Formalities and rules of entry into Cyprus: Personal experience

Experience in obtaining annual multi-cyprum in the Moscow Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus

I wanted to fly into the country with a simplified receipt of visas. Cyprus chose, not the last argument was "Provisia" for citizens of the Russian Federation, as we live in the outback and did not want to go for "Schengen" to Moscow. Read on this site that for use "provisions" Need to fly to the country through airports Larnaca or Paphos. AND. Bought tickets with arrival in Larnaca with a transfer in Belgrade. Booked on "Bucking" Hotels. After that, I downloaded the form of the form of the questionnaire to "provisions" and realized that not as all we wanted. Of course, there are people who successfully fly to the territory of Cyprus from different places, but officially, the provisition can be used only if you fly a pursuit of Russia from Russia. Correspondence and consulate confirmed. And I still had to go to Moscow for visas. Further it turned out that the English and Russian versions of the necessary documents are very sought! Here is an almost complete working version for citizens of the Russian Federation. Almost, because it does not specify a copy of the birth certificate.

Documents on all can bring one of "Groups of tourists" no power of attorney. Pre-recording is also not necessary. Reception of documents from 9:30 to 13:30. Thanks to the provisition of the people for filing not much. More than half familiarized with the requirements on the Consulate Shield somewhat runs away.
What documents I took:
For each applicant:
1. Passport current more than 6 months after the date of departure. One was a new empty and an old applied to it with used Schengen visas. The remaining Schengen was also present.
2. Copy of Passport Page with Picture and Other Data
3. A copy of the birth certificate of a minor. Show the original did not require.
4. Airplane ticket
5. Booking hotels with seals and signatures of the manager. Print "Buking" Purified. I also learned about this chicken as a result of correspondence with the consulate. And this is the main reason why people run somewhere after familiarization with the stand in the consulate. I contacted the owners of hotels transferred them a list of groups with dates of birth and passport numbers. They printed their reservations, signed, scanned and sent me. This copy is suitable, also according to the consulate worker, fax is good.
6. Full profile with glued photo. (Questionnaire lying in the consulate is different from the questionnaire on the site ;-)) I passed the profiles from the site.

Do not take money for a visa. Give a receipt one on all passports. On which any person (not necessarily from the group) can get passports the next day from 14:00 to 15:00

I got a passport with an annual multivisa that starts from the date of submission of documents, and not from time to deploying, as for some reason we expected.

All world and pleasant travel!

Visa Test: Cyprus Pro-visa via the Internet and arrival in Cyprus not from Russia

Formalities and rules of entry into Cyprus Personal experience

I have long wanted to test the scheme for receiving a Cyprus visa on the Internet. Finally, the case has introduced himself, today safely flew from Tel Aviv to Larnaca with a printed pro-visa (the request is sent from the Cyprus Embassy site in Moscow) and literally in 10 seconds passed passport control.

I will explain what was "Raisinka": The fact is that there is an opinion (confirmed by information in timatics) that you must fly exclusively by direct flight from Russia to get this visa by arrival. My experience is refuted by this theory. As it turned out, Cypriots absolutely no matter where you come from, it is important only to prevent printing with a visa number. I specifically clarified this question at the border guard at Larnaca Airport, he confirmed that they no matter where the person flew from. N

Oh I want to immediately emphasize that the problem may arise at the registration of your flight at the airport of departure. For example, in Tel Aviv airport, the girl simply did not know what "pro-visa for Cyprus" and the printout was seen for the first time in life.

Summary? Cypriot authorities are allowed to enter with a pro-visa through any country airport and any flight from any state. But "stand" Can airline employees and you will have to explain the rules for a long time.

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