Formalities and rules of entry into Cyprus

Cyprus opened for Russian tourists from April 1. You can place online visas. Direct flights airlines "Aeroflot", "Russia", "Ural Airlines" and Pegas Fly.

After May 10, citizens of Russia for unhindered entry enough to present a certificate of vaccination. If the certificate is absent, then the PCR test will have to be made twice. First – no earlier than 72 hours before departure (its result should be loaded on the WWW; Second – by arrival in the Republic of Cyprus at his own expense.

Before departure, you must fill out the questionnaire and attach the result of the first test in the form of Cyprus Flight Pass (CyprusflightPass.GOV.CY). Read details in the material "Cyprus is open to Russian tourists: visas are issued, direct flights appeared".

Rules of stay in Cyprus

1. For all enterprises of the hospitality, improved health, security and hygiene protocols have been developed, and extensive staff training before opening the direction for visitors. Only verandas are open in restaurants. You can order a deposit.

2. Wearing masks is mandatory in all indoor rooms and public places outdoors. Except are the seats of food and beverages, as well as beaches, swimming pools and sports places.

3. Social distancing measures must be observed (at least 2 kV. outdoor meters, and at least 3 kV. meters in closed rooms).

How to enter Cyprus

Cyprus can be accessed both through Greek and through the Turkish part of the island.
The main points of the entry of the Republic of Cyprus are international airports in Larnaca and Paphos, seaports in Limassol and Ayia Napa.
In the Turkish part of the island – Ercan International Airport (Ercan) (near Nicosia), seaports in Famagusta, Kyrenia.

On the territory of the Republic of Cyprus can only be entered in the presence of a Cyprus or a valid Schengen visa (double or multiple), as well as – acting visas of Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia (twofold or multiple). At the same time, it is possible to enter the Turkish part of the island in an unlimited number and return back. When leaving from the Greek part of Cyprus Visa "Does not quit".

If the entrance to the island was carried out directly on the Turkish part of the island, a foreign citizen cannot proceed to the Greek part of Cyprus, even if he has a Cyprus or a Schengen visa – under the laws of the Republic of Cyprus, such an entry is illegal. An exception to this rule is done only for citizens of those countries whose visa-free agreement with Cyprus.

Border control between Greek and Turkish parts of the island

Formalities and rules of entry into Cyprus

From the point of view of the Greek side, border control between the two parts of Cyprus can not be, because otherwise the legitimacy of the existence of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus will be recognized. Therefore, a migration service is not engaged in checking documents of traveling and entering citizens, but a special police department. Passport checks are performed selectively. In this case, the information is recorded in the database.

With the Turkish side, a full-fledged passport control of all entering and leaving. At the same time, the border stamps in passports are not put. It is also not necessary to fill the migration card as it was before. Data passports are scanned and entered into the database.

Departure from Cyprus

Citizens who need a visa for staying on the Greek part of Cyprus should enter and exit from the island only through ports and airports of the Republic of Cyprus. From the point of view of the migration legislation of the Republic of Cyprus, foreigners who left the island through the ports or airport in the Turkish part are violators in the future, with a large share of probability, can be denied the issuance of a Cyprus visa. If the entrance to Cyprus was carried out through ports or airports of the Republic of Cyprus, departure

Movement on the island on a rented car

By car rented on the Greek part of the island, you can move both in Greek and the Turkish part of Cyprus. Contrary to statements of a number of media, movement with Greek numbers in Turkish Cyprus is absolutely safe.
The only thing to remember the tourist is the Greek insurance outside of the Republic of Cyprus does not work. At the entrance to the Turkish part of the island, a prerequisite is to purchase local insurance (35 euros for the policy of 30 days, payment only in euros), but it covers only the damage to the third side (an analogue of OSAGO).

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