Formalities and rules of entry into Uruguay: Personal experience

From the Argentine capital, from the Madero port, there and back several times a day are the high-speed ferries of Buquebus. In the way, they spend a little more than an hour, tickets can be purchased online. Expensive, truth: Roundtrip costs more than 80 US dollars. From my route in Latin America Uruguay was the only visa country. I had to fork out and purchase an electronic ticket to the ferry, with whom I went to the Embassy for a visa, got it without problems, however, two weeks had to wait for permission from Montevideo. For a visa posted 1270 rings.

By the way, about passport control. And on the Argentinean coast, and on Uruguayan in ports representatives of the immigration services of both countries. Departing from Argentina, "We discharge" From her and immediately "We register" in Uruguay. When sailing from Uruguay – on the contrary. So passing passport control, in 9.30 I have already risen on a muddy la board on a very comfortable large ship with a good infrastructure – a restaurant, a bar, a Duty Fri shop, a playground for children, a word – a small floating town.

Visa in Uruguay

Passport control on the border of Uruguay and Argentina is quite ordinary and not simplified.

About a visa – yes, declare 30-35 days, but in fact I received in 10 days.

By the way, during the consideration of the application – the passport remains with you and the money of Uruguayans takes only only on the fact of receiving a positive answer – so you do not lose anything by submitting documents.

I myself sailed on the ferry Buenos Aires – Montevideo (directly, without a colony).

About the land border – acquaintances said that the border control is on each highway and the presence of a visa is checked.

Someone somehow wrote that the receipt of a visa in Buenos Aires takes 1-2 days. But here, because he did not come across himself, I can’t say anything more accurate.

Visa in Uruguay – not for nervous

Formalities and rules of entry into Uruguay Personal experience

Dear tourists, I will express my opinion, it is quite possible that you do not agree with him. Obtaining a visa in Uruguay – not for the faint of heart. Our representatives of the Embassy Uruguay are a nightmare! The site at the Embassy Uruguay is not, and the Embassy itself is only a couple of rooms in a building on a cow shaft. Long have to look for the right phone (which I have hardly found in Yandex). The list of necessary documents can be found only on this site.

Not the fact that you will be happy to answer by phone, and on the parish to the embassy it turns out that you need to fill in most documents in Russian, t.To. In the English lady working in the embassy, ​​does not understand. And God forbid to come to her on the reception with the hour before two days – she has lunch, and she is not going to press food because of such as we. It will be very long!

They said to make a certificate of non-support (just in case), in time it takes about a month. I brought it on time (about 1.5 weeks before the trip), but it turns out that I have to legalize it (they say, the fool itself did not do it). In terms of the deadlines. For 12 thousand rubles, the process can accelerate in special firms, just to have to get a visa! And here they declare that they do not know, this reference is needed or not.

Okay, with a calm soul waiting for his 30 days from the date of submission of documents to get a visa. I open the visas of neighboring countries, t.To. will be able to ride in Argentina at the weekend. It turns out that the Uruguay visa will be one-time, and this is my problem that I did not say that I need multiple. To resolve this question will be only there in Uruguay. Waiting for a visa for another 3 days, and then the embassy does not work – Holidays.

It turns out that for the month our side has not received a response from Uruguay. If the refusal would, it would be not so insulting, and then there is simply no answer and everything. Embassy’s response – deal with yourself and call where you want. Tomorrow I will fly away, and the visas are most likely not. I will solve the problem from Brazil or from somewhere, because here this lady absolutely do not care about me. Well, and she is just a pleasant appetite!

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