had less than 24 hours.

Arrival in Guangzhou

Upon arrival in Guangzhou, everything was not clear. There were just queues for foreigners, and there was a turn for a transit to an international flight. I thought that if I am flying inside China, then I need to stand in line for foreigners. Holding her, my officer said that I was standing in the wrong queue and I need to stand in line where the window 2, nothing is written on it for foreigners or for transit. I also told me that you need to fill out a card for entry.

Stoke in a new queue. The officer very carefully studied my air ticket, not just visiting, but it was directly really sitting and read from where and where I go, how long is transit. I have a lot of questions asked from where I’m flying, where to fly. How. I studied my questionnaire on the Stay Permit, and put a large blue stamp to the passport for the entire Stay Permit page where it is written that it is valid day. But it all did not end. When I missed me, then the girl from the airline was in the same time and began to ask me all these questions. I watched my ticket again. When they figured out everything, I went, took my baggage, then registered it again on the domestic flight. Then passed to the domestic zone. Guangzhou Airport is simply unrealistic big. First, at what type of taxi inside the airport brought free. Then I still probably kilometer walked while I got to the right place.

In general, it was a little scary. Because I only had a transit 2 hours 40 minutes. And I was afraid that I just do not have time. I was just 15 minutes before the start of landing near the desired exit. And this is despite the fact that I almost fled.

Arrival in Beijing

Arrival in Beijing was normal. No one asked anything, no one watched his passport. Only took the baggage and. Now I needed to move from Terminal 1 to Terminal 3. Here it appeared new problems.

When I arrived, I did not immediately find that the departure on the 3rd floor is. But in general, I found, there I saw the S7 rack and registered on the flight.

This time it was terrible than in Guangzhou, because the baggage in Beijing was not immediately on the tape, found a bus not immediately, and we went far enough. And the transit was only 3 hours.

In general, it is possible to fly in principle, but be prepared that you will ask a lot of questions, will be allowed. If you are not talking about English, it is better not to fly so much, because there is no one to speak Russian with you.

Experience in buying a visa in Sanya (flight flight from Hong Kong)

Photographing on passport control

On passport control in Shanghai, we approached the three-minded window (for some reason everyone did it, well, we decided that suddenly so right).

It turned out that after checking the passport, the girl takes pictures of each traveler to the webcam. And despite the fact that we were three: a blonde, brown and redhead, the Chinese woman still confused us all the same))) We first did not understand what she molds, and did not interfere. But when they understood and began to laugh, she realized that everyone confused.

Perephotographed then all re-and name.

Visa to China – eventually did through a travel agency

We will travel on our own always. And if the visa is needed – we do it yourself in the consulate. We also wanted to do with China. But when they came to the consulate in Moscow, they were afraid of Russian-Chinese reality. Frosty Martov morning on the street stood not a very big crowd, but all shoved and swear. Despite the fact that the man was visually 20, it went out, that there is some kind of list, and in it – hundreds of people. Everyone was nervous that today they will not pass documents. Some kind of woman wrapped out that today it costs the second day and really does not want to come tomorrow for the third time.

In general, we regret myself and went to make a visa through a travel agency. And very sorry spent half a day.

Visa registration in China in Irkutsk: quick and nice

China Eastern Airlines – Nightwall Airline

I had to fly by many airlines in the world, but such a candid banditry as in the airline "China Eastern", never had to meet. In September 2011, I bought on the official website of the company on March 14, 2012 Moscow-Shanghai and on March 25 Shanghai-Moscow on March 25.

January 5 call me from the office in Birmingham (!) and in Loman English report that the flight on March 14 Moscow-Shanghai canceled. Offer to transfer flight for 3 days (!) or return money for a ticket. I ask you to return the money. This is reported to me that money will go to my credit card for 12 weeks (. ). During this period, I have repeatedly called Birmingham asking to speed up the transfer of money. Each call occurred like this: I still ask for a booking number 5 times, they ask for 5 minutes, then switch to another person, he again asks the booking number, again asks to wait 5 minutes, again switches to another person and T. D. After 30 minutes of the conversation, I reported that the money will be listed in 12 weeks.

As you could expect, after 12 weeks I check the balance on the credit card and I find that there is no money there, naturally, no. I call again in Birmingham, I ask me the booking number, again ask for 5 minutes, after which they report that they are at all respects "China Eastern" Do not have that I call to a certain travel agency, and advise you to call back to the Moscow office "China Eastern". I call to Moscow office. There they declare that they are not aware of the case at all, and let the money return the one who promised to return them. By the way, after the abolition of the flight "China Eastern" I bought a ticket for flight "Aeroflot" significantly cheaper, so talk about cheap "China Eastern" – Clean myth.

In China on internal flights, I, unfortunately, I had to use the services of this office 2 times. During one flight, only 1 bun of unknown origin was offered as a duration of 2.5 hours, and during the other (1.5 hours) there was no no (!) Power. At the same time, the plane was shaking all the way so that it seemed to me that I was going on the tractor through a plowed field.

When I safely returned home to the flight "Aeroflot", I learned the plane "China Eastern" Shanghai-Moscow March 25, at which I had a ticket, I had a rolled out of the steering strip in Sheremetyevo. I advise everyone to stay away from this gang of crooks and fear. The best thing that can happen to you if you come across this whip is the loss of money. It’s better not to talk about worst. By the way, I was very wisdom, reading positive feedback on this gang, but, taking into account the dirty methods that this so-called "airline", You can not be surprised. Now I collect documents for submitting to the court to this shop.

Chinese visa with a little rim of Russian mess

Formalities and rules of entry into China Personal experience

Documents for a visa handed over in early December. Collected documents:

– Questionnaire for himself and husband (this was useful, which I printed from 2 sides – on 2 sheets);
– Photos for questionnaire (took advantage "Rests" After the Summer Czech Schengen);
– Printout of hotel armor (printed directly from your e-mail), the reservation was made on my name, Double Rooms, but the husband did not mean the husband in the list;
– photocopies of electronic plane tickets;
– insurance for the whole period of the trip from "ROSNO" (I took the cheapest), but in the consular department, no one to watch it.

The embassy is very inconvenient to get. I used the following way: first at the University of Metro (exit towards the last car from the center). Then passed the road and sat on the minibus, which goes until the stop "Indira Gandhi Square". Ride not for a very long time, but walking will be decent. Then you need to stall from the kilometer right along Friendship Street. Embassy can be identified on a high fence and different chassis-stands. Entrance to the consular department from the street of friendship no. You need to go along this fence until you reach the corner of the street, then turn left and go a little right. The entrance to the consular department is inconspicuous, but it’s difficult to pass by him.

AT 8.30 in the morning at the entrance already stood a man 20 (another man 5, as it turned out, was sitting in cars parked nearby). Here I join the previous speakers: do not come here early with the goal to stroke the queue. AT 8.30 was a record of about 20 people for the delivery of documents and from 10 to issuing. But literally for the first half an hour of work of the consular department of people becomes a little (employees of the consulate work very quickly). But I became a member of a rather unpleasant scene, when the doors of the department opened, and people were pursued inside, absolutely without referring to the list. As a result, those who were naked, and not those who came here at 6 am and stood by number 1 in the list.

When entering the department, you give you the number of your queue, according to it stand in the window. Be sure to check that all documents are complicated correctly, an employee in the window does not care for a long time, if something is wrong, then just throws the paper back and starts working with the next visitor. Documents for themselves and husband passed without problems, no power of attorney from him or even a marriage certificate I was asked (although we even had different surnames). However, I specified this question in advance by phone, which is listed on the website of the Embassy.

Coming for a visa said smoothly in a week, but I came in 3 weeks. During this time, nothing terrible happened to passports 🙂 It is necessary to pay immediately by a bank card (they don’t seem to do with cash). Asked for 10 days, and Dali 12. Visa validity period 3 months. Another point: near the window, in which they receive payment, full ads are about checked the amounts "disagree". So, instead of 3,000 for two visas, for some reason they wrote off 3075 rubles. Scandaling and figured out not, it hurts there a aunt works harsh 🙂

Visa to China: journalists write receipt!

November 29 submitted documents for a Chinese visa in Moscow. For about ten in the morning came to the embassy, ​​taking advantage of the Council below. In front of me there was a man of forty, they launched about dozens of about every half an hour, the consulate came around 11:30. If you are submitting documents in the winter – then dress warm, because the entrance is not fenced and blowing a rather damp wind.

Inside the second window approached (for those who submit documents for themselves). In front of me was a five-seven person. The girl takes the documents very quickly, I waited a maximum of ten minutes. What they took: Paid Hostel’s Book with Red Stamp (Scan), Booking of air tickets (unpaid), help from work, form with a glued photo (very much asked to glue in advance before serving, there are glue on the tables). A copy of the passport did not take.

Help from work, by the way, although an optional document was very useful because the check mark in the questionnaire opposite "Media employee" caused a lot of questions. Asked about the nature of the work, and about how much I work in the editors, what exactly do, what materials I write and so on. As a result, I was asked to write to the receipt that during the trip in China I will not engage in journalistic activities. More in the queue of such questions did not ask anyone, apparently, only journalists are waiting for such persisions 🙂

Today, a week later, came to the embassy at 10, I paid the consular collection of the card and received a passport with a visa. Be careful: cash they do not accept. Everything is very fast, the maximum spent fifteen minutes. This time, by the way, there was no one for the filing of documents on the street, only a small queue inside.

So I advise you not to be afraid to submit independently documents for a visa to China: everything is simple, quickly and without problems. The only strain is the turn to the entrance, but everything is solved with warm clothes 🙂 and in addition to the previous review: the Russian passport either for the submission nor upon receipt by no one asked.

Visa to China for the new year: everything is simple

Today I came to the embassy to 7-30, in the list for filing was at number 8. By 9 o’clock the people were a man 20-25, all at 9-00 went to the consulate. Inside in the queue to the window for filing docks at all was the third. I passed everything in 3 minutes: profile (new sample), tickets (redepeted) and hotel armor (paid).

In 9-15, I have already come out, the entrance was a man 7, taught them until they are launched. Everything. 22nd I go to receive.

IMHO makes no sense to come to 7 am and frozen (if you are not on the car), t. To. Consulate is in some air pipe, you will not hide from the wind, it is better to come to 9 hours and the maximum for half an hour to pass. Docks take very quickly, if something is wrong, then send to filled, so for 20 minutes by the window no one is tupit. Some fill the questionnaires straight in the embassy. It needs to take a Russian passport, t. To. they for some reason asks on duty there is a policeman. By 8-50, representatives of travel agencies climb to the entrance, they can not be afraid they come first and go to their windows.

China from Primorye: visa on the border

A single visa is made without problems at the international crossing of Kraskino / Hunchun (Hassansky district of Primorsky Krai RF). Price 1500 rubles. (take rubles). There are no queues, everything goes quite quickly. I need a valid, at least 6 months passport and photo (it can be done in place, it seems for 50 yuan

250 rubles., So it is better to cook a photo in advance). The questionnaire is filled in English. No invitations need. On the other transitions with the seaside (including on the railway) visas do not put.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to get into China either by the hitchhiking, nor on its own car (at least from Primorye for sure). Also the border can not go on foot. Even trucks are allowed (hitchhiking in this case is excluded, drivers are strictly listed in the documents) or regular buses.

Thus, there are only two ways to get from Primorye to China on a visa obtained on the border.

1. Buy bus ticket from Vladivostok. At the same time will have to be done with a representative of the transport company, proving that you will be given a visa, but this is a question solved. The ticket will cost about 1000 with something USD one way.

2. Take any way to Kraskina. Kraskino is the last in front of the border of the Russian settlement. There you can handing out into one of the bus buses (there, Actually, the bus Kraskino – Hunchun). The problem is that the turgroups also go to allegedly "Flight" buses. Private buses belonging to travel agencies in China are not allowed, so all organized tourists in the painkin are transplanted on pre-reserved "Flight", in which in the end it may not be space for you. So get ready for the fact that you have to hurt in the colors for several hours, catching the bus, which for a small money you will finally take.

To China from Moscow by train

In 2006, I decided to go to Beijing by train. All familiar discarded from this court. But now I do not regret that I went. Where to begin? Visa. Visa put through the agency (2700 rubles.) during the week. Next put Mongolian transit visa (double) – 1200 rubles. Moscow-Beijing tickets are about 7500 to 8300 (depending on the season), but the whole problem is that you can buy tickets back to Moscow only in Beijing. The cost of about $ 400-430 (with the Commission of the Agency $ 50). Now hotel. Found a girl to China through the Internet and met. She works in travel agency. She and the hotel makes me 4 * nine nights (from the window you can see the Thayanimmy Square, in short, the city center), costs $ 300 ($ 600 with two). I do this as: I buy Moscow-Beijing tickets, then I write to her and book a hotel and tickets back. That’s all.

Now the pros and cons of the train.

Pros: We buy tickets only for train number 4 (through Mongolia). First, win a day. Secondly, the train ride in the total mass of foreigners. I read in the internet about our train number 20, something is not very reviewed (they drink, beaten, and also change the wheels from 7 to 10 hours). On the Mongolian train Cleanliness and order, semi-empty wagons. Departure from Moscow on Tuesdays at 21:35. Arrival in Beijing on Monday at 14:05. Time flies with a bang (this is true). We took with you the DVD player and a couple of books. Food does not need to buy a lot, because at the stations the sea grandmothers.

Now minuses: Mongols can add to you in Ulan Bator, and the next 19 hours you will be in "Pleasy" Companies. From four times we are not lucky with neighbors twice. Got the youth (gopnic species, remember Moscow in the 90s). How to avoid? Buy tickets only on the bottom places (foreigners love to ride on four, and the Russians will not get to the top), then approach the conductor and give him $ 30-50 and say that you want to get to Beijing without neighbors. ALL. All four trips to Ulan Bator we have always been in a compartment. Everything else is checked.

You will most likely settle in a compartment with foreigners. They will not take the back of the Mongols and foreigners. 19 hours all places will be clogged. And after the Ulan Bator in the car from the strength, two coupe will be occupied, and maybe you will only stay only (also checked).

By train really liked. Not tied to groups. Yes, and most of the day it turns out. Trains from Beijing goes only on Wednesdays at 7:40 am.

Last time was in January 2008.

Visa registration in China in October: as I remember – so

I do not know how at another time of the year, but in October we do not recommend going to the Embassy of the PRC! The fact is that in China, national holidays stretch as much as days 10-12, and all this falls on the first half of October. Embassy also does not work. After that, with the beginning of work of the consular department, of course, all those wishing are flowing to the doors of the Chinese Embassy. Line occupy in 4, and at 5 am. On the street it is cold so much that it’s hard to breathe.

The dial of the entrance is a security guard who does not respond to your questions and even under the porch will not be allowed. Not allowed. The first to enter, as a rule, representatives of travel agencies accredited under the embassy. The rest are waiting for, but in vain. Even lists write the next day who for whom. But, unfortunately, in the morning they turn out to be lost. I passed the documents only from 4 times. As I remember – so.

Visa at the consulate in Moscow – no problem

In Moscow, docked for the May holidays, and I had to defend an hour and a half on the street, t. To. There were many people. Work clearly and coordinated. Delays are not because of the non-historicalness of the Chinese, but because of their relaxing attitude to the filling of the questionnaire. With me, people filled them right at the window, asking constantly questions.

Would you try in the German embassy, ​​where even with the phone do not let. My surrender occupied moments 3, including search for glue for photo. Having taken after the holidays – in general, I managed for 5 minutes, considering the payment. In general, it is better not to come in the morning, and the o’clock to 11 – the queue is already absorbed.

Chinese Consulate – Horror

Transit through the Beijing Airport

Visa to China without any problems

Problems at the Consulate of China

Impression from the campaign to the Consulate of China on May 14, 2008. Consulate takes from 9 to 12 from Monday to Friday. As usual, there are those people who come in 2-3 hours, create queues and t.D. In fact, for about 10 am at the entrance there was no one. The window is one, but works fast, t.To. "Departs" Almost all in a row. In addition to the specified documents on the Travel website.RU asked me:

1. Hotel reservation on all dates (was).

2. Flights Round and back (was).

They did not like my invitation and said they would not accept documents. Such who did not accept the documents were most. And yet – they have a new questionnaire that you can get there or download from the embassy site.

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