Formalities and rules of entry into Israel: Personal experience

that you communicated with the security service, and not with customs. Customs in the fig, do you have friends and what you came here. And the first Rubicon at the airport to them.Ben Gurion just that will be the security service. Customs You will pass at the very end, after passport control and baggage.

As for the security service – this is what. Every time I go – and every time something new. Although I am married to the inhabitant of Israel and I have all visas and permissions. but. Once I asked me (after a long check in a separate room, where those who caused an additional inspection of the alert security officers who are suspicious "Why did you marry Arab? You could not marry the Jew?". And here "Ostap suffered". The fourth hour of the night, fatigue from a long expectation between flights at the airport to them.Ataturk in Istanbul, irritation from the fact that all visas and documents issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Israel – and suddenly nat you, such a question. From my tongue fought itself "This is a question or offer?". silence. Approval of two employees. Printer VZG, printing an entry visa card. Passport with cherished blue paper pulley. "all the best!". Only I don’t even advise you to joke – there may be consequences unpleasant for tourist

Incomiputence at the airport Ben Gurion

Crossed the border at the airport Ben Gurion. Border control has not passed – embarrassed by a pure passport, albeit with a Schengen visa, as well as reservation at the hotel for one night, with a larger found in the country. Leaning on 40 minutes for additional check, where a number of questions were asked – in Russian – about the purpose of staying in the country, the availability of funds, work in Russia and previously visited countries. Stamp to the passport do not put, give a small sheet of paper, blue shade, with barcode. In Jerusalem, photographed the railway station, police arrived after 10 minutes. Started with questioning. Photographed through the tram window in Jerusalem, a number of questions were asked by a security officer. You can only take pictures only to journalists and tourist sites. When you arrive all souvenirs with the symbols of Palestine, hand over in baggage, in order to avoid unnecessary questions. Also do not let the spices in the cabin of the aircraft. Mattle inspection only at the time of the border control (control and inspection are combined). Give a sheet of paper pink shade.

Communication with Israeli customs

First Rubicon is an Israeli custom, which has the glory of the paranoid in the world. But we do not condemn them, they are forever as the advanced.

And now I stand in line for passport control, and next to me the Russians: someone with tour agents who explain what and how to talk, someone with invitations in their hands. In one queue, some Asian did not miss and increased. In another – a person, a ten of ten, the brain is already wrinkled, the tour agent ran up, too, proves something, and the queue is pouring. Well, I think, now I will eat here for a long time: I don’t even have a reverse ticket, not that invitations.

Finally comes my turn, and I come to a harsh woman in shape:
– Hello!
– Hello, what is the purpose of your visit?
– Tourism, sightseeing.
– You came with a tour?

Now, by the way, the stamps in the passport here do not put in order not to deliver problems with the subsequent visit to the Arab countries.

Israeli stamps in the passport are not put

Passport control in Israel with suspicion

What is better not to mention the Israeli border

Experience in passing the Israeli border

The border with Israel took place at 08.30, gone 15-20 min. Departure from Egypt – 2 pounds. Entrance to Israel for free. Taxi to the Jordan border 50-55 Shekels. The problem is the exchanger in the Israeli transition did not work, but taxi takes and bucks.

Tip – on the Israeli side on duty a couple of taxi drivers and prices are unavailable. Wait for someone to bring to the taxi and catch it, you can drive on 15 bus 2 bus and third "Oceanarium" – There is always a taxi (cool oceanarium, if there is time, visit $ 59 for two. there is an ATM). In Eilat, Russian says every second.

Departure from Israel 101 Shekel (take only shekels, you can from a credit card. Exchanger on the border did not notice). Yes, the boundary for some holidays is closed, Entrance to Jordan for free. Taxi from the border to Petra 55 Dinar (2.5 hours along the excellent road), to Aqaba metdinar. Taxi a lot. Exchanger in Jordan on the border there. The border was held in 15 minutes. Back all borders switched either each in 15 minutes.

Back. Taxi Peter-Border 40-50dinar. Many drivers offered their phones and business cards. But less than 40 dinar no one goes. Transition to Israel – 15pin. Taxi border-tab 50 shekels. Departure from Israel 101 Shekel. Entry to Egypt 75funds – take from those who go further hotels in Hilton and Movenpy. All rates for one person and Russian citizens.

Formalities and rules of entry into Israel Personal experience

Passport control in Israel: documents were not needed

To Israel – with Moroccan stamp: Be careful

The presence of the Moroccan stamp in the passport did its job: I watched me on the full program and in Domodedovo, and when flying from Tel Aviv. In the literal sense of the word – to panties! Viewed and pursed all things and suitcases themselves. With difficulty in a / p, Ben Gurion defended the right to take a camera with him to the salon (it was a pity to give to the mercy of fate "Soaply" for 3000 dollars). But the charger for the camera was still seized, and it flew to Moscow in the luggage compartment.

Soon I was on a business trip to Peru, where I discovered that the camera battery is not charging. I went to the service where I was told: "Your charger opened, and inside everything is broken". I got everything clear: these are the very securiti from Ben Gurion. So be extremely careful with Arab visas, machinery and impeccable security service in Israel. However, immaculateness is achieved not at the expense of professionalism, but by screwdriver and hammer! Why then all these scanners, frames and inspections?! They do not believe it. They believe it is better to break. And someone complain about and no one.

Israeli visa in Moscow for nonresident

Obtaining a visa to Israel

I got a visa on the day of appeal, as I live in Moscow. Everything is clearly fast.

The only thing is a huge line on the street before the embassy. But if you come at 6 am, there are no problems, remove and receive a visa.

In the Embassy itself, people work very well. Better if you download from the site yourself and fill out the form in two copies. On the site detailed information, very understandable.

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