Formalities and rules of entry into France: personal experience

Today, the Category C visa was filed at a visa center on the Peace Avenue, and faced with some innovations not marked here on the site. The questionnaire, filled from hand is not accepted – only completed on the website of the WC (and there is also an entry for reception). But it is not difficult – you can fill it out and you can register somewhere near the cafe or on a bench in the courtyard (but it’s better somewhere in advance).

A few points disappeared in the questionnaire, including the date of the alleged completion of the valuation of the visa (where it was possible to specify the period for a year or two or three, now the visa center decides what time to give you). Also there was no visa type selection item – single or multi (apparently and it now solves the visa center himself). So now the expectation of the passport is a divination, for how long will the visa. But the most curious thing – to pick up the passport can not be in the same visa center, passports are closed somewhere on the Nagatinskaya embankment (and, according to the employee there is a certain uniform center of several VTS, and there are a lot of people there a lot), or delivery by courier. Both for an additional denyuzhka (this is already beyond what you pay in the article "Service Collection Center").

Perhaps these moments are already familiar with many submitters, but for us they have become a surprise.

Disappointment – Multi only six months

Today received passports for yourself and family. Disappointed, gave just half a year, although when submitting documents, an employee of the visa center made a mark that I request for 3 years. Shengen were 4 and 5 years ago, and one of them is the French Annual, and over the past 3 years only the European Union has been true – United Kingdom, but bunch of others – states, Australia and T.D., copies of all these visas attached. But it did not help. Can the visa center just earns so? Why give for 3 years, it means that they will definitely not come to them. But probably, and so I will not come to them the next time, I will go to the Greeks. Plus, a visa center takes 3 thousand to the duty for their services. The queues are large, the people are very many, on average for filing 1.5-2 hours, getting quickly – about an hour. The only plus – made mega frustrated, passed on Thursday, in the next. PND has already received passports.

Visa at the invitation – Dali Malti 90 days (I am a student, do not work)

Afraid that they would not give a visa, t.To. Over the past 3 years, there was no trips, a valid passport is clean, the term of the expected trip is large – 64 days. But still collected documents and went to file them in the VIC in Moscow.

That I brought there: 0) all sorts of forms: – a comprehensive agreement on the processing of personal data – a completed questionnaire for a visa + 2 photos 1) Documents: – Passport – copies of all pages. Internal passport – copies of all past visas (2 Schengen, England, Czech Republic) 2) For the purpose of the trip: – Inviting Attestation D’Accueil from the MR-in France for 64 days – a copy of the inviting passport (photography turn) 3) on financing: – Medical insurance for 35,000 € – a sponsored letter from Mom – an extract from the bank account of the mother – a copy of the mother’s passport (reversals with photography and with registration) – a copy of the birth certificate (to confirm the kinship)

In the visa center spent about an hour. A total defended three queues: on the flow of docks, on the cashier and on biometry. All turns on tongs, the staff is very polite. Submitted documents 30.05.2017, they were ready 05.06.2017. Visa gave a semi-annual, multi, 90 days.

How much did the financial cost: – 180 € per air tickets (bought in advance – in February) – 42 € for honey. insurance (made through the agency, which is cheaper) – 35 € for visa collection – 30 € to stamps for invitation – 25 € for help in filling out of the questionnaire – 24 € for service fee in VTS – 1 € to print photo (prepared and placed on a sheet herself) Total 337 € for all trains for traveling

Visa to France for three years

January 19 filed a visa to France through a visa center. On January 20, SMS has already arrived on the readiness of documents, although not asked for an accelerated consideration. Package of documents Standard from the site of the Embassy. Prior to this 2 Shengen: Spain (0.5 year) and Holland (1 year). And other countries outside the Schengen zone: (Dominican Republic, Mexico, Cuba, Egypt, Thailand and T.D.) Visa was given for three years! But it was necessary for some reason re-pass fingerprints and photographed. thanks! (P.S.For 5 years they did not give, t.To.Most likely no passport would allow;)

Frankuzkaya visa for half a year

Weird. Visa issued for a year

Well, somehow strange .

In December 2015 he was signed up for feeding through the GC in Moscow.

Feed 27.01.2016. All docks are passed, only the bank replaced 2-NDFL. Ross passport Only the main page and register on MZ, passable only the land page. Sn officially 280000 rubles, gender. Prior to that there were 3 French Schengen, 2 double-month.

Feed no complaints, payment in rubles. I passed the prints, the digital photo is not yet done, scanned from the questionnaire. Issuance on 01.02.2016.

Outcome: visa issued 28.01.2016, for a year.

Logic do not understand how and to whom they give for 5 years (the passport for the term intervened 5 years).

Visa in Moscow through a visa center

Filed documents for a visa on their own for the first time. The passport was the only visa of Lithuania two years ago issued strictly in the time of the trip.

The first country of entry of my upcoming route is Hungary, but in the end there I will spend only 2 days, and in France – a whole week. Therefore, submitted documents to the French visa center. Served a month before the trip, immediately after January holidays, there were practically no people. January 14, the visa center adopted documents. The whole procedure for checking documents, scanning prints, photographs, took 20 minutes (including the expectation of its turn on the coupon). Came without approval.

January 19 received a message about readiness (this is considering that the 16-17s were weekends). Visa issued from 18.01.16 for half a year that pleased.

Photos on a white background accepted, but for a passport used a photo taken when scanning prints.

Put a certificate from work with an indication of the salary, holiday timelines. Issument from a bank card, as well as just in case an extract for revolutions for the last 3 months. Tickets, hotels. Insurance made over the Internet.

For the first time it is always scary to do something on my own (I myself reread a bunch of reviews, while I decided). But if you have all the necessary documents, do not be afraid! Moreover, the friendliest workers of the Center will tell what documents you lack.

Good luck to everyone and pleasant travel!

French visa center

Hello everyone! Once this time I want to say a huge thanks to the employees of the French visa center for high-quality and operational work! Everything with a smile, politely, correctly! I get a Schengen visa only there! For the first time they gave for a year. Last year, he changed the passport for a 10-year-old, also immediately gave for a year. At the same time, I have a standard set of documents, booking booking, Aeroflot tickets. This year I filed in August, made 6 calendar days and voila! Dali for 5 years! Mercy.

Obtaining a visa in Yekaterinburg

5-year-old Schengen for 3 days

Five-year tourist visa in two days

Submitted documents on May 20, on Friday at 15.55 – five minutes before the closure of the visa center. Passport took on Tuesday, on May 24 – that is, the processing took one working day.

Passport "clean", Biometric.

Result: Five-year multivisa.

Everything is written on the site embassy (ticket back and back, insurance, hotel reservation and t.D.); Plus – a sponsorship letter from her husband (I do not work), an extract from his bank account with information that the map on my name is attached to this account; certificate from the place of study; A photocopy of the previous passport (it had five Schengen visas).

So do not be afraid to receive visas yourself, the consulate and the visa center work exceled.

French Multivisa

Experience getting a visa in the French visa center

French visa center

Unreasonably low visa. It is better to choose another embassy

The best visa experience

For the first time in life handed over the documents for a Schengen visa at the Visa Center of France on April 29, 2014, without approval. Prior to this were Schungren, issued by Spain, Italy and Norway. Came to the visa center at 15 -00, the documents took the extremely correct and friendly girl Olga. Waiting for an electronic queue, checking and receiving documents, payment fees took only 25 minutes.

05 May 12:32 Received SMS-ku that my passport returned from the embassy to the visa center, on the same day came to pick up documents – multivisas semi-annual! Taking into account the fact that from May 1 to May 4 there were festive and weekends, only a day left for the suspension of a visa!

This is the best, fast, positive, trouble-free experience of receiving any visa, a gum like a green husky. Very polite and pleasant staff.

Thanks to the French Embassy and Visa Center.This is my first trip to France, but I feel far away!

Schengen just 30 days!

French visa quickly

Multivisa in France

Working annual multivisa for 2 days

Visa was given from the date of submission of documents

The term of the French visa

Getting a French visa for 3 days

Short-term visa through the consular department of the French Embassy

Warranty letter instead of Greencart

I applied for a visa 2 months before the trip (by car), and Greencart sell only 30 days before departure. Therefore, instead of Greencarts filed a warranty letter, such as ". I, name, guarantee the purchase of Greencarts, 30 days before departure, for the period. ".

In addition, the child has a passport less than 3 months after return (lacked a few days). A visa was issued three days later, the child is exactly the number of requested days, in the day. And I gave us my wife for 2 months. I am pleased.

Order layout of documents

The order of layout of documents when submitted through a visa center in Moscow:

Formalities and rules of entry to France Personal experience

2. Photo: One must be glued to the questionnaire, the second is signed with the reverse side and attached to the clip. The background must necessarily be light blue or light gray. I made a remark because there was a white background.
4.Ticket booking
5. Financial documents, along with sponsors, who needs it
6.Copy of the front page of the passport (not needed)
7.Additional documents (in t.C. Copy of the passport of the Russian Federation of all pages and t.D.)
For a child: if he rides with both parents, all too
nine.Hotel reservation
ten.Passport (copy of all pages).
Service collection 1170 rubles + consular fee 1540 ruble = Total: 2710 rubles per person.

Visa to France for 4 days

Lovely service, small queues, friendly staff and visa for 4 days.

Very pleased with the work of FRs France in Moscow, filed documents 5 working days before the trip and received a visa 12 hours before departure. The work of the FC is delighted, the queue ranked five minutes, the consultant carefully checked all the documents and asked to print copies of those who were missing. There are computers and a printer to the WC, everything quickly printed and filed documents.

The passport was brought at 6 pm to the MC, sent SMS, arrived, took. As a result of the visa for a trip, but only 4 working days.

Visa to France for a tutorial without problems

Getting a French visa in St. Petersburg without local registration

Served on their own visa in the Visa Center St. Petersburg. Wednesday, 10.07, Monday 15.07 at 9 am already info on the site that passports can be taken, what we did. Dali multi for half a year! Before that was another Schengen, too, for half a year. St. Petersburg registration and temporary registration in St. Petersburg and Lo no. As a confirmation that you live here, enough help from work.

Provided all hotel reservations in all cities (half of stay was paid in advance), paid plane tickets back-back, certificate of work with the position and SP, certificates of account status on credit card and debit card, insurance for all stay.

Paid on 2600 rubles per person (35 euro collection and fee for registration).

1. Photos can be made there in the visa center in a couple of minutes.

Before that, we wanted to make an urgent design of a French visa through the company – they asked for 10,000 rubles with people, the terms of approximate are the same, plus a personal interview in the consulate. Some firms are asking for it 12000-13000. Believe it is not worth it. It is better to spend this money on oysters with white wine upon arrival 🙂 counted these expenses with unreasonable spending, all the longer the time difference differ from the standard for 1-3 days. The company makes lime armor and tickets for urgent feed – I do not advise you, a familiar has a refusal for such a scheme, maybe the consulate is already scientific and knows how to calculate the Lipon 🙂 By the way, in some firms do not accept documents to a French visa without temporary registration in the region – incompetence terrible)

In general, in fact everything turned out to be simple, nice and fast! I strongly recommend personal feed! Many thanks to the employees of the Center and Consulate! Good luck and great travel!!

Petersburg: issued an annual visa for three working days

I live in St. Petersburg – everything usually use Finnish visas for trips throughout Europe. Finland has simplified visa regime for the inhabitants of our city and they always give multivis. The disadvantage of this approach is that visas need "tilt" – ride in Finland only for the sake of the stamp so that later you can easily go to another country. I do not like this approach, so I make visas in those countries where I’m going to spend most of all days.

And then I was lucky. Submitted documents on July 5 (Friday), and already the tenth (on Wednesday) the passport returned from the consulate. It is incredibly fast, compared to how much the visa to Finland is issued. Dali Annual with the right of multiple entry. Documents that I supplied: Copies of passports, a copy of free armor (with free cancellation) in a hotel with Booking.COM (Ibis Toulouse Universite), Flights, Help with work and pictures.

Receiving a visa for the first time, IP

Booking a hotel and air tickets bought from Deltsov – as a result of refusal

On May 30, a package of documents for obtaining French Schengen on Himself, Son and My Mama was lucky in Moscow. Documents collected very carefully. Booking of hotels and air tickets bought from Deltsov selling insurance near VC. Documents passed quickly. He climbed the employee of the VDS request to check everything. After 5 days, SMS came.

He arrived, received envelopes, and there in each letter, that in a visa denied due to: n.eight. Information about the goals and conditions of the trip is unreliable. (. ) What does it mean – I do not know. Everywhere indicated – tourism. NS.nine. Your intention to leave the territory of the Shegen’s countries is not established (. ). Unclear.

Applied old passports, so there is no place. All French, and not only, visas are clogged. In new passports, a couple of 2-year visas in America (this is each). Plus all sorts of brands and stamps of various visa-free countries. Even a visa to North Korea has. And these check you under the microscope. Wonderful things your, french consulate!

Submission of documents without recording

The first experience of an independent trip, at the end of May 2013, turned to the visa center without a preliminary recording, came in the morning before the discovery, was a turn on the street. At the input metal detector, you need to turn off the phone and submitted. passport.

Immediately took a ticket to the photo – 100 rubles for 6 pieces, cheaper than photo sealing and acc. Embassy requirements, then received a coupon for submission of documents and waited about 5 minutes. I handed over myself for my mother (I am an adult), and here it turned out that you need to present the original birth certificate. An hour later, Mom came with the testimony, took the coupon again and waited less than 10 minutes.

Documents need to be decomposed for two packs – for yourself and for a relative, respectively, the hotel reservation and electronic flights must be in two copies, I had to do photocopies. On this my shoals ended.

The girl in the window was very strict, made comments, I was already waiting for what was wrapped, but in the end we all accepted and we paid the visa fee 5010 rubles for two, it is the cost and visa services, and service center services.

There is also a consultant in the hall, which will tell how to fill out questionnaires (and answer other questions). Served on Friday, SMS came already next Thursday. I arrived in the afternoon on Friday, for the issuance of passports 3 windows, after 11 minutes called, received envelopes, I was given a cartoon for a year (my fourth French visa), my mother for six months (her first French visa, before that 2 Shengen over the past 3 years). Interestingly, the date of commencement of visas falls on the day of issuing T.E May 29, and not by the beginning of a trip to the end of June. Judging by other reviews on the net, the French now began to issue long visas more often.

I work with documents, so here is my advice: be sure to check all the data in your financial documents so that all passport data and the address of the registration in your 2ndfl corresponded to the Russian passport data, there was no typos (the post of signatory certificate – "Dieror", "bull" and T.e), a telephone organization was specified to which you can call (and it was even desirable, was detected on the Internet when searching for data on the organization), a certificate from the place of work is the same, on the branded form and without typos, in order to in the insurance name, date of birth and the term of insurance corresponded to the data of the cloud and a trip (for the first time the insurance agent has accumulated from the date of birth mom, I saw and replaced me right there). And then people take such documents from the accounting department without looking, without reading, and then they are wrapped on the filing, or, even worse, they refuse to visa. Be careful! Booking Booking.Com because it is already a standardized form of a document with addresses, names and phones. I got a reservation from my hotel directly through the mail on the original form, so I also twisted all the data. I believe that the quality of documents is much more important than thousands of rubles in your discharge. Also, the photocopies of the Russian passport must be clear, the numbers in the code in the press on the second page readable.

When filling out the docking profile, did not put, left the field empty, and the data at the place of work indicated the same as in financial references, the same addresses and phones. At the end, 4 signatures put 4 signatures – the same as in the passport – the fourth signature on obtaining multi-shengen.

I evaluate the work of the visa center as good, and I wish everyone good luck to get visas.

Formalities and rules of entry to France Personal experience

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