Formalities and rules of entry into the UAE: Personal experience

No problems when crossing the border at the airport. Stamp in the passport at the entrance – travel, no additional questions and fees.

Dubai visa center

If you want to place a visa through an online service – you risk

Visa to the UAE independently

Visa to Emirates through a visa center

Visas in the UAE – Russians and Ukrainian Nan

Visa to the UAE through the Visa Center of Asia

Visa to the UAE through the Visa Center of Asia

We went to Dubai as independent travelers (two adults). Visa decided to arrange through the visa center of Asia. An excellent option for busy and lazy people)) scan the first page of the passport, one of its Schengen visas and tickets, and also slapping your photo (you can right at home on a white curtain background, but within reasonable limits). The photo should be like documents. Then cling all this thing to the questionnaire that fills online on the website of the Asian Visa Center.

The questionnaire will still need to write, in which hotel you will live, we wrote from the bald, t.To. At that time, they had not yet decided. About 2,800 rubles per person. You can pay in different ways, including online, but my Sberbank Visa has not passed for some reason, plus they fight the commission – 300 rubles per transaction. It was so boring me that I printed a receipt from the site and reached the nearest branch of Globeksbank (there is not taken the commission, but they were guided by the blank of the payments, they said that it was not quite the right one). Visa did very quickly, literally for 2 days. It looks like a piece of A4 with your data, photos and barcode. Visa time – 3 months.

Another subtlety – I applied Aeroflotovskiy tickets, and flew to the results on Emirates. The visa was asked for 6 days, and in fact they stayed in the UAE 4 days. No problems on the border did not arise, and I feared, t.To. The visa profile is described in detail in detail the flight date, and the flight number.

Transit visa in a / n Shargei: wait seven hours

In early January 2012 were a transit in Sharjah on the way to India. Since the interval between flights was 9 hours, we planned to get a transit visa of the UAE and spend time outside the airport. A kind of girl in the Russian call-center of AIRABIA airlines assured that a transit visa we can easily get on arrival in Sharj.

Reality turned out to be robing. Visa on arrival to get of course you can, but it will take it at least 7 (seven) hours! Outside the airport we could not get out, booked for the night in the city of the hotel naturally disappeared. The beginning of the vacation was completely spoiled.

But that was only the beginning. Only multi-site rooms with 2-tier beds were available at the airport, as in an army barracks or a cheap hostel. Price "bed-place" 50 USD (!) With man. And on Muslim norms, men and women separately. Alternative – Overnight on plastic chairs in the waiting room. Chose beds.

Formalities and rules of entry into the UAE Personal experience

As the wife told, besides her, there was only one local woman in the room, who was not going to turn off the light, spent loud on the phone and listened to the Arabic music on him. All amenities, naturally, "in the corridor".

In the men’s room, several hindows slept, the smell of their socks was such that the eyes cut. No bed linen, only synthetic mattresses, pillows and blankets. Walking in such conditions can be only provided that you have an extremely low threshold of squeamishness or you really want to sleep. Since the time has already passed over midnight and the eyes have already been sticking out, I still fell asleep, having accustomed to a hard smell.

Only the anticipation of the upcoming holiday ahead in India and Sri Lanka helped to survive aversion from Sharge Night at the airport. Do not repeat our mistake, make out a transit emirate visa in Moscow!

Two refusal visa in the UAE

How to get a transit visa at Dubai Airport, if you do not fly by emirates?

In my situation, I flew by flight "Kenyan Airlines" With a transfer to Aeroflot. Transit visa provides (and without problems) only emirates, t.E. At least one segment should be their airline. It is clearly not my case. What to do in such a situation? You will fly to Terminal 1. Go on the signs – access to the city. Before the most passport control on the left there will be a service rack Murhaba – CityStop. They work around the clock. They can make a transit visa and book a hotel.

1. If you have a visa or mark of Israel, you can immediately forget about this service.
2. If between flights less than 8 hours – you will not be released.
3. Book a hotel must be the condition of the immigration authorities. Even if you spend 10 hours at day time in the city – the hotel is required.

How much is: a visa – $ 50 (in passport is not inserted, only stamps entry / check-out), package "Hotel + transfer" – About $ 200. The hotel took the cheapest, at that time turned out to be 4 *, in Bur-Dubai. Loved it very much.

Formalities and rules of entry into the UAE Personal experience

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