Formula 1 in Hungary, how to go on the F1 yourself – our experience

In early March, 2014 opened Pre-ordered Tickets for the Russian stage of the Grand Prix of Formula 1, which will be held in October 2014 in Sochi. According to official data, the cost of tickets will begin from 7,000 rubles, and the most expensive will cost visitors at 30,000 rubles. There are no price on the official price site yet, but the discovers will start from 10,000 – 12,000 rubles in one day. In order to visit all the races of the stage, you will have to fork out at least 20,000 rubles only for tickets, plus road and accommodation. At the Russian stage "Formula 1" we are not going to, as Max is still too small, but we have experience visiting this event in other countries. We were on the royal races three times: in Hungary, Spain and in China, and will definitely go back – that’s just Max will grow a little. &# 128578; The process of organizing such a trip and impressions from her we want to share with you.

Let’s start our stories about F1 from stage in Hungary – almost the cheapest option for Russians, along with stage in Turkey. Race is held on the road "Hungarring"(Hungaroring) not far from Budapest. By the way, the first Hungarian race Grand Prix took place in 1936 in the center of Budapest, that is, almost 80 years ago. The modern history of the Hungarian Formula 1 began its countdown in 1986. But now we are not about the history of racing, but on how to independently organize a tour at the Grand Prix of Hungary Formula 1. The easiest and cheap way is to buy tickets and book a hotel yourself. We use the service for this Aviasles.Ru – In most cases, it is possible to find the most profitable ticket prices there. For example, tickets to Budapest at the time of publication can be bought in just 11,250 rubles per person (with departure there on July 24 and July 28, back). To book a hotel, we use Booking.Com or Agodoy: The price for 4 nights for two begins from 8,000 rubles. You can also rent an apartment or room for several days with a wonderful service Airbnb – For 2,500 rubles you will get an excellent apartment in walking distance from one of the main attractions of Budapest – the buildings of the Hungarian Parliament.

The dates of the competition are changing from the season for the season, and for example, in 2014, the stage in Budapest passes from July 25 to July 27. The most convenient way to purchase tickets for the race itself is to use the official site Formula1.Com. It sells tickets for the races of all stages (for now except Russian). Second option – use the site GPTickets.Com – In most cases, the ticket purchased by this way will be cheaper. Especially if you buy them in advance – for example, by purchasing tickets in October, you will receive a 15% discount. Well, the third option – try to buy tickets at the checkout on the day of the race, but everything is very unpredictable. Take tickets to the race itself (for qualifying races on Friday and Saturday, there are no problems) maybe it may not be, but not everyone is ready to sit on herb.

Tickets are several species, and let’s consider their differences. First of all, tickets of all categories are divided into two main types: for one day and for three days (both qualifications plus the check-in itself). Naturally, a single ticket for three days will cost cheaper than separately. Buy a ticket for one race or for all three days – everyone decides for itself depending on the plans. In all three cases, we bought three-day tickets, but we went only on Saturday and Sunday – it turns out cheaper than buying twice a one-day ticket.

The first type of tickets – General Admission – these are entrance tickets without places. That is, you will not have access to the stands, but you can take any place along the trace on the grass. If we grow with soft drinks, sandwiches, bedding and umbrella, then a great picnic with a race can be obtained.

Price of this ticket for one day for adult € 93, for a child – € 46. If you take at once for three days, the price grows insignificantly: € 104.5 for adult and € 52 for a child. If you purchase General Admission tickets, then come to the track better in advance to take the most comfortable places.

Next Type of Tickets – Grandstand Red Bull – already places in the stands, in this case, on the Red Bull podium. These tickets will cost adults at € 290 for three days, and for a child – € 145, and are "sponsorship" – this year it is Red Bull, a few years ago was Fosters.

The remaining Tickets for the stands are divided into categories depending on the location: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Super Gold. There are still tickets Platinum and Paddock Club, but their cost is rarely lowered below € 4,000 per person.

On the Grand Prix of China, we were lucky to have Paddock Club class tickets, with the help of which you can walk on Pitleyin, look into the docks of the teams, observe the operation of mechanics at the distance of the elongated hand and enjoy other VIP charms, but this will later be a separate story.

The main difference of these tickets in the site of the route, visible from a certain tribune. The higher the category, the "better" place and above the price. If a three-day ticket on the Bronze podium will cost an adult € 115, then on the indoor Super Gold (ranks above 10th) – € 578. Here everyone chooses a ticket based on its capabilities. In our experience we can say that places on the grass can sometimes be better thances on "Bronze" Tribune. &# 128578;

You can get to the autodroma in several ways: on a free bus, taxi, on the train, order a special transfer, rent a car, and special extreme lovers can try to walk on foot. &# 128578;

At the autodrome itself, very clear navigation – pointers are literally at every step, and even if you have congenital or purchased topographic cretinism – you will still figure it out. &# 128578;

Order guard police on motorcycles.

Before the entrance to the road and inside the Honggring itself, you can purchase licensed fan attributes and souvenirs. Prices, of course, are not the lowest, but practically impossible to stay – I want everything and immediately! The most useful souvenir you will start using on the first day will take! &# 128578;

Of course, most of the fans of royal races come precisely to listen to the roar of engines, but believe me, even the most loyal fans use earrings, and undoubtedly with the logo of the favorite team! &# 128578; We are quite serious – if you got tickets in the lower rows of the Tribune of Gold or Silver, then withstand 56 "spans" by you of each of the 24-barped peroxide – this is not for the faint of heart.

Tribunes Silver and Gold are located on the longest straight track and there all riders are putting sneakers in the floor with the corresponding rumble. We categorically do not recommend dragging with you to racing the formula of children under 4-5 years.

In anticipation of starts, you can take a walk on F1 Village, take a picture of the exhibition instances of the barids, buy souvenirs, stocking with water and umbrella (or baseball cap from your favorite team) to protect against the scorching sun.

Before the start of the race usually pass the races of the younger fellow F1 – formulas GP2, GP3 or other types of Renault Clio Cup.

And directly on the start of the start, you can observe a small performance – cool girls are put on the starting positions of the flags of countries of participating riders. &# 128578;

Well, the same, the event itself is that for which the crowds of tourists and fans arrive annually on the roads around the world – the race of the Bolids of Formula 1.

Prelaunch vanity in positions before the warm-up lap.

Greetings from pilots fans.

Medical helicopter flew to duty.

Start of the warm circle!

Opposite the tribune installed several large screens for which there is a check-in broadcasting is completely identical to the one that we see on TV – after all, there is only a small part of the track with a tribune.

In the photo below the gathering from the Panisa Olivier track (Toyota) – engine breakdown.

And here – the consequences will fall off on the fly wheel Rubens Barrichello (Ferrari).

Well, just a few pictures of low-flying fireballs. &# 128578; Made at a speed of about 250km / h.

Formula 1 Racing Grand Prix of Hungary. Formula 1 car.

Gathering the track Zsolt Baumgartner (Jordan) – the same engine problems.

Tell you honestly, watch the race on TV screen is much easier – there are commentators who does not miss important moments, many operators throughout the track, showing it from all angles. But Formula 1 competitions visit was not for this.

First of all, it’s indescribable atmosphere among the fans, it’s incendiary friendly chat with the fans of all teams at the same time after the end of the races with a beer, dancing and new acquaintances. It is for these hundreds of thousands of fans each year go under the scorching sun on the Formula1 racing tracks in different countries.

The race is over, and this time was the first to Fernando Alonso, by a wide margin ahead of the rest. It’s time to start the most important thing – to share experiences, discuss the events on the track and celebrate! &# 128578;

It would be desirable further to emphasize the fact that the public in these competitions radically different from, for example, football. Here you find the aggressive character of the bandit type, with fists and other available tools "defending" their team and call themselves "fans". However, all the pictures below tell without words.

Note that in this company is absolutely peaceful and fun coexist fans at least three teams in Formula 1. &# 128578; Although to be honest to the end it should be noted that many fans are fans of F1 drivers of their country, rather than a specific team.

For example, these funny Finns just sick "because of its" no matter which team they ride. &# 128578; And for whom were ill orange Dutch we no longer remember – were drunk! &# 128578; Joke.

Thus, the estimated cost for two to the stage of the Royal Hungarian F1 racing:

  • Flights: 23,000 rubles
  • Hotel or apartment: 10 000 rubles (4 nights)
  • Race Tickets: from 11,000 rubles for three days
  • Costs for food and entertainment: 20 000 rubles (for 4 days during the course of 50 rubles / € 1). Here, naturally, it all depends on the latitude of the soul, but by experience € 100 for these purposes for two in Budapest more than enough.

TOTAL: from 74,000 rubles for two. Yes, this sport is very expensive.

If you go to Hungary on your car, you can save significantly at the airline tickets. Undoubtedly, a trip to the Grand Prix stage of Formula 1 in Sochi will cost slightly cheaper, but Budapest is such an interesting city! You can not only see the race, but also take a walk on one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

This article was stolen from http: // poznamka.Ru.

Next time we will tell about the stages of Formula 1 in Barcelona and Shanghai and a lot more interesting – stay with us!

And since it so happened that this post is coming out on March 8, taking this opportunity to congratulate all wonderful and cute ladies with the holiday of Spring! &# 128578;

Formula 1 Racing Grand Prix of Hungary. Formula 1 car.

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