Formalities and rules of entry into Iran: Personal experience

Visa at Tehran Airport: refinement according to the requirements

To obtain a visa at Tehran Airport, you need to:

1.70 Euro cash (or equivalent in US dollars), give.
2.The photo is not necessary
3.Printed ticket back-back.
4.Hotel address with phone
5.Full name and contact mobile phone contact person of the host (travel agencies, business partner and t.D.).
6.The letter of the host side of the free form with the indication of official details and the name with the number of the passport of the arrival person.

NS.5. – This is the most important. At the time of issuing a visa, an officer is convened with the host party and only on a mobile phone. There is even a landline telephone representative – there will be no call.
NS.6 – not mandatory. Need if.5 will not work.

Fill out an application for E-Visa on the Ministry website there is no possibility. Section is in development.

Visa in Iran

Visa on arrival in Tehran

Fly at the New Year holidays. Visa received at the airport. The only problem was to find a window where we received a visa: we flew in transit through Yerevan and the people who needed a visa, was the only person five. Filled out the questionnaire, gave passports, paid money, received passports. Procedure for 15 minutes.

With the receiving side, we did not indicate (although familiar Iranians who could accept us, we had). The only thing we were asked to enter – the thread of our route, what we did. No hotels book in advance.

Visa on arrival in Tehran

Getting a visa at Tehran Airport

By collected all the necessary documents for obtaining a visa, I went to Tehran. Arriving at the airport, the crowd from the plane rushed to passport control (as it turned out, including those who had no visa). However, it must be obtained in a separate window, but the path to it is indicated by such small letters, and in several languages, which is not immediately. In general, all those who were without a visa went to receive it. Iranians – the people leisurely, they may even if there is a queue of nesting to communicate about. So be prepared to get a visa of 1-2 hours.

So, you first need to go to the window to obtain a visa, you will be issued there to be fill out, then you leave your passport in the same window and go to the window on the left (Department of the National Bank Iran – Melli) to pay for this visa. It costs 50 euros. Taking a receipt of payment, you need to return to the first window for a passport with a visa incistent. Uncle, who does it, first collects passports so 50, then closes the blinds on his window and begins to incur visas. Judging by the fact that on the computer he prints in one finger, then wait long. And if you arrived at the moment when visual visas takes place in passport, then you will have to wait even longer, since only after he is free, he will give you a form of questionnaire. Next, when visas in all collected passports will be incurred, this uncle opens the blinds and begins to shout. Take your passport and go to passport control. For foreigners and Iranians – different queues for passport control. Neither upon receipt of a visa, nor on the passport control, nobody asked either a photo or a return ticket nor an invitation!

Nervous experience in obtaining an Iranian visa at Tehran Airport

December 25, 2008 It happened the story of which all going to get an Iranian visa on the border. My friend with a girlfriend, tied to the head of shawls and fun in the long coat, were confident that receiving a fifteen-day visa at Tehran Airport – this is a question for some time and 50 euros. But it turned out that everything is not so simple.

Already swaying from 50 euros, we started filling out a visa application. Nothing confused us, even the item about the need to report information about the host company or the name and phone of the friend in Iran. Not particularly thinking, we entered the address and phone of the hotel, held out of the guide. Nothing foreshadowed troubles, t.To. We read a lot of reviews and even consulted in a tourist company regarding the rules for obtaining an Iranian visa at the border, and there was even a hint of any complexity. The only question discussed was – I need or not a photo in the handkerchief (I answer in advance – no longer needed). But the customs officer was not satisfied with the name of the hotel, and I demanded the name and telephone of the Iranian friend or the host company. And without this, the receipt of a visa is impossible. My friend and I want, where we want, go there and go, and we all do ourselves. The host company we did not have, Iran’s friend too.

Formalities and rules of entry into Iran Personal experience

And our affairs were very bad. All tourists showing persistent interest to us, MiG resolved. My girlfriend began to get 20 euros as a bribe. I was afraid that we can exacerbate the situation even more. What would they do with us? Would deportal? Would last 10 days at the airport? All this was incomprehensible. We desperately needed a friend! And suddenly, I remembered that our neighbor in the plane gave us their business card. The man did not make impressions on us, and we did not build any plans for him, so I prayed for all pockets, I prayed for me to throw her. She was found! We rewrote the data into the questionnaire, the words explained the customs officer that we have a friend, here’s his business card, we just didn’t want to disturb him (time 5 in the morning), I didn’t know about your rules, sorry. The customs officer calls our air-in-law (at least it looks like this), then agrees to give us a visa, warning that next time this number will not pass. What is interesting, visas at this point were already incurred into our passports.

What it was, we still don’t know. Arbitration of customs officers? Desire to get bribe? Why no one besides us with this? We are that the first beautiful girls of fertile age traveling yourself? Maybe we behaved in Islamic standards defiantly, communicating with men in line for a visa and smiling at them. Friendly behavior, concluded in smiles and laugh in public, in Iran do not approve how we were convinced later. In general, the devil knows. But we counted our duty to warn everyone going to Iran to acquire, just in case, friend. You can do it in the plane. Iranians in general – wonderful people, always ready to help. I must say that this incident at the airport is the only thing that overshadowed our impression of this amazing country. Everything else was just great.

Obtaining a visa in Moscow

We have been debited with travel agencies Pars (WWW.Key2Persia.COM). Filled from their site a visa application form, which includes the data of all travelers, as well as the intended route. At the address sent this questionnaire, as well as scans of copies of passports and air tickets.

About a week later, we were answered that we can go to the consulate for visas. Posted by the number of our invitation, which was directed on behalf of Pars to Moscow Consulate. Interestingly, we were given to it 48 hours.

Two days we called the consulate and every time we were told that our papers are not ready yet. It remains not clarified – whether the invitation came with such a delay. whether the paper came quickly, but their two days were made here. Well, in general, on the third day we were answered that now everything is ready and waiting for us.

Having studied our passports, a man in the window gave us three questionnaires to which the staplers attached photos. Photos approached any%) from the one of us, who was over 30 years old, the photo was without a scarker. I and one more our companion less than 30, so we reinsured and photographed in the headscarves. I had color 3.5×4,5, at the companion – 3×4 black and white.

In general, uncle took questionnaires, passports and payment receipts. Disappeared behind the partition. And after 20 minutes I made us a passport with visas.

Formalities and rules of entry into Iran Personal experience

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