Formalities and rules of entry to Italy: personal experience

Perfectly works now the VC of Italy in Moscow in the Small Tolmachevsky Lane. Very clear organization Work, friendly employees, ready to advise and help. Attended with her daughter (I have a visa). Documents submitted almost instantly – within 10 minutes!

On the third day, the daughter received a passport with a visa.

Multi-miracle Schengen from Italy

Greetings. Attention to all non-residents in Russia. I have several multivis for different times. From 3 months to 3 years.

Italy surprised. 20 days Multivisa. 5 days stay.

Almost forgot what I am in Russia

I received a visa at the Visa Center of Italy in St. Petersburg. That was the first experience of self-immersion in this ocean of bureaucracy – previous trips were either organized by travel agencies that would anticipate the need to get involved in paper rolls, or in more gentle age parents. So, I was nervous, because I am a Russian and do not know about the horrors of the bureaucratic system.

Prepared a package of documents – booking of hotel and tickets, a certificate from the university, a check from an ATM and a copy of the card (by chance in the copy center made a copy of both sides of the bank card – in the visa center they said the next time so do not do, the CVV code is already excessive information). Scientific harsh realities of the native country (Hi, UFMS and other services) decided to come early the time scheduled via online. But on time, he opened the appointment sent to the email box and saw a request to come to the center no more than 10 minutes before the specified time. Has still half an hour to drink coffee in the nearest "Starbakse". With me, I did not have insurance and photos – in order to certainly decided to make them in the very center, the benefit on the site it is indicated that all this can be done on the spot.

The visa center is located on the fifth floor of a neat and beautiful BC, but if you need insurance to save time and immediately rush on the fourth floor. Directly at the elevator is the office of the travel agency, in which you will still send the guard to receive a cherished insurance document. It will take only a passport and the date of departure to the Schengen zone. Yes, there are only cash in the travel agency, but on the first floor there is a branch of Sberbank.

Then with a package of documents (you will be photographed in a visa) pass to the fifth floor. Show the security door off the phone, pass through the frame. To the right of the respected reception to the worker, they say, by recording, for filing. You give you a twin and you begin to wait for turn, looking at the electronic scoreboard. I have an expectation took about three minutes – the windows are only twenty, it works at the same time about six. Perhaps I was lucky (came on weekday at noon), perhaps in the visa center there is a really thoughtful and coordinated system of work. 3ded the girl in the window documents, once again clarified the contact details, put several signatures. Took the neighboring corridor, photographed. Issued a contract and said with him and with a Russian passport wait for the queue on the same tongue to the cashier. After a minute five expectations passed on the cashier, paid. If anything, in the most visa center, you can pay everything in a bank card (seemingly with a commission of 50 rubles, but I have a card of Aeroflot Bonus Sberbank, so that extra spending are extra miles, what to do). They said to keep track of the readiness of documents on the site. Four working days later returned to pick up a ready passport with a visa!

All employees of the visa center in St. Petersburg are charming and friendly people – work is performed with a sincere smile, even when you ask the obvious things ten times. Very advise!

Spit in the face

My husband and I have a house in Montenegro and last year we went to the car back and forth through the floor of Europe. To do this, received a Lithuanian visa. Some miracle to us, in an empty passport gave cartoon for a year. Lithuania we visited the passage, each time they spent the night.

Now the question arose about moving to his house in Montenegro and receive a residence permit. Began to think, a visa of which country ask. Decided to submit documents for the visa of Italy. Our house is located in the city of Bar, from where the ferry goes to Italian Bari. We decided to go that time not through Croatia, but through Italy, to pass it completely, from north to south, enter Montenegro on the ferry. In an explanatory note, we wrote that we plan to visit Italy several times for the validity period of the visa and honestly they were going to do this (asked for 2 years, t.To. This is the second Schengen, calculated the minimum on the annual cartoon).

Surprises began the next day. A few days in a row, a staff of the consulate with questions about the route and armor (we booked a hotel on the first day in Italy, and then planned to book along the route or stop in motels on the way, as always). I had to book 2 more hotels. Sent documents.

Next came sishin. The promised period of issuing a visa is 5 days – passed, and the status of our documents on the website of the visa center was never updated. I called twice there, but I received only rudeness and arrogant mockery from the operators on the phone.

The status of documents was updated the day before the alleged trip (that is, in 2 weeks). I went for the documents, and what was my surprise when I found a two-time visa for a period of 20 days with the right of stay in the Schengen zone 5 days. Despite the fact that we are going on the car (we have annual greenart), and in the way anything can happen. We were given only 5 days to get to our house in Montenegro by car, and we can go back as we want, but not through the Schengen zone. Teleport, probably we must.

Very sore about your decision to ask for a visa of Italy. We paid considerable money, and also hit the early registration of new international passports (our passports are twisted for another 2.5 years), which is also quite expensive. Why so: after a trip to Montenegro, as a rule, free pages in the passport becomes 2-3 less, because the Croats and Chernogorians put their stamps in the middle of a blank village, and we will simply won’t be free for the next visa.

I want to celebrate one point: the passport is a Category C, but for 5 days. That is, it is in pure form transit visa category in. Then why S?

In general, I’m sitting. The mood is worse than now, as they spit in the face. I understand that the truth does not find anywhere. But it is very unpleasant that my belief that in Europe people are more humane and ready for understanding, tolerates significant transformations. Say that I am disappointed – say nothing. Nausea and disgusting on the soul, like after undeserved spit in face.

Italy’s visa center was not easy, but everything turned out

Approaching the visa center on m. Tolmachevsky Lane, surprised by the great cluster of the people, it was in the literal sense. It turned out because of the failure of computers in the visa center, people stopped launching inside, so the newcomers accumulated at the entrance. If briefly, it was crazy: being in the epicenter of the crowd, you realize that they can and dislocate the edge or hand, really did not extend, the guard is unable to destroy the situation. Inside we turned out to be some kind of miracle, all wet from sweat, disheveled, but broke out! Running for the 3rd floor, took the coupon, paid for the dachum in the area of ​​5700 rubles for two, then 50 minutes were waiting for the queue., came to myself after " torture" At the entrance to the building. Finally, our turn came up, accepted quickly, immediately for the rack and fingerprints handed over. The last barcode of the visa collection is 4800 rubles approximately, again for two. Documents were served: one photo from everyone, help from work, accounting, checkout, hotel reservation, reservation, insurance, a copy of the passport of the 1st page, a copy of the Russian passport -2x page, questionnaire and additional sheet consent to the processing of documents. After three days a paid SMS came (50 rubles). Hooray, visa is ready! Asked for a year, gave a year! Both! Over the past three years, we had a Greek Schengen-3 x month and I still have Spain annual. In general, everything is fine, which ends well.

Italian multivisa for a year

Good day good!

I want to share the experience of visa design in the Italian visa center in g.Moscow.

Since I myself live in the city, in which, to great regret, there is no Italian visa center, I had to go alone in the capital.

From September 14, 2015, now everyone needs to personally appear in the visa center for fingerprints, so it was not an option through the firms 🙂

Documents that I have prepared were the following:
1. Invitation from a citizen of Italy in a specific format (sample is on the website of the visa center) + copies of his passport and Identity Card;
2. Reservation of plane tickets (already purchased and paid tickets);
3. Certificate of work on the company’s branded forms;
4. Travel insurance;
5. Financial guarantee (requested an extract in Sberbank about the status of the account – opened the currency account, so as not to fly due to the unstable year. Calculation of funds is convenient and understood on the website of the visa center. My 34 days – 1235 euros should have been on the account. I put a little more. Just in case);

The Italian visa was only two Schengen visas:
– Greek (only on the time of the trip);
– Spanish multivisa for half a year.

The questionnaire requested a visa for 2 years, but approved for a year than I basically were quite pleased 🙂

Service Collection 2200 + I connected the service for 50 rubles (SMS-notification of readiness). I thought I would get sms and calmly I will cook suitcases. Specially took tickets for the evening (departure from the same Moscow) to have time to call the visa center, pick up the passport and fliet, but not there was! Submitted on December 24 documents, on December 29, a SMS notification came about that "Your documents are ready for extradition".

I called the visa center – and there they informed me that you know that we approved the visa or not, you will learn only when you get all your documents on your hands.) I, of course, was not very happy, but decided to go to Moscow again (and this is 15 hours by train)), in order to be confident. But in the event of a failure and battlefield would be good for the plane, and indeed calm the January holidays for suitcases to cook.

In general, I took my visa and happily there was no limit – because this is my first experience of visa design yourself.Yes, and successful!:)

And yes, by the way, in the visa center everyone works smartly, everything is debugged.

Impressions only positive!:) Good luck to all:)

Operational work of the Italian MC, visa in two days

Submitting documents on November 10, the 12th visa was ready. No queues, filing documents took 5-7 minutes. Dalited an annual visa 🙂

Visa in Italy only for the trip

Italians give a visa only for travel time.

Through the car operator in November 2015. Before that two annual (France, Spain), before this semi-annual (Spain). Passport period for a few more years. So do not share.

Italian visa in Moscow for a year for a young girl

He received a visa in the Moscow Visa Center on Tuesday 02.09.2014, submitted documents on Thursday 28.08.2014. A trip to 7.09. SMS came in the morning (paid-50 rubles., If desired) and I immediately went to Tretyakovskaya. Dali Annual Multi with a limit of 90 days.

No queues that when passing documents, that when receiving a passport. All cute. When entering the building, turn off completely mobile.

From the documents filed:
-Copy 1 page and visa gangs,
-Air Armor and Hotels with Bucking for two different dates to give a multi. -The application indicated the selected hotel nearest by date. What dialed at home on the computer was incorrectly, I had pure statements with me.I filled them from hand as it should, the window operator suggested.
-a copy on 1 sheet of credit cards (maestro) on both sides and with a receipt from an ATM on the remaining of funds (110 thousand) + Original receipt provided them too.

Io amo Italia! Visas for 2 years!

Operational work of the visa center

Submission of documents for a visa in July 2014

I did not take place my trip to Italy! Then where is my passport.

I’m read here for flattering reviews about issuing visas to Italy in a short time. Apparently all this really write people who are lucky to get a visa in a short time. I think they would be another opinion if you got into my situation. The documents applied not to itself, but through a proven tour operator, I gave the documents for May 20, then under the contract a copy of which I was sent from the agency. It turned out that the documents were sent to the Central Documents.

Tickets were already bought on June 21 because the CCTO assured me that everything would be on time!

and what? Today is June 25, and there is still no passports with a visa. worried very much that could not go and relax as planned, but the most important thing is that now the nerves at the limit even more. Where is my passport? Where is my new passport which only made and old in which there were American visas and Schengen?? where to run and who complain?? Suddenly everyone lost it.

In the agency, the hands are bred – they might wait. and how many?? those who brought and passed the documents on June 19 already all received visas and why my delay.

Italy Visa Center in St. Petersburg

Obtaining a visa in Nizhny Novgorod

I want to share the experience of obtaining an Italian visa in Nizhny Novgorod. Independently made a visa for the first time, in connection with which it was very worried. As it turned out, in vain, in fact, everything is very simple, the main thing carefully examine the list of necessary documents. The work of Italy’s visa center in Nizhny Novgorod pleased. The staff is very polite, friendly. Everything is organized, clearly, no queues. Signed by 9.00, exactly in time began to take. First check the package of documents. The questionnaire filled in sample on the website of the visa center. In the questionnate, some fields were not filled with me, because I did not know what to specify. The young man who takes the documents, filled the missing. I submitted a printout of electronic plane tickets, a hotel accommodation voucher (the hotel was paid). Help with work printed itself in English (on the Internet is full of samples). As a financial guarantee provided an extract on a ruble account for six months, but they took only the last page with the amount of the residue.

After checking the documents, the receipts were issued to pay for the consular fee – 35 euros and services of the visa center – 1750 rubles, and sent medical. Insurance. Insurance is drawn up in the same room, but in another office, everything was very quick, gave a passport, called the trip and went to the bank. While paid fees (in the Bank of Inza, which is also in the same building), insurance was ready (for 4 days from 12.06 to 15.06 Cost 170 rubles). The total filing time of documents was 40 minutes. Documents filed on May 21, they said to look at the site approximately May 30, but on May 28, the documents were ready. Dali Multivagu for a year, before that there were one-time Czech and one Austrian visa.

Visa for 3 days

Visa for 2 years. Quickly and without unnecessary questions

Requested a visa to a new passport. In the old 2 annual Finnish tiles and semi-annual Spanish. Set of documents for a visa standard. Work operatively.

Result: 2-year visa to a new passport ! My best recommendations Visa Center.

Visa to Italy – Dali quickly for 2 years

Obtaining a visa

To give a child to a visa for a long period

For the child to give a visa for a long period, apply consent to the departure, for this period, from both parents

In the year ITALY-Russia, if you have 2 Shengen in your passport – will give a year if more – for two years. Child Max. for a year, even if he has many Schengen. The child must necessarily require consent to the exit from both parents for a long period, if you want a long-term visa. And Greece has already issued a visa for 5 years, Oh sorry, it was later stated by.

Fast visa

Experience in visa treatment in the Moscow Service Center

Today I gave yourself to a visa to Italy through the service center. Recorded on 9.30, but arrived at the center of 7th in the morning (by car and without traffic jams from the region got – successfully turned out). Parking near the center is, paid, state – 60 rubles per hour (I pay through the application mobile). To 8 o’clock began to pull the people. To 8.30 already officially designated parking places began to miss and the people were parked on the roadway because of what was some difficulties with the movement.

At the entrance in the service center, the security is asked to be politely turned off cells (at all). There is also an ATM of Intesa Bank and coffee machine.

I wanted to make money, but the ATM refused to issue cash both from Sber, and the ICD, and Rife -Banks. Went to look for other ATMs. Relatively close to b.Tolmachevskaya Street there is a branch of Sber and some other bank. In general, I did not stay without money for service and consular fees. Time on the clock 9.40.

Rose to the 3rd floor of the service center visa. Passed registration at the reception. Approached the guard that printed through the terminal to us the coupons in the cashier and to the insurance agent (I did not buy in advance and did not make the insurance policy, was lazy). In the bank got a moment we called to the operator. Operator – Svetlana, politely met, asked somewhat clarifying issues and announced the final cost for the payment of the consular fee. In total, about 10-15 operating students worked in the bank (approximately). Made a proposal to issue a debit or credit card of their bank. The payment process took about 5 minutes. Wished a good day, after which I went to execute the insurance policy. Polis also issued a minute for 2-3 minutes. Through the Internet alpha insurance, the policy of 14 days cost 580 rubles, in the service center from Rosgosstrakh – 620 rubles paid. After approached again to "Uncle" who issued coupons for electronic queue. He issued me 470 and 471 number. At that moment a turn was 409. Without the way toilet (by the way, it was clean and neat), a little chateled, the people around 20-30 minutes went about 20-30 minutes and the manager named Irina passed. She greeted us, asked for whom we handed the documents and asked them to provide. Registration of a package of documents, with a clipping of our photos, cleaning from unnecessary documents (made a copy of a civil passport, copies of all visas that were in a passport) designed an inventory of accepted documents, filled out the application for the delivery of a passport by the courier service DHL, formed a contract. 3 applications took time about 15-20 minutes. Then we made a payment at the checkout, where the queue was max 5 minutes and satisfied at 10.40 left the service center.

Reviews What you can hang there for 2-3 hours I consider it nonsense. 3 statements for 1 hour – I consider an excellent indicator. Roughness also did not meet any of the employees. Only smiles and good mood!

Requested visas for 2 years (180 + 180) – let’s see what put in the embassy.

"welcome" in Italy!

"welcome" in Italy!

More than Hamsky relationship I have not seen in any consulate! Collected with family (me, wife and two children) for 12 days in Italy. 9 days Rome. 3 days Florence. Departure April 27. Documents filed February 28. Condition on April 25 "Documents for consideration".

Disappeared plane tickets (return funds in case of refusal to receive a visa, and you have "Documents for consideration"), train, tickets to the Vatican, and all sorts of insurance fees and t.D. And all this happens in "Year of tourism ITALY-Russia"!!

Getting an Italian visa yourself

I was given a visa for a year, a child for 3 months

Italy Visa Center in Moscow

Horrible consulate work

Visa to Italy

Italy Visa Center in St. Petersburg

This is a terrible institution. My personal experience crying.

I’ll start with prices:
1. Insurance of traveling abroad everywhere costs 500-600 rubles for a month of stay during the year (on three) in the MC stands for 9 days 1500 with fixed dates.
2. A photocopy of one sheet costs 25 rubles.
3. If you do not have enough money to confirm the financial security for a trip to Italy, (calculation of 50 € per person / day) then you can buy euro directly to the century at the rate of 49 with kopecks.
Rudeness of employees (maybe I am not lucky and I ran into a strange person) she was frankly mad, forced me to run to Xerox once 20 on one piece of paper, and then stated that I did not have enough documents. I demanded a sponsorship certificate. Get something that is? It was impossible, after a long period of time and enjoyed by my humiliation, she worked through his teeth – it concerns your 10-year-old son, he can’t pay for himself!!

Having come home I checked on the Internet this reference is provided only for children over 14 years old. Or on housewives husband writing.

People are horror. If it is not possible not to go there it is better to collect documents and try through a travel agency.

While I waited in the hall flashed some girls, who apparently provide services to carry out your documents h / s. Apparently not just like that. Since the coupons with the numbers were not invited in order, but as the 107 then got 128. And you sit with your 108 hours and wait stupidly. I did not experience such humiliation with my 28 Shengeni in the same consulate. Of course you need to complain but the question is where?

Visa through the consulate for the week in St. Petersburg

Consulate of Italy in St. Petersburg accepts documents for a visa without recording, in order of a living queue. We came about 10-30, were eighth in line for filing. But it is better to come as early as possible (start working at 9-30), because agents with a large number of passports are served through the consulate. Waited for about an hour, then in 15 minutes we accepted all the documents and gave a receipt for receipt in a week (and indeed in a week everything was ready).

If the visa is the first in the passport, then give for half a year. Students of full-time college or universities give a free visa for six months. If you do not pay for the trip, you will need a sponsorship and an extract from the person’s account that pays for you.

Transit through Rome

It is planned to travel from St. Petersburg to Chile, the transplant in Rome (FUUMISCHINO) for several hours. For some reason, Timatic issues information that the transit is already 48 hours

"Visa Required, Except For Holders of Onward Tickets for a Max. TRANSIT FOR DETAILS, CLICK HERE TIME OF 48 Hours Only Through Milan, Malpensa (MXP), Rome Fiuricino (FCO) and VENICE (VCE). * Note:
Twov Is Not Possible WHEN Arriving From A Non-Schengen Member State and Departing To A Schenegen Member State "

Visa for 3 weeks?

Documents surrendered 26.12.13, the status on the site does not change the 3rd week with sent to the consulate.

Before the trip to Italy should have been a working trip, which has already broken. In writing to the consulate, polite answers come to the consulate that all efforts will make, but the status of documents does not change. Colleague at work passed documents 27.01.13 visa output previously said 14.ten. Maybe they have some kind of system failure?

About the work of the Italian visa center

Visa to Italy

Italian visa: independence taxis

The first thing to know is that the visa can be obtained 3 months before the alleged departure. And when there is time, you can easily do without any heap of intermediaries on a visa center or insurers near him.

So in order: a visa recording received sending data of passports and the estimated date of departure, as well as the necessary visa on [Email&# 160; Protected] Judging by my email experience checks on periodic graphics. A week was not a response, nor lead, but then for one day, by specifying by mail, some moments recorded on the reception of documents to the consulate that on the Yakiman Embankment 10.

The form of the questionnaire, the completion order, as well as the other documents necessary for the submission to the visa are easy to find on the network, at least on the website of the VIC itself or from the documentation at the consulate itself. Perhaps the most important thing is not to try to rest something or exaggerate, t.To. Possible testing of your data should not be excluded and in case of deception, the likelihood of obtaining a visa is greatly reduced. Fotami problems: 3×4 or 3.5×4.5, the color of the back background, 80% of the size of the face in the photo or not – do not exist, take what you bring, just in color (verified in our case).

Insurance issued Target ="_Blank" REL ="Nofollow">here, the cost (250 rubles per person for a two-week trip) was pleasantly pleased and rolled subsequently without problems. Flights were fully paid, and only the reservation (not paid) sent by the hotel.

By the way, the personality of the 2nd or 3rd guest in the room of the Italians is clearly not interesting (the main thing to file documents are then together), but only indicated by the one for whom the number is booked.

35 euro + 100r per person for a visa paid in an infesa bank that in a century in small Tolmachevsky., 6 (It was necessary to see their dissatisfied persons, words not to describe when they realized that I had their services to anything). The questionnaire honestly indicated the function of the activities of Freilance (programming) and put an extract from the ruble account, whose size in 5 blocked the required minimum for the trip. Issues did not arise and despite the lack of visas in the last 3 years, a clean passport and a visa request for a certain time under the trip after 7 days received a three-month cartoon.

Nothing complicated, the main thing only want. )))))))

Visa for 2 years through the Consulate of Italy in St. Petersburg

Italian visa in Nizhny Novgorod

Visa through the Consulate of Italy in St. Petersburg

Served on September 25 in St. Petersburg to the Consulate of Italy: – Without recording in the reception time (C 9-30 to 12-00 with PN PT), – prepared a standard set of documents (there is on the site) + Additionally applied, – made a lot of references 2-NDFL and a letter from the tax on returning me money from the budget + certificates from the bank and checks from the ATM on two cards – all contracts on work, as I do not work now officially (freelancer) + job description with the phrase, which is going to work out officially In connection with the purchase of housing in the Russian Federation + his business card and photo (from work – I am a coach for ballroom dancing).

Came exactly 9-30, reception time. Nobody inspected me. It was in line for filing the fifth (mostly all served on workers, business visas). At 11 o’clock came out of the consulate. They said that it was necessary to come to take a passport after October 2. In the passport 2 Finnish visas and one Spanish + visa-free trips and failure of England in extradition. Requested a multiple entry visa for 2 years – the questionnaire was told writing that the date of departure from the Schengen Zone 2015.

Visa through the Consulate of Italy – Easy!

Using Alexey’s advice, wrote several times on [email&# 160; Protected], there was no answer for two weeks. I spent 15 minutes on the dialing to the consular department (yes, all this time I hung in the queue with number 4). There they were told that this is a mail secretariat, and visa requests must be sent to the visa mail that is on the site. I was left half an hour on his search, but I found it: [email&# 160; Protected]

Despite the fact that I was told on the phone that the record was open only at the beginning of October (it was August 27 and I, it turns out, did not have time before the trip), I was answered immediately and recorded on September 17. Visa was ready exactly in a week. No queue, we were in the lists – we were given a paper with the print and attached to it by our correspondence by mail. You can come before the designated time – as often the people do not come on time, and then they are next name for the list. The girl in the window was very loyal. In particular, it was necessary to file a copy of the Birth of Birth (I served as my mom), and I had the original, she did not take anything in the end. Gave us semi-annual visas. Italian Schengen was not before, and mom is in general an empty passport with a pair of stamps. So boldly in the consulate! Moreover, the year of Italy in Russia began, and they promised to give long visas.

Visa to Italy in August in two days!

My first visa to Italy

Mini-story about getting my first visa. I will start with the fact that I was going to submit directly to the Consulate of Italy. But read that it is impossible and so on. And decided to contact VIC. Next time I will contact directly. Gathered the desired set of documents (I am an unemployed student), recorded on July 31 (strongly in advance). It is an hour an hour. Record at 10: 00-10: 25, came earlier. Came up to the girls behind the counter, then to a man behind the coupon. And immediately caught fire my number. The windows there are a bunch! It was a medium and the people there was no little nor a lot.

The girl accepted the documents, gave back one photo, almost all copies of the passport, I paid a visa collection. I was told to count on Monday. I thought to the last thing they would not give. Already calculated other options))) and then in Mon in the morning I check the status of documents and indeed, the passport is ready. There was no turn again, my number was immediately highlighted. I can not describe the feeling when you open a passport with a fresh cartoon for 3 months;) nice. TOTAL. 5 days waiting for a passport (thought it will be longer, t.To. Visas detained). Good luck to everyone and pleasant trips;)

Italy’s visa center works fine

Viva Italia, or visa in Omsk

2 weeks I’m waiting, but there is no visa.

No complaints

I will share my positive experience. Visa issued independently at the invitation. Invitation (not from the resident) was sent by email I printed. Plus copies of the inviting documents and the property lease agreement in Italy.

Departure 29.7.2013. July 7, signed up for the submission of documents on the site on July 9. At the arrival received a coupon for an electronic queue, waited about 2 minutes. Reception of documents + Conclusion of the contract and payment took about 20 minutes. On the coupon, it was noted that obtaining 12.7.2013. July 10 checked the status of documents – it was written that sent to the consulate. July 12 I receive an SMS message that documents are ready (3 working days it turned out). Since it was uncomfortable on Friday, I went to grate July 15 on Monday. Again in line failed no more than 5 minutes. Getting 2 minutes))) And here in the hands of a passport with a visa.

A total of filing before receiving documents – 6 days. All super))

Semi-annual visa to Italy for 4 days

Visa made for 3 days

Made multivitz for 7 days!

Visa for 7 days

Everything came to normal!

Not so bad, as they say

Obtaining a visa – all on time

This year, the will of fate, it turned out that the journey was scheduled for several countries, including in Italy. And so it happened that it was in the Italian visa center that it was necessary to request a visa (there are some troubles in the consulates of other countries). Sign up directly to the consulate of time was not, since the circumstances of the trip and the rules in the consulates of other countries changed only in early June. Documents were filed 11.06.

21.06 Everything was already ready. I did not expect that they will give so quickly, because after reading the reviews thought that all documents would be at least 27.06 in the evening, or even 28.06. Probably those who have everything turned out normally, mostly not unsubscribe.

There is no special complaints about the work of the visa center – everything is quick if you tell. True with my trip (Italy, Croatia, Hungary, . ) They themselves confused in terms of counting days of stay in Schengen due to the presence of Croatia in the route, which will now be in the European Union, but not in Schengen. But all this was decided after 10 minutes. It is almost unrealistic to reach them (almost the 100th in line).

What is interesting on the visa itself. I and my wife made Multivise for 3 months with the possibility of staying in the Schengen zone for 30 days. Both children – multivisas exactly for the period of the current trip. Although that the wife is that children have the number of Schengen visas in the passport was the same, and the Italian Schengen has no one at all.

Visa to Italy in June

Visas make long, especially in summer

Cracked rest due to visas delay

Getting a visa to Italy – Waiting for almost a month

Passed the passport for a visa to Italy on May 24, in the reminder issued, the date of receipt was on May 30, 31 was surprised to find that "Passports sent to the consulate". It became slightly exciting, as we are submitted to the Italian visa not the first time, and always received passports on time. The girl in the visa center my fears only strengthened, she said that now visas are issued, only to those who fly out in the coming days, and I will give me a visa closer to my departure.

Since I have a departure on July 23, then my plans were made after receiving an Italian visa, visiting the Great Britain’s visa center, to obtain a visa to the United Kingdom. I naively believed that two months would be enough to obtain two visas. I asked the employee of the visa center why I did not say about the real terms of obtaining a visa, and what can be done to get it in the near future, as June 11, an interview in the visa center of Great Britain. The answer was the next that no one knows the deadlines, and help me can not. Then I called the consulate, after a 20-minute hearing of classical music, I was connected to me with an employee and advised me to write a statement with the reasons because of which the visa needs me earlier than before the departure. I wrote two letters in electronic form to the visa center and the consulate, and attached to them printed coupons for an interview in the UK, and then filed the same application personally in the visa center, it was June 3.

For two days, silence and the status of documents has not changed. I decided to call the consulate again, spending about the first hour, I heard again that I could not help me and at all why I passed the documents through the visa center, so if I passed directly to the consulate, I would have received them long ago. It was the morning of June 5, and I decided to go to the consulate. There I found about 20 people who united that they should fly away in the near future or no longer flew away, but their passports are on vacation. Moreover, the visa center states that the documents at the consulate, and the consultation, which was handed over to the center so with them and ask them. Everyone is waiting that after 14 hours an employee will be released and solve all the problems. I returned to the consulate at 16 o’clock, the people arrived, the employee went down, the statements accepted and left either saying a word. Many wanted to just return the passports, already without a visa, but where and when they can be obtained remained a mystery.

I realized that the interview for a British visa must be transferred. Closer to the evening information from growth from the growth of Italian visas, from the end of April, initiated by major tour operators who have people sit on suitcases at airports. When I get a visa, I will definitely write.

Disgusting work of the visa center

Italy’s visa center – Thought for a very long time

Getting an Italian visa – to yourself and children

Visa to Italy – after the annual gave a semi-annual

Italy visa center services in EKB – work is done, but impressions are not very

Share experience. I have a trip to Europe (Italy, France, Spain).

I live in Tyumen, gathered in the May holidays to go to submit documents to the visa center in Ekb. On the eve of the trip found that you need a record :)))

The website of the visa center did not work temporarily, called, the girl from the visa center said that the nearest entry on May 24. Upset, T.To. To ask yourself from work for a trip to Ekb I did not want. The next day earned the site, I decided to sign up. Curiosity for the sake of the sake of the next dates, and some miracle turned out to be a free morning of the next day. I quickly confirmed the record, began to prepare a package of documents. Early in the morning of May 8th I went to Ekat. By half the 9th in the morning there was a visa center, my record is on 9.thirty.

I go inside (entrance via a gate with the intercom), I inform about myself, I have forms to pay for consular fees and services of the visa center, without any questions and without looking at my documents. With horror I find out that the nearest Intesa Bank is in several quarters. I had to go by car, I miraculously found a parking place from the bank, I paid everything, returned back. Again reported about himself, but three more people still got in front of me.

As a result, when I filed the documents of the visa employee, she informed me that I missed the number of days. It was easy to make a mistake, the route is confused, in general it turned out that in France days more. I ask, and why it was impossible to check it before payment. Smiles in response, I will ask me to file documents or not. I restrain, I say that I am going up after 10 minutes. I go into the corridor, quickly book another night in Italy. Returning, please print from the mail server my reservation. With an additional night, the package of documents was in order (Avia Moscow – Milan, Marseille – Moscow, internal flights, a train ticket, car reservation, all hotels, insurance – insurance for a credit gold certificate card.

The questionnaire filled at home and did not put the country visits and the dates, I thought I will clarify from the employee in place and I will add. And forgot. I remembered already when I went back to Tyumen, and this lady also did not check the questionnaire. Called them asked to finish, answered "Well, in the form of a big exception to add". I was too tired to comment.

In general, today, on May 21st, courier DHL brought me my passport with a visa, for my surprise time in a visa cost from 15.06 to 15.09, although this is the first Schengen in my life, and I was sure that the visa would be strictly on the days of the trip.

Thus, the work is done, but impressions are not very.

Italy’s visa center – everything is fast and comfortable

Nerivical waiting was dragged.

Italian MC – just a nightmare!

Italian HC – full pipe.

Creepy experience in obtaining an Italian visa

Terrible organization. Visa received today – and departure tomorrow morning. All day as on needles – to the last employees of the visa center did not give any answer to the question, can I fly away!

Passed documents for a visa week ago, I was informed that they make a visa for 3-4 working days. From Monday I checked the status on the site – he did not change. As a result, I began to call a visa center. The answers of girls on the phone were alerted: "Check the status. No more information can give". Yesterday I carefully reminded that the departure is already every other day and get a stunning answer: "Well then come to the center tomorrow and ask the passport in place". As a result, I came there in the afternoon, and I was expected to report: the visa is not ready. I asked if it was possible to somehow resolve the situation – for example, call to the consulate, check if the passport was not lost, everything is in order, I can fly. In response, the girl in the window reported to me: "The consulate has the right to consider the issuance of a visa to 90 days", "But you assured that it takes 3-4 days!"-I tried to object. "Our visa center is not responsible for the period of responsibility", – told me a girl. I asked to call someone from the leadership, eventually communicated with the supervisor Elena. Total communication – zero. She also assured me that "The visa center does not respond to anything, we only accept documents". All my arguments that I can lose money for tickets (they are irrevocable) – not to mention the spoiled vacation-otelo off the same phrase with the same amazing ease. "Consulate delays documents, not we". "But you can contact someone and find out what’s with a passport?",- I said. Elena stated that she would not do anything, as this is not part of her duties, but I can only wait: "You generally read the contract, which was signed when the documents were submitted. We are not responsible for delays".

As a result, I managed to call the consulate itself, and I confirmed that the visa is ready and I can pick it up in a visa center after 16:00. I returned to the visa center and asked to check if my passport was brought. It turned out that the courier from the consulate did not come. When I tried to clarify when he is and whether it would be in general, I was stated that they do not have such information – wait. About 17:00 courier arrived. I walked over to the cherished window to find out – whether my passports delivered. At this time, a lively oversized oven between one of the employees of the center and the client – the Center employee in extremely rough form reported him for something. Until the closure of the center was half an hour left, and I took the last attempt to find out if I was destined to fly tomorrow. On my question, can I find out if my passport was brought, an employee answered:"No, we do not give such information, wait", I tried to explain it for the hundredth time in a day that I already have a departure tomorrow that the man calmly said: "And this is what you raise my voice? and in general – if you will talk to me like me – do nothing at all".

It was obvious that he would still be able to fly away. I tried to argue, and for me, a man standing next to me, to which the employee was bearingly parry: "Now I will call for the guilty and you will leaving you from here!" He called the guard and instructed to bring us out of the hall. I said that I did not intend to leave until I was reported, did my passport arrived. As a result, after a squall of further threats (that he would call the police, the camcorder is installed in the hall, and the Center staff will witness if we feel God, we want to complain somewhere and t.D.), I managed to get a passport with a visa. I also learned the name of this employee. Meet: Avramich Alexander Ivanovich, Head of the Visa Department.

I do not know what I did not like Mr. Avramile my question about whether my passport was brought and could I fly away tomorrow morning. However, my nightmare experience of obtaining a visa through this visa center will be remembered for a long time. Most of all I am striking the full unwillingness of employees at least somehow respond to an extremely unpleasant situation when the trip turns out to be threatened. Instead of professional problem solving – rudeness. The phrase Mr. Avramic was especially remembered: "If we have such bad service – then you came here at all?" For their own "services" Visa center takes 1200 rubles. Looks like politeness in this amount is not included.

Visa via Consulate of Italy

Formalities and rules of entry to Italy Personal experience

For those who have extra money and no time, I will say that immediately – go to the visa center and do not bother. If you are planning a trip in advance, then feel free to contact the embassy.

It is not worth collecting all documents in advance. Buy tickets and book a hotel. How to book – suitable Booking.Com. Different help from work and other documents, before you are prescribed at the Embassy of the reception date, do not do.

Next arises the question – how to make an appointment of documents? By phone in the embassy answered "Write to our mail, address on the site, you will be answered". I will say honestly – I wrote about this post about a week every day in a few letters, the answer was one following – "Your letter is sent to the appropriate department, wait for you". Then found mail [email&# 160; Protected] wrote there and answered me on the same day. Asked the dates of the trip, and the second letter was appointed the day when you can come. In the letter I pointed out the names and numbers of passports.

After you receive a confirmation with the date, prepare for it (date) All the requested documents. It is best to look at the site of the ITALY visa center, everything is perfectly written there.

Before you go to submit documents, print a letter confirmation that you are today. Go not in time, which is in the letter, and by 9 o’clock, not to 9-30, namely to 9! In my case, the protection did not have my name in the lists, I had to climb in the mail and search for a letter.. In general, lost half an hour while I was issued this piece of paper.

Next, there was a man 5 in the queue, of which 2 aunt took 35 passports (which is why I wrote above that I needed to come before). I was lucky that they had extra pieces in the sets were embedded, the alek was asked to remove them. While they were doing this, I managed to take documents. No questions were asked, because everything was chosen according to the list of documents from the website of the VIC. Delivered for himself and his wife, attached sv-in marriage. If you give up for someone, they ask for a power of attorney..

Do not be lazy and do not be afraid to contact the embassy, ​​do not feed the visa center!

Italy Visa Center in Moscow

Visa to Italy in Nizhny Novgorod

Obtaining a visa to Italy

Visa to Italy for Russian citizens in Yekaterinburg (HC)

Italy Visa Center in Yekaterinburg

Visa Application Centre in Italy.

Suddenly, who needs information, how everything is happening now in the Visa Center of Italy. I filed documents 6.06, yesterday to 18 they were in the center, today received on the hands.

For those who first drawn to them, and there are a lot of such in the center: come with a package of documents and printing records to the visa center. If you have no visa paid, you first appeal to the reception, there you will ask you to print a recording. Then go to the uncle, who sits from the terminal, say that you need to bank. He gives a ticket with a number. And wait when your number will be displayed on the boiler with the window. Pay for the cost of a visa in a bank, go again to the same unheated, for the coupon for submission of documents. And we are waiting again when your number will be displayed on the table. On the day of receipt, again, besides the uncle, behind the number. All three queues are highlighted on one scoreboard. No confusion, if you follow the scoreboard. Good luck!

Unsuccessful attempt to submit documents to the Consular Department of the Italian Embassy

I decided to submit documents for a visa to the consular department. It was not even in money, but in principle. Faced with a bunch of problems. First, their site still does not work in normal mode, there is no information in Russian. Secondly, the phone is incorrectly indicated by the phone of the consular department. But it is Polwy, I found the right phone.

Called them for more than a week, highlighting it for 30 minutes every day, but every time the calls broke off. At some great moment, I still got through to the consular department and asked about the recording for filing documents. As a result, the girl at the other end of the wire quickly dictated me the phone number of the visa center and put the phone. Everything! I didn’t do more attempts. I went to the visa center and got a visa without any problems there.

Getting a visa yourself

Training visa to Italy – free

Finally received a visa to Italy to the May holidays. The most important thing – for the weekly course of the Italian language, you need a training visa, and you do not need to pay consular for a study visa! I’m talking about my actions in order.

March 11 – a call to the call center, recorded me on April 3 at 14-20. On April 3, about 2 hours spent in the bank to pay for the consular fee, from the bank running to the consulate. Late for 10 minutes, let.

Pro "Friend" guards and consular officers will not speak, but in the consulate everything happens quite quickly. Took the receipt when my number caught fire went to the window, I gave all the necessary documents + receipt from the bank. The employee folded all the documents in one stack, brought down the stapler, put the stamp and sent a copy of this stack (I repeat – this is a requirement for student visas!). Stamp gives the right to go to the consulate at any time on any day without approval. I was very much by the way, t.To. I fully managed to get a Finnish visa, go to Finland, and then give the passport to the Italians, so that I did not exactly match the Corridors of Visa.

Before me, the employee reports several people for the fact that they came after lunch, and with repeat you need to come at 9 am! I told the same thing, although I heard about this requirement for the first time, but did not argue. I gave two stacks of documents and the same bank receipt. The employee read me also for her, t.To. I have not need to pay. The receipt from the bank returned himself filled the same clean marked "Free / Gratuito".

Receipt was appointed on April 24, on this day and received. But I advise you to come later, not day a day. Give passports from 14 o’clock, and the first to receive those who have extradition assigned to previous days. The issuance of visas on April 24 began after 15, more precisely – it was written on the announcement by the window, in fact – to issue about 15-30. But this process is also very fast.

Helsinki – Milan for 84 euros for two

For 3-4 weeks were bought tickets for VolareWeb Helsinki-Milan there back for two 84 ?. Reserved overnight in the surroundings Kotka for 57 ? With the condition of payment in cash. Tuesday 19:00 – Departure from Peter. Leninsky, Moscow, Kad. Against traffic jams. An hour later on Vyborg. A little stood at the congress with the CAD. Our border is 5 minutes. Queues was not at all. Finns had a renovation, 5 minutes had to wait. In 23 were in Kotka. Motel with a Russian speaking staff did not like. I would know that it is not stuck on the CAD and the border, I would take immediately at the airport of Helsinki.

Wednesday. For registration it was necessary to be at 9:20, respectively, departure from Kotka at 8. The most budget parking, according to the site of the airport Helsinki – Open P4 for 32 ? in Week. The scoreboard highlights 400 free seats. Click button – Take a ticket, took the ticket, the barrier opened. Next to parking a free bus to the airport doors.

Road home: Tuesday at 4:40 bus in Malpensa. In 11 in Helsinki. Advanced parking machine took the whole trifle from 0.50 ? And above, the rest took from the card.

Independently for the Italian visa

Recently I received my own tourist visa and I want to share my experience – maybe someone will come in handy.

1) Recording for submission of documents – you can sign up by calling from any phone subject to payment of a bank card, the feed date is prescribed by about 1.5 months from the date of the call.

2) coming to the appointed time, the guards invite 1-2 people – while they ask for a passport and check the record sheet, representatives of travel agencies are prioritizing.

3) Before submitting documents, you need to pay for the visa collection at the Instise Bank – this must be done in person, t.To. They give the receipts that serve as an identifier when applying for a visa.

4) Documents Renting on the 2nd floor – you need to get a number of turns in the machine on the 2nd floor. When the number lights up – you can approach the desired window (for different types of visas numbers are different – you should not be afraid if the numbers appear after yours), the recording sheet is also checked.

6) for independent tour I made

a) printout from the hotel booking system over the Internet – the reservation was guaranteed by the card but not paid

b) the printout of the electronic ticket

c) a copy of the passport – the first page with the photo

d) letter from the bank with confirmation of credit limit on the map

e) letter from the employer with the term of work, posts, salary, holiday dates

e) original and copy policy honey. Insurance at the time of the trip (the original was not taken)

g) old passport – not required

7) The granting time was set on the 3rd working day, not counting the day of delivery (I received a passport later than this date).

8) passports give away from 2 to 5 on working days in the manner of a living queue – they will need a Russian passport and a copy of the receipt of visa payment. I was told that the passport could receive anyone – not necessarily the applicant himself – on receipt. When receiving a passport, I spent in line about 1-2 hours.

9) Visa gave story by the date of hotel armor, but with an unlimited number of entries.

Italian family visa

Briefly your visa experience (family 3 people, previously had visas in the Czech Republic, one family member has two Schengen visas 2006-2007). Record in mid-August for October 12.

1. Started tickets and search for a hotel (after some pondaying and studying this site stopped on b&B – the room looks much more than in the hotels).

2. To visiting the consulate (Moscow, Yakiman Embankment, 10) purchased plane tickets (printout on the printer), received a fax confirmation of booking on a bank card. Fax managed to get only after the call to Rome, the hostess speaks English. In general, the church. For the embassy, ​​it is probably better to book larger hotels, confirmation by fax getting easier, there are fewer questions at consulate.

3 in the embassy is not late! Disable phone! Documents can make one family member – but all confirmations of related links (birth certificate, marriage certificate) are necessary.

Obtaining a visa to Italy

I decided to describe the procedure for putting documents into the Italian Embassy on the example of obtaining the last two Italian visas. Maybe someone will be interested.

Document delivery on November 10, 2006

The trip was planned to Rome from December 23 to January 3. In October, the hotels were ordered on one Russian site. I do not like the interface of this site, do not like how hotels are described. But this site has representatives in Moscow that help get a fax from the hotel. As it is not possible to get a fax independently, I use their services.

Moscow-Rome-Moscow tickets were purchased in September at a price of 25,000 in two tickets. We ordered them online, and the next day bought in the office of Aeroflot.

So, in September, the hotel was ordered in Rome. From the list of hotels this was the second prior to hotels with toilet in the room. The hotel that was the first in the list refused to send a fax by motivating this by the fact that they have already had cases where Russian tourists, after receiving a visa, refused armor. Second hotel fax sent. The payment of the hotel was not made.

Signed up at the embassy in approximately early October.

Came to the embassy at 10.15. Nody is completely none. Running luggage inspection and please turn off mobile phones. On the first floor there is a toilet, but the service in it is Russian.

On the second floor you receive a twin and watching the electronic scoreboard.

Houses previously folded the documents in the stack. Nothing it needed, because the documents need to be transferred to the window as they are announced by the receiving.

Documents took the same comrade as in April. Then he was still inexperienced and did not want to give us a visa to the German part of our journey. The question was settled only after applying to the senior comrades. During these six months, he began to speak much better in Russian and very skillfully accept documents.

1.So, the first document that he requested was an invitation. Issued a fax from the hotel. Payment he was not interested, stressed the names and dates.

2. The second most important was copies of the first pages of passports.

3. Next document – Insurance.

4. Financial guarantees – an extract from a bank card was granted. Circled in a circle amount.

5. Then help from the place of work. Practically did not look, only checked their presence.

6. Profiles – Also almost never watched.

7. Copies of airline tickets – to see the original refused. Checked dates.

eight. Consular fee receipt.

nine. Finally passport. Watch old passports refused. New leafal, finding Italian visas, calmed down.

Everything. I did not ask any questions. Left the embassy at 10.35. TOTAL – 20 minutes.

Received visas – November 14.

Next Document delivery April 12, 2007

The trip is scheduled by car from Moscow in June.

Were recorded on 10.twenty. We arrived at 10.15. The room was allowed at 10.45. Left the embassy at 11.45.

List of submitted documents.

1. Route and map plan. 2. Faxes from hotels without payment. 3. Passports and copies of the first pages. 4. Medical insurance. 5. Financial guarantees – an extract from a bank card and travelers. 6. Help. 7. Profiles. eight. Copy Greencarty. nine. Consular fee receipt.

Additionally asked the originals of road checks and a copy of marriage certificate. Copies of marriage certificate was not. I took the original and myself made a copy.

It is not known why, asked where we will cross the border of Italy. Said that in Brennero. On documents wrote Brennero. I still do not understand why?

Visas were obtained four days later.

If there are questions, then please.

Plane St. Petersburg – Milan for 260 euros there and back!

Do you know that from June 15 from Milan to St. Petersburg, you can fly for 260 euros?! The company is called "CD Avia", Transfer to Kaliningrad. In Italy, tickets can be bought by phone, all information on their website. The only thing that is inconvenience – in Pulkovo, the plane flies almost at night, but if someone can meet you and take a car by car, then this is not very important, considering how much you will be able to save on the flight.

My children flew the first flight in a semi-empty plane, we will fly later, and there are still many free places. In addition to Milan, Kaliningraders now fly to Rome and Germany.

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