Formalities and rules of entry in Albania: Personal experience

I will start with how to get into Albania, that is, with a visa issue. For the summer, as a rule, visas for Russian citizens are canceled. It was for this that I expected when planning a trip, intending at the end of our stay in the country, to look in Kosovo.

That is, initially my plan was as follows – the end of May to stay in Albania, and then from the Albanian North in about 30s for a couple of days to rush across the border in Kosovo. Since the beginning of June, Albanian visas had to cancel, and we could be freely return to Albania and fly out from the airport to Moscow. The option with the return to Russia directly from Kosovo disappeared, since the price of the flight in this case increased by two times. Sorry, but the plan with the visit of Kosovo still did not pass. Although in the embassy and promised a speedy cancellation of visas, being literally at the Kosovo border, we all waited and waited for news, browsing news in an Internet cafe, but to no avail.

As it turned out, the visas were still canceled, and exactly from the 30th, but, apparently, the information went back. Although we do not regret it at all, because in Albania, there were few days and two weeks. And in our nearest travel plans again she is Albania!

The same visa itself gets easily – you need, as usual, fill out the questionnaire, present a passport, photos, insurance and visa collection something about 5 euros. And also need an invitation from the Albanian side, it may be a letter from the hotel, but be sure to print. It should only be remembered that the Albanian embassy in Moscow works up to two hours. I wondered with the filing of documents – I come, I climb the floor at the office center. Offices on the floor resemble ordinary residential apartments. I call the call. The door opens uncle. "Hello" – I say, – "I want to submit documents for a visa". The following question puzzled: "Who are you?" "O", – think, – "Tourists in Albania even know!" It turned out that practically the way it is 🙂 When he took passports, we remembered us by name!

Entrance to Albania through Montenegro

In Albania, you can get 2 ways: plane to tyrant (capital) or bus (or on foot) from Montenegro. And that and that options are quite suitable.

If you want to relax in Albania, it is better to fly there right away, in Tirana, and then by bus to the sea. But if you just want to just visit this country, it is easier and cheaper to fly to Podgorica (the capital of Montenegro) or Budva (a large port city in Montenegro), and from there to take a bus or taxi. At the same time, we must take into account that a taxi goes only to the border, and then on foot across the border and again on a taxi, but already in Albanian, to the nearest city. We crossed the border exactly.

Advantages of such an intersection of the border at least 2. First, if you go from Podgorica, then all the way will lie through the beautiful Skadar Lake National Park. Secondly, you can personally communicate with the border guards, without giving your passport unfamiliar personalities of the driver of the bus or guide (if you drive with the excursion). In addition, thus you will at once in 2 countries and you can see much more.

Formalities and rules to enter Albania personal experience

You can also take an excursion from Montenegro, for example, from Petrovac, for one day and see immediately full, having visited 2 capitals of Albania and examined the coast. You can cross the border of Albania without any concerns. People there are pretty friendly and, moreover, we are waiting there. For Russians, visa is not required, and the Albanians themselves are very happy to come to them again. Many people remember Soviet times and speak Russian, which they were then taught at school.

Entry on your own car from Montenegro to Albania

Albania: Land entry and departure

The border of Macedonia – Albania passed on foot. I am a citizen of Russia and a friend of a citizen of Ukraine, the border passed without an Albanian visa with open multi-heedy visas. Border guards turned out to be very cute people, some of them spoke in English that we were very surprised and pleased. There were no inspections.

Leaving Albania in Kosovo by taxi. There, at all, the taxi driver decided not to stop at the border, only waved the border guard (like "Hey!") And I was lucky in Kosovo. We forced him to return to us put an exit albanian stamps. As it turned out, in most Balkan countries, outbound stamps do not put.

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