Formalities and rules of entry to Kazakhstan: Personal experience

Hello. In March 2014, they left Almaty to Krasnodar by car with Kazakh numbers. So, it can, that local, no moron for passing the border through Uralsk did not arise. Even really did not inspect the car. Passed all paper rolls quite quickly.

But on the territory of Russia began.. On the road, DPS employees demanded an insurance policy. Although where we discharge it is a question.After crossing the border, nothing of the kind, where it would be possible to get insurance, was noticed not.Although Kazakhstan is full of all kinds of kiosks, where they are already engaged in RK. We drove without navigator.

So it is also a big problem. No one could explain how and where to go (asked long-range). One of all intended only explained. Thank you for this great! And so I would like to say to some goodwires: if not sure, it is better not to explain at all.Because of such tips, we traveled extra 400 km.In general, except the DON route, there are almost absent roads. In Kazakhstan with this better. And about the extortion, maybe all representatives of the authorities have a regularity of such – if not its own, then you can try to shine?

The car is located in Krasnodar, it goes here for almost two years, also the old Kazakhstan numbers. Just Russian insurance for foreigners and no problems! Whatever it was, if you follow the law with any decorations, let you lose a bit more time, but save much more and time and finance. Good luck on the road!

Hitchhiker in Kazakhstan

In October 2013, he went to Kazakhstan from the Samara region, according to the Russian passport, the forms are really old, on which it is written that it is necessary to register for 5 days, but if you ask the border guard, he says that 30 days can be in Kazakhstan without registration what is the truth.

No pedestrian crossings. The fact that I was with an unfamiliar trucker did not surprise and did not embarrass the border guards who let me in Kazakhstan without any questions.

Entry to Kazakhstan: new law, but old blanks

In October, on the border of Kazakhstan, border and migration services after checking documents put the press in the migration card. I asked: upon arrival in place I need to register at the place of arrival? I was explained that by agreement adopted in June 2012 citizens of the Russian Federation may be located in Kazakhstan without mandatory registration of 30 days. Having arrived at the place, asked once again. Really the head of the two countries signed an agreement about it. 4 months as signed and operates, and on the border of the forms old on the reverse side is written in the course of 5 days to register.

05.eleven.2012 got into the train Almaty-Sverdlovsk-drove. In front of Almaty-1 I hear the voice of the Transport Police Prepare documents for verification.After some time a man appears in the opening coupe in a citizen and, when checking our documents, it informs us that we have no registration.I tried to explain why, but for some reason it happened. Offered to go into the coupe to the conductor, went and here it began to cohere.I once again tried to ask about the agreement adopted in June between Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation, what he said: "I do not teach his laws". So, there are also such unit specimens that consciously ignore the laws of their country. Have an embassy number in your phone and the country’s trust phones where you arrived.

Remietion at customs at Karaganda Airport

February 8, 2004 I flew from Karaganda Airport to Germany for permanent residence. On passport control, I was stated that there is not enough stamp in the passport. The passport control officer invited me to a separate room, which was located next to the point of control and stated that I should pay for the missing stamp (what – she could not explain) 200 euros. I refused to pay, stating that I will postpone flight and in the morning I will go to find out this question in OVIR.

For a whole hour I was kept in the room. Employee of control (if not mistaken, senior lieutenant, Kazakh nationality) periodically went out to advise with his colleagues. Seeing that I do not intend to pay and wanting to lean the case, she, by going once again into the room, happily reported that she managed to contact OVIR and find out this question, and now I can be free. Everything would be fine, but it was the third hour of the night. Who was in OVIR in Mikhailovka, he knows what OVIR is. No night there is no watchman.

Border Kyrgyzstan – Kazakhstan, Ak-Zhol, On the way to Almaty

Border Russia – Kazakhstan, Railway Station. Petropavlovsk

Formalities and rules of entry into Kazakhstan Personal experience

At the Kazakhstan station Petropavlovsk, there is a completely marasmatic procedure for passport control. Train passengers run to the station building, where, after chaotic throwing on floors, finally, find a small extension to the station building, in which immigration cards are issued. Then these cards are quickly filled, and finally, the whole crowd rushes into the car-restaurant of its train, where to present filled cards to you split the cherished entrance print. I draw attention to the fact that we are not talking about the top five walkers and not even about hundred. We are talking about six-seven hundreds (!) Passengers of the train, plus about passengers of other trains arriving in Kazakhstan. As a result, thousands of people are moving at the station in search of cards, toilets, restaurant wagons with cherished border guards and so on. In narrow corridors of the Petropavlovsky railway station, it is important not to yawn, otherwise the crowd will easily sneak you from the legs and led into dusty Kazakhstan land. I must say that not all passengers know that it is urgent to run to the station. Someone sleeps (time – half of the Third Night), someone in confusion sits on the sun beds, frightened with what is happening. Someone (for example, old men) is simply unable to run.

Entrance to Kazakhstan without problems

Registration for staying in Kazakhstan

I knew about Kazakh hospitality since childhood, since my homeland g.Alma-Ata. I grew up among the Kazakhs. He studied with them at the Polytechnic Institute at the Faculty of ACS from 1981-1986. I still support relationships with your friends, although I came home 14 years ago and for sad about 2 years ago. Come on the 70th anniversary of his dad on the route Odessa-Kiev-Almaty. It was happily to see how the city was upset by the city, many road junctions, new houses, all in colors and greens. Meeting with my parents and friends warmed my heart and the feeling of complete comfort did not leave me.

But all overwhelmed the fact of departure from Kazakhstan, when I was withdrawn from a daughter 9 years old from the flight as malicious violators of the law for what no one warned us about registration in the services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Arriving in Almaty from Kiev, I filled out the migration card, where it was stated that we arrived for 3 weeks. So why the border guards did not tell us about registration in the services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and it was written was a small handwriting from the opposite side that I did not notice. Dad asked me about registration, I said that I filled out the card, and thought it was all, and he thought that something and check-in at the airport was carried out.

The border guard behaved in Hamski, was confident in his impunity, he told me that nothing to fly to Kazakhstan, complain to the Lord God. Documents confirming his identity from me took, leaving the decision number 123 on the imposition of administrative recovery, where the commander of the military unit 2010 Lieutenant Colonel Bisekes Sekuke Uttigenovich put on me shraf.

I think that it is unfair to do so with the guests of the city and the country, I did not commit anything wrong, the border guards did not specifically warn me to finf. But why was it to be removed from the flight, why it was impossible to take a fine on the spot. And if I had no more money? I gave my dad on the 70th anniversary of money and took back to go to Odessa. I really hope for justice, it’s a shame that everything happened so. And this is not a single case, I am the 123rd on the account, starting from June 5 to June 29, people suffer from this who come to visit, but not violators.

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